YouTube Affiliate Marketing: #1 Best Step-by-Step Guide

YouTube affiliate marketing is free way to get YouTube traffic, earn money, without investment.

It is one of the best ways to get traffic for affiliate marketing.

Most affiliate marketers don’t even need a blog and only using YouTube videos to make money as an affiliate.

You’ll find all the step-by-step and easy-to-follow plan to get started to become a YouTuber quickly.

I’ll also share how you can avoid scam in affiliate marketing.

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YouTube Affiliate Marketing: Top 3 Fundamentals

Knowing the fundamentals before even working on your YouTube channel is key and Let’s started with first scam.

Avoiding Scam in YouTube Affiliate Marketing

One of the disadvantages of affiliate marketing is you can easily get scam.


Promoting company that

  • Don’t have a proper tracking how many traffic you sent.
  • Delaying your payments.
  • Or not even paying you at all.

Avoid these scams could potentially speed up your affiliate marketing success.


Here’s how you could avoid it easily…

All you need to do is look for high authority affiliate marketing platforms.

  • Company has been in the affiliate industry for decades.
  • Teach valuable information.

Have you seen affiliate companies that got shutdown by the FTC by promoting air?

I’ve personally been involved in one called DigitalAltitude which already shut down.

The next point is,

  • Company has affiliate marketers that talk about how much money they make per day, that’s why you should join them… nope.

DigitalAltitude and many other scam affiliate companies does that.

All their affiliate marketers be like…

…I just make $100 to $300 per day and that’s why you should join them.

Unless the company product is good.

Otherwise, avoid that BS completely as the FTC would catch up to those company quickly.

True of YouTube Traffic in YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Knowing all the traffic levels of YouTube affiliate marketing traffic is key.

After that, getting scam by others fake affiliate company I mentioned is not gonna happened.

Out of all the social media traffic,

  • YouTube traffic is one of the best free traffic source you can use to sky-rock your affiliate sales.

If you want to know all about other social media platforms check out the blog post I linked.

Why YouTube traffic is good?

  • People like to see you, when you dedicate your time to make a YouTube video, your potential affiliate buyers can see who you are as a person which allows you to become an establish figure, that differentiate yourself from all other affiliate marketers that promoting the same thing as you.

The last step you need to take…

YouTube traffic is just one of many traffic at the traffic level 1…

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YouTube Affiliate Marketing: Have a Great Affiliate Program

A lot of YouTuber doing YouTube affiliate marketing with ClickBank.

One of the top affiliate marketing platform has been in the affiliate industry for years which I personally generated well over 6-figures in sales.


But after promoting ClickBank products over and over again,

I notice there is something off.

I could only get paid from each ClickBank products that I promote.

  • Imagine only promote 1-product to get paid from upwards 125+ affiliate companies.



ClickBank and FourPercent both have an ecosystem but you can’t get paid from ClickBank.

  • Let’s say you promote any ClickBank products, you only get paid from that specific product but ClickBank gets small % cut off your commission without doing anything
  • and other affiliate product that you’re going to promote.

FourPercent allows you to get paid from their ecosystem.

This affiliate marketing online business model applied well over by Apple, Amazon, Target, etc. for years.

What’s better?

You only need to partner up with FourPercent and get paid from multiple companies that already partnered with them.

They have thousands of 5-star reviews on TrustPilots


That means, people like to see what the education of affiliate marketing inside.

FTC favorites.


They’re currently giving away a free traffic blueprints, if you want to learn everything about traffic.

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Now that you have got everything ready in place…

…know how you could avoid scam,

and save time to promote 1-product to get paid from multiple affiliate companies,

it’s time to get YouTube traffic.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing: 11+ Complete Branding Steps for Your YouTube Channel

Have a YouTube Niche

Having a niche in anything you do, affiliate or Instagram.

There are 2 ways for picking a YouTube niche:

  • Reveals face in YouTube videos
  • Not reveals face in YouTube videos.

To make money quick in affiliate you need to pick the first option.

If you already have a problem with this, you could start an affiliate blog instead.

Let’s assume you picked for YouTube channel.

You’d also need to pick a topic that you’re passionate about to cover those on your YouTube.

You can choose to reveals face in YouTube videos, but speaking authority and have more affiliate sales…

…you need to cover a topic thoroughly, instead of changing the topic from video to videos.

For example,

  • You can teach traffic, you could learn it and share a little bit about it on YouTube videos as you already have an affiliate program in place to invite your YouTube traffic to check it out.

Don’t just focus on YouTube subscribers, but affiliate money.

That’s reasons why you need an affiliate program in place.

Learn about traffic here.

Design your YouTube Cover Image


This is key and along with the next few parts will strongly impact whether people decides to subscribe or nah.

The current YouTube cover image size is 2560 x 1440.

  • On your cover image, you could simply have something simple reveals your brands or images of yourself, along with what you’re doing and what your YouTube channel is all about.

The worst thing you can do on your cover image is using a random image on it.

As your YouTube channel becomes more established,

You could leverage a premium service like Fiver to create your cover image or start with a premium if you could afford to do.


YouTube Profile Image

Your Logo is key.


Notice I say logo not some random image.

  • You could an image of yourself but it’s not recommended as we human gets aged.

Reveal a logo which would never get aged.

Here’s an important part…

…you do not want to change your YouTube profile image as people will forget your channel and they’d have to go to check who you are and some might even unsubscribe before even trying to remember.

YouTube Channel Name

As your YouTube channel name can change from time to time.

  • You could even have keywords on what your channel is all about.
  • As YouTube traffic is searching for the topic your channel might show up.

I personally do not care about that tiny quick fix while already have multiple Instagram pages with well over 100k Instagram followers.

If you’re new, you could take advantage of this quick fix to get a quick boost.

YouTube Channel Username Ideas

You don’t need to worry about this either as you need 1,000 YouTube subscribers to have an official username setup.


Speaking of YouTube usernames, whether you’re pick a Twitter name, Instagram name, etc.

  • I shared an ultimate trick in the start your blog guide, on how you brand your online business or online affiliate marketing correctly.

Username is the name in the URL when people type for…

…it is the different to a channel name.

YouTube About Section


This section is important, it is where YouTube traffic would come in to find out what you’re about.

Speaking of SEO,

Your YouTube channel could rank #1 on Google if you share a detailed information about your channel…

…personal wise, share a little about yourself as well.

here’s a YouTube trick to double your views.

  • Include a link to a specific video you want your YouTube traffic to check it out (any videos).

YouTube Link in bio

Unlike Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you can place a ton of links without impacting your channel reach.


When comes to YouTube link in bio or social media link in bio as a whole…

…I recommend you to use as less link as possible to avoid remembering which links you should be using.

With TapLink,


You place as many as you can with a single link.

What’s better?

I shared a trick on regardless what social media traffic you might be using…

…you don’t have control on how account reach.

An example of John Crestani’s YouTube channel with 500k YouTube subscribers and his videos has than 10k views and disregard whatever reason caused.

  • In this blog post affiliate traffic, I always encourage people to use lead generation along with email marketing.

With only 1-link in bio, you can put the subscribe box within the tool without having to use any advance affiliate marketing strategy or building a high converting landing page, etc.

Like this,


Best YouTube Video Length for Monetization and Make Money on YouTube

Knowing how long your YouTube videos should be for monetization is key.

Right now, it’s you should be making 10 minutes videos and have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours watch time to access YouTube monetization.

  • These criteria could change if there are more and more people becoming a YouTuber.
  • However, with affiliate marketing, you don’t need to worry.

That means,

For every YouTube videos you’re making, it should be at least 10-minutes or longer which set yourself ready to have access to the monetization.

Avoid How to Change YouTube Thumbnail on the Phone


YouTube thumbnail video is what encourage people to click into your video and watch.

In fact,

  • The title of the YouTube video is simply too small for YouTube traffic to quickly read and click through.

That’s why include a few keywords of what your video is about in your YouTube thumbnail video is key to quickly explain your video.

How Often to Post on YouTube?

YouTube posting frequency is up to how much time do you have.

Most affiliate marketer would post once a month to even once a day.

Keep in mind,

If your YouTube channel is brand new, it doesn’t really matter how many videos you uploading.

  • You’d need to promote your videos to slowly get more subscribers.

For example,

If YouTube is the only social media traffic you’re working on, you can upload more once a day, a week, to a month.

Best Time to Post on YouTube

You don’t need to know the best time post on YouTube if your YouTube channel is brand new.

  • You can upload at the most popular time frame and you still won’t be getting views without promoting your YouTube channel first.

In fact,

You could just stay consistently pick a posting frequency mentioned previously.

Make Money on YouTube in your YouTube Description

With YouTube affiliate marketing.

Most of the time, people is unlikely to check out your description or click your affiliate link.

For the past YouTube videos you watched,

Did you remember you clicked on any YouTube website links?

In fact, with the YouTube mobile version,


They hide away the YouTube description.

How to get YouTube to click on your affiliate link or website links? Check out next…

YouTube Affiliate Marketing: How to Promote your YouTube Video

Attract YouTube Views from Your Blog

Having a blog is key.

Instead of focusing on YouTube traffic for YouTube affiliate marketing,

  • Having a blog almost allows you to encourage people that like reading who are more likely to click on website links or affiliate links.

What’s more?

Getting blog traffic is way easier as I was able to acquired 100k blog traffic which is views to earthvessle in 3 months.

Whether you pick blog traffic or YouTube traffic…

Check out the complete traffic method below.

Hack These 3 Traffic Levels

Social media traffic including YouTube traffic is only the first traffic level, and there are more traffic media to it.


  • Traffic level 1: fast traffic.
  • Traffic level 2: scale traffic.
  • Traffic level 3: domination traffic.

YouTube traffic is traffic level 1 which without a proper setup, it’d be difficult to escalate to the next level…

…which allows you get more affiliate sales while lowering your marketing effort,

and thirdly, let’s your traffic come in on autopilot while watching your affiliate sales flow in.

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YouTube Videos Initial Posts


Leverage Popular YouTube Videos Within


Join the free updates for the time being.

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That’s all for this blog.

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FAQs. – YouTube Affiliate Marketing

How do I become an affiliate on YouTube?

By joining an affiliate program that mentioned and launch your first channel.

Are affiliate links allowed on YouTube?

Yes, unlike Facebook, YouTube allows all sort of links, but whether YouTube traffic would click on the affiliate links or not is another problem.

How much do YouTubers make from affiliate links?

Depends on how much YouTube traffic they have, and how well paid the affiliate program is.

How do you start a YouTube channel and get paid?

Instead of waiting for YouTube monetization, you can get paid by implementing YouTube affiliate marketing.

Does Google have an affiliate program?

Google doesn’t have an affiliate program but you start a blog using affiliate marketing.

Can you really make money as an affiliate marketer?

Yes you can get paid and it completely depends on how you think of affiliate marketing. The biggest mistake would be trying to manipulate affiliate marketing to make quick money.

Can you get paid for YouTube videos?

Yes you can get paid for YouTube videos through ads or affiliate marketing which allows you to get paid faster.

What is a YouTube affiliate marketing?

YouTube affiliate marketing is affiliate marketer decides to use YouTube traffic as one of their affiliate marketing traffic to get more affiliate sales.