What to Post on Instagram: Best 11+ Instagram Post Ideas

Smart Instagram post ideas for what to post on Instagram helps to get more likes, followers and to get paid is not hard either.

Would you rather be posting on IG for nothing or you’d rather be posting for more likes, followers and money, right.

You’ll learn everything from A to Z, step-by-step, easy-to-follow plan in this IG tips blog post.

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Let’s dive right in. First, you have to have a…

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What to Post on Instagram to Get Likes?

Now, we can post anything we want to, but does it bring in followers, likes, money? It’s all up to how we do it.

Find a hot topic or niche first before knowing what to post on Instagram will help you to get more followers and likes…

…as you’re to following this guide as well.

Instagram Post Ideas Step #1: Find a Niche First.

As Instagram now has over billions of monthly active users, what to post on Instagram is vital.

By posting anything and everything won’t help the IG algorithm and it’d confuse the algorithm. Therefore, you’re not going to get more followers and likes in the long-run.

Here’s three popular hot topic or Instagram niche ideas for what to post on Instagram…

Girls Niche

Instagram has predominantly larger female users but 43.7% of Male on IG is enough to help you get more followers…

…40% plus over billions of users, not thousands or millions.

Here is a potential risk of a page if you want to share photos about girls…

…your photos might be taken down if your photos are too heavy of adult content related.

An example…


I’m talking the photo in the green box, if you have a new account, you’re very likely to get ban.

Fitness Niche

Fitness is another popular category and IG seems to like it, they also reward fitness model with higher engagement too.


Fitness would always be a positive contributing fact to human unlike IG page that are sharing about girls, showing off their vacations, money, etc. and you know what…

That’s why Instagram hide likes.

In oppose, if you see a bodybuilder and a health community encourage each other to improve their health.

Who wouldn’t appreciate it, right?


These 2 pages are in millions range followers and on the right @millionaire_mentor has even more Instagram followers than @andreideiu_

But you can see who knows well on how to manage Instagram followers.

Luxury Niche

This would be the hardest category you can get into which correlate to the showing off reasons of people fancy car, Lamborghini, Ferrari, boats, yacht, money or cash etc. if you visit an IG page with luxury feels…

Unless you already have those expensive stuff which most people don’t,

then you’d feel very jealous and also mentally impacting yourself in the long-term.

These pages look something like this…


In what ways does these people can help you, right?

Instagram Post Ideas Step #2: Types of Instagram Posts

Decide which types of Instagram posts you want to make before knowing what to post is also important.


If you’re new and post only carousel and photos, or don’t when to IGTV, etc. it’s going to be hard to get more likes on Instagram.

Now you don’t need a lot of likes and followers to make money with affiliate marketing…

…50 likes to 100 followers is good first goal to work towards.

What to Post on Instagram for Business: 5 Types of Instagram Posts Ideas

IG Carousel: A new Instagram update that generate more engagement as well. You are to combine multiple photos or videos together into a single post. Due to you can even combine video into a post, instead of just posting video, IG carousel could out-perform videos.

What To Post on Instagram

Videos: This give you the most engagement on Instagram due to IG want their users to stay on their platform longer and video does just that. When upload video as single post, you can see the number of views which is easier to get instead of using IG carousel to combine multiple images and video together that you can only see the number of likes.

What To Post on Instagram

Photos: IG Photos is not too bad either and it is the best pictures to post on Instagram, if you can explain your product in a photo, you can definitely use photos for to make money on Instagram. If you look at my account @earthvessle on Instagram, right now I’m only posting photos and it works great using affiliate marketing.

Best Instagram Post Ideas for Page Less Followers

IG Story: Instagram focuses more towards story and encourage their users to post on story now. It is the best place to get personal with your followers while treating like a personal vlog of your daily sharing motivation, etc. IG story only last for 24 hours only Instagram feed posts that lasts forever. You’ll find some of the best ideas for what to post on Instagram story.

Harder Instagram Post Ideas for What To Post on Instagram on Page That Has Less Followers.

IGTV: Instagram is looking forwards to allow you to monetize your videos and yes, make money on Instagram like YouTube monetization and everybody is looking towards this option as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. owned by Facebook, the founder Mark Zuckerberg.


Next let’s dive deeper into what to post on Instagram, the next phase by selecting the types of Instagram post ideas..

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Instagram Post Ideas Step #3 For What to Post on Instagram

Previously you know your niche, you know which types of Instagram post to make, and now it’s time to put together on what to post on Instagram.

There are three phases to this setting your IG posts.

Select the Types of Instagram Posts

Out of the 5 types of Instagram posts above, which would decide for?

If you’re starting out… IG story, Instagram Live, photos, video, etc. they’re all great to be posting and knowing the best time to post on Instagram is important so you can could get more likes and followers.

I shared everything in that post.

Instagram Caption: Write a Money-Making Caption

Instagram caption is what most people don’t take it seriously where it is the only area that you could share about your story, a story about the video, explaining, etc.

Although you can only have a single link in bio and the caption is the place to inform your followers about your link in the bio so they could take action.

If you’re in the personal blog niche, you can use these Family Instagram Quotes: 275 BEST Family Instagram Captions for your captions.

Share Posts on IG Story

 Sharing your post on IG story after you posted on the Instagram feed give your feed post an extra equal…

more likes, more followers.

In this blog post Best #1 Questions on Instagram Story For Views & Followers, you’ll learn all the steps in there,

whereas sharing your post on IG story is only one of the method to get more likes…

…the proper way to share your post is clicking the airplane icon.

14 Instagram Post Ideas for What to Post on Instagram

Be a Photographer – #1 Best Instagram Posts

Do you have to?

  • What do I really mean to be photographer on Instagram?

I don’t mean you need go and a Cannon or any fancy camera, you know what?

It works well with an iPhone SE…


After you picked your niche, it’s time to keep your photo clean and have a clear idea.

  • If you take a photo of a KangenWater or Japanese green tea, matcha in a messy place, be sure it stands out from the crowd.

Photo Filter or Photo Effects

Use consistent photo filter or photo effect within your Instagram post ideas.

Look at this…

One of the Best Instagram Post Ideas

The page color is cleaned, color organized and consistent use of photo effects.

When people see a consistency of photo effect, they are more likely to like and follow your page.

Online Photo Editor

Instead of using iPhone or SamSung typical photo phone editor…

…it’s time to use an online photo editor.

I personally use Photoshop Adobe but have a look,


With the help with Fotor, it’s going to take your Instagram post to the next level

Fotor is the best free online photo editor!

Share Your Instagram Post Ideas to ALL Social Media Platforms.


Instead of manipulating the Instagram platform using third part apps and automation tools to get more likes.

Other than Instagram platform, have a personal blog that helps you to grow more followers.

A blog post last 10 times longer than an IG post, as you already know IG post only last for 2 weeks until you don’t get any more likes and followers – read more on how to start a travel blog.

Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Photos

This Instagram post ideas is what brings the most personality to your followers and how to get more Instagram likes?

Share a little bit of your behind-the-scenes works…

  • If you’re a photographer, you can have a photo of yourself while taking your actual photo.

Post More Often to Get More Likes on Instagram


Most people how often should I post on Instagram to gain followers?

The answer would depend on different IG business account based on your own insights tool or analytic tool.

I share the Instagram Business Account Benefits You in 3 Ways – in that post, you’ll learn the exact step to whether you should be posting once a day, two times or three times.

Best Time to Post on Instagram for Likes

After you post more often on IG, it’s time to find the best time to post to get more likes and followers.

This is important after you found what to post on Instagram.

I’ve recently written a blog post on my reader request for worst time to post on IG.

  • Instead of looking for the worst time to post, it’s better to use your IG insights tools to find out the best time to post.

Customer Reviews – Best Instagram Post Ideas for Business

Even if you don’t sell anything on your IG page, it’s great to have at least a review about your page or a customer review of yourself.

  • When new unfollowers visit your IG page, with so many customer reviews they’d help you get more Instagram likes and followers as they’d follow your page themselves.

Ask “Tag a friend” on the Instagram Caption


Most people don’t treat their Instagram caption seriously that’s the only way to share your message to your followers…

…the IG captions should be your important treat.

  • Always ask in the caption tag a friend if they want to see more of your photos.

then, the next part in craft a perfect IG captions…

or read this 150 Travel Captions For Instagram Fits Perfectly To Travel Photos.

Post Instagram Promotions

If you have discount or promotion you can always be sharing in every single post…

…but there’s need to know how to do it.

Without the correct use, your IG account becomes extremely salesy and that’s why readers also asked “Instagram followers suddenly dropping”.


Ask a question – #1 Personal Instagram Post Ideas

Ask a question as an Instagram post is the best option to gather engagement.

When you ask a question, it’s almost intrigue your followers or while strangers in hashtags will very likely to leave a comment on your post.

When you have more comments, you can get paid for Instagram posts easier.

Post Quotes on Instagram


Most well-known page on IG @millionaire_mentor and creative Instagram posts, this page was growing solely grow based on followers.

Remember to have a niche like I mentioned before, if you’re in the car niche, you can post about car quotes or those types of motivational quotes would be great as well.

Boomerang from Instagram


Becoming more creative is so important on Instagram and they have an app itself called Boomerang and you’d probably never use before.

Being creative is the biggest contributing factor to get more Instagram likes and followers.

  • Boomerang by IG only take a few seconds to get it together.

Instagram Carousel


Instead of sharing only one image, with Instagram carousel you can share more creativity with your followers using multiple images.

IG engagement is not just likes and followers, it’s also how interactive your followers…

…by scroll to the next photo is also an engagement as well.

Instagram Post Ideas Step #4: Make Money on Instagram via Affiliate Marketing

The above are just 3 example hot topics or niche ideas to model for finding what to post on Instagram, but after you found your niches in the blog post I shared with you… you’ll be able to find more niches and have your own niche.

After that…

  • Make money on Instagram should be the ends goal in mind to fully avoid any time that you spend on social media without being wasted.

Majority of people focus on the wrong thing, they think they need 10k followers, 100k followers, or million followers then to make money…

  • If you look at the luxury, they might be getting 1,000 likes free on Instagram, they are not even making money if they don’t how to.

What if you can make money on Instagram with 100 followers? I shared a brief overview of that blog post I want you to read below…

…share this blog post before reading it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is a money-making opportunity for small business, for you, for those who don’t have a large sum of money to invest to start make money online.

This business model is the simplest startup you can work with, I’m talking about you can make money right away.

How’s affiliate marketing is simple?

If you notice… most people have to commit going the phase of creating their own product launching it on KickStarter to see if people would like it.

But you don’t have to,

  • With affiliate marketing, you can just sign-up to an affiliate program, start sharing links to make money.


Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace where digital business owners need to pay you.

  • You simply sign-up to Clickbank
  • Go to the marketplace
  • Grab the affiliate link and start to make money online.

But it’s not that simple, it was an example I want to give you…

…to make money you need people to buy from you, Instagram is one of the social media platform that you can get paid from.

Clickbank is not for beginner, but they do have a university that learn from called Clickbank University and you can find it here.

After know how to make money on Instagram…


it’s time to know what to post on Instagram.

Best Instagram Post Ideas to Avoid Instagram Ban.

When comes to make money on Instagram,

it’s important not only to rely on the app itself, Instagram third party app, automation tools, etc. to manipulate the platform.

After you gained 100 followers and at least 50 likes, it’s time to make money with your affiliate program,

You could either learn from the ClickbankUniversity or you check the BigProfileProfits in the resources page to learn more.

  • You don’t stop at 100 followers. The more followers you have the trust you can get and you’re going to make more money.

Instead of manipulating the IG app like taking a lot of actions, you could get Instagram actions blocked and for several, you could experience a harder grow or even permanent ban.

Alternatively, learn how to start a blog and ask readers to follower your Instagram page.

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Instagram Post Ideas For What to Post on Instagram – Conclusions.

I hope you like this post on finding Instagram posts for what to post on Instagram and by now knowing exactly what to post, how to post, which to post are best to use.

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