WarriorPlus Reviews: 5 Steps to Make Money with Warrior Plus

How to make money with WarriorPlus will be revealed completely in this blog post.

Showing you the exact step-by-step and easy-to-follow plan to get started with WarriorPlus quickly.

I’ll also share how you find quality product so when you get paid, you don’t have to refund to your customers…

…getting your customers obsessed buying from you, over and over again.

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What is Warrior Plus?

Warrior Plus is one of many affiliate companies or affiliate networks within the affiliate marketing online business model.


It is a marketplace contained all affiliate program that you can promote as an affiliate marketer.

  • WarriorPlus focuses into lower ticket product anywhere from $1 to $100 max per product.

That’s why most beginners think it’s easier to promote WarriorPlus affiliate…

…that’s why I’ll also dive deeper on whether you should be promoting any affiliate products in the WarriorPlus marketplace.

It’s also a similar platform to JVZoo, ClickBank, ShareaSale, DigiStore24, etc.

Here’s a thing,

Majority of the affiliate networks are focusing into quality nowadays due to the market have more competition.

For example,

  • ClickBank now limits only certain countries can sign-up for a new account.
  • If you’re a new internet marketer want to attracts affiliate marketers to promote your own online course via ClickBank, it’s also has to meet the quality guidelines.

If you heard of Wesley Virgin, he’s no longer accepted to be selling anything on ClickBank and that means if you should avoid getting training from him too.

WarriorPlus Alternatives

Before we dive into the steps below.

Without wasting each other time.

  • I personally do not recommend promote any low-quality affiliate products with a high refund rates or charging little money while offering little to no value just to lower the refund rates.

What’s more?

Getting your affiliate traffic might be easy.

When joining a low-quality affiliate product and getting lots of refund request is horrible, right?

Introducing FourPercent,


They have thousands of positives 5-star TrustPilots reviews from people that are learning affiliate marketing from them.

What’s better?

They have an ecosystem in place that allows you to promote 1-product to get paid from multiple companies.


They’re currently giving away a free traffic blueprint that you can download to get started.

Best 5 Steps How to Make money with Warrior Plus

Have a Niche

Remember I mentioned the word, competition?

To dominate the entire affiliate marketing industry is to first have your own affiliate niche.


I share 3 simple niches you need to know in this industry.

WarriorPlus is niche focused as well.

One of the niches I mentioned in that blog post is the wealth niche.

  • You won’t be able to find any health-related products at WarriorPlus
  • But only wealth.

I even explained which niche is good for you to quickly get your affiliate money without facing too many barriers such as if you’re in the health niche…

…you’d find it extremely difficult to increase Google traffic.

WarriorPlus Login

This is important.

Without an WarriorPlus account, you can’t promote anything on it.

Simply head over to WarriorPlus,

Click on sing-up free and fill out an easy form before getting your WarriorPlus affiliate ID…

…as they accept any new affiliate marketer, WarriorPlus sign-up is easy.


WarriorPlus Marketplace for Affiliate

After you got your affiliate id, it’s time to check out their WarriorPlus marketplace.

Head over to the affiliate tap then offer,


you’ll be seeing a list of affiliate offers that you can request to promote.

  • You can simply request to promote as many as you can at once.


Here’s a honest truth about these products.

They are extremely low-quality affiliate product and only designed to get a few bucks off you and your customers…

…that’s why you’d only see majority of those product only cost $1, $5, $7 to $50.

  • When you or your customers buy in, you can expect to understand a slim on how to make affiliate money.

What’s more?

When you request to promote as an affiliate, you can expect some vendors not accepting you…

…which they only accept affiliate marketers that already know what they’re doing,

so they could run a scam successful product launch where they make $100,000 and with a refund requests of 90%.


  • They refuse to refund customers or delay the refund process.
  • End up with a $100k launch, 90% refund requests, cost of their marketing money, etc.
  • Happy with only a few hundred of dollars profits to NONE after all that work.

And some vendors still continue to create low-quality product and rinse and repeat the process.

I strongly recommend you avoid low-quality product when you want to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Identify the Best Affiliate Product

Now there are some affiliate products with low refund rates as well (less than 1% is recommended or 2% refund rates max) …

…that you can promote.

Here’s another truth,

  • Look for affiliate products that’s launched at least 30-day old.


That’s when your customers have passed the refund policy where their refund request is no longer valid.


  • Join all the affiliate products at once which mentioned earlier
  • Find which affiliate products already passed 30-day LAUNCHED and you’ve also approved to promote.
  • Become an affiliate of that products.

That might also be a low-quality product but at least they have less than 5% refund rates to 1% refund rate if you can find.

Follow a Success Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Assuming you already have your select affiliate products to promote with Warrior Plus.

Now it’s all about following the success affiliate marketing online business model, not the failed model.

This is the failed model,


Due to competitions, using this affiliate model won’t help you get a profitable online business unless you have 100k marketing budget.

But still,

They’d still want to follow the success affiliate model to avoid wasting their marketing budget and become profitable as soon as they can.

How To Use Traffic & Make Money on WarriorPlus


Become an affiliate of the #1 world class affiliate company by getting your free traffic blueprint.

Helpful Blog Posts:


That’s all for this blog post and all you need to know about WarriorPlus…

…how affiliate marketer vendors operate in this affiliate networks.

If you haven’t got your free traffic blueprint, get your traffic blueprint by clicking here.

With that said,

It’s time for some FAQs.

FAQs. – Warrior Plus

Is Warrior Plus com legit?

Yes, if you commit to work with low-quality product. Keep in mind, some people only buy from you, once.

Is Warrior Plus free?

Yes, WarriorPlus is currently free and easy to join unlike ClickBank.

How do you earn on Warrior Plus?

You can become an affiliate marketer of products available in WarriorPlus and start getting paid.

How do I get a refund from Warrior Plus?

You can open a dispute if you buy via PayPal, or if you pay with a credit card… go to the bank to open a chargeback if you’re not happy with their products but only open a chargeback when they’re replying to your message and you’re close to finishing your 30-day or refund period.