Upleap Review: Is Upleap Legit – #1 Best Reviews You Need

Upleap review guide you need to know for getting your first 10,000 followers without touching your Instagram page.

This blog post will be the most detailed guide you need and Upleap reviews Reddit will not be able to compare.

You’ll find out everything about the Upleap Instagram review for getting your 10k to 100k followers.

What’s better?

I’ll even share a better Upleap Instagram version than itself and get your first 10k followers within 3 months.

Upleap Reddit won’t know about this.


They don’t have an Upleap app download available, it’s a desktop version.

If you’re ready,

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What is Upleap?

Be sure to avoid skipping anything as I’ll explain how this work.

Without a proper understanding how it works, it’ll will be a waste of your time and money.


Most people confuse between Instagram automation and all the likes app that you can buy fake likes.

  • That’s why when you search for the information Google and you’ll find a lot of random people confusing yourself and trying to recommend you with automation tools mix up with the likes app I shared above as their Upleap alternatives.


Although they are free to use.

But you also need to find out how it works first before even begin using their free service.

Most people got excited about the free service and expect to get 100k followers after a few days.

It’s absolutely fault expectations.


  • When they didn’t understand the service
  • Didn’t get the unrealistic result like getting 100k followers fast within 1 day.

They begin to write negative review about the company.

Upleap is a growth service.

You don’t need to do anything when you use their service.

I’ll dive deeper into exactly how Upleap works.

Upleap Reviews: Is Upleap Safe to Use?

Upleap is safe to use and you’ll find out exactly how to use it below.

Does upleap work?


This is a human growth service.

Speaking of what does Upleap do…

…they grow your Instagram account for you on autopilot and you could potentially get up to 100k followers.

  • Unlike automation tool, you’ll have to set your Instagram page to follow, unfollow, auto likes, auto comments, etc. and get ban by Instagram.

This Upleap review is all about real human growth service.

If you don’t have the time to grow your own Instagram page, you can let them grow your Instagram page.


They dedicate a real human, your account manager to grow for you.

Keep in mind: You need to give them your IG password to access your account!

Which I’ve seen people complaint about Upleap review asking for their account password, if you don’t give the password, how can they grow your account?


If your Instagram account has less than 10k followers, it’s worth nothing and no one pay attention or trying to take your IG page.

  • They might be using all the follower strategies I shared to grow for your page or they have more advanced strategies that they use.

But here’s a thing,

You do not want them to buy fake followers and buy fake likes for your Instagram account.

I’ll show you exactly how you can be sure they don’t do this on your page below.

Before getting in to it,

  • I personally recommend you use Ingramer along with the follower strategies I shared to grow your own Instagram page.

This is the best way to grow your page, but if you want to grow faster…

Let’s Upleap helps you out.

How to Use Upleap – Important of The Upleap Review Guide.

Now that you know Upleap will dedicate a real human manager to grow your Instagram page.

  • It’s time to be sure these managers don’t play game with your page by buying fake followers and likes.

Let’s be honest, nothing is perfect.

Some Instagram account manager will try to spend a few dollars here and there to buy some fake followers and likes to meet their work deadlines.

That’s why I’ll show you how to track them down.

  1. When you got your first manager from Upleap, be sure to give them time to grow your 100 followers. – don’t expect to get 100 followers in 5 minutes using their Upleap free.
  2. As you got 100 followers, it’s time to make an Instagram post to see if you’re getting engagement, but remember to give the manager time to engage on others so they will engage on your post.
  3. After you got 1000 followers, you should expect to get at least 40 – 50 likes per post.

If not,

It’s time to request for a new manager at Upleap or stay tune for an Upleap alternatives for getting your first 10k followers within 3 months.

Before getting into it…

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Upleap Alternatives – 10,000 Followers in 3 Months.

Now, at some point working with the company for your Instagram page to getting your first 10k followers at this Upleap review guide…

…you might be experiencing with a growth block.

There are more sites like Upleap you can use to get 10k followers fast in 3 months.


Instaboom is another human growth service you can use in this guide.

At some point of working with any company, you’ll experience issue just like you hanging with a friend so often and you should expect some conflicts happening.


  • Instaboom is a more premium service that you can use and they have a service available for getting your first 10k followers in 3 months.

They are a European company based which they established over to other country as they grow so well.

If you need 10k followers, Instaboom is a great one.

Note: After you got your first 10k followers, you can either cancel the service to grow it yourself or continue leveraging these growth service to 100k followers.


Now, this Instagram tool is optional if you have no interest in growing your own Instagram account and want to use either Upleap or InstaBoom to grow 100k followers for you.



As they’re growing for your page…

  • You might want to start your own blog.
  • Or start an additional Instagram page that you grow on your own.

As you’re growing your page, using Ingramer your all-in-one tool for finding downloading content, finding hashtags, finding trending hashtags, etc…

…along with implementing these growth strategies to effective growing your page without concerning any tricks that your Instagram page might be liable to a ban.

Helpful Blog Post: All-in-One Tool You Need.

Upleap vs Kicksta

Kicksta is also a human growth service where they dedicate a manager for growing your account.

All growth company might have a different website designs their own branding, but it’s really come down when you’re using their service to see if you like it or not.

If you have been using Upleap or been switching manager for a while and still don’t see a faster growth.

You might want to switch your manager over to Kicksta.


Again, they might be implement the growth strategies I shared with you earlier or they have a better strategy.


  • If you’re implement the tips to track your page growth, you can determine how well the service is and keep using that service.

Upleap vs Social Captain

Now with Social Captain,


This is a complete automation tool where you’re doing follow, unfollow, auto likes, comments, etc.

It is an automation tool that will get you ban when you’re trying to use.

Depends on how strict Instagram currently is…

You might or might not want to try and it’s never hurt to try with a new Instagram page.

What’s better?

If it works, it’d be free money and amazing that you can grow your page on autopilot.

If you haven’t done so already,

Be sure to check out my #1 recommended Instagram University.

Upleap vs Stellation Media

Stellation Media is another automation tool that perform tasks such as follow, unfollow, auto like, commenting, etc.


As mention you wouldn’t want to be using any of this automation tools.

It’d be better when you’re using a manager from Upleap to grow your page…

…or again, try the bot with a new Instagram account as your desire.

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Conclusions – Upleap Review.

I hope you like this complete Upleap reviews guide and getting to your first 100k followers can never be easier with Upleap and you don’t even have to touch your page.

If for some reasons you don’t like Upleap.

You can also switch over to other growth service.

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FAQs. – Upleap Reviews Guide.

Can you get banned for fake followers on Instagram?

Yes as you can even see a remove followers button that you can remove the fake followers or inactive followers on Instagram that means, Instagram is not prefer those fake followers and likes.

How much money does 10k Instagram followers make?

You can make money with 1000 followers and when having 10k followers without knowing the strategies in place, it’d also be hard.

How do you get 10k followers on Instagram?

You can either use Upleap review or other human growth service to get your first 10k followers. And grow it yourself if you’d like to.

Is it OK to buy followers on Instagram?

Nope. It’d just be a wasted of money where they don’t do anything for you.

Did Instagram ban fake likes?

Instagram hide likes but they don’t ban fake likes. When you buys fake likes, you could potentially ruin your account engagement and make your page harder to grow.