Twitter For Beginners: The #1 Definitive Guide

How to use Twitter effective for followers is easy which shared in this Twitter for beginners’ guide.

After shared many Twitter followers’ tips, now I’m getting back to the basic to reveal all the complete step-by-step and easy-to-plan that you get started on Twitter fast.

Definitely pay more attention to setting your Twitter bio in this blog post.

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Benefits of Twitter: Why Use Twitter?

Easy to Get Twitter Followers Fast

Getting your first 1000 Twitter followers within 3 – 4 days max is what inspired me to get started on Twitter.

It’s possible to get a 1000 Instagram followers in 7-day but it’s very likely experience with action blocked or shadowban.

Hard to Be Banned by Twitter

Right now,

Disclaimer: Please note this blog post might content affiliate links. When you purchase recommended hosting using my Bluehost affiliate link, they compensate me which helps make this blog free of charge to you.


on Twitter, I have to admit that it’s easier to get Twitter followers than trying to get Instagram followers.


If you’re trying to grow Instagram followers without knowing how to handle the action blocked and shadowbanned.

  • Twitter would become easier as you can get as many action blocked and there’s no shadowbanned on Twitter.

With that out of the way, you need to use Twitter.

Grow Brand Revenue Quickly

Right now,

If you can find a social media platform that allows you to get followers fast such as Twitter.

You are golden.

  • Chinese Social media platforms are blow up but they don’t allow you to put a link in bio or anything at all to get traffic from their social media platform.

But you grow your online business or personal branding quickly with Twitter,


hard to get ban by Twitter.



You might be experiencing with some sign-up problems but follow the above Twitter tips would help you grant access.

8 Steps How to Create a Twitter Account

Creating a New Twitter Account on Desktop or Mobile

is not easy these days.

Which I do have a trick for you next.

But sign-up for a Twitter account is an easy process, you only need either an email address or a phone number.

First, some clients ask if they can create a Twitter account without a phone number, why?

The Twitter social media platform is overwhelmed with fake and bot accounts.

Second, create Twitter account with the same email is not allow or they’d just log you in automatically.

  1. Either go to or download the app on your phone
  2. Fill up a simple sign-up form
  3. enter and wait for Twitter to send you a confirmation email or verification code.


If you look at my account which started in 2007 but I started this year.



Because Twitter for some reasons, just don’t send me the verification code!

But I found a trick…

If You Can’t Sign-up Twitter Account

Most people can put their phone number or email address into sign up for a Twitter account but Twitter never send you a phone confirmation or email confirmation.

  • If you can’t receive a phone verification code which I can’t get started to tweet until you verify your account.

First, you could either think of an old account or old Google email address that you create ages ago and sign-up to Twitter using that.

Second, buy a cheap Twitter account. A Twitter account without followers would be a cheap one to begin with.

Setup Your Twitter Account Privacy

Now, the very second step is to decide to whether to set your Twitter account a public profile or a private profile.

If you want more Twitter followers, having a public profile is suggested.



Just head over to to login and click on Twitter Settings and Privacy


Click into Privacy and Safety, do not check the box remain a Twitter public profile.

It took me a while to find out about setting public or private.

This setting is very visible on Instagram but unlike Twitter.

What does that mean?

Twitter do not want to you to private that’s why they hide this Twitter feature.

A good rule of thumb and if you want more Twitter followers…

Obey what this social media platform wants for more rewarding.

Pick a Twitter Username Ideas

Picking a Twitter username ideas is vital just like picking an IG name.

Not just an IG name or Twitter name,

But your personal branding, online branding or business brand name, as a whole.

In that blog post I shared everything step-by-step, easy-to-follow plan that you can right away get your business name fast, up and running.

  • You want your name to be available all across social media platform and website names as well.

so you don’t to put a name like myself…

@earthvesslee on Twitter. – with a double ee at the end which I had problem with Twitter sign-up and got banned by Twitter no reason… used my original name @earthvessle.

But that do not mean you have to go and check every single social media platform to see if your name is available.

Simply use a name tool I shared in this blog post about getting your own blog.

Hack Your Twitter Location

With online location and depends on your personal preference.


I personally want people, I’m inside the planet earth.

Not like right now traveling in Dubai.


Simply turn off your location in your iPhone and input your Twitter location as WorldWide.

But know this,

As long as you’re on Twitter or any social media platforms.

They already tracked your location down.

You might be turned the iPhone location privacy off, but it’s still on.

But let’s move onto the next step of this Twitter for beginners guide.

Twitter Profile Picture

Another vital element of turning a well-established brand is having a proper profile picture.

  • If you don’t use Twitter for business, simply use photo of yourself
  • Use a logo or photo of yourself, if you use Twitter for business.

Here’s a mistake most beginner Twitterers make.

If you look at this messy crowd, you’re in the competition of getting attentions, growing your brand awareness.


Imagine you get used to see earthvessle’s logo and all of sudden I change it to something else.

You’re not getting to remember and have to take a second look to figure it out.

Which you can lose Twitter followers, easily.

Twitter Cover Image

Another branding element that is vital to getting more followers.

You need a clean and well presentative of what your online business or brand is all about.

  • First to impress the stranger and increase the likelihood of others give you a follow.

Have a look at professional Twitter cover image that you could a get some ideas…



Most well recognize move by Michael Jackson which you know too.

The Twitter cover image size is 1500 wide x 500 tall.

Next is essential towards growing your brand revenue…

Setup your Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio is another key element that inspire other to follow you.

My biggest mistake is putting something like “50% off, click to visit my blog” etc.


People would quickly see it and they wouldn’t do it and then, leave your Twitter profile a flick of a second.

Just so many things when you first look at it and even asking you to PayPal them.

  • Even have a TradeMark™ on his name, act extremely serious with only 300 Twitter followers.

Do you feel the hate of the first people who look at this profile now?


Add a Multi-Shadow Twitter Link

Social media platform that has the most tolerance is Twitter.


Instagram only allows one link in bio accept you can get IG swipe up when you hit 10k followers.

  • You can put as many links on your Facebook status, but it just won’t show the status to friends.

For Twitter, you can leave 2+ link on your Twitter bio.

But with this Twitter trick, you can leave 10+ links in your all social media platforms

Introduce TapLink


with TapLink, you can input as many links as you want.

It is a universal link that you can use across all social media platform.

Disregard, how many link Twitter allows, Instagram allows, Facebook allows, etc.

Taplink don’t care about them.

Get started with TapLink for free.

Announce your First Twitter Tweet

This first Twitter tweet will be going to make memory which I missed out, big time.


There are different ways to approaching this to leverage your first to get more Twitter followers.

  • One of Twitter tips would be to Pin your blog about page as your first tweet to warmly welcome them to find out more about you, your online business brand.


then just Pin this to the top of your Twitter profile.

If you want more Twitter followers, simply read this blog post.

But you need to the check the quick Twitter for beginner tips below…

Helpful Blog Posts:

4 Quick Twitter For Beginners Tips

At this point, you should be all ready to get out there to hunt for Twitter followers. Here are 4+ quick Twitter for beginners’ tips you need.

Whether to Have a Niche

Unlike Instagram,

If you want to grow quickly, you’d need a niche.

Here’s a thing,

  • The virality of your content published on Instagram allow you go viral on Instagram more than a Twitter tweet,

That means,

More brand awareness, more sales revenue, more money.

you don’t need a niche on Twitter, but it’s more like what you need to tweet for followers.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated at all.

Prepare a Twitter Hashtags for Retweet

It’s important to know what your product or service are and who you’re trying to attract.

Let’s say I’m selling an Instagram course.

My target audience would definitely be within in the hashtags of entrepreneur.

  • That means #entrepreneur is what I need to use in most of tweet.

But once in a while, but not in every single tweet and have a second hashtags prepare as well.

So your followers don’t get bore of seeing the same thing over and over.

Engage on Your Followings

To grow your Twitter account such as retweets, likes, and followers.

Engage on other tweets is important.

There are two ways you can engage on your followings:

  • You could either follow big and reply to their tweet which a lot of people would see it.
  • Or retweet small Twitter accounts to which together to be growing way faster than reply to big pages.

Instead of waiting for others to retweet and likes your tweet unless an outside traffic source like an Instagram following…

…as you funnel your traffic from Instagram to Twitter,

you’d become more authority then which others would retweet and likes without you doing the heavy work.

Quickly Get Followers Fast Outside.

Now if you’re reading this blog post about Twitter.

Avoid being overwhelmed by managing too many social media profiles.

If you’re sole trader working on your online business, avoid having too many social media profiles as you do not have a full control over.

Instead, starting your own blog is key.


Twitter for Beginners – Conclusions.

That’s all for this blog post on complete guide on how to use Twitter.

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FAQs. – Twitter for Beginners

How do beginners use twitter?

Twitter is easy to use for beginners and this is the complete guide that you could use.

How do you start off Twitter?

Starting off Twitter by simple sign-up to a free account, but if you experience with sign-up blog or banned by Twitter right at the get go, I shared all the tips in this blog post.

What is Twitter and how does it work Beginners Guide?

Twitter is a social media that allows you to tweet your ideas and daily life.

Should I use my real name on twitter?

On the internet is better not to use any real name to prevent any issues.

Who can see my tweets if I have no followers?

If you no Twitter followers, nobody would be able to see your tweets.

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