8+ Top Affiliate Marketers: Revealed All Secrets

Top Affiliate marketers are millionaires that is hard to find and learn affiliate marketing from.

They’d either teach stuff they make you pay for or too broad that make you think is easy to get there and be like them.

What’s worst?

One of these top affiliate marketers below that I’m going to share and selling an affiliate marketing course at $997 that if you don’t know and buy it.

Your affiliate marketing journey will just be harder.

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What I Consider as Top Affiliate Marketers?

Affiliate marketers that are willing to help you, not how much money they make.

Disclaimer: Please note this blog post might content affiliate links. When you purchase recommended hosting using my Bluehost affiliate link, they compensate me which helps make this blog free of charge to you.


Trying to show off.

  • Usually these top affiliate marketers would reveal their 7-figures monthly earning in their website or blog as a motivating force.

Which is fine.

As mentioned, only some of these top earners would help you understand how affiliate works properly.

But most of time, you’d just find it difficult to get started.

  • Or even worst-case scenario is buying their $997 course which all the content already covered at earthvessle.com for free.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be spending money on education and when you don’t know something that piece of education, you would have to be in exchange using money.

That key is,

Know what you’re buying in to.

#1 Top Affiliate Marketer Who Reveal All Secrets

Vick Strizheus. – Founder & CEO of FourPercent.

Vick Strizheus has been in the affiliate marketing industry for over decades and has a been a truly successful top affiliate marketer.

  • Even though, Vick has been into company who are involved in pyramid scheme where company don’t sell anything but just focus on recruit people.
  • They got shutdown by the FTC.

But with today, the establishment of FourPercent revolutionize the affiliate marketing industry.



I remember working in this industry completely have no ideas and all I wanted just some quick money.

  • Wake up, jumping from this niche to another affiliate products.
  • Start over again.

Just like that for a year, and always never truly make that long-term money.

I was skeptical in his program at first back then, but definitely seem an involving of FourPercent today which is incomparable to any top affiliate marketers that I’m going to share.

Thanks to Vick that now I have my own Hub, now.

A different way of thinking that allows me to see how things would going to be like if I put in the work now, the results will be coming greater.

Learn from Vick Strizheus at FourPercent.

Top Affiliate Marketers in Affiliate Marketing.

Eric Damier. – Founder & CEO of EarthPix.

Who is Eric Damier?

The top affiliate marketers on Instagram @earthpix with over millions over Instagram followers.


I don’t think you have seen him promote anything but as a royal Instagram followers.

  • With over millions of followers, campaign such as selling red roses.

What’s more?

With that number of followers, there will be brands that would collaborate with him behind the scene and don’t need to promote anything on his Instagram.


Can you imagine the power of having millions of followers promoting an affiliate program?

Jason Stone. – Founder & CEO of MillionaireMentor.

Jason Stone is another top affiliate marketers on Instagram and back then,

  • Digital Altitude affiliate program got banned by the FTC which is a pyramid scheme that only focuses on recruiting people.

Again, I’m the victim spent over $2k to buy their social media course that only has a name of the course called social media.

And that’s even before I figured out FourPercent.

However, after signing-up under him, I had to reach for a free Instagram shout out and that’s the end of the story.



If you’re look MillionaireMentor on Instagram, the page is still heavily promoting and 10x way harder than earthpix by Eric Damier.

However, it is the top affiliate marketer that when you join, you might or might not receive



If you’re new top affiliate marketing thinking is better to work with top earner,

all you get is ignorance.

That’s why I’d still recommend…

FourPercent. – promote 1 product to get paid from multiple companies.

Ryan Robinson. – Founder & CEO of RyRob.

Ryan Robinson is the best guy I’ve recently have a short communicating through email and he replies to all his email and in his best ability.

  • He announces his recent earning as an affiliate marketer to over 6-figure a year.
  • He’s getting over millions of blogs traffic.


As I’m new to know him, I’ve not purchased any information course from him which I believe he’s sharing positive in his blog.

However, by the effort he invested in his blog reveal his commitment to help his readers.

Visit Ryrob.com – learn how to start a blog, fast.

Neil Patel. – Founder & CEO of NeilPatel.

Neil Patel is the biggest first of second experts and also, he was a top affiliate marketer but right now, he’s only selling his digital marketing’s course.


He started multiple blogs and one of the biggest SEO experts that you could learn a lot from.

But as he shared so much, it became very overwhelm for beginners trying to get into affiliate marketing.

His digital marketing course is around $1997 per year as he keeps updating his course.

At his level of expertise, he doesn’t people that can’t afford to pay $1997 per year.


As Ryan Robinson getting over millions of visitors per year,

Neil Patel is getting millions of website visitors per month.

Imagine the kind of income he could potentially gained.

Visit NeilPatel.com

John Crestani. – Founder & CEO of JohnCrestani.

John Cretani is a funny guy but he has a course with multiple names at $997,

and I still confuse until this day with YouTube Channel over thousands of YouTube Subscribers.


  • In his affiliate marketing course, he put his attention towards people can spend their money on advertising and work with those people.
  • If you don’t have money for marketing, online advertising and buy his SuperAffiliateSystem, you’d probably think it’s a scam.

But it’s not.

I hope that clear off your mind.

He is one of the top affiliate marketers making over millions a year and if you want free method to get website traffic or affiliate sales.

He covers all on his YouTube channel but I doubt you could learn much but it’s very entertaining to watch about.

I’d still recommend FourPercent that provide you with training though.

Harsh Agrawal. – Founder & CEO of ShoutMeLoud.

Harsh Agrawal is an online affiliate marketer with multiple awards and leveraging affiliate marketing in his affiliate blog.

  • Unlike Neil Patel, Harsh is a quite aggressive affiliate marketer, if you visit ShoutMeLoud.com, you’d see affiliate links all over the place.


It’s a common for a new affiliate marketer does that but he’s been one of the top affiliate marketers for decades.

So far, he has an affiliate course on sale and currently at an affordable priced that you could check it out.

Tim Ferriss. ­– Founder & CEO of TimFerriss.

Tim Ferriss is another great top affiliate but for the time being, his book FourHourWorkWeek is crushing it for him.

If you look at the back of his book, you’d find a lot of tools that he affiliated with.

  • I personally got trapped by the book covered which you might be as well.



Unlike other top affiliate earners, I don’t think Tim has a course on affiliate marketing at all.

And if you’re new, everything you could possibly learn from him would be his book on Amazon and his personal blog.

Again, if you’re new to the internet, the book is broad for beginners.


Patt Flynn. – Found & CEO of Spi.

PatFlyn is another great top affiliate marketers that back a few years ago when he’s showing his income report which generated him anywhere around $300k per year,


That’s only from affiliate marketing using his SmartPassiveIncome.com.

At the point in time, he has different online courses that he’s selling and seems to be developed a powerful team that continue growing his brand in affiliate marketing.

What’s that mean to you?

If you’re new and you could see the potential of how big you can grow when building an online business inside this marketing field.

And it’s not a place to make some quick bucks which I learn so much from FourPercent.

Another thing is, with his size of company, and when you’re new and purchase his affiliate course and that’d be all you’re going to get help with.

What’s more?

  • I believe his company vision is simply focus on growing their own business it’s like when you ride a bike trying to catch up to the Lamborghini’s speed.

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Top Affiliate Marketers. ­– Conclusions.

I hope you like this blog post, I heavily point out of the barriers in affiliate marketing that you could potentially face.

More important, avoid all the fake gurus as much as possible.

When you decide to buy anything online, it’s always better to write 100-pages research.

With that said,

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