TikTok VS Instagram: Who’s Win Social Media in 2020?

TikTok VS Instagram: Is Tiktok the next Instagram which you’re thinking about, that might or might not be right.

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TikTok Passed 115M+ Downloads in Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Is Tiktok The Next Instagram?

As coronavirus encourage billions of people to stay at home, TikTok passed over 115.2 million plus installs app, just in March 2020.

In comparison to Instagram back in 2019, Instagram was only able to average 111.5 million installs per quarter.

Top brands are leveraging TikTok as a part of marketing strategy such as Chipotle, Mucinex, Walmart, and GymShark are marketing to the Generation Z users on TikTok using the Sponsored Hashtags Challenge campaigns.

That means,

  • TikTok is becoming more well-known as an influencer marketing channel.

Here’s the infographic shows visually put TikTok VS Instagram in comparison of data collected from the IOS App store and the Google Play Story based on number of downloads/installs, platform demographic, and TikTok features and Instagram features.

Stay tune for my own personal opinions of these two platforms and who’s the true winner!


TikTok Has More Followers? or Instagram.

Sensor Tower announced, TikTok has 1.5B milestone before the Coronavirus hit in November 2019 while overall Instagram with only 1.8B downloads.

Can you sense how fast TikTok blow up?

Although Instagram is a 10-year-old app which this is the old Instagram logo,


TikTok has an extraordinary growth rate as they’re not even close to 10-year-old app.

  • In the year of 2019 alone, TikTok generates over 798 million new users which equivalents to 49% of its existing users.

As you now know TikTok VS Instagram Download, the infographic shows,

The coronavirus places a tremendous effect on TikTok downloads than Instagram downloads.

TikTok’s user growth sky-rock in March, the quarantine period brought an influx of TikTok content to Instagram content.

  • The shift in content sparked many Instagram influencers to become TikTok influencers, creating more TikTok accounts as an additional traffic source or revenue stream of their income.

Which bring us to the next part of demographic comparison before diving in the final interesting part of this blog post…

TikTok VS Instagram: Platform Demographic


  • TikTok started 4 years behind Instagram as they start in 2010.
  • TikTok total users of 1 billion plus while Instagram 1.5 billion.
  • Instagram is leading it company revenue by 113x times than TikTok with only $176.9 million.
  • Both platform age restriction to 13+
  • 97% of non-USA TikTok users and only 88% of Non-USA Instagram users.

TikTok VS Instagram: Feature Comparisons.

By now you should be able to identify a clear winner of the social media era which I’m going to dive a little deeper.

  • TikTok as a whole is similar to only one of Instagram features and that is the Instagram story.

With the current TikTok features that only allows video of 15s to 60s.

  • The only missing feature Instagram doesn’t have is the TikTok Currency which in my opinion TikTok and Bitcoin planning down the seed.

But, with current release that Instagrammer can now leverage IGTV monetization that means you can make money on Instagram, now.


Will TikTok Replace Instagram?

Will it?

Unfortunately, both platform with great marketing experience that’s why now I measure based on time.

  • Instagram with 10 years plus marketing experience, TikTok can apply 10,000 tricks but only thing they need is time.

Instagram is not just Instagram, but it’s also Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat and a world record of taking over Myspace.


  • Whether TikTok or Instagram wins, they both benefit us, our business as a reader, marketer or blogger or content creator.

It’s just a matter of whether you know the tricks that you can either manipulate TikTok or Instagram to make money and build your business.

As both company has over thousands of employees working for them.

Here’s a clear winner that you can make the final, decision.

TikTok VS Instagram: Who’s Trending Right Now?

When you go to Google Trends and search for TikTok, and Instagram, you’ll see this…


Instagram is a tsunami on top of TikTok that when you learn how to use Instagram could be a life-changing opportunity.

That I share so much information about Instagram that you use to grow your online business or brands.

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With that said TikTok vs Instagram Reddit or TikTok VS YouTube, Vine, IGTV, etc. you should now know who’s the clear social media winner of all time.

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