Tailwind Hashtag Finder Review: #1 Top IG Growth.

Tailwind hashtag finder reviews will blow up your Instagram growth strategy.


They will remind every step of the way what to do and how to do

…to post on Instagram for maximum growth and avoid Instagram spam filter.

In this guide, you’ll learn the most important growth hack that I use to grow my Instagram page @earthvessle

And getting the most exposure every time you make an Instagram post,

…through the use of hashtags and picking the relevant hashtags for your Instagram page.

Are you ready?

First of all, before we even dive into the main part… – Check out my recommended #1 Instagram University.

Is Tailwind Approved by Instagram?

I remember the date I decided to commit to growing my Instagram account,

…the very first step in mind is using Instagram automation to grow multiple Instagram account as one.

but after many times of getting Instagram action blocked and banned.

I am tired of it.

Without any Instagram automations tools, I was able to grow my page to first 5,000 followers.

…so I could conclude that.

Instagram is getting more strict and majority of any best Instagram automation tools that I shared in that post

…only some of them are still available to use.

I always need third-party tools to help with producing content in some ways

…and every time I come across I ask myself “do I get banned using this Instagram tool?”

then what I found is that,

…there are tools that partner with Instagram and it’s completely legal to use.


Yes, Tailwind hashtags finder is approved and certified with Instagram, it’s one of Instagram partners.instagram-scheduler-free-desktop

As you’re a user you’re safe to use without getting banned.

what you need to know about Instagram?

…I personally cannot create a new Instagram account, I don’t know why.

That means knowing which tool is verified by Instagram is important.

Tailwind is one, here are four more free Instagram schedulers that you may want to look into.


I’ll show you a complete guide on how to use Tailwind

…then follow by my ultimate combination hack for your IG growth.

Tailwind Hashtag Finder: Tailwind Instagram Guide

Tailwind recommend hashtags closely to your Instagram growth.

What’s best about this hashtags finder?

They provide you with a scheduling feature that you can use or planning your Instagram post

…all the way to 365 days,

So as a content creator you can focus on other tasks such as learn how to start a blog and produce articles for blog and increase followers using your blog post.

Prepare your Instagram posts before using hashtags finder

If you to stay motivated daily, you can watch my Instagram story that I share all about motivational quotes.


I personally use photo to create all images,

Post it on Tailwind and they do recommend all image sizes for each post.

And you can use Canva to create them which it’s a free tool.


Add an Instagram Caption to Tailwind

Instagram caption is important to use prior to using the hashtags finder.

If you’re just using only using hashtags without Instagram caption, you’re unlike to get more follower and people will even treat you like a spammer with only hashtags.

In this post Family Instagram Quotes: 275 Best Family Instagram Captions – you can simply copy and paste them in your Instagram caption…

…then is time to use Tailwind hashtags finder.

I recommend 30 hashtags to and more I answered this question How Many Hashtags Does Instagram Allow – 5, 6, 10 or 11 in detail and where to put your Instagram hashtags.

So you can prepare for the next part.

Add Instagram Hashtags using Tailwind Hashtag Finder

Based on your Instagram account follower size,

When you connect your account to Tailwind for hashtags,

…they will indicate as a hashtags finder to suggest which hashtags to use,

After Instagram captions, as you can see only 30 Instagram hashtags is allowed.


Look at the colors suggestion bar,

  • Grey is niche,
  • Light green is good for your Instagram account to use that hashtags
  • Green is the best one you must use!
  • Yellow orange color is very competitive hashtags that you shouldn’t use.

If you need more Tailwind hashtags in the finder, you can click the “shuffle” button for a new sets of Instagram hashtags.


It’s about scheduling the post and you can prepare for as long as you want!

Schedule your Instagram post with hashtags finder in Tailwind.


as you can see in this photo, depends on how many Instagram post you’re scheduling,

…Tailwind hashtag finder will even establish the best time to post on your Instagram.

Isn’t that an awesome Instagram scheduler and hashtags finder?

The next part will be your favorite about this hashtag finder tool…

Hashtags Generators Hacks with Tailwind Hashtag Finder

Majority of Tailwind users love the hashtag finder, but Tailwind created more towards Pinterest

…I’m using Tailwind for Pinterest traffic when I first decided to start my blog to get more Instagram followers.

Btw…. this is the article on how to start a travel blog as I first decided to work into the travel category but not anymore.

As I have more experience in growing an Instagram page, I took the hashtags finder to the next level.

So what’s that hack with Tailwind hashtag finder?

For finding hashtags, I always recommend a tool that specific focus into perfect 1-segment of the industry.

It’s called SocialInfo – Click here to sign-up for free trial.

  • They’ll analyze your Instagram account and give you relevant hashtags to use for growing your page.

If you didn’t know, different Instagram account size can use more competitive hashtags or finding hashtags that fits the current Instagram account status to compete.

After you use my personal recommend hashtags finders,

  1. Head back to Tailwind hashtag finder,
  2. Paste it in the caption,
  3. Start using all the suggested hashtags by Tailwind.
  4. Until you reach 30 Instagram hashtags.

By doing that, you’re becoming more and more specific and finding the most relevant hashtags that fit your Instagram page

…for max exposure on growing your Instagram followers.

5 Benefits of Tailwind Hashtags Finder

  • Free Instagram scheduling tool – this is a complete free tool to get started and they’ll post your Instagram photo on your behalf without getting your account banned along with their hashtags finder indicating which hashtags fit best for your Instagram account.
  • Post at the best performing time – you receive more engagement on your Instagram post that Instagram’s algorithm like. The algorithm prefer post with more likes and comments within their most recent algorithm changes, they will notify Tailwind for best scheduling your post to the best your audience for engagement boost along with their hashtags tool.
  • Analyze what works and not working – after you post on Instagram using Tailwind, they have a more extensive analytic than your Instagram account. Based on those information, they will reschedule your post to go up at a better time which grow your Instagram followers even faster.
  • Good Combination hashtags tools – using the combination trick that I mention will allow the max growth to your account and discover the most relevant hashtags to your account.
  • Instagram Partnered – you don’t have to worry about getting banned from using this Tailwind hashtags finder.

 Click here to get start with personal recommended hashtags finder.

FAQs of Hashtag Finder


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