WordPress Blogging: How To Start a Blog in 8 Steps – Free

WordPress blogging for beginners: Complete guide on how to start a blog for free WordPress you need.

Unlike a typical blog where bloggers have to write lots of articles, but starting your own travel blog allows you to avoid writing completely.

In this blog post, I’ll the step-by-step guide and easy-to-follow plan that you leverage to get your blog started right away.

But don’t start a travel blog with WordPress.com, you can’t make money due to the fact that you have obey to WordPress.com rules – We’re using WordPress.org. and BlueHost.

This is a plus here, while you start a travel blog, you can also start a travel vlog as well while blog, vlog as well.

Blogging Step-by-Step on How to Start a Blog and Make Money Blogging on WordPress:

  1. Get a FREE domain name, don’t complicate it!
  2. 1-Click setup a self-hosted your travel blog.
  3. 1-Click Install WordPress.org
  4. Clean up your travel blog’s dashboard!
  5. Download a FREE world class WordPress’s theme
  6. Make a premium logo, free.
  7. Install essential plugins.
  8. Make money blogging on auto-pilot!

How To Start a Blog Step by Step Guide

Before getting into the guide, if you’re been looking on how to start a free blog, a free blog is not recommended.

With that said,

Let’s get right into this blogging for beginners WordPress guide.

Step 1. Get a FREE Domain

One of important steps on how to start a blog, don’t overthink on get your free travel blog free domain name. It’s not a challenge aspect of starting a travel blog at all.

If it takes you hours to come up with a domain name, you’re over thinking it.

Don’t overthinking it! Let me share with you this:

A domain name is not important.


If you search for an Instagram account, called “earthpix”


You’ll notice 16.4 million Instagram followers with a name “earthpix” pix is not even a word.

Having said that, follow these few tips to keep things simple on your way on how to start a blog, make money with it fast and I’ll give you 2-free tools to use before even getting a domain name for your travel money making blog!

  • Keep it short (2 words recommend): Anything that longer than 3 words in it, it’s too long. If you search to buy a domain that’s has like a few letters like abc.com, it’d cost you a fortunate to buy a that domain name.
  • Don’t use hyphens: This looks spam if you’re try to buy a domain name under like earth-pix.com, earthpix fans would probably report you or give you a complete no support for trying to copy any domain name.
  • Avoid numbers: Never mix words with numbers, just looks as spammy as using hyphens in your domain name.
  • Only use .com domain name: Only .com, if you do a Google search on “earthvessle how to start a blog WordPress and make money” – 90% of the domain name with ends with .com, so use that for your travel blog which going to be faster to make money blogging.

Use 2-Free Tools to Check Domain Name Availability

1. LearnDomainSearch gives you domain name ideas which open your brain creativity and end up picking the best travel domain name for your travel blog.best-pics-for-instagram

2. NameCheckr allows you to see on which social media platforms is not available.


After this step is done, put a on a list, and before moving to a name step, I’ll share with you how I end up with my domain name.

I simply follow all the tips above to come up with a domain name the word earth has something to do with travel and vessle is the opposite of a beautiful building called vessel which I didn’t want any copyright complaint or sue.


Alright, let’s move to the next step on how you can start a travel blog and make money!

Start a Blog for Beginners Step 2: 1-Click Setup a Self-Hosted

Second steps on how to start a blog, I have no idea what hosting is when I got started! Then I realize it’s like a USB gives you space to save your work, but this is on the internet, nobody sees your blog when your work is in a USB and you can’t make money fast with it.

  • Hosting was the scariest part when I learn to start my own blog. So as a customer of BlueHost I reach to them for a big discount for you to get started which costs only $2.95 a month, not $29.99. Unlike other business requires to like $500,000 to get started a with a business or let alone $5,000, right?

Now, hosting like WP-Engine cost $29.99 monthly, which I’m using on one of my blogs. it’s faster, but when you starting out, if you have a travel blog with less than 1000 travel blog posts. You’re perfectly fit with BlueHost and of course, fast as well.

If you want to make money with your travel blog, you need a hosting company that would approve you as a customer, and there are many other hosting companies which don’t approve you to make money.

I recommend BlueHost for your blog – when you click my affiliate link you’ll see this page.


Click “get started” to see this page.


I personally recommend you with the Plus Plan, for $5.45 per month. You can add more website, down the road and setup yourself prepare for more advance stuff in the future, improving your skills on how to start a blog.

If you stick with 1-domain name, you might have purchase the entire plan again which is more expensive. You can transfer your hosting later, but the process took 24-72 hours, and when your visitors is coming to your travel blog,

They don’t like a crashing blog site for a few days.

So pick a hosting-plan of your choice, then you’ll see this page,


It’s more simple to buy a domain name here, then to buy a cheaper domain name from other domain name companies which might be cheaper like $0.99 per domain.

But you don’t want to deal with the hassle transferring domain name, and al the technical stuff!

Btw, you’re getting a FREE domain name with BlueHost.

So, put in your domain name from previous selected, click next to see this page,


I recommend you to go with 36-months or more, and here’s the truth…

  • You don’t plan to learn about how to start a blog for 1-year, right?

To make money fast with your blog, you need at least 6-months in, for your blog to get tractions.

As you’re a first-time customer, you’re entitle for a huge discount upfront which saves you much more.

Alright, let get it!

You’re done after complete the form. I’ll you a free shoutout on my Instagram page if you get your BlueHost from me.

How To Start a Blog Steps 3: 1-Click Install WordPress.org

As mention, we’re using WordPress.org, after you complete your sign-up form with BlueHost, you’ll see this page and you can pick a password for your travel blog.


Pick a temporary FREE WordPress theme to kick start your own blog and get paid.


Fill in your site slogan,


Now, Congratulations!


Step 4. Clean up your Blog’s Dashboard!

Moving forwards, you’ll be using this url – yourdomainname.com/wp-admin to login to your WordPress travel blog and it’s good to save it or give a note.

You’ll receive an email with your login information to login to your WordPress travel blog:


Now, it’s time to clean up your WordPress blog’s dashboard:


It’s important to keep your workplace organize by simply click on the screen options of your travel blog and uncheck everything, but leave at a glance.

How To Start a Blog Step 5: Download a FREE WordPress’s Theme

Now the theme you’re install previously it’s completely free to use but for marketing purposes in the future, I recommend you use a premium theme.

When you travel to nice places, you’re blog also has to look nice, and they are design for SEO purposes.

SEO is search engine optimization, your site usually getting free traffic as you’re building your travel blog. Therefore, I’m going to recommend a theme that this blog use, it is called Authority Pro, along with Genesis Framework.

It’s definitely faster than Hestia WordPress Theme review that you might be looking for.

StudioPress is the official company name, this theme is one of their themes and the Genesis Framework is designed for SEO support.

  1. Get your Genesis Framework & Install first for SEO optimization.
  2. Get a child theme called Authority Pro & Install second for professional impression.


After you purchase this bundle, you’ll be installing Genesis Framework first and then upload the child theme after that.

As mentioned, this is preparing for the long term so that your people from Google will be able to find your site.

Then after you bought the theme from me for your travel blog, you can copy exactly what I do to setup for your.

How To Start a Blog Step 6: Install Essential plugins

1. Akismet

This is a free plugin for people that spam commenting on your blog, this happens when you’re doing URL submission for your blog, don’t do it.

  • Some bloggers or travel bloggers will leave short comment on your blog which is fine, but what I’m talking is people that leave a paragraph of comment about their service or random phrases that put together.

Akismet will pick them up, and you don’t to do any outdated marketing strategy for your blog. For now, get started for your travel blog is key.

2. Yoast SEO

This comes in handy with your Genesis Framwork, Yoast SEO gives you information on how you can structure your blog post.

And what to include a blog post that allows free traffic from search engines.

3. Social Snap

This plugin makes your blog easier to share on social media sites. Let say you like this article on how you can start a travel blog,

When one of your friends is coming to read and want to share, they can share by simply clicking the button.

They don’t like copy the url and go to their social profile and paste it in.

Social Snap makes it easy for your visitors to share them.

4. Pretty Link

This tool is essential when you want to learn how to start a blog now and in the future for making money blogging. When you start a travel blog and want to make money with you travel blog, you’ll need this tool when you include an affiliate offer in your travel blog post.

Affiliate marketing is your travel readers purchase your recommendation for commissions. All the affiliate program usually give you an ugly link that you can’t remember.

You can use pretty link to cloak the link to your choice.

  • Let say your currently affiliate link is lsjdfali.afajkufha.com/[email protected]*@ you can use pretty link to cloak it becomes yourdomainname.com/yourlinkname

Easier for you to mention the service for your next blog post and make money faster.

How To Start a Blog Step 7: Make a Premium Logo for Free.


Have a logo for your blog so that creates a special feeling for your visitors that come to your travel blog and maybe if they want to start a travel blog like you as well.

Regardless your blog is has your name on it or any of your brand name on it. Create a logo is smarter than leave a profile facial photo as a logo.

Create a logo for your travel blog is the first impress, the first step towards getting the first impress to your travelers that visit your travel blog.

I use Photoshop to do this, but you can use Canva to get started.

How to Build a Premium Logo for your Blog:

  1. Pick a font
  2. Move the word around to find the perfect fit.

Keep it simple and clean is key, these 2-steps will do the job.

How To Start a Blog Step 8: Make Money Blogging on Auto-Pilot

Install Google Analytics to your Blog

Final step on how to start a blog, install this so you have a record of your who your visitors coming and how much you’re your site traffic is increase by over a period of time and continue implement the traffic generation method to scale to a larger amount of visitors to your blog.

This is simple to do…

  1. Go to Google Analytics or search for it on Google
  2. Sign-up for the free service
  3. Copy & paste the code into your blog locals at the “Theme Settings” if you’re using SEO Theme that I recommend.

Create Essential Pages

  • About & Contact pages: You can write a few lines or sentences about you in the about page and simply leave your business email in your contact or don’t include an email to avoid spam just let your reader where you want them to reach out to you. For me, Instagram is the best place you can reach to out to me.
  • Privacy Policy & terms of service pages: Go to FreePrivacyPolicy.com to generate the page for your WordPress travel blog. Simply, copy and paste the entire page generated from the FreePrivacyPolicy to your WordPress travel blog. Have these pages in your blog if you want to make money blogging for your travel blog.
  • Write your blog post: When coming to write your travel blog post, biggest mistake is to write many blog posts. I create this guide for you and making sure you’re doing the least work, at least writing 1-article or don’t have to write if you don’t want to.

In fact, you only need 1-page to make money blogging.

The reason you have your blog is due to Social Media is getting stricter for you to make money blogging. That’s why when you have your blog, it’s easier to share with people.

You simply learn how to start a blog share your blog article and ask them to join your email list.

How to Start a Blog – Conclusions.

So you only need 1-page website to make money, but without a travel blog you’re limited on sharing your site on Social media.

For example: When you send a link to your friends, they like to read an article more than a just the 1-page website when you only ask for their email address.

Get started today, without any thinking, sign-up for BlueHost with me to get a free shoutout from my Instagram Page.

Let’s get it, get started on how to start a blog today.