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How to start affiliate marketing can never be easier, as 99% of marketers learn affiliate marketing and start their journey as an affiliate marketer…

…gone their way to make millions in affiliate marketing.

Here’s a thing.

That don’t happen overnight.

It begins now.

You’ll find all the step-by-step how to become an affiliate marketer and easy-to-follow plan in this guide to sky-rock your affiliate journey.

I’ll also share the #1 affiliate program you need without wasting your time getting started…

…and the #1 important element you need being an affiliate marketer.

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Learn Affiliate Marketing: What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing meaning you get paid only using an affiliate link without even having to create your own product.

It is a profitable online business model that you can start today.

I’m sure you heard of drop-shipping.

Any online business ideas you might want to get started with, you need the #1 element I’ll shared below.

One of many affiliate marketing benefits is you don’t need to take care of anything.

What are they?

  • Finding demands what consumers need.
  • Creating your quality products (I mentioned quality as making money online is getting more competitive, low-quality products will get your business shutdown, especially your payment gateways).
  • Optimize conversions for your products, making sure people is buying.
  • Marketing your product from the ground up.
  • Customer service.
  • Shipping
  • etc.

When you plan on how to start affiliate marketing…

…you’ve removed all that barriers mentioned above.

This is one of mine drop-shipping stores and it took me a while to outsources everything I mentioned above.


I was just like you looking for some online business ideas to get started with and drop-shipping is what I found my success through.


  • I apply what I learned from drop-shipping to affiliate marketing,
  • This is what I found…

I only need to worry about that #1 important element,


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How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing works extremely simple and without the nitty gritty, it comes down to only 3 steps,


That is the #1 failure model that you must not follow.


Affiliate marketing is not a new online business model, that model work back in 2000.

The complete affiliate marketing model would be this,


Instead of sending affiliate traffic to your affiliate program.

  • Btw… traffic means your people seeing your affiliate program.

You send traffic to the 1-page website to capture your traffic contact information like email address,

then they’d opt-in to your email list or auto-responder.


You’d present them with an affiliate offer that you want them to buy.

  • At this point, not everybody will buy from you immediately that’s why you capture their contact information.

If they don’t buy you can use email marketing to communicate and educate your leads to buy that affiliate offer.

After they buy,

You got an affiliate sale which is a commission.

To be a millionaire or be rich using affiliate marketing, you need to know about the 3 traffic levels…


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Why Affiliate Marketing Business: #1 Benefits of the Affiliate Marketing Model

Affiliate marketing is the most-simple online business.

If anybody tells you something simpler than that.

  • It’s a scam or you’d wasting your money paying them and make them rich.

There is NO online business model where you can just click-a-button and get rich.

But here’s how easy it is when you plan to learn how to start affiliate marketing…

how-to-start-affiliate-marketing 2

Remember drop-shipping and all the things you have to do in drop-shipping or creating your own products online?

In affiliate marketing,

  • You only have to take care of the front part of the drop-shipping business, which the business model shown above.

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How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

How to become an affiliate is actually not that hard and it’s free which I’ll be sharing all the step-by-step and easy-to-follow plan in all the following steps.

I’ll share one of the top steps you need to make money and avoid getting scam by affiliate companies.

Previously I worked on an Instagram project after I got my first 10k Instagram followers in 4 months, I was so excited and wanted to share with my subscribers while make money online with affiliate marketing along the way.

  • As I didn’t know that I already become an affiliate which I already joined so many affiliate programs on asking people to buy Instagram likes and Instagram followers.

and yes, some of them are paying you…

…I’m going to share my #1 free tips so you can avoid it next.

Avoid Scam Affiliate Programs

There are a ton of free affiliate programs you can join and some might accept your approval requests.

But it’s key to avoid all the affiliate program that is not authoritative.

Imagine you spend your hard earn money to promote that program and they make up some excuses not paying you.

  • Or joining affiliate program that has low quality products that have a high refund rate, if not your customers didn’t have a good experience from your recommendations.
  • They will not buy from you again.

Here’s an example of when using Kim Kardashian as your IG influencers to promote an affiliate program.


Kim Kardashian is a brand name, and if they promote a low-quality affiliate program to billions of their fans…

…they end up having a bad experience, request refunds, or even report, etc.

that would immediate low Kim Kardashian’s brand value.

Here’s a few things to look out for to avoid scam:

  • Poor quality product.
  • Low authority company with poor website design
  • Not tracking properly of how much traffic you’re sending.

Try the product yourself.

Have Your Passionate Affiliate Niche

In the blog post I linked, I explained the 3 simple niches in affiliate marketing to choose and the difficulty levels of each.

Which niche you should be picking if you’re beginners to affiliate marketing.

Here’s one thing I forgot to mentioned,


Yes, in blog posts above I shared #1 affiliate mistake or mindsets you should avoid.

Choosing your First Affiliate Program

Assumed that you selected your niche.

Now it’s all about joining your first affiliate program.

Regardless what affiliate marketing niche you choose,

Here’s a key.

Here’s an example of when you choose do affiliate marketing with ClickBank without a website.


ClickBank built an ecosystem that big company like Apple, SamSung, Target, Warmart, etc are using.

  • They’re getting pay when you promote any affiliate programs on the ClickBank Marketplace, but you don’t.

Introducing FourPercent,


Right now,

This is the only company that education beginners in affiliate marketing…


setup an ecosystem allows affiliate marketers to promote only 1-product to get paid from multiple companies and continue to partnering more.


ClickBank can add more products but you need to promote each product to get paid while ClickBank gets a cut off your effort without doing nothing.

FourPercent is currently giving away a free traffic blueprint which you should get your free access.

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How To Start Affiliate Marketing: 8+ Tricks Getting Affiliate Traffic to Affiliate Offers

Getting traffic is easy and exciting when you understand the 3 traffic levels which covered in the above blueprint.

Apart from these affiliate traffic and there are tons of free way to get traffic.

Create Product Tutorials via Channels

There are different types of affiliate posts you can produce.

  • How to: informational post is extremely sharable and allow you to go viral quickly.
  • Product reviews: this is more directly focus towards getting an affiliate sale from people that already want to buys

I shared how you can write you’re your affiliate post linked above,

and the #1 mistake that you should avoid choosing the correct type of blog post.

Create a product tutorial can be done through 2 forms of content…


I personally recommend having a blog, as it’s easier to get 100k blog traffic than gaining a 100k YouTube video views.

Launch Top-Notch Content Marketing While Learn Affiliate Marketing

While learning affiliate marketing on how to become an affiliate marketer…

…the #1 important element you need is to creating great content marketing in order to make money online and launch a successful online business.

Previously, I share 2 tips on which types of blog post you can get started on and I’ll be sharing a more in-depth on how you can thoroughly execute your plan of actions.


  • Any types of blog post you’re planning to use, it’s important to stay consistent and post consistently while maintain your own voice.

For example, if you’re reading a different blog trying to copy their writing style or speaking style, it’s going to be hard for you and your people will think you have multiple personalities which nobody wants to see that.

Product Reviews Affiliate Blog Post

Product reviews is key to get people to buy from you immediately and one of the best platform that you learn how to become an affiliate marketer is through Amazon associate program or Amazon affiliate program.

But here’s a catch,

  • If you want to explode your affiliate sales, the best method is purchase the product to actually review the product.
  • Compares to if you’re taking a photo form Google images and talks about it.


If you haven’t used the product before and trying to make money online as an affiliate marketer…

…your readers won’t really find the real benefits of the product.

Another key thing is,

When your content marketing plan only evolves around product reviews blog post…

…it turns your content marketing channels into a pretty salesy channel that people do not like.

Informative Affiliate Blog Posts

Creating Informative blog post while you learn affiliate marketing on how to become an affiliate market is key.

  • This is a second level of blog post although you get less affiliate sales from this but this type of blog post is friendly and allow you to go viral quickly.

When you have a blog, you want to have a mix in between product reviews and also informative types of blog post to avoid being too salesy and only trying to make money online.

Informative blog post is like you’re sharing a tutorial on how people can do something.

For example, I shared a completely guide on how you get started with a blog which is way easier than having a YouTube channel that I linked.

Full Guides Affiliate Posts

Full guide is another type of blog post when learning affiliate marketing on how to become an affiliate marketer.

  • This full guide types of affiliate blog post is different as it shares a step-by-step helping people how to do something.

This usually is a long-form content that will bring a lot more affiliate marketing traffic that you can triple your affiliate sales.


As you’re willing to share more on how to do something, you essentially creating a higher level of connections with your readers.

When you establish a strong relationship with your readers…

…you don’t have expects a lot of affiliate commission going to come to you, but you can expect a flood of money flying in.

Find Relevant Search Terms

If you’re planning to create product tutorial, you can also use social media traffic to promote your affiliate offer.

But I recommend you to start a blog with BlueHost, today!

  • As you leverage SEO to quick maintain a more sustainable online business, long-term.
  • Having your YouTube videos or blog posts last longer than social media status.

When you’re new to SEO with your blog, you want to focus on long tail keyword search terms.

As I explained more detail in this blog post on increase website traffic.

Here’d be a simple example…

…instead of writing a blog post to rank for the keyword Japanese green tea,

write a blog post for Japanese green tea matcha.

Consider your Angle

Have an angle as you’re learning how to start affiliate marketing is key to differentiate yourself from the competition.

For example on how to start affiliate marketing ClickBank,

If you selling a ClickBank product that everybody and anybody can promote it…

…you’d need to have an angle such as build a landing and give away something.

In fact,

When you apply all the winning affiliate marketing strategy shared above this blog post,

you’re way ahead of the competition.

Escalate your Distribution Strategy – Start Affiliate Marketing #1 Tip

Instead of just having a YouTube channel as social media traffic,

Or just having a blog as your blog traffic.

Have both blog and a YouTube channel when you’re learning how to start affiliate marketing.


  • If you have a YouTube channel and building another social media platform, it’d be hard to grow as social media limits your ability to grow quickly.

An example would be,

You might 100k Instagram followers, but they only allow you to reach 1% of your 100k followers.

This is one of the best trick you need when you want to learn how to start affiliate marketing.

Talk to a Product Expert

As previous shared,

Getting an affiliate sale is simple when you try the product yourself.

Not just try the product, but be the product as well.

You won’t be able to share anything that you have never used before.

  • The biggest problem when I first started affiliate marketing and learning how to start affiliate marketing is
  • I didn’t want to buy any product to be an affiliate of it as well.

But as the industry evolved, any company that allows you to be an affiliate almost required you to use the product first and then share it.

Just like the free traffic blueprint I’m giving away, I’d have to be a VIP member of FourPercent to give it away.


  • You can find a friend or a stranger who’s willing to partner together.
  • Or look at the product reviews to find people already purchased on Facebook and ask them for free access.


I try this method many, many times, but it just won’t happen.

Stay Focus

Another key point need to when learning how to start affiliate marketing.

This trick follows up to the previous trick.

When I first learning how to start affiliate marketing,

My number #1 struggle is getting traffic.

So I go ahead and use social media traffic.

Here’s my biggest mistake I made,

  • I diverse my focus to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.
  • Thinking the more social platforms I have, the more traffic I get.


It was just exhausting myself.

Not until I understand the 3 traffic levels


Download your free traffic sheet.

Give Bonus – How To Start Affiliate Marketing #1 Key

Remember you need to build a landing page to begin to capture your traffic.

You know what…

As affiliate marketing or any online business is competitive now.

Take 1 extra step is key.


You know of giving away a free ebook in exchange for your traffic contact information.

  • After you got in, give another surprise bonus for free.

That will help you build the loyalty from your subscribers and give your email subscribers a reason to stay subscribe to you.

Stay Upfront – How To Start Affiliate Marketing #2 Key

Don’t lie.

Lie is the biggest turn off to all affiliate marketers or even not being clear about your own affiliate program that you’re promoting.

This is also known as Fake Gurus.


There are a ton of Fake Gurus on YouTube charging people thousands of dollars.

You do not want to be one of them.

You never want to lie your way to the top.

Know your affiliate program,

Fall in love with process,

Know about traffic is key in affiliate marketing.

Get your free traffic blueprint.

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I’ll continue to share more tips and everything about this helping you learn affiliate marketing and how to become an affiliate to get you started quickly and collaborate, grow together.

If you want more affiliate tips check out

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FAQs – How to Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

How to become an affiliate marketer?

You can become an affiliate marketer by simple understand about traffic and join an affiliate program that pay you and has good quality product.

How can I start affiliate marketing with no money?

You can start affiliate marketing by simply join any free affiliate programs and start to make money as an affiliate with no money but there won’t be anyone willing to share you how to do it correctly.

How do I start an affiliate marketing website?

Start affiliate marketing via paying and by having an affiliate program in place and share tutorial in your website to encourage your readers to buy from you.

How do affiliates get paid?

Affiliate get paid through wire transfer or PayPal and they get pay by promoting affiliate program as an affiliate marketer.

What is the highest paying affiliate program?

The highest paying affiliate program is not the highest price, it can be the lowest price using the ecosystem which mentioned in this blog post.

How can I start affiliate marketing without a website?

Find one of the best affiliate networks and use social media traffic to promote your affiliate offer… continue reading.

How many affiliate marketers are there?

There are billions of affiliate marketers, yes. Even if the whole world is doing affiliate marketing, you can still make money in it.

Is affiliate marketing worth doing?

It is the cheapest online business model you can get started quickly without having to create your own products or all the hassles mentioned above.