5 Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing For Free (Best)

How to start affiliate marketing for free? Affiliate marketing is free and all online businesses are free.

But here’s a thing,

It’s simple but not easy.

The easiest way to fail in affiliate marketing is pushing yourself trying to make your first affiliate sales.

In this blog post, I’ll share all the steps you can get started with affiliate marketing without investment, and with zero dollar down payment.

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Have a Niche When You Do Affiliate Marketing

The first steps on how to start affiliate marketing for free is wherever you are on the internet you’d need to be focus on a niche.

Even if you’re on Instagram, you need an IG niche.

But in affiliate marketing, you can look at it as a simpler way to pick an affiliate marketing niche.


These are the 3 niches you can look into:

  • Health: I’d prefer you have experience or a health certificate to get started as all social media platform and Google become more and more strict when you’re sending your affiliate links.
  • Wealth: This is more towards helping people starting an online business which can be more tolerance to get started and works find on the internet, social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to be getting your affiliate links through.
  • Relationship: Dating is another great niche that you could get into which you don’t really see a lot of marketers, dating experts trying to get in.

Since affiliate marketing is been on the internet for decades, they’re all competitive and you’d just need to pick a niche that you see yourself passionate about.

I personally in the wealth niche, and everybody can be in this niche easily which I’ll be introduce a free affiliate program that you could get started in fast.

Promote 1-Product to Get Paid from Multiple Companies

The second steps on how to start affiliate marketing for free…

Picking an affiliate program is also vital.

What’s more?

  • One of the biggest affiliate marketing mistakes is when people jumping from one affiliate programs to another affiliate programs when they don’t make affiliate sales.


I did mention affiliate marketing is simple, but it’s not easy that’s why you need to be consistent.

That’s why,

you need an affiliate program when you put in the work to promote 1-product, you’d get paid from multiple companies.

Introducing FourPercent.


As you can see, you can get started for free.

How do you promote 1-product to get paid from multiple companies?

FourPercent teaches people how to do affiliate marketing as one of the most famous product is called Success Challenge.

  • To start an actual affiliate marketing online, you need online marketing tools so as more beginners would need…

When you promote a FourPercent, anybody that willing to learn would also need those marketing tools and that’s how you’re going to get paid form multiple companies.

Here’s a catch,


If you’re a free member, you only get paid 30% affiliate commission on any affiliate product sold but not the marketing tools I mentioned,

which they only included in a separate product called MSI ecosystem (Multiple Streams of Income).

Share Your Affiliate Program on Social Media

Let’s assume, you understand what I shared previously about how to start affiliate marketing for free.

Once you sign-up that free affiliate program,

  • you need to pick a social media platform to share your affiliate program.

At earthvessle.com, I shared a ton of Instagram Tips for free.

Here’s a thing,


Social media is becoming more strict.

When you try to share an affiliate link which is a redirect link that is taking a person from website A to website B.

Your affiliate links would get…

  • blocked or banned by Facebook
  • your social media post status will lower the reach. ­– let’s say you share a post to 100 followers or friends, only 1 or 0 friend sees it.

but don’t be disappointed yet.

Avoid Getting Banned When Sharing Affiliate Links

The fourth steps on how to start affiliate marketing for free is…

With this online affiliate marketing tools, it makes your life 10x easier, make money online faster.

What’s more?

It’s free too!

If you like this blog post on how to start affiliate marketing for free, purchase this cheap tool as a small donation.


What you can basically have all your affiliate link inside this professional tool and share it with your friends,

and that’d get rid of all of social media barrier like blocking you or banned your Instagram page or Facebook profile.

Apply 2-Ways Follow-Up Automation

The final step on how to start affiliate marketing for free is follow up.


Before getting this in these 2 ways follow-up automations.

  • The first one using manual follow-up on Instagram, it’s free.
  • Follow-up using email is not free.

If you want free, first would require you to have a more work.

Not even your closest friends would be something when they first see.

That’s why, you’d need to follow-up with them.

I’d assumed you use Instagram, you can just use the direct message on Instagram to follow up with people that agreed to see your affiliate links.

Aweber – #1 Instagram Marketing Tools.

If you have Aweber in place, you can make even more affiliate sales in the future.


It allows you to setup email automation that you communicate with your subscribers on auto-pilot.

  • Here’s a thing, never spam in email.

Image you have an email list of 100k email subscribers, that’s why I ask my readers to get on my free updates all the time which you should also.

Here’s a thing, let’s say you violated some Instagram rules or your Instagram page reach get to 0.5% that means 100 followers you have…

…only 20 – 30 people sees.

You’d still have your email list.

Get started with Aweber.

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That’s all for this blog post on how to start affiliate marketing for free, if you want a faster way and improve your affiliate marketing skills.

FourPercent is what I truly recommend and it’s what I personally learned to get my Instagram followers to over 100k followers.

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