How To Get Sponsored by Nike on Instagram?

To get sponsored by Nike on Instagram, you need to be in the fitness industry and have a large influence on Instagram and you personally have to be great a particular sport category such Usian Bolt is great at running in a fitness industry while also having a big influence on Instagram, but let get more in-depth.

Sponsored by Nike is hard but if it’s on Instagram you have the potential.

Due to competition and the popularity of the country increase daily,

more and more people will be great sport and getting sponsored by Nike will be harder.

But did you know there’s an alternative to get sponsored?

Good to be seeing you and in this post…

…I’ll share what you need and how you can get sponsored by Nike.

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…before getting started into how you can get sponsored on Instagram with any companies.

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Fitness Industry

Nike is in the fitness industry and to get sponsor

…you also have to be part of the industry at least a favorite sport that you’re into.

Now that you know you need to be in a fitness industry,

next is knowing what your favorite sport so Nike would potentially pick up.

Sport That gets Sponsored by Nike

You need to find out which sport that you like,

have been doing for a long time already and also to be playing competitively as well that’s Nike would look into sponsoring.

Nike is also looking at how competitive you have been and that leads us to the next point…

Sponsor by Nike in Ranking.

Speaking of ranking, Nike doesn’t say anything about what rank you need to be at in order to be sponsored with them…

…but Usian Bolt is an example where Nike would be looking in as a biggest collaborator with Winning the #1 record in the running sport category.

Timing with Nike

How long have you been competing in your sport and how of an influence have you cultivate on Instagram that’s key element that Nike is looking for.

…which leads us to the next part if so far, you haven’t met any of Nike criteria and which contributed the most is having a large influence on Instagram.

And don’t be upset about if they do not apply since we have a solution for you if getting sponsor by Nike is something you have to work for future consideration.

A large Influence on Instagram

When you already have a large influence on Instagram,

things get easier to be sponsored not just Nike but Adidas, Puma, etc.

As people nowadays is getting better to grow their Instagram page, the competition to be sponsored by Nike is also increased…

…that means harder for you.

But check out the next part, which you’ll love for sure!

Potential to be Sponsored by Nike on Instagram


Instagram account with 5k – 10k followers is highly favorable to be sponsoring by sport companies especially,

If you have an Instagram page with 10k followers,

what you can do to get sponsored by Nike is to email the company for sponsoring request (many times…)

However, everybody knows 10k Instagram followers can be bought using these best app for Instagram likes that some of them is still work for growing with real active Instagram followers, but most of them are fake.

If I know how to find identify a page with fake followers and likes so do Nike.

To grow your first 10k Instagram followers and build that potential to get sponsored by Nike, click here to read how many followers to make money on Instagram?.

I mentioned as you grow your way to 10k followers, you can immediately make money with 100 followers – in the 2 ways you can make money on Instagram without having to wait until you reached 10k followers.

Let’s check Nike’s sponsoring alternative…

Sponsored by Nike on Instagram Alternatives

As you learn to grow your page to even 5,000 followers, you should already be getting requests from smaller brands for business opportunities.

That means you can save getting sponsored by Nike for the future.

As you learn to how to grow your Instagram followers, knowing Nike is in the fitness industry it’s important that you have a niche that shared in posts below…

 Helpful Article:



As stated in the above photo, Nike is active looking for new athletes but don’t request – that means they’re looking more into quality athletes with all the above criteria.

Glad this post helped you realized more what it is you need to get sponsored by Nike.

To recap is to simply grow your followers on Instagram and getting sponsored by Nike or other brands is the easiest way to do.

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Disclaimer: I have never sponsor by Nike and what I share might be exactly what Nike is looking for. However, as a bodybuilder following sport for 14 years and after gotten sponsor by smaller I believe these tips would be beneficial.