Instagram Shadowban: Best 8 Steps How To Remove, Fast.

Does Instagram shadowban exist? Shadowban is not hard to get rid of. It’s just matter of getting recover while you’re on it and not make the same mistakes that could prolong the ban period.

As you already know,

Instagram doesn’t share anything about shadowbanned and it’s just a term that IG experts made it up.


If you come across anybody that say shadowbanned is BS. – Check If they have an Instagram page with a good amount of followers, good engagement rate, and if they’re still posting on Instagram.

After growing over 100k followers on Instagram,

you’ll learn how you can prevent shadowbanned and eventually get rid of it.

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Follow the ultimate tips below to get rid of shadowban and what you can do to prevent getting it multiple times by repeating the same mistakes.

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Myth/Fact on Instagram Shadowbanned.

Myth – Most Instagrammers believe shadow ban to be real however Instagram has publicly stated it is not real and they do not limit the reach of your photos, have a look…


although, some big company would say shadowban IG would limits your post reach and not just them.

Here’s the…

 Fact – People believe Instagram shadowbanned truly exist as they’ve been impacted by based on their experience and stats provided by Instagram.

After growing over 100k followers, let me help you clear up the myth and the fact, right?

Take a look at the message from the boss…

Instagram Shadowban Hints.

No title or whatsoever, give you no idea what exact what the f*** they’re talking about or is it about Instagram shadow ban…

  • Why Instagram mentioned about hashtags?

Now let looks more into what exactly you need to know and how to solve Instagram shadowbanned.

Instagram Shadowban Tester

You’ll find the exact method to check if you’re got shadowbanned in this section.

Now first of all, IG shadowbanned test can be done without any web software or any money at all.

That means you can test shadowban without a tester, but let take a look into an app that created…


When you type on Google “Instagram shadowban tester” you will see two app or tools to check about if you get shawdowbanned.



This tool allows you to check if you’re account is shadowbanned. When you type your username… you’ll see this,


You remember the post Instagram made about shadowban? They talk about hashtags as well…

…so that gives you a clue,

already right?

But stay tune, I’ll share my top method not to do on fixing your shawdowbanned.

#1 Reason – Why You Get Instagram Shadowbanned

The biggest reason on how do you get shadowbanned on Instagram is by manipulating the platform…

Let’s talk about tagging and mentioned one of Instagram features which could potentially result into shadowbanned,

the wrong way to do is trying to increase followers by tagging people the wrong way… have a look,


When tagging big pages into your photos to get attentions and to increase followers, you need to make the person stands out to get more likes and followers from them…

…by not putting 10 Instagram pages on top of each other and when overuse the feature,

you’ll not just get shadowbanned or Instagram would also limit your page reach as well, which causing a big confusion for people between shadowban and manipulating the platform while got IG limits their page reach.

But again, this doesn’t contribute the biggest factor towards shawdowbanned.

Check the complete postHow to Manage Instagram Followers? #9 Tips I Use


Shadowban Instagram: #1 Biggest Removal Mistake.

When you do a Google search on “Instagram shadowban tester” on Google, you’ll basically see this,


When click into the second, they share one ultimate advice that’d ruin yourself money-making opportunity on Instagram, look…


  • Delete your account.

If you plan to do that…

DM @earthvessle and give it to me instead and even if it’s currently on shadowban Instagram.

Why I need?

Most people can’t make an Instagram account and it’s not just you in this post Instagram Third-Party Apps for more Followers, No Banned.

  • That means when experience with shadowbanned Instagram you don’t want to delete your account!

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8 Steps to Remove Instagram Shadowban.

Step #1. Instagram Posting Frequency

You might have been asking how often to post on Instagram and people share some crazy advice and when you post too much…

…Instagram stop rewarding you.

  • while you’re posting too less on Instagram, you’re slowly become more and more greedy on why you’re not growing then continue pushing and pushing, manipulating Instagram features and even using these automation tools I mentioned.

Well, now that you’re on shadowban Instagram, it’s time to cut it off.

I’ve seen people posting even 6 times a day and even using IG hashtags on every single post that I shared on how many hashtags does Instagram allow?

You know what I mean… avoid being too aggressive.

  • Since I know, It’s not aggressive for you because you want more followers and likes and make money on Instagram,
  • but it is for Instagram as they have over billions of monthly active users.

Just like myself before I didn’t know, that I can make money off Instagram with 100 followers in that post.

Start lowering your posting frequency would be your next move.

Yes since you don’t need 10k followers to make money, 100 is fine even while you’re on shadowban, but if you continue to aggressive making Instagram posts like you used to and you’re on the ban size and start seeing less hashtags reach.

Now along with lowering posting frequency, let dive in the next Instagram feature that you should avoid.

Step #2. Stop using Instagram Hashtags Generator

The first tip on about remove shadowban Instagram is important, that contributes 80% on recovering from IG shadowbanned.


This IG tip is important, as people emphasize strongly towards hashtags…

  • Instagram itself.
  • Shadowban tester company.

If you read the above earth vessle shadowban tips I shared the biggest mistake that Instagram emphasized strongly towards hashtags.


More importantly, you’ll find the one and only important tip that you can remove shadowban Instagram.

  • This blog post Instagram Hashtags Not Working? 10 Best Reasons, I shared the exact a list of banned hashtags and my personal tool you don’t have to go around to check if any hashtags has been banned but as soon as you use banned hashtags, you’ll immediately trigger and receive shadowbanned Instagram.

Now, that you’re inside the shadowbanned period,

  • No hashtags tool would be able to help.

The best thing you can do is simply stop using hashtags.

Not just stop using them but also continue to implement tips below to thoroughly clean up your IG account to recover.

Step #3. Getting Rid of Hashtags Placed

So you remember all the people that talk shadowban Instagram emphasizing strongly towards hashtags right?

  • Let thoroughly clean up the hashtags.

Do you remember when your post engagement drastically dropped?

It indicates that you been manipulating Instagram platform up to that recent post.

But let have a look… example only, I’m not on shadowbanned Instagram.

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With 1.6k likes to 1.4k likes…

If you’re the banned period, your engagement would drop even more lower – check out this blog post Getting less Likes on Instagram? 5 Steps to Grow… and share it on Pinterest.

Then, take a look at the post you made in the last 2 – 4 weeks…

…get rid of all the hashtags in those post.

Why 2 – 4 weeks?

Unlike having a blog and sharing blog tips, they last forever. An Instagram post last for a max of 4 weeks due to competition increased or the numbers of users increased.

At that point, you’re post is almost die out, but keep in mind that doesn’t you can repost that one.

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Step #4. Place Hashtags in Caption or Comments

This tip is only applied,

  • when you at least remove all your hashtags
  • and had been stop using it for at least 7-days.

Otherwise, follow this tip would extent your shadowbanned period.

Coming to place hashtags in the caption or comments, most people confused on this.

  • while you’re on shadowban Instagram, it’s time to put those hashtags in the caption, not the comment.

One small contributing factor to shadowban is your haters on Instagram will report your post when putting hashtags in the comment.

Unless you have a large following at least 5k followers or more, Instagram would take your account seriously when you got reported.

  • Instagram is more preferable people that don’t do sneaky activity such as hiding those hashtags.

On the other hands, if smaller account reports bigger account with over 5k followers, smaller account would likely to get ban for manipulating the reporting feature.

How do I know smaller account hates seeing you putting hashtags in the comment?


I try to find people that like or even comment on my hashtags so it could show up in the top,

you know how It works… right?

  • That’s my hater trying to report bigger account and want this hashtag to show up so it won’t be hiding and yep, they’re trying to get a shadowban…

Now, it’s already off Instagram platform,

They quit too early before getting out of shadow Instagram.

So don’t you give up.

Put hashtags in the caption likes this,


Step #5. Hashtags Overloaded.

Depends on how many followers your account current has…

… if you have under 5k followers, it’s still fine to use 30 hashtags.

But when you’re on shadowbanned Instagram, you want to limit down to even 3 – 4 Instagram hashtags,

Again, this only when’ve been banned for at least 7-days, by using 3 – 4 hashtags so you can find out if shadowbanned already over or not.

While using those hashtags,

There are 2 ways you can check if you’re account is still on Instagram shadowban or not:

  1. Google “Instagram shadow banned tester” and use one of the tool there.
  2. The second method, is directly tab into the hashtags and see if your post is showing on the recent tab…

…this method, you’d have to use smaller post volume hashtags, so you can check if you have removed it.

If you use bigger hashtags like #travel, you won’t see yourself as there would be 100 people posting at the same time.

Next tip to remove shadowban Instagram is not quite recommend but it’s worth it to do without manipulating the feature to extent your Instagram banned featured.

Step #6. Report a Problem

Instead of contacting Instagram via the contact page, the most effective way is report a problem,

This is where Instagram would look out to so they could improve their apps.

Now, instead of manipulating the report feature…

…report once is enough.

  • Go to Instagram settings page,
  • Select report a problem
  • Select something isn’t working.

After reporting the feature, it’s time to contact Instagram Facebook fan page,

  • Head over to Facebook
  • Search for IG fan page
  • Then send a message

The third way, send them an email [email protected].

These are the ultimate 3 ways to do, each of this features should be only used once, in total, you’ve been reported to Instagram three times.

Then move on to the next part…

Step #7. Personal Account

Instagram treats personal account differently to a business profile and a content creator page.

They offer more analytic tools to those types of account…

…that means they monitor those account more closely.

Is that mean when you switch back to personal account they would immediate remove shadowbanned?


It’s just an additional step to take to shorten the ban period and also avoid Instagram extending it.


Step #8. Business Profile

Don’t switch to a business profile.

If you didn’t know Instagram is owned by Facebook, they don’t like to help you make money outside of the app.

But when you don’t have enough followers or they’d make it harder for you to get followers…

…make money off Instagram is going to hard.

  • Try to make a post on Facebook or put a link in bio on Instagram, they’d immediately limit your page reach.

Therefore, switch back to a profile page to personal page and content creator page type is the same as business.


Instagram Shadowban: Stop All Increase Followers Activity.

That’s right, don’t delete your account once again, just don’t do anything on the app.

At the time, I had about 8 – 9 Instagram pages, I thought if I use 30 hashtags each time I post on Instagram,

It’d be a total of 270 hashtags per day.

But not too fast, I’d get shadowban Instagram immediately in the second round.

At the point, I was just like you… what the heck is happening… why?!

  • I do everything above and including this one and I just remove, clean up and stay away from it for about 7-days to check back…

But looks like I was unbanned in 7-days.

Now, I’m sure you’re feeling like you’re being controlled by Instagram, don’t you?

The whole reason you want more Instagram followers is to make money, right?

Check out the next part…


Instagram Shadowban External Recovery

Now, congratulate yourself if you have the ban.


  • Most people don’t even care enough and quit and become anti Instagram too quickly. The fact that you’re getting banned and it means you’re doing something right.


I have to agreed that getting a shadowban would be hard for you to get more followers at that point.

But don’t let it stop you from growing,

I’ve been using my blog to encourage people and yourself to follow @earthvessle on instagram.

  • I’ve gained over 100+ followers since last month share IG tips with people.

So you know your Instagram photos only last for  2 – 4 weeks max…

…but if you have a blog and want to write for the biggest company that’s called Google.

Your content would simply last forever and never have to be scared when you hit with shadowban Instagram or action action blocked.

Read the full post on how to start a blog.

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Shadowban Instagram is not hard to remove but just about taking the right steps to recover from it,

and more importantly, never to extend the shadow ban period.

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Is Shadowban Instagram Permanent?

Instagram shadowbanned is not permanent. However, the user keeps getting action blocked, shadow ban and manipulating the platform, using automation tools, it could potentially lead to an Instagram permanent ban while removing shadowban on Instagram is not hard also preventing it from happen towards the future.

How Long Does Shadowban Last on Instagram?

It starts from 7 – 14 days or more, depends on how many times you had it. Similar to Instagram action blocked, the more action blocked you received, the longer it’d last. Ultimately, Instagram would initiate a permanent ban, if you’re continuing on manipulating the platform and receiving multiple shadowbanned or action blocked. Now during the 7 to 14-day period while you’re on shadowban, it doesn’t you mean you can’t continue to increase followers on Instagram.

How Do You Remove Instagram Shawdowban Then?

One of the method to do is do not switch an IG business account. Instagram splits out 3 types of account now:

  • Personal account
  • Business account
  • Content Creator

Instagram and Facebook are extremely picky on sending traffic to a blog or outside of the platform.

But that doesn’t mean you can make money but you can make money off Instagram itself (I shared with you in that blog post)

That means when you’re planning to do business outside or even inside of your account are more likely to be monitored…

…and getting Instagram shadowbanned when manipulating the platform even just a little bit cause concern.