Important Resources of All Time.

Ingramer: All-in-one IG tool if you don’t want to use any of the tools below and this is one of the best Instagram bot, however I only recommend using the post schedule and the hashtags generator.

BlueHost: A web-hosting platform that allows you to start a blog and getting traffic to your without using paid traffic. If you don’t have a big marketing budget to start in affiliate marketing, having a blog a is key.

Aweber: This is an email marketing tools you need whether you get started with Instagram or a blog. Use this email marketing tool to start collecting contact information. Imagine, you get banned by Instagram or anything else bad happen, you’d still have your email subscribers.

TapLink: You already Instagram allows a single link in bio. This is where TapLink comes to help where you can also integrate with Aweber to start collecting email from your Instagram Followers and you can also put 10+ link within it.

Instagram Resources

Instagram Post Scheduler

  • TailwindApp: The #1 tool you need when come post scheduling and one of the tools I’m using right now.
  • Loomly: Apart from Instagram, it’s a general Social Media 24/7/365 days scheduler.

Instagram Growth Service

  • Instaboom: Currently #1 human growth service, If you tried Upleap and experience it hard to find a good managers for your IG account, You’ll find it quickly at Instaboom.
  • Upleap: Human growth service, be sure to test with several managers in this company, as I explained some managers might not be as experience and after several try, you’ll sure to find the best one.

Instagram Analytic Tools

  • HypeAuditor: I use this tool to analyze fake influencer pages to identify their growth for purchasing shout-out.

Hashtags Generator and Analyzer

  • HashtagsForLikes: You might have already heard of this tool, if you’ve been using free hashtags tools, I recommend this one to avoid banned hashtags.
  • SocialInfo: Ultimate hashtags generator based on your account current status even recommended @earthpix.
  • Combin: Another great tool for finding relevant photos of hashtags to engage that help with increasing followers.

Blogging Resources


  • BlueHost: Self-Hosted Blogging Company, for maintaining your blog speed and SEO.

Theme Designs

WordPress Plugins

  • SnapSocial: It’s a social sharing optimized for Pinterest traffic that gives me a reason use.

Writing Services

  • SocialBee: This is also one of the Instagram tools scheduler along they provide writing services.

Make Money Online Training:

  • BigProfileProfits: This Facebook is an overall skills I learned that allows to make money on Facebook, Instagram, etc. the course owner simply use the technique to build his on company call Heal Worldwide.
  • ClickBankUniversity: A training created by I personally would recommend this course, when you’re getting into the long-term strategy, and this course doesn’t help you make money online fast.