Make Money on Pinterest Traffic in Affiliate Marketing: #1 Best Guide

Make money on Pinterest traffic in affiliate marketing without a blog or website has never been easier before, unlike Facebook…

You can’t post your affiliate links.

For Pinterest, if you follow the first few steps and random make a few random Pins, after 24hrs you’ll see free Pinterest traffic drive right into your affiliate link.

Do you agree that visual content always outplayed text alone?

Here’s a thing,

Is Pinterest affiliate links still work? – Yes, there is trick to it which I’m going to share in this affiliate blog post.

Btw, the top 30 pinners are food, fashion, design and wedding bloggers, majority of the Pinterest traffic is women, currently.

Big brands already joining Pinterest such as Walmart, Apple, Lowe’s. Pinterest social platform will be impacting the Pinterest traffic channel in the future.

Now! If you have anything you want to drive free Pinterest traffic to your blog, you can make an impact. In fact, free Pinterest traffic is the number referral source for both bloggers Pauline Cabrera of Twelveskip or Sue Anne Dunlevie of Successful Blogging.

Let’s get right into how you too… can drive free Pinterest traffic to you blog or anything you want to sell and automate the entire process for your blog traffic.

Are you ready for the Pinterest traffic strategy?

Amazon Affiliate Pinterest: Should You Do it?

I personally do not recommend using Amazing associate or affiliate program any more as they have decrease their lowest commission rate to even lower this time.

Originally, it was 5% – 10% and now it’s only 1% – 3% which you’d spend the same amount of time promoting other free affiliate programs that pay you 50% – 75% commission.

and here’s a question,

What’s the point of becoming an Amazon affiliate?

What’s more?

They’re only payout via Paycheck unless you’re in the United States.

What if you’re traveling…

So here’s the top affiliate programs that works on Pinterest and other social media platforms.

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Affiliate SignUp: Join an Affiliate Programs for Pinterest Traffic.

The reason I’d recommend this affiliate program is due to the idea of promoting 1 affiliate product, but you get paid from multiple upwards to 125+ affiliate companies without having to promote them on Pinterest.


Would that be the greatest affiliate program yet?

Introducing FourPercent,


They’re currently giving away a free traffic blueprint that helps you getting more traffic to your affiliate link and to get more affiliate sales.

If you’re an affiliate marketer that looks for away to make a quick buck, that’d definitely be the program that reveals the truth about affiliate marketing.

Here’s an example,

  • They teach you how to get more recurring affiliate sales by you’re putting the work now and compounding the momentum so you don’t have to work in affiliate marketing industry like you’re working at your corporate job.

Get your free traffic blueprint.

Also find out how you can promote 1 affiliate product to get paid from multiple affiliate companies using Pinterest affiliate marketing.

9 Steps to Make Money on Pinterest Without a Blog/Website.

Pinterest Business Account Setup.

The only way to effective see your Pinterest growth is through your setup your free Pinterest business account or convert your exiting with just a click-of-a-button.

Verified your blog or domain name to see Pinterest Analytics that allows your see which pin is perform best.

Use Rich Pins to stand out from the crowd. There are five types of Pinterest Pins: movie, article, product, app, recipe, and place – each share different features such as real-time pricing and direct link to your site, this is what you want for free Pinterest traffic to your blog.

It’s called article pins, it designs for blogger that share more visualization to your content so that your content become attractive.

Be sure to install Yoast SEO and ensure Open Graph is enabled on your blog, then validate your site with Pinterest.


Additional Pinterest pinning strategy are:

  • Pinterest Guide: Getting started guides for pinning, analytics and optimize your board.
  • Marketing Blog: Learn marketing tips and stay up-to-date with Pinterest news.
  • Video Library: Tutorial videos creative effect pin and campaign optimization.
  • Pinterest Tools: An arsenal of pin tools to embed to your blog and make it easy to share.

If you look around those pin on Pinterest, you should be able to figure out which types of photo Pinterest would prefer most.

Pinterest Pint Titles and Descriptions

For your pin to stands out, fill up the title and your pin description using effect copy for attention grabbing.

According to Pinterest data of over 10,000 pins, do these for high engagement pins:

  • Helpful: According to Pinterest, helpful pins receive upwards 30% more engagement.
  • Detailed: Be informative sharing 1 – 2 sentences about your pins.
  • Interesting: Use sensory-related words and positive sentiments
  • Actionable: Use “Check out…” or “Click to find out more…” to generate upto 80% more engagement.

It should looks like this…


Finally, always incorporate SEO-friendly keywords in your descriptions and be concise like Pinterest SEO. With 200 characters are fine along with hashtags usage.

Pinterest Image Size

To effectively get free Pinterest traffic to your blog, design your photos for the 80% pinners that use Pinterest on their mobile.

What’s the Pinterest image size?

You want an aspect ratio of 2:3 or 4:5 and let say you have an image of 650 width, 976 is the height.


Isn’t that stands out?

Use Stunning Images

Use clean image and with many studies have found on what make a great pin and also startup called Curalate found the same thing.

In fact, Paula Dean’s pin for her cucumber, onion and tomato salad is considered the epitome of the perfect Pinterest image

These 5 tips for creating perfect pin to drive free Pinterest traffic:

  • No facial: Images without face receive 23% more repins.
  • Vibrant colors: When stay longer on Pinterest platform, it improves your visual creativity.
  • Contextual background: Plain white background images only receive a quarter of repins
  • Includes red tones: Images with reds, oranges or pinks get up to twice as many repins than images with blue tones.
  • Lightness: Bright up your image for 20 times better than darker images.

Pinterest Creative Best Practices

These best practices place an important for you on how to make money on Pinterest.

One of the Pinterest tips is have Image with text overlay for attention grabbing that allows you to drive free Pinterest traffic to your blog.

If you look at the Pinterest home page, you’ll be able to see…


In compare to images without, text.


Now, it’s super easy these day to put text to your images, there free image editing tools like Canva to implement that immediate for efficient free Pinterest traffic to your blog.

Pin at the Right Time

Pinterest is still growing and they want you to pin a lot of them, later on I’ll share how many pins you should do daily in order to get free Pinterest traffic to your blog effectively.

You want to pin your Pinterest audience is on the platform and based on data shown, pin at Friday after 3PM and Saturday morning.

The best time to pin is when you use Pinterest consistently to discover your audience best time to pin.

According to a recent study by PewResearchCenter, up to 17% pinners visit the site daily and close to 9% of pinners visit Pinterest several times daily.

Almost 52% people visit the site less than once a week.

Join Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest Group Boards is another great way to get Pinterest traffic to your blog. It is a group of community in there which give you more exposure to your pins.

As always post relevant content to the board to get more Pinterest traffic to your blog and they will follow back due to your high-profile relevancy score.

Here’s an example of Pinterest group boards…


The people icon represents it is Pinterest group boards.

So how do you find group boards relevant to your niche?

The easiest way is to search on PinGroupie, when you search blogging for example…


There are several ways to join Pinterest group boards, first obvious step is simple joining and the key elements are here:

  • Start engaging on the board for attention grabbing
  • Visit creator blogs and leave comments there to build backlink to your blog.

then they join to grow your first 1,000 subscribers through facebook.

Follow Pinterest Influencers in Your Niche

The first step to get free Pinterest traffic to your blog is build attention. Simply follow as many influencers with your niche as many as you can.

An easy way to that, use the Pinterest search bar…


Simply, set the filter to “people” and use your niche keywords to begin your search.

Visit every single profile and follow all of them.

Pinterest Pin Consistency.

The best time of the day is coming…

30x times a day… depends on how popular Pinterest platform is getting that number for now is the pretty relevant.

Getting back to pinning 30x per day, depends on how many Pinterest group boards you join to get free Pinterest traffic to your blog…

…simple pin 10x a day per group,

You’ll find an automate the process in this.

Leverage Pinterest Ads

You create Pinterest business account for a reason, $5 Pinterest Ads is not too bad of an idea.

Since the platform is quite, when you run a $5 Pinterest Ads to get traffic to your blog, you can get the traffic for super cheap…

In compare to using Google PPC which cost anywhere around $1 per click.

Start using the Pinterest Ads platform as quick as you can, now…

How to Make Money on Pinterest: Using Scheduler.

I’d assume you’re using WordPress for your blog. If you want to more free Pinterest traffic to your blog,

A common way is to make your blog post easier to share using one of the best plugin called SocialSnap.


If you’re currently using any social sharing plugin on your blog, uninstall them before installing Social Snap, it is a core plugin within the social sharing plugin category.

With a few clicks of a button, you can show all the sharing buttons on your website and track the numbers on how many buttons you should include.

Never overwhelm your free Pinterest Traffic to your blog and sharing them back on Pinterest by displaying too many social sharing button.

Here are what you should have in your sharing….


Now it’s time for the automation process.

Automate the Entire Process

Would this be your most exciting moment?

Check this Pinterest scheduler called TailwindApp.

Now, all the way from create your business profile which is a must that you can’t automate…

After that, it’s about automation…

Unlike Instagram these days, when you even connect an account with a third-party app, they will catch you immediately… block or ban your account.

Could Pinterest be the next magical platform that working for you instead of starting an Instagram page?

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How to Make Money on Pinterest – Conclusions.

Pinterest was the fastest growing social platform in 2014 and it’s not going anywhere soon.

It is the biggest playground for bloggers and if you want to drive free Pinterest traffic to your blog, start today and start your automation process before Pinterest turns into Instagram.

Where Instagram blocks you very quickly even when you try to connect to third-party app.

Now, let’s get it!