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Some people uses Instagram but have not yet realized the full potential of the apps to truly get everything out of IG without receiving action blocked and shadowbanned.

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Switch to Instagram Business Account Before Using These New Instagram Update

Before diving into the first new Instagram update or any of them below,

If you have a personal account, switch to the business account so you can fully access to all features…

…just in case, a personal account does not have access to all of them or spending time search for the IG features.

If you haven’t switched to a business, read this blog post on how Instagram Business Account Benefits You in 3 Ways – you’ll also see the instruction on how you can switch from your personal account to business account too.

Let’s dive right in the first new Instagram update…

Instagram Dark Mode

The dark mode improves your experience consuming all photos on the apps.

Not just the IG app itself, but it’s also for your personal health. When you’re experience brightness and shiny screen, this is where the dark mode come in.

This is how it’s look in the dark mode vs the white mode,


dark on the left, white on the right.

Read this post for full instruction on iPhone or Phone or any phone How to Get Instagram Dark Mode – without crashing… share this post and come back to it later.

Email Checker

An important new Instagram update built to avoid your IG account got hacked.

I’m sure you want to get verified on Instagram right?

Most people mention got email saying they are qualified for the verifications or something like…

…your password has been changed, click to save your account from deletion,

if you accidentally click on it, your account could potentially be hacked.

Instagram immediately take action to stop against this action and launch its new update for users to check their email right on the app platform, it looks something like this…

new-instagram-update-earthvessle604x559 -1

How To:

  • Simply go your Instagram business account,
  • Tab the hamburger icon with the 3 dashes.
  • Select Settings > Security > Email from Instagram.

Anti-Bullying IG Profile Restrictions

Bullying is by far the most controversial issue that still hasn’t completely stopped. If it’s not happening often in real life but it’d be happening on social media.

Therefore, IG introduces a new Instagram update on Profile Restrictions feature. It is completely different then block…

…when you restrict an IG profile, they won’t know in oppose to blocking someone, they will know because they don’t see your post.

The person that bullying on your profile can continue to bully but you won’t be seeing them at all but they’re seeing themselves.


How To:

  • Simply go to their Instagram business account or personal account
  • Tab on the hamburger icon with the 3 dashes.
  • Select Settings > Privacy > Restricted Accounts > Add an IG profile.

IG Story Create Interface – Best new Instagram update ever…

Instead of having to use separate IG story apps like Mojo to create story…

After a huge study of IG users, they receive a ton of complaint how to hard it is to swipe up to use IG Story activities such as Gifs, Countdown Timers, Quizzes, Polls and Q&A boxes, etc.

Now they separated the most used feature that makes our life easier.

These are two examples of Instagram Create Interface… and there are more to the Create.

Instead of having to use other Instagram story editors, you can pick and choose all the features in there. However, I’d personally choose to use story editors which designed to have more features and to be more creative.

Do you see the green boxes in the photo?

 If you want to pick different styles, that’s where you’d tab into.


How To:

  • Open your IG story and look at the bottom of your phone.
  • Slide over to the Create interface.
  • Enjoy all the features and have a look around.

Instagram Hashtags Insights

I recently came across this feature while I was researching…

Apparently, I don’t see it on my account and I don’t know why either but it looks like this,


As you might know Instagram hashtags help me most… to get more Instagram followers and if it doesn’t work for you should read this blog post Instagram Hashtags Not Working? 10 Best Reasons.

With this new Instagram update you can grow even faster by identifying individual hashtags and that is impressive.

Helpful Articles:

Remove Instagram Followers

Moving forwards, Instagram focuses more towards quality, this is an important new Instagram update that both of us should take into consideration.

Due to a heavy spamming on IG platform previously using those best Instagram automation tools and third party app, this could place an impact on their platform negatively, that could be the reason for them to take control.

One of the best methods to get more likes on IG is to remove followers that do not engage with your account.

  • That’s a big problem when coming to buy followers…

…but one of the benefits to make money is something I mentioned in this post Buy Instagram Likes Cheap, Fast, Instant, Real: #1 Ultimate guide.


If you do choose to use IG third party apps, they have to be partnered with Instagram.

How To: Simply click the remove button at your followers list to remove.

Multiple Instagram Accounts Postings

This might not be a new Instagram update but there’s secret tip inside.

Although you can add multiple accounts postings to it, but never manipulate the platform while posting…

Here’s a secret IG tip:

  • Do not use IG hashtags if you choose to post across multiple account.

You’d immediately be triggered with an Instagram actions blocked then follow by shadowbanned.

I haven’t shared this tip regarding shadowbanned but if you want to know all the reasons this would be the post on Instagram Hashtags Not Working? 10 Best Reasons.

With that said, this is how multiple accounts combined looks,


How To:

  • Simply sign into all available account you have
  • Before clicking the share button, turn blue button on which account you would also like to post on.

Alt Text on Image

Alt text on image is important to get more Instagram followers and more likes. It helps the algorithm understand what the image is about and able to correctly categorized the image.

That’s why…

The only reasons people should be on Instagram is sharing memory and also make money.

  • Posting random stuff is not suggested.

So have a niche in mind which I shared everything in this article Instagram Niche Ideas: 8 Profitable Niches of All Time.

Alt text on image is not a new Instagram update at all, but I didn’t know it after growing over 100k followers… so I believe you might not know as well.

  • If you’re a blogger which you should be (Guide on How to Start a Blog) you might be heard of SEO which is Search Engine Optimization, alt text on image is for people to search up to.

Have a look,


How To:

  • When you know what to post on Instagram.
  • Click Advance Settings > Write Alt Text > add alt text on Instagram.

Short Instagram Bio & New Profile View

When comes to setting yourself professionally to get more Instagram followers this new Instagram update is key.

A stranger that visits your profile, instead of seeing your IG profile with 3-dots,


First impression in any situation in life is key. When you ask the stranger to tab the more button to see more…

…they might likely to do it.

If you look at the bio above, it’s cut off.

When come to make money on Instagram, it’s important to fully leverage this new Instagram update.

You might ask why Instagram do that?

  • People were trying to play game with IG bio, they use all sort of symbol to push the bio longer past the photo.

In the business aspect, Instagram doesn’t want to cultivate a group of people like that and it could benefits IG and businesses by growing their brand value.

Instagram Close Friends

Close friends are not always a feature people always use and you might have never use this and in fact for me…

…after growing 100k followers, I just started to use it today to discover find out my close friends.

They improved this new Instagram update by having the remove close friends button harder.

Previous version was just tab on the name and it’s remove, now you have to tab on the button to remove close friends.

Check out these posts if you want to make money on Instagram by adding close friends.

Have a look,


How To:

  • Navigate to your IG profile and tab on the hamburger with 3-dots.
  • Select Close Friends > Add who you’d like to add as a close friend.

You can leverage close friends by sharing Instagram post or IG story exclusively to your close friends list and yes…

…they are the only person that will see the post.

Hashtags Top Posts – Updates.

Majority of people wants to rank on hashtags but they don’t how to.


Because there weren’t any tricks to it. Instagram was organizing content based on people interests or your IG account interests.

With the new Instagram update, IG hashtags has been repurposed the way its rank along with video would be the easiest one to rank on hashtags and in fact,

video takes over the entire four image spots of the hashtags…


Sharing Posts to IG Stories

Sharing your recent post to your IG business account just gotten easier…

I personally used a separate Instagram story editors to share posts, but sometimes I still use due to they have photo editors have more creative templates.

Bottom line, sharing post to IG stories is faster and always keep sharing simple by clicking the IG share button.


How To:

  • Navigated IG post you’d like to share
  • Click the airplane then click add post to your story.

By sharing post to your IG story, you can use an additional 10 hashtags and more exposure to your posts and business account.

Read More: How to Get more Instagram Likes.

Instagram Activity and Following Activity

As Instagram is more well-known towards a social platform that’d ruin people life…

…from various news or famous entrepreneur,

They released a new Instagram update on remind their users how long they have been on the app,

That looks like this,


How To:

  • visit your IG profile
  • tap the hamburger icon with 3-dots
  • select Your Activity – this feature is now available on all types of account.

In speaking of Following Activity, it’s no longer available on the platform due to nobody is using it.

IG Stories: Uploading Multiple Images & Video

Thanks to this new Instagram update, it is what we’re waiting for!

Instead of uploading images and videos 1-by-1, you can now upload all images and videos at the same time.

Not just uploading 1-by-1 you can edit multiple images at the same time but not for videos.

Have a look,


How To:

  • Navigate to your IG profile and go into the IG stories,
  • Tab on Select Multiple at the bottom right
  • Select all images and videos or any that you want to upload.


IGTV is the best new Instagram update that will pay you.

I mentioned it here in this blog post Does Instagram Pay You for Followers? Make Them…

This update was never intent to be using by content creator at all until they making an announcement towards monetization.

It is similar to YouTube monetization which you’d get paid to post on Instagram.

IGTV doesn’t limit to just 60s, you can upload as long video length as you want to and IG is intent to become the YouTube that’s they allow you to monetize on your own IGTV.


Instagram Direct Messages Filtering

I hope you already switched to IG business account so to access this new Instagram update.

As your IG page is getting more and more followers…

…automatically, you’d be bombarded with messages and it’s going to be harder to manage the inbox.

With this feature,


You can now filter messages by clicking the button there.

Instagram Name Tags

With IG name tags, you can have any kinds of name you want to regardless its spell…

…however, if you truly want to get more followers it’s important to have a proper IG username,

so it’s easy to remember.

With the name tag, you can just show your phone to your friends or family to seek for your IG profile.

Have a look,


How To:

  • Navigate to your IG profile and tab on the hamburger icon,
  • Click on Name Tags and let your friends scan
  • Or you can tab on scan on the Instagram nametag to scan your friend’s Name Tags.

Get Verified on Instagram

Getting verified on Instagram is now super easy.

  • You don’t need to pay to get verified
  • Don’t need any tricks to get verified
  • And also, don’t have to use a fake Instagram symbol to fake people you’re verified.

Things are now getting simpler and it’s free.

I mentioned in this post How to Get Instagram Verified [updating] on the exact steps on how you should could do it.

Get Verified on Instagram

Check Fake Instagram Followers

The best and new Instagram update that you could check on why some pages were able to grow so quickly using the About This Account Section

If you’ve following earthvessle’s blog for IG tips, you’d notice I only recommend if you were buy followers you should only buy up to 10k.

Read this blog post How to Get More Instagram Likes And Followers – #1 Top Quality Guide. I explained in there.


About This Account – Information.

With any Instagram business account, you can access to these feature at the About This Account:

  • Date joined
  • Country
  • Active ads
  • Former usernames
  • Accounts with shared followers.


How To:

  • Navigate to other people IG profile
  • Tab on the About This Account.

Instagram Live

IG live is important feature and it’s not a new update but, it’s a very annoying featured could be listed in one of the reason that your followers suddenly drop.

  • Instead of using IG Live every single day, cut it back to once a week.

Why IG Live annoying?

Every time people go live on Instagram, you’d see this…


now, imagine you’re getting 10 – 20 notifications like this and what’s worst?

You might not want to see it as you’re using IG but you accidentally tab into other people live.

As a follower, if it’s so annoying, it’s time to unfollow.

Instagram Shopping Posts

Make money on Instagram can never be easier.


People can just tab on the post and buy anything you’re selling as they see your post.

Isn’t that awesome?


Small businesses or when Nike is posting about their products… immediate you can identify the price and the name of the product.

  • If you follow brand like Nike, you’d definitely see the Instagram shopping posts.

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Instagram Activity Status

As you’re getting more followers this would IG feature give you a sense of privacy.

Instead of showing your followers you’re online, it could by annoying or intrigue them to message you.

Now with this new Instagram update which you might not know…

It would save you.


How To:

  • Go to your IG profile
  • Select Settings > Activity Status > Turn off.

Data Download

This is a great update for people that has manipulating IG and using Instagram third party, automations…

If you keep getting actions blocked and shadowbanned, you’re risking your account for a permanent banned.

Or even if you buying Instagram followers over and over again without stopping due to followers drop and also likes…

That’d also be a problem as well.

No one likes this features but it’s banned or not banned, we can use this button to download all uploaded information.


New Instagram Update – Conclusions.

That’d be the entire list of the Instagram update and it’s important to know how to use each feature to get more followers and like.

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