New Instagram Rules 2020: To Get More Followers, Likes, Money.

New Instagram rules are growing every single day and beating the algorithm is easier than you think.

With that said, you need a strategy in place to take down the algorithm or grow your money without Instagram.

Have you thought about that fact that you’re always under control by Instagram whether how many people they decide to show your post to?

If so, don’t let IG control you.

You’ll learn everything you need this blog post

Most Important New Instagram Rules

As they’re constantly rolling out new Instagram updates, there will be ton of new rules you have to follow.

But after growing over 100k followers on IG, I don’t want to waste your time by picking the best rules to obey if you want to get more Instagram followers and likes….

…and if you don’t! You’ll find a better solution.

Let’s get started with these rules and I’ll share you can solve it later as well – share this post on Twitter 100x before reading it…

Your Instagram Posts or Niche you picked

What you post on Instagram is more and more important as IG has over billions active users monthly.

I shared 3 niches that can easily trap Instagram thinking you’re a bot or spammer and eventually delete your Instagram account in this post What to Post on Instagram for Likes, Followers, Money? #1 Best Guide.

Let’s me share an example here in the Girl niche… have a look,


  • If you have a new Instagram account with a low trust score they will think that is too heavy adult content related, then to take down your post and yes…

…if you don’t know why and keep it happen, they will delete your IG account.

Another niche is violent and bloody content relate,

  • If you share a street fight scene on Instagram, they won’t like it.

Don’t be frustrated now…

I’ll share all solutions with you later now let’s get into the next new Instagram rules that will get your ban.

Instagram Action Blocked

I shared this a lot in all my IG posts, these stuffs don’t work any more…

…Instagram third party apps, automation tools, bots, and spamming on Instagram.

Let’s say you try to connect an automation tool with your account and immediate, they will ask you to change your password then follow by an Instant Instagram action blocked.

What automation tools, 3rd apps and bots that still working?

Tools that are Partnered with Instagram, you can find all of them in the resources page.


Instagram Shadowban

Most IG experts with millions of followers don’t even know what shadowban really is and if they are even existed.

In this post I shared Is Instagram Shadowban Permanent? Top #1 Ultimate Guide by

I mentioned they announced this message

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They don’t give it a title.

As a marketer, we will give it a name. Let’s call it “Instagram shadowban” so you know what to search for and fix it.

What’s worst about this new Instagram rules?

  • Imagine of getting multiple shadowban time after time, and they decided that’s it, it’s over for this account, we’re not going to rewards this account any more.

Instagram Ban: How to Prevent, to Make Money.

I believe you now know the above most important new Instagram rules and it’s scary.

Let’s prevent it to happen, shall we?

Niche Ideas

Let’s start picking a niche is what you need before trying to get more Instagram followers and likes.

In this post Instagram Niche Ideas: 8 Profitable Niches of All Time – I shared how you can pick a niche without confusing yourself and yes, it is money-making niche.

Without a niche,

  • By simple posting everything and anything, it’s not going to work and what’s worst is that … you might accidentally post something that Instagram doesn’t like at all.

I hope this solve your first your concerned.


Prevent Action Blocked

With several action blocked, your IG account could be at risk of getting ban.

In this post Instagram Action Blocked: The Definitive Guide – I shared everything from A to Z, why it’s happening and how to get more followers on Instagram while solved the action blocked issue.

How you can get rid of action blocked easily applying one of the method I shared in that post.

And mentioned more depth into if you keep getting action blocked, your account could get ban.

Get Rid of Shadowban

This is a bigger issue, most people got through action blocked but shadowban seems to be the biggest issue where you are completely…

…don’t have control over.

But let’s solves one of these new Instagram rules.

I share an article IG shadow and this is the blog post on the Exact Solutions to Instagram Shadowban? 10 Ultimate Tips.

These 10 ultimate tips are forever you can use to solve shadowban issue.

  • If you have account over 5k followers and experience with shadowban – join the free updates in this blog to find the insider IG secret.

Next, let’s beat the Instagram algorithm… 

Beat Instagram Algorithm with 2 Methods.

The best way to beat Instagram algorithm as they’re rolling out new rules are listed be low,

you can either choose obey or not obey these new rules.

What sad is…

…the more IG become famous and popular, the more rules and the harder it’d get for you to get more followers and likes.

Obey New Instagram Rules

The very first thing you can do is to avoid 3rd party apps, automation tools and bots.

Then find a way to learn how to get more followers organically, which I shared so much in my blog:

While keep an eye on their new updates as well which I shared with you above.

Even if you choose to obey the new rules…

Does that mean they don’t mess with your IG page?


Not Obey Instagram but Still Get More Instagram Followers.

If you are reading this blog post, congratulations!

One of the methods not to obey new Instagram rules is to build your own platform the most basic thing you can do is have a blog.

I wrote a guide on how to start a blog – with the most simple step-by-step and easy-to-follow plan that you can get started while using your blog to ask your blog readers to follow your Instagram.

Helpful Articles:

Make Money on Instagram with 100 Followers.

In case, you might not want to have a blog while sticking on Instagram.

Don’t think that you need 10k, 100k, 1 million followers to make money on Instagram.

  • In fact, you can make money on IG with 100 followers by sending small messages to people.

I used that method over in Facebook,

New Instagram Rules 1
Make Money on Instagram, Not Facebook

because you only have 5000 Facebook friends limited and they don’t allow you to reach to all of your 5000 friends…

…you won’t be able to make much money while you also have to remove and keep adding new friends,

instead of adding new friends why not keep them as a follower like over in Instagram.

  • That’s why I chose Instagram and you can learn all the basic steps to make money on Instagram with my recommended Facebook course.

New Instagram Rules – Conclusions.

With that said, they are my simple tricks to ignore Instagram and really build wealth on your own term, make money online without investment and without manipulating the app.

If you like to see more insider IG secrets…

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