MaxBounty: Best #1 CPA Network in Affiliate Marketing

Complete MaxBounty tutorial: MaxBounty is one of the most famous CPA marketing companies that you get paid per lead up to $10 max per offer.

You’ll find out exactly how to use MaxBounty step-by-step, and easy-to-follow.

I’ll even share all the way from A to Z on how you can get traffic getting started to get paid.

However, there is a barrier you need to get through which I’ll share as well.

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What is MaxBounty?

MaxBounty is a form of CPA marketing and it’s one of top CPA networks in affiliate marketing that has unlimited free affiliate programs that paid you per sign-up.

CPA is cost per acquisition.


Most online business or physical business trying to grow an online presence but struggling with online marketing.

  • They’d use MaxBounty as a marketing method that bring them customers who are willing to payout affiliate marketers a minimum number from $1 – $10 per lead sign-up to their company.

Most beginner affiliate marketers interested in CPA as it is easy to get paid.

You only need get your affiliate traffic to sign-up as a subscriber or in other word “leads” to get paid per lead.

But is it really that easy?

Difficulty of Joining MaxBounty

Now that you know what is MaxBounty, it’s time to find out the process of signing-up to this CPA networks.


After signing up to the form above while you’d have to share your experience on how you can get traffic for them.

  • It’s key to exaggerate your experience to increase the chance to proceed to the stage.
  • It’d be a phone interview.

Depends on how well you communicate your experience with the dedicated manager given by this CPA network.

The phone interview could take place through Skype or a phone call depends on your affiliate manager wants.

4 Best Steps to Make Money with MaxBounty Affiliate Marketing

Assuming while you’re waiting for your application approval requests.

But let’s get right into step 1.

Niche Narrow Down

Apart from following a failed model, having a niche is also key.

I explained there are 3 primaries money-making affiliate niches you need.

They are

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationship

Due to competitions, jumping into different affiliate niches just because of the affiliate programs that have a higher MaxBounty affiliate commission would be the biggest mistake.

Another reason would be…

If you’re going to use free traffic methods to get paid, then expect to wait for an extreme long period of time.


Select MaxBounty Offers

After you got your affiliate niche selected it’s time to identify the best affiliate offers you can promote as affiliate marketer, right away.

Offer Types

You can get paid based on 2 types of MaxBounty Offers:

  • Pay Per Lead: Each affiliate traffic that sign-up through your affiliate links, the advertiser will per you per lead.
  • Percentage of Sales: You’d a small percentage of commission per sale as MaxBounty advertisers willing to pay.

The whole idea of beginner affiliate marketers joining this CPA network is to get paid per sign-up…

…that means choosing Pay Per Lead is key.

Otherwise, promote affiliate product that paying upwards 40% plus commission payout without having to wait on getting approve by this CPA network is way better.

Selecting a Winning Affiliate Offer

To determine whether it’s a wining affiliate offer is to determine whether it’s paying you high enough while you already have a niche picked earlier.

  • Let’s say you try to get paid from affiliate offer A using the successful affiliate model, you’d have already collected your traffic contact information.

If you’re not profitable with offer A, you might want to try out affiliate offer B using your existing collected contact information…

…which I’ll dive into it a little deeper later.



  • Offer with higher EPC won’t be converting as well as low EPC.

Now, some affiliate marketers will argue lower EPC won’t convert well,

but the reasons higher EPC won’t convert well…

…is because the advertisers might have already been getting a ton of conversions or leads,

that’s why they want to pay affiliate marketers less and less money to save their marketing budget while minimize the commission payout to affiliate marketers by lowering the EPC, pay per lead.

After you have selected a winning affiliate program, you’d need to read the requirement of the affiliate offer on which types of traffic you’d allow to use.

For example,

  • Your chosen affiliate offer might state: you can only send traffic from the United States, then you DO NOT want to send traffic from other country to avoid banned.

Input a Tracking to Affiliate Links

The next step is getting your affiliate link and choose which types of affiliate traffic you’d be using for the particular link.

For example, if you’re using Microsoft Advertising or BingAds, then you’d want to create a tracking link for that particular traffic type.


As you can see the traffic you can use:

  • Contextual
  • Display
  • Search
  • Social
  • Native
  • Mobile Ads

Next, select the 4 types of creative:

  • Raw link
  • Banners
  • Search
  • Contextual


Now, you’d have your affiliate links already and it’s time to get some affiliate traffic and get paid.

Before Promoting MaxBounty Offers

Avoid The #1 Failed Affiliate Model

Whether you’d be approved into MaxBounty or not…

…following a successful affiliate marketing model is key.

Most beginner be using the failed model for MaxBounty,


Due to competition in the affiliate marketing industry and as they already have over thousands of affiliates in MaxBounty,

You’ll find yourself difficult to make a profit or even breaking-even.

If you want to find out more about why this model failed,

Check out the blog post I linked.

Leverage Lead Generation and Email Marketing

With lead generation and email marketing allows you to become profitable faster.


  • Let’s say you were promoting MaxBounty affiliate offer A using paid traffic.
  • And you’re catching traffic contact information without being profitable.

Your next affiliate offer might be profitable…

…and you can leverage your existing email list from the offer A to information your email list about your offer B.

now, I’m going to share an important trick.

Check out the next part…

Attract High Converting MaxBounty Traffic


Download your free traffic blueprint here.

3 Traffic Methods to Get Paid Promoting MaxBounty

Without traffic, getting paid from CPA offers is impossible.


If you look at the blueprint above…

There are 2 types of traffic:

  • Free Traffic
  • Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is the fastest way in CPA marketing to get paid.

It’s suggest that you should have a niche unless you have an unlimited amount of marketing budget.


If you’re using free traffic, this would be the trick to getting ready for traffic to come in.

When you’re using free traffic, you won’t be getting traffic immediately like in 1-day, this could take up to 6-months.

That’s the #1 reason that you should have a niche and also promote 1-single affiliate CPA offer.

That’s the #1 disadvantage of free traffic that you could only work with 1-single affiliate offer…

…when promoting too many offer at once using free traffic, you should be expecting traffic coming in but not consistent sales from an affiliate offer.

Let’s get right into the #1 free traffic method.

Get Paid Promoting Affiliate Offers with YouTube

YouTube affiliate marketing is the first key to get traffic for MaxBounty earning.

As you already know, starting a YouTube channel this year might be a little difficult as more people wanting to be a YouTuber.

In that guide above, I shared all the step-by-step on how you should produce content for YouTube if you’re planning to use YouTube traffic for CPA marketing.

Get Paid Promoting Affiliate Offers with SEO

Doing CPA marketing via SEO is another great way to grow if you’re a camera-shy person or not able to perform well in presentation.


In that case, a blog would be a great idea which I shared all the steps on how you can start your blog fast, with BlueHost.

Get paid promoting MaxBounty with SEO via blog with BlueHost is simple.

They have the 1-click install WordPress you can launch your SEO site setup within a day.

Simply, read this guide on you can increase blog traffic using SEO method.

Get Paid Promoting Affiliate Offers with GoogleAds

This is a paid traffic method using GoogleAds.

It’s suggested that you have a niche as well.

When using paid traffic, you can quickly find out which CPA offer converts the best.


It’s important to implement the successful affiliate marketing online business model mentioned earlier so you can capture your traffic via a landing page.

One of the best affiliate marketing tools you can create a landing page is called ClickFunnels.


Simply sign-up to ClickFunnels, and they would a list of sample which are GoogleAds complaints that you can use, right away.

If you look at my current newsletter page, I won’t be getting approved when I use that page on GoogleAds.

As I’m getting organic visitors, I’m still able to use it.

Helpful Blog Posts:


That’s all for this guide on one of the CPA networks.

If you’re struggle to get approve, simply get your free traffic blueprint I recommended, you’d be able to join one of the best affiliate companies I’m currently partnered with…

…which allows you get promote 1-products to get paid from multiple affiliate companies.

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