Make Money Using Facebook $100+ a Day (Free Method)

Make Money Using Facebook $100+ a day in Facebook affiliate marketing will be fully revealed in this blog post, I’ll show you the exact free method that I use to make $100+ a day without investment.

Yes, earn money from Facebook without investment, completely free.

I’ve seen multiple companies was solely using Facebook to build their company without any investment on advertising.

If you’re not on Facebook today, you’re missing out!

Btw… more people is also getting on Facebook and they want to create an income using Facebook as well.

What good is that, majority of the people cannot deliver the professional looks to their account and lose their customer trust completely.

There will be competition, but this guide will help you win the free Facebook money game.

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4 Steps Make Money Using Facebook $100+ a Day in Facebook Affiliate Marketing

You can make money on Facebook with different business model, but this guide is going to be affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you’re cutting off all the non-related money making tasks but focus only sharing your affiliate links

…the correct way.

You don’t need to go here to get the product and walk or run or drive to point B to make a profit.

All you need is your educating yourself and share that money-making link to Make Money Using Facebook $100+ a Day.


Facebook Affiliate Marketing Step #1. Pick a Niche

There are 3 niches that has the most money inside, and we’re going to focus on them.

They’re health, wealth, and relationship.

You need to pick one, never pick three.

Let say you pick the health category.

…narrow it down to weight loss, healthy eating, etc.

that means, start working with a topic that relates to the health category.

Health is a category, not a niche. A niche is a topic that you can work on.

Due to competition, the more-narrow and clear you’re going into, the more money you’re going to make.


If you only pick health, when you do a google search, all the big company is there and at the topic,

As a newbie, it’s impossible to be competing against. Therefore, narrow the health category down by going into the niches/topics under the health category.

To find niches/topics under a category like health:

  • Do a google search, and you find topics that they companies is talk about
  • Then, use that topic or pick a keyword in that topic to do another google search
  • The more you repeat point 1, point 2…. The more-narrow you’ll be able to get.

Now, that you got a niche/topic under a category.

Next, find a product to sell.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing Step #2. Pick an Affiliate Program

In affiliate marketing, you only need to share links to earn money on Facebook.

The number #1 place to make money using Facebook $100+ a day is this affiliate program.


FourPercent is the one of the best place for affiliate marketing.

Here’s a thing,

Make money on Instagram or make money on Facebook is the same.

They’re a social media platform, it means Facebook platform, Instagram platform, Pinterest platform, Quora platform, etc.

It’s your choice to choose a platform to make money on, and this is how you can make money using Facebook $100+ a day.

  • and picking an affiliate program like FourPercent is key, as you can simply promote 1-product to get paid from multiple companies.

These are the simple steps to get started:

  1. Get your free traffic blueprint
  2. Sign-up to FourPercent
  3. Get your affiliate link
  4. and save it to your note.

You want to look at gravity, pick a gravity from 30+ to work with.

The more gravity it is, the more people are making money with it.

These people might not be using Facebook to make money though, but they could be Instagram or paid advertising.

Next, I’ll show you how you can make $100+ a day for every day, not just 1-day, but every day.

That’s why you need a funnel.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing Step #3. Get a Funnel

Normally, I’d tell people to go for ClickFunnel $97/month and Aweber $19/month, but I want to save your money.

  • What I’d do instead is, pre-build a funnel for you and the entire community to use.

In the community, the founder of this community only use his Facebook profile to make money on facebook,

He’s building a community with over thousands of members and all the tool likes funnel is already included.


Let me share why you need those marketing tools now.

Most people don’t want to share with you and they just want to sign you up to make money from you.

But having a funnel, you can leave a link on your FB profile:

  • You’d become more authority to Facebook.
  • Avoid getting banned by Facebook as they do not like affiliate link.


Follow-up is a must and collect their information is a must that’s why Aweber is there.

On Facebook, you’re limited to 5,000 friends and not all of them will buy what you have.

  • When you share your affiliate link, they can put in the email address or phone number so you can follow-up later, automatically.

As you maxed 5,000 friends, you’ll have to remove some people to add new friends.

Removing friends is like kicking your customer out of the window, but instead ask for an contact information and put it into Aweber

With 5,000 friends limited, it’s must to do so you can keep make money on Facebook.

Now, let get people to your affiliate link and let bring that money in…

I’m talking about make money using Facebook $100+ a day, next.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing Step #4. Drive Traffic using Facebook

Inside that YouTube video, I’ve layout the steps that you need to setup everything.

But if you want a detailed guide, I’d recommend you to see this travel community – they even help me build my Instagram page all the way to 10k+ Instagram follwers in 1-month.

In that community it shows how you can get your 100 likes+ per post, and make money using Facebook $100+ a day.

Check this…

Earthvessle: Build your first 1,000 Subscribers with Social Media

looks at how many likes and comments there are.

The more likes and comments you get,

  • It means people like and trust you, it’s time to make money.

I mentioned what you need to post to get likes on your Facebook profile and what you need to do to get more likes such as engage on other people posts.

Change-up the content to keep your audience excited without boring them.

Earn Money Through Facebook Apps: Free Method.

By following the above method, you should be able to make money on Facebook without any investment…

…by simply using your Facebook profile.

You could earn money through Facebook apps or you can use the desktop version or mobile version.

I personally find the app works better… since the desktop version is extremely lagging.

Even the app doesn’t have that great review right now, as previous I searched for the app.

With your Facebook profile, you’re using the app to make money from Facebook friends to acquire free Facebook money.

It’s important to know what you do without ruin the relationship.

The most common problem is, when you invite your friends to your affiliate link and

  • they say no…
  • …don’t piss off, it’s okay
  • just move on.

When they think about it in the future.

If people says no, there will be people that changes their mind to say yes,

When you max out 5,000 Facebook friends, then it’s your turn to remove friends that doesn’t engage or simple don’t like you.

It’s time to remove to add new friends.

Before you remove them those, make sure to kindly ask them to join your email list, if not that’s okay.

It’s time to remove friends an add more friends in.

  • Golden Rule: Always stay positive and maintain a great attitude!

If you want a faster way to get buyers, traffic, more friends to buy from you. – Get your Free Traffic BluePrint.

How to Make 100 Dollars a Day / Make $100 Today?

When you’re starting out, you can always make $100 a day but you can’t immediately make $100 today.


Because if no one trust you, nobody will buy from you yet.

Therefore, learn the proper to make money on Facebook in this travel community that I’m in as well.

The owner was only using his fb profile to make money using facebook,

…and it’s still using until today!

Right now, his company has over 200k+ people in it.

And it’s impressive!

eBook on How to Make Money on Facebook or Free Video Training.

Would you want an ebook on how to make money on Facebook or would you want a free training instead?

Fortunately, I have both.

If you want an ebook or free video training instead, I have something that’s better.

Get your free traffic blueprint.

It’s simply a step-by-step guide you on how to make money using affiliate marketing.

That has been revolutionize the entire affiliate marketing industry.

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Make Money Using Facebook $100+ a Day – Conclusions.

Now it’s you’re turn, by now you should open your understanding towards using Facebook to make money become apart of the community that will improve your money by 10x.

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FAQs – Make Money Using Facebook $100+ a Day.

What happens when you get 10000 likes on Facebook?

I’d assume you’re talking about a facebook page, due to with your facebook profile or facebook group, reaching 10,000 likes on facebook is impossible for a facebook profile, a facebook group has to has a lot of member that at 10 millions groups members to achieve that. But I have only seen facebook page is achieving those numbers. However, as a beginner getting 10 millions could be a big struggle. Unless you could become QPark.

Can you really get paid for posting ads on Facebook?

Definitely, I mentioned on one of my post about make money posting ads on facebook for free, there are paid method, in that I show you exactly the free and paid method that you can use.

Can I earn money from Facebook Ads?

Right now, it’s quite difficult to even get yourself a facebook ads account, you might need a business number or tax numbers that facebook required, and if your advertising campaign is running against their policy or if facebook mistakenly think your ads is against facebook ads guideline, you’ll still be count towards their ban or blocked.

How can I make money on Facbook easily?

It’s important that you read this post that will allow you to make money on facebook easily for free or if you choose to paid. I focus more towards the free method than paid method which allow you to target even deeper and make greater profit.

Do Facebook pay you for views?

Facebook doesn’t pay you for views. Only YouTube does and both platform requires work to make money with.

How many views do you need to get paid on Facebook?

No, you don’t get paid for views on facebook. With the free method I show you, you can even make money using facebook $100 a day without any views.

How do I monetize my Facebook page?

As if now, facebook focuses more towards generating revenue on their platform and building a facebook page and then to monetize on your facebook page, could be a hassle rather than use Instagram to make money instead.

How much is a Facebook page worth?

Facebook page with less 1 million and receive only 1,000 likes. to 5,000 likes which it’s not worth the time to invest in.

How do Facebook likes and comments make money?

Likes and comments are just fun activity to keep their users on their platform so facebook can make money later on. On the other hands, you can make money off facebook as well, when you’re using the free method that I mention generate likes and comments will help you make money using facebook $100 a day.

How do I get more followers on my Facebook business page?

Facebook page is for getting likes, not getting followers. As mentioned, facebook doesn’t favor facebook page but only people that pay facebook. Therefore, it’s not worth the time to invest in but instead use other platform like Instagram.