Twitter Affiliate Marketing: 7 Steps Make Money on Twitter

Make money on Twitter with Twitter affiliate marketing is just like on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. but they have all one thing in common which changed recently.

In this blog post, I’ll the step-by-steps and easy-to-follow that you could apply to make money on Twitter without getting banned.

Additionally, I’ll give you the best monetization tips you need to get started quickly and different Twitter hacks to use that works,

right now.

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Craft a Perfect Twitter Profile.

The first step to make money on Twitter with Twitter affiliate marketing is show people your Twitter profile, professionally.

A Twitter profile is like your front shop, people don’t have time nowadays for a second impression.

  • Imagine, you’re going to a shop that do not treat you well for the first time, you’re not going to go there again.

In this Twitter for beginner guide, I’ve included everything about setting your Twitter profile up step-by-step.

It won’t take you long, but it’s worth it to spend an hour or 2 along on your Twitter profile.

Join the Best Affiliate Program.

This second step is to make money on Twitter with Twitter affiliate marketing most important before even promoting.

It allows you to make money without having to wait for 10k Twitter followers.

  • Having an affiliate program on Twitter allows you get to the money part without having to spend time on creating your own product.
  • You can even get started to make money with 100 Twitter followers.

You don’t need any customer service or actual products shipping, etc.

All you need it just to put an affiliate link in bio on Twitter.

Due to competition, more and more people are getting 10k Twitter followers that means,

online brands, online businesses become more selective with who they’re going to work with.

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Make Money with Twitter Affiliate Marketing While Growing

Again, instead of waiting for a big number of followings then to make money on Twitter with Twitter affiliate marketing…

…it’s key to get started right at the beginning.

That’s why the first step is to have a professional Twitter profile looking so people would trust you.

What’s more?

  • The bank doesn’t accept followers, they accept money.
  • You need money now, not next month.

Keep in mind, I’m not talking about quick money like with 1-day, that is not possible.

My point is,

Make money on Twitter with Twitter affiliate marketing while grow your Twitter followings minimum 100 followers to 1000 followers.

I shared exactly, all the Twitter tips that you can grow your Twitter followers in that blog post.

Leverage Important Twitter Tool.

If you didn’t notice,

  • Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. they allow a limited amount of affiliate link to make money. Especially for your Instagram bio, only 1-link is allowed.

You can put a lot of links to make money on Twitter with Twitter affiliate marketing or Facebook, your social media posts just not going to show to your followers, that’s all.

When your followers don’t see your tweet or your affiliate link, you can’t make money.


If you leave a long and ugly link in on Twitter like[email protected]

You’re liable to a banned.

Introducing TapLink.


This Twitter tool allows you to place multiple link like mine within a single link.

When you put affiliate link inside, Twitter can’t find out.

But check out the critical part next…

Avoid Getting Banned

Here’s a thing,

Make money on Twitter with Twitter affiliate marketing is  just like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. they’re getting harder and harder.

  • You can’t put an affiliate link or any website URL that redirects user from website A to website B.

Especially on Facebook, when you share affiliate link with your friends, you’re affiliate link will get blocked quickly, or they’d even ban your profile.

When you use the Twitter tweet hack I mentioned above, all Twitter see is your professional tool.

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Ultimate Trick.

Now that you have everything ready in place.

Check out this ultimate trick to make money on Twitter with Twitter affiliate marketing without getting banned.

I use this trick to gain more Twitter followers as well.

But I’ll just sum it up, you need the Twitter tips to grow your followers either way in that blog post.


You can just send a tweet include your link in bio or affiliate link in your tweet…

…make it look great, add some media, etc.

Pin it to the top of your Twitter profile.


You might ask…

What’s the point of doing that?

  • Close off the liability of you’re getting banned by Twitter by using affiliate redirect link.

Or sending any links in your tweet…

Your tweet will not be seen by your followers.

Check out an additional tip to make money using this method the Twitter monetization tip below.

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Helpful Blog Posts:

8 Twitter Monetization Tips to Make Money on Twitter with Twitter Affiliate Marketing

These are all the best Twitter monetization tips you need, since you’re reading this blog post, all the hardest level of Twitter monetization tips will be explained.

What do I mean by hard?

Monetization tips that required to have a large number of followers then to be able to make money on Twitter.

Promote Affiliate Program on Twitter

Having an affiliate program on Twitter that allows you to make money immediately without having to wait for 10k Twitter followers.

Which I used this tip and explain more in-depth above this blog post.

And here is an additional tip after you have an affiliate program in place and using the Twitter I recommend.


Twitter Direct message [updating…]

  • Do not pitch people a link with your first initial message (They’ll think you’re a scammer and report you to Twitter which can get you banned.)
  • Start a conversation with them
  • Ask about them and invite them to your affiliate link.

If you want more in-depth step-by-step, become an affiliate of this Facebook course.

I use that Facebook method for Twitter now as they’re too strict on sending link.

Build an Email List

Most people mistakenly think when you send your affiliate link to any of your Twitter followers, they’d buy immediately.

  • They don’t.

What’s more?

You never know when you’d violate Twitter term of service which they can ban your account the next morning you woke up.

  • That’s why you need an email list and follow-up with them.

The best way to follow-up with them is through having an email list by adding the AWeber HTML sign-up form to the Twitter tool I recommended that allows you to collect people email address like mine…


While on Twitter, you can follow-up with people again using the Twitter DM.

That’s all to this free method to make money on Twitter.

Sponsored Tweets

This is an advance Twitter monetization tip as you need a large number of followers in order for this to work.

Most people think they need 10k followers.

Sponsored tweets with 10k Twitter followers might need you to have 100k to 1 million Twitter followers.

That’s the reason to use Twitter affiliate marketing.

Sell Your Own Product

Having your own product is quite difficult.

You’d need to be have more authority and trust to in order to encourage people to buy your own product.

However, if you could manufacture a physical product that’d be a whole different story and people love buying physical products.

But for an information course, it’s a whole different story.

Generate Website Traffic or Blog Traffic

With this method,

  • You’d need to have a little more investments to get started rather than doing Twitter affiliate marketing mentioned above.

But it’s worth to have a blog that allows you make money on Twitter with Twitter affiliate marketing fast.

This is the blog post you need if you plan for a blog.


As you can setup a blog with BlueHost in 5 minutes,

  • Twitter is more preferably when you send people to an information page than an affiliate link.

Provide Customer Service

If you’re currently have a brick and modal business, a physical store, online brands, online business, etc.

Twitter is also a great platform to build a Twitter following for your business.

Majority of businesses provide update of their current business situation via Twitter.


For example, if you use Shopify for drop shipping, and when Shopify eCommerce platform crashed.

The fastest way to announce the current site performance is using Twitter social media platform.

Create Twitter Ads

This requires a marketing budget and a marketing objective to achieve.

Do not use Twitter Ads for growing Twitter followers.

  • You do get Twitter followers using Twitter ads, but the money you invest to exchange for followers is not worth.

Do you know what’s worth more?

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Make Money on Twitter Summarized.

  • Start a Twitter profile and set it up for professional.
  • Join the best affiliate program that don’t give you customer complaints.
  • Make money on Twitter while grow a Twitter following, not just ONLY grow Twitter followers.
  • Put your affiliate link in the Twitter Tool I recommend to avoid link blocked or banned.
  • Build an email list to prevent Twitter banned you, but you still have your email list with AWeber.
  • Follow-up with your followers using AWeber and Twitter DM.


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