How to Make Money on Instagram Without Followers

How to make money on Instagram with 500 followers or even make money on Instagram without followers are possible. You don’t need 10,000 Instagram followers to make money. In fact, with 100 – 1,000 Instagram followers is great, but it is a faster approach with 10,000 Instagram followers. Learn 2 different methods to do it, and it’s free.

How to earn money on Instagram is always changing yearly, does Instagram pay you for followers, if you’d get paid to like Instagram photos, etc.

I’ll reveal all the different ways to make money on Instagram for IG account with 100 to 1,000 followers to make money and a faster method when you have 10,000 followers…

…you’ll even learn the practical tactics to use while learning how to make money from Instagram and grow your Instagram followers to at least 10,000 followers in 30-day to 4 months, maxed.

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How Many Followers Do You Need To Make Money on Instagram?

You don’t need a lot of Instagram followers to make money on Instagram and it’s important to forget about having your first 10k in order to make it. Here’s why?

  • You have a high reach when you below 10k followers. If you notice pages with 100k followers and their page reach is only about 0.50% that means 100k people, only 500 people see your post.

But with 1000 followers or 50 followers, 50% to 100% will see what you post, that clearly proof you don’t need 10k or 100k followers to make money.

But you will need to know how to do it, I strongly recommend you to check out my #1 recommended unique Instagram method.

8+ Ways to Make Money on Instagram

If you don’t have a lot of followers, as always.

You don’t need 10k followers to make money, implement all the strategies below on how to make money on Instagram with 500 followers.

500 – 1000 followers it s good range to things going.


The steps below shares exactly with you on how to make money on Instagram without followers, let’s get started into how to make money with Instagram account.

1. Make Money on Instagram Without Followers

This method works best for 100 to 1,000 Instagram that have at least 100 followers, this works wonder for the Instagram account 10,000 Instagram followers.

Regarding how to earn money from Instagram: Did you know you don’t need 10k followers to make money?

Of course, having 10k Instagram followers allow you to make bank, faster.

Is that mean you have to have 10k followers?


In this post, you’ll learn the exact method to do it.

Are you ready? This is one of the top Instagram earning tricks.

  • Even if you’re a teenager or doesn’t what your age is.

I learn all the steps below from my #1 recommended Instagram University.

There are 2-subsequence method, the exact method on how to sell on Instagram without a website. So how do you make money on Instagram?

Step 1: Posting method

I’ll do a small recap on how you should post in order to effectively selling on Instagram and this is important for how to make money using Instagram, if you haven’t checked out the Instagram University I shared with you above.

  • Pick a niche: you’ll find an account that you want to model after and if you pick to be in a personal branding.
  • Post some photo about yourself or your lifestyle: this method is very similar to how you can make money on Facebook by posting ads for free.
  • Start follow 10 – 50 people a day: you want to follow people that interested in what you’re selling, if you pick a weight loss product, follow people in the weight loss Instagram pages. – Step-by-Step Followers Guide is here.
  • Unfollow people after 1-day if they don’t follow back: people that want to grow their account will monitor their followers very closely that know you’re following them, so do that if they don’t follow back.
  • Grow 50 – 100 likes to your Instagram post: the more likes you have, the more trust you get.

That leads us to the subsequence method to make money on Instagram and then, you’ll be clearer on the question … how can I make money on Instagram.

Step 2: Instagram Direct Message on Instagram

Without likes and comments on your post, people will not trust you and you won’t be able to make money and the chance to getting a reply is very low to zero.

  • Do not sell right away: If it’s hard to get people to reply at the at the first message that means the first message has to be well crafted.
  • Start with a great opening message, greet your followers and mention that you like to connect with them, not 5 paragraphs, just a few lines are great!
  • Ask about their life and family or simply talk a to them, after this message, you’ll be making money on Instagram.
  • What are they deciding? You’ll find people say yes and no, when people say yes to your offer you can send them your affiliate link.

While messaging people, you’ll might find discouraging when people say no. An important question is how many people you talked to? Talk to more people.

Don’t forget to keep posting on your Instagram page once a day as well.

When you only have 100 to 1,000 followers, using this method will help you with make money on Instagram fast.

But it’s easier when have a page with 10,000 followers.

That’s why, the next section is important and before you get into the next section regarding the question how many followers to make money Instagram, share this post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

2. Promote Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is one of the best method on how to sell on Instagram, you are only share a link to make at least 50% to 75% affiliate commission sell on Instagram via the DM.

Even Amazon affiliate program has an affiliate but they only pay less than 15%.

  • You don’t need a website,
  • Don’t need a blog,
  • You can do this at any age
  • Anywhere with an internet connection.

You’re also getting recurring commission if you’re picking the right product which I mentioned it here or if you want the step-by-step on how to get paid on Instagram, I used an example of picking ClickBanks products incorporate with IG.

I even shared what program you can pick from so when you make money from it, you’re making money with Instagram not just once, but on monthly basis, recurring passive income.

Most people aren’t clear on how to do apply this method.

2.1. Setup a Money-Making Instagram Profile

A money-making Instagram profile, I mean a clean and professional one. If you look at my Instagram page @earthvessle, you’ll understand.

Pick a niche then to setup your profile.

I mentioned in detail about your Instagram username, Instagram bio, etc.

If you heard of Instagram hide likes, I share what you should be thinking about when they hide likes and how you can grow even faster if they hide it.

During the entire process towards how many followers to make money on Instagram and growing it.

This is important, your eyes will be sore when you spend too much time on Instagram, you can change it to the Instagram dark mode.

Now after you found all the Instagram marketing strategy to grow at least 100 Instagram followers.

2.2. Prepare Instagram Link in Bio: Adding Multiple Money-Making Links.

You already know you can only put a link in bio if you have 10k followers, right?

As you need to have 10k followers in order for adding Instagram story swipe up link and the question is…

…who have time to wait?

Introducing TapLink.


Instead of having a single link in your bio, with TapLink, – you can add multiple links on Instagram.

What’s more important?

  • You can collect followers contact information just in case your Instagram or YouTube channel get banned, but you still have your email subscribers.
  • Final benefit, all your social media platforms are all in one place, and your followers have a higher chance to stay in touch with you and build a relationship faster that way.

Not just having a single link to your YouTube channel which they might not want to paid you via YouTube but email.

2.3 The Wrong Way to Make Money on Instagram without Followers

The wrong way to do is put an affiliate link in your Instagram bio and hoping to make money but you’re actually ruining your Instagram account.

Most people will actually unfollow those Instagram accounts leaving an affiliate link on in their Instagram bio.

  • If you’re currently make money on Facebook, you’ll know Facebook also doesn’t allow you to put affiliate link to earn commission, and they’ll even ban you from that.

Facebook and Instagram like to keep their users on their platforms, and when you’re sending them way, it’s going against what they want. I found 1 traditional way to actually make money is start a blog and work with Google to get Google traffic, and Pinterest to get Pinterest traffic.

  • I share 2 method that you can use make money for account that has 100 – 1,000 followers, another faster method for account with 10,000 followers, if account with 10,000 followers use the method that Instagram account with 100 – 1,000 followers used to make money online, they’ll crush it even harder.

Affiliate marketing has more recurring money-making opportunity in compare to the next method.

2.4. The Best Way to Make Money on Instagram Without Followers

To make money on Instagram without followers or without a blog or website is with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is simple, you’re simply sharing a link to make money off of Instagram. In this article How to make money on Instagram with Clickbank. – I shared exactly that where I explained what affiliate marketing more in detail.

  • All you do is just sign-up to ClickBank, then go into their marketplace to pick a product and hit the promote button, the affiliate will look very ugly something like this,


then go shorten the link with, then move to the next money-making method.

ClickBank is a site that allow you to become an affiliate. Affiliate marketing is the business model that you can learn how to make money out of Instagram with as small as 100 followers.

Even if you’re a teenager, you can learn how to make money on Instagram as a teenager. Again, you don’t have to wait until you reach 10k followers.

Instead, get paid by messaging people.

  • I shared all the steps in this article that you can learn more that’s just too much for me to cover all of them in this post – make it on IG with Clickbank. In that post, it is the step-by-step guide to making money from Instagram you can apply immediately like how you can setup your Instagram profile page to look professionally to build trust.

Another article that I want you to check out, most of my clients I work with on Instagram to get paid, ask how do people make money on Instagram? 2 main ways. – In that 2 main ways, I share you can make money with 100 – 1000 followers and double your money with a page with 10,000 followers. I share a secret techniques that you can solve the problem on how to make money off Instagram with 100 followers.

3. How To Make Money on Instagram with 500 Followers

Regardless what year it is such as how to make money on Instagram 2020 or what age like how to make money on Instagram as a teenager.

  • With the step-by-step shared below and authenticity, you can make money online completely and literally free using Instagram, anywhere in the world.
  • The biggest misconception is when you’re comparing yourself with celebrities or people with a huge followings and thinking only with a huge following that allow you to make money.

If you ask GaryVaynerchuck at VaynerMedia, he said “You can 100k Instagram followers but if you don’t take the time to say hello… it’d only last for so long”.

I’m going to share a complete method on how can you make money on Instagram with 500 followers below and more importantly, with affiliate marketing.

With 10,000 followers, your Instagram account will reach out to a lot of people and that doesn’t mean you can keep making money every day.

If you do, your Instagram page will be ruined.

Normally, you’d have to message people like in method 1.

With 10,000 Instagram followers, if you do choose to make money on Instagram with method 1 – it will works wonder for you.

  • On top of that, you’re still growing your Instagram followers without representing yourself too spammy.
  • For example, you post photo of yourself and lifestyle since the beginning, all of the sudden, you post something that has nothing to do with your page, doing that once a week is a maximum in personal opinion, but you can do more if that don’t ruin your page.

Doing that method, you can just leave your affiliate link in bio and make a post to ask your Instagram followers to click the link in your bio. – Check out my #1 recommended Instagram University.

4. Make Money on Instagram as a Teenager

How do people make money on Instagram? Selling Instagram shoutouts is another main method you Instagrammers or influencers use.

  • Along with selling shoutouts, you can also sell your photos, get paid to like Instagram photos, get paid to make Instagram posts, etc.

Btw… I explain on that method in the question my subscribers asked if how many followers to make money on Instagram.

There are tons of ways to make money, but unlike affiliate marketing, these methods do not have recurring passive income involved that means you’re working on them like you’re working a job.

You’ll need to be physically there to continue bringing in the money.

4.1. The Wrong Way

The wrong way on how to make money from Instagram shoutouts is when you’re working on to build an established Instagram profile, it’s hard to sell on Instagram with shoutouts to pages with only thousands of followers.

Have a look,


This person account is a brand-new account that asked me whether I wanted to do a shout-out, the right way to sell Instagram shoutouts is you need an establish Instagram account to selling shoutouts effectively.

I’d rather recommend you with the unique Instagram method to make money as a teenager.

5. Get Paid to Like Instagram Photos

It’s important while growing your Instagram followers, affiliate marketing, selling Instagram shout-outs and there are many more methods to make money on Instagram.

  • But you won’t get paid to like Instagram photos unless your account has 1M+ followers. If any company tells you about get paid to like Instagram photos, don’t believe.

It does work, when you’re in 100,000 Instagram followers to 1,000,000 Instagram followers. Your likes and comments will be very valuable.

People will also offer money to even follow them.

These only happen when you have a large number of Instagram followers.

By now, you should know there are so many ways to make money off Instagram account,


This is the best method you need to know when learning how to sell on Instagram.

You heard of viral Instagram post?

  • To go viral on Instagram, this is when pages with 10k, 100k, 500k, 1 million Instagram followers likes and comment on your photos.

If you have a page with 1-million followers, when your friends ask you to like to their photo, this is how you make money and get paid to like Instagram photos.

I personally have used this method before, I was paying monthly to get all my video going viral on one of my Instagram page for $600 monthly.

Is that insane?

Well, that’s another way to make money off Instagram.

What other ways you can get paid?

6. Instagram Sponsored Posts: Get Paid for Instagram Posts

Imagine you can make money posting on Instagram.

  • You have an Instagram post on a page with 10k followers, you’ll start receive tons of direct message on Instagram asking for promotion that’s the #1 Instagram secret on how to make money on Instagram posts.
  • As long as you have pages with 5k to 10k Instagram followers, you can get paid with this method easily.

I wrote this post on how I get 1000 followers on Instagram – I shared all the tactics I used to do grow 100 followers on Instagram daily to get to 10k Instagram followers.

I personally used this all the time as well,

This is also called Instagram selling shout-outs.


If you look at @millionaire_mentor on Instagram, you’ll see not just motivational quotes but Instagram posts that people paid this page to published.

Did you know what’s the next Instagram earning trick?

7. Get Paid to Follow People on Instagram

One of the best earning tricks on how to make money off Instagram.

  • If you have a page with 10k, 100k, 500k, 1 million Instagram followers, most people will pay you to follow them on monthly basis.

Isn’t that awesome?

By now you should know how much money you could potentially make from Instagram?

Most people want to make money without investment…

…big mistake.

If you haven’t gotten my free book, get it my IG book – I’m an affiliate of that book and it is the exact book I used to grow my Instagram follower to 10k in 30-days.

Every day, I received 10 to 20 DMs asking for shout-outs, it’s like people lining up to write me paychecks.

8. Buy & Sell Instagram Accounts

Another method on how to get money from Instagram.

Most people leverage their grow strategy to grow a new Instagram page and sell Instagram account with 10k followers or more by simply listing over to site like

And if this is your go to strategy to make money on Instagram…

Moving forwards, it’s important to avoid using follow and unfollow on Instagram which they are detecting account using this strategy to grow very quickly.

In fact, I was able to kick start my account using this primary method, if you do decide to use, you could either take it slowly to grow.

If you’re using this method and get action blocked many times, you’re risking your Instagram account to get banned.

If not follow and unfollow, what other method?

  • Start using Instagram hashtags: For your Instagram posts, when you’re starting out be sure to use all 30 hashtags to grow faster. Most people debate whether they should use all 30-hashtags, this is when you’re account has established or got at least 10,000 Instagram followers then, you want to use around 20 – 25 hashtags.
  • Using relevant hashtags is important: Let say you’re in the make money online niche, you’ll be using hashtags like #business, #marketing, etc. While have a look what kind of post that people in the hashtags are posting, if you’re in the make money business niche, posting a travel photo will help you gain any exposure to get more Instagram followers.
  • Instagram Hashtags That will hurt you: Earlier I mentioned hashtags #business #marketing, if you look at them, they have high amount of people posting on it. When you try to make an Instagram post, it will just push down quickly and you won’t be received likes at all. Without likes, there will be no followers gain. If this seems harder to grow on Instagram.

How Make Money on Instagram Changes Yearly?

In marketing, everything changes, can be in 3 – 6 months or 1 – 2 years.

  • For example, this year you can grow your YouTube channel very quickly… next year, due to so many people are joining YouTube to make a channel. YouTube will just focus into more quality wise, make it harder for a YouTube channel to grow by forcing their users to grow and deploy more rules for their users to work on.

That means, making money is 1-step further away, not closer.

In fact, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…. They all do this thing to their users to improve the quality on their platform.

We have to take it.

What’s better than using all of them?

I’d learn how to start a blog that allow me to collect my viewers contact information so I could stay in touch with them longer.

Unlike when you have 100,000 YouTube subscribers, and YouTube only notify a small amount of your subscribers that you made a new video.

  • When you have 100,000 phone numbers or emails, you can just email and get in touch with at least 20% – 60% of your friends, inform them about anything new that you just made on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

But don’t worry, I lay out how you can make money on Instagram without a blog too. – Check here.

How to Make Money with Instagram vs Facebook

Facebook and Instagram, they don’t like use to make money using affiliate marketing and they like to keep their users on the platform,

So what other way to make money on Instagram, it’s to start a blog.

  • With a blog, you can place as many affiliate links as you want, not just one link in the Instagram bio or no one sees your Facebook post when you put a link.

You can put as many money-making links as you want.

In this guide how to start a blog, I explain the step-by-step, easy-to-follow plan that you could get started on it right away.

Whether it’s a blog or a travel blog, they have the same process on how to get started.

Truth About Make Money on Instagram

Can you get money from Instagram? Definitely.

If you’ve been followed this blog, you’ll know there tons of way on how to make money on Instagram.

Yes, majority of the money-making methods required you to have 10k Instagram followers or more like people want to know how to make money posting quotes on Instagram.

One of the big page I’ve been follow is @Millionair_Mentor on Instagram they only post quotes.


But what you didn’t know?

When they first started at 100 or 10k Instagram followers, they use the exact method that I’ll be sharing in this post.

That’s why today with millions of followers they have, people think they make money by posting quotes.

No, Jason Stones the owner of the page make money primarily through sponsored post on Instagram (get paid for Instagram posts) and selling shout-outs.

  • If your page with 100 to 10000 followers, doing what they do is difficult.

When I first get started, I was thinking like you as well, but after reaching over 10k Instagram followers on my own page, I’ve learned so many ways to make money, and even if you have 100 followers you can make money as well.

How do I know?

I used to make money on Facebook – in that post I shared the exact step you can apply it to your IG page.

  • What worst about make money on Facebook but not Instagram?
  • You’re limited to only 5000 Facebook friends and you cannot reach all of them.

So, removing Facebook friends and continue adding new Facebook friends is not worth the time in oppose to getting more Instagram followers.

That’s why I switch to Instagram.

Get started quickly with my #1 recommended step-by-step program.

The Horror Story of the Social Media Era!

How are you going apply these Instagram earning tricks?

  • Not just on Instagram, but actually make money online.


Have you heard horror story of Social Media it could also be how to make money in Instagram?

You’re not in control.

Even if I use Instagram to make money but I got scare that one day I wake up with social media sites banned.

Imagine your Instagram page at 100k or 1 million Instagram followers and got banned.

That’s hurt.

That’s why I’m going to share all the advice on how to make money on Instagram with you through my blog as well.

So I’m not just on how to make money through Instagram, but also make money on Google.

The only way to make money on Google is through blog.

  • On Instagram, you can only put 1-link on your Instagram bio. With a blog, you can put as many money-making links as you want.

That’s the bad side of social media, but that doesn’t I won’t be using it though. In fact, I always ask you to follow my Instagram page through my blog.

Learn how to start a blog – these are the exact steps that you make money blogging and one of my Instagram earning tricks.

Helpful Blog Posts:


I hope that answered your question on how many followers to make money on Instagram and now it’s your turn…

Leave a comment below what you like and want me to cover more and let me know your approach on how to use Instagram to make money, follow this page on Instagram @earthvessle.

As I build my Instagram, I was always scare of getting banned but I learn to never let anything stop you from succeeding.

I strongly recommend you to build a blog along with your Instagram page as well.

Personally, I heard less horror stories from building a blog than you hear about Instagram algorithm updates, rules, etc.

If you haven’t gotten a blog, learn to start yourself a blog.

  • Get paid to likes Instagram photos, get paid for Instagram posts or to follow people on Instagram, etc.

There are tons and tons of way you can make money blogging and make even more money blogging.

Join the free updates and check out my #1 recommended Instagram University.


Can I Sell on Instagram Without a Website?

Definitely, when you use the first method which Instagram with affiliate marketing, all you need is copying the affiliate link and paste to the tools I recommended.

Do you Get Money From Instagram Followers?

Yes, but never think you need 10k followers then to make money. If you look at my page the engagement is dropped lower then when I had my 5,000 followers, I shared everything in my recommended IG Uni you need.

Can you Make Money on Instagram?

Definitely, you don’t need a huge followings to make money online. In fact, the thought of thinking you need 100k followers to make money is what stopping you from achieving it, check out the Instagram University above for everything you need.

How Do People Make Money on Instagram?

Selling Instagram shout-out is one of the main way people make money. They need at least 5k to 10k Instagram followers to sell shout-out. Small Instagram account with 100 to 1000 followers could also make money, and if done correctly, these accounts can potentially earn more than account with 10k Instagram followers.

How Do You Make Money from Instagram?

First of all, you need to get rid of the mindset of thinking you need a large following to make money instead, applying the simple 2-step method above to achieve your goal as fast as you can.

Can you Make Money From Instagram Followers?

Definitely, you can implement the sponsoring method if you have 10k followers or more. And you can also do this with 1000 followers applying the method 2.

Does Instagram Pay You for Followers?

Nope, Instagram doesn’t pay you for followers, but Instagram TV and  YouTube will pay you. That means before you even get started, you’ll have to decided which platform you’re going to work with.

YouTube Video is harder to make, whereas I know Instagram millionaires don’t have a YouTube channel like @earthpix and @millionaire_mentors, they only focus into 1-thing instead of 2 – 3 social media channels which will bring a ton of stress.

What’s worst? Not growing at all. Btw… they only need to post photos and quotes on Instagram.

How Many Instagram Followers you need to Make Money?

The more followers you have the more money you can make. But, you don’t want to wait until you have 10k followers or even 5k followers to make money, you can make money with on 1k followers.