12+ Ways to Make Money on Facebook (Best)

Make money on Facebook by posting ads on Facebook for free, want to learn more?

Most people spend thousands of dollars to advertise on Facebook business.

This guide will show you the exact steps on how you can post ads on Facebook completely free and also paid for Facebook ads if

you want to do so.

I even go into how I use this free method that allows me to grow one of my Instagram pages all the way to 5,000 followers within a month.

But first of all, let me share an honest thought with you, you’ll learn all the skills you need in this posting ads on Facebook for free guide and need put in the work.

This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme.

Another place to make money posting ads online for money is Instagram. – Check out my #1 recommended method to make money without 10k followers.

Posting Ads on Facebook Job: A BIG Scam?

You might have seen a lot of advertising on Facebook and you’re here thinking how you can do the same, right?

  • You might need extra cash, and could ended up looking for other options that can make you quick cash, and that I totally get you.

If you see websites promise you on how to make money posting ads online and earn money by posting comments to make large and big amount of money.

They’d tell you, you’ll earn a lot of money and continuing earning, get lots of passive income but all you have to do first, paid for your membership fee.

Then, you just invite all your friends, family members to a Thursday night event… trying to trap them in this MLM (Multi-level marketing).

Don’t fall for this!

All have you have understand, there are 2 methods to make money with Facebook ads.

Which I’m getting into it and show you the exact method on how to earn money from Facebook ads.

Make Money Online in Affiliate Marketing Instagram

If you want to make money online with affiliate marketing, you need Instagram to survive with this model since you don’t need any investment to get started.

Why Instagram?

As Facebook only limits your Facebook friends to 5000.

Instead of removing friends, it’s better to learn to grow your Instagram page and accumulate followers overtime (Don’t think you need 10k followers to make money, you can make $1000 on Instagram with 0 followers).

  • As explained earlier, you don’t need money to make money online. However, what Affiliate marketing is simply you share a link and with a proper way knowing how to make money on Facebook allows you to make up to $600 dollar per day.

Majority of social media platforms not just Facebook/Instagram, you can’t just post affiliate links on their platforms.

Your affiliate will get block, when you get block.

How can you make money posting ads on Facebook? That’s why I’ve shared with a few links with you how you can do it for free in this blog post.

Advertise on Facebook Without Paying

Can you imagine that you can earn money by posting ads without investment and make money posting ads on Facebook to be exact?

  • Most people without reading this guide, and they wasted so much time on making money posting ads on Facebook and completely went bankruptcy without knowing what they do.

With proper guidance without investment to make money by posting ads on Facebook, it’s important that you read the blog post I recommend.

That shared everything with you.

Taking you from 0 to $600 a day.


1. How to Make Money with Facebook Ads

For how to make money on Facebook Ads, it requires money in order to earn money Facebook Ads and without knowing what to do, it’d be a painful process that you could walk through.

There are few terms that could be helpful to you which is Facebook ad manager, this is where you could setup your ads for your Facebook business.


The Facebook Ad manage has different many types of Facebook ads, conversion and traffic are the most commonly use.

  • Lastly, Facebook advertisers will never post Facebook ad to page to avoid competitors spying on their advertising.

As mentioned, you don’t have to use paid option to make money on Facebook, you can earn money on Facebook ads.


2. Free Facebook Ads

In fact, you can just implement the free methods that allows myself to acquire over 5,000 email subscribers and also my Instagram page.

…and it works without paying a dime on ads and I’m just posting ads on Facebook like these people do, but that they have to paid to posting ads.

Which led to me to the point on how you can make $200 a day below this post.


Make money posting ads on Instagram is better as you can accumulate more and more followers instead of getting limit to 5,000 friends.

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12+ Legitimate Ways How to Get Paid on Facebook

Not just Facebook that you posting ads on but you can also get paid to post ads on social media that will include any social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

There are legitimate ways that you can make money with the minimal effort and work which I’ll be explaining in each one of them.

These are several ways to make money on Facebook that I consider would probably distract you focus on what really make money on Facebook.

They’re only work for free Facebook method.

Before we dive into how you can get paid to post ads for companies online, building your Facebook engagement is always important to things to do without people liking on your post.

1. Freelance Digital Marketer

With this model, your job descriptions are to take care of your client business and the one that prefer to use paid facebook ads. You’d need to learn a lot about this business before you’re getting your client due to this group of people already know what they and they just don’t have time to manage their business.

That’s why I choose paid Facebook ads, and when you come as a freelance digital marketer when talking to them and they’d doubt your skill and the chance of you’re getting a client is quite zero to none.

2. Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA)

This is a more narrow model and it is exact method make money posting ads for companies online, that you only choose to work for businesses that are on Social Media compare to the Freelance Digital Marketing is basically taking care of anything and everything.

  • The requires you to talk to people, meet people, phone call, video call, etc. it’s quite a headache.

3. Drop-Shipping


I love this model and I personally a 6-figure business owner in this space. However, everyday I’d get filled with inboxes of customers asking where their products are, refunds, payment gateway blocked, the end of story.

4. Affiliate Marketing

As mentioned, this is one of the best business model you can start anytime you like. Posting ads on Facebook works extremely well with this method on how to make money with affiliate marketing on Facebook or even better…

with the my recommended unique Instagram method.

You don’t need to call people, you don’t need to take care of customer service, you don’t need to have your own product.

All you need, is a link.

It makes posting ads on Facebook easier by simply sharing a link.

But social media doesn’t like us to send link which, there need to be shared strategically to make money on Facebook.

Which I recommend click here to watch a video on how you can get 100+ likes per post, 3 sales per day without spending dime on ads.

This simple 7 steps you can work on any business model you choose.

But with affiliate marketing all you do is sharing links not all others complicated stuff.

5. Get Paid to Post Ads on Social Media like Facebook

You could either Facebook/Instagram, these 2 social media platforms, each has over 1-billion monthly active users.

Imagine how much money can you make at home using the model I recommend above called affiliate marketing…

The best choice is just to focus facebook on 1-platform at the time, although I did wrote a post on how you can also make money on Instagram also free with affiliate marketing, you can click here to learn more.

However, it’s best to focus on 1-platform without wasting focus and energy.

If you want to get paid to post ads on social media on facebook, without a proper training and focus…

It’s going to hard for you.

I can share a complete overview how you can do it without any investment but there will be some missing part that you need to paid to learn all the skill.

Overall, don’t focus on all social media, just focus on Facebook, it’s fine.

6. Facebook Influencer Marketing

Make money using Facebook with Facebook influencer marketing also require you to have an advertising budget.

Due to Facebook is limited Facebook page reach, it means when you use Facebook influencer marketing,

…it’s going to be cheaper due to Facebook pages only can reach around 0.50% to 1%.

At the same time, depends on how many likes a page has, if 10 million page likes, it would cost you a different price point.

How this work?

Basically, you’re reaching out to facebook pages that will give you a shout-out to your affiliate links.

and you’ll have to negotiate with the page owners to get an appropriate price point that you’re going to work with the page.

With that said, you can also make money on facebook to…

Become a Paid Facebook Influencer

This brings back to the question:

Should you become a Facebook influencer?

At this point, Facebook doesn’t favor Facebook page reach and they only want to increase their advertising revenue,

It is quite late to build a Facebook page and become a paid influencer.

That doesn’t mean, you shouldn’t build…

You should priorities what matter most and that is you’re Facebook profile.

Once you have enough people engage on your Facebook profile post.

Enough… I mean 100+ like per post and 3 sales per day!

Then you’re could proceed to ask people to like your page.

  • Mass inviting people to your page will get you ban from Facebook that means you should go slow and avoid using tool that is mass inviting as well.

That’s it for the make money on Facebook with become a Facebook influencers.

Apart from that, I’d recommend you to become an influencer on Instagram is better like my page here.

7. Post Jobs and Get Paid

This method that I’m going to show you will change your game, and yes you can just post jobs and get paid, on Facebook to be exact.

Facebook has over 1 billion active monthly users, if you’re posting on Facebook, you simple not going to be able to get paid.

Also you’ll use a business model called “affiliate marketing” leveraging Facebook to make you at least $600 per day…

…by simply posting a links on your Facebook.

It’s completely free.

8. Make Money Online Posting Ads 25 Dollars for Each One

Make money online posting ads on Facebook allows you make even more than 25 dollars for each one.

  • With the affiliate marketing model that I recommend you to be apart of, you can make up to 100 dollars for each one and of course, by following a proper training.

If you want a full training on how you can make more than 25 dollars for each one, first of all click here.

In that blog post, I share the exact steps that you can take by simply post ads on Facebook which is an in-depth explanation to this ultimate guide.

That’d recommend you to check it out.

9. Crowdfunding on Facebook

If you search on google you’ll find there are a lot of crowd funding sites to use such go fund me and fundly.

If you need to raise money and only when you have people engaging, also if it’s a justifiable cause

…such as if there’s a fire somewhere that create a big impact,

you can create crowdfunding on Facebook.

After the project is complete, you and the site will receive the cut depends on the site terms.

Avoid doing these too often… could be every 3 months.

10. Host a Fundraiser on Facebook

I’ve seen many fundraising on birthday recently on Facebook. And I was wondering why as well!

When it’s your birthday, Facebook will either ask to you to setup a fundraising or not in honor for your special day.

You can set one up.

That’s all for these make money on Facebook, but always prioritize making money on Facebook with affiliate marketing…

and that’s what I always recommend… it is the easiest way to do.

11. Make Money Posting Ads on Craigslist – BONUS!

Craigslist is a bonus section I’ll be sharing with you.

It’s also a platform that you can make money from, but we’re going to use Craigslist and then Facebook to make money effectively.

With affiliate marketing which I already explained in the previous sections.

To make money posting ads on Craigslist:

  1. You need to have something to sell.
  2. Create a Craigslist account
  3. Visit the session where other people need a job
  4. Email them your affiliate link.

If you need something to sell without you’re going to create your own product.

First of all, you need to learn how to make money with Facebook the proper way and become an affiliate of this Facebook guide that allows you to simply share a link with others to get paid at least 3 sales a day up to $600 per day.

12. Make $200 a Day by Posting Ads on Facebook For Free

This is my #1 make money online Facebook method you need.

Most people want to make $200 a day by get paid to post ads online and specifically get paid to post on Facebook, this is exactly what I’m doing everyday back then.

I simply make a post like this and get so many likes and it is exactly how to make money without investment that you can you use right now. But I recommend Instagram more.

Earthvessle: Build your first 1,000 Subscribers with Social Media

With that many like I was able to make around 3 sales a day and it’s $600.

Everyday, post ads and get paid.

You have to have a product to sell with that being said. But do you need to create a product then?


  • Internet marketer called this “affiliate marketing” it means you get a small percentage of commission what you make a sale.

That solves the problem of not having a product and you also… make money on Facebook.

Isn’t that great?

Click here to get started for now!

In this guide Build Email List For Free on Facebook: 10k Emails Subscribers. I share the exact methods I use to generate email subscribers, also Instagram followers that allows me make over $200 a day by posting ads on Facebook for free.

They called it “killing 2 birds with 1 stone.”

This is a complete free method that you should definitely use to get paid to post ads on Facebook which I’ll be mention it here again:

  1. Find an affiliate program to sell that allow you to make $200 per day or more, the best part, you don’t have create your product. You can sell other people products to make your first $200.
  2. Create a new Facebook profile for business or use the existing if you want. Find out your niche, for me I’m in the make money online niche, I notice a lot of people will just be spamming in this niche, so I’m going in the travel niche as an alternative.
  3. Setup your Facebook profile, getting ready posting ads on Facebook, your profile has to look clean and trust worthy, so when you add friends on Facebook, more people will accept your friend request.
  4. Posting on ads on Facebook, this is the money part. After others people is on your friends list. You can start posting ads on it, but avoid spam or putting link on your Facebook profile to avoid ban. I mentioned 4 types of posts you want post to rinse and repeat as a bullet point form.
  5. To grow your likes and comments on Facebook ads: You’ll have to like and comment on others Facebook friend posts. Later on, they’ll like your content back.
  6. Messaging people: After you receive likes and comments on your post, that means people like and trust you, you’ll then message them. You can start message people by asking their a few questions and what they do for a living, then you’d present what you do with them, still don’t send link if they don’t reply to you. But check out a quick sample script Facebook messaging script that you can use.
Posting Ads on Facebook for Free

By repeating this step 1 to step 6, you’re going to make $200 a day without any problems. Click here for an in-depth guide and videos trainings how to make $200 a day without any problems on Instagram.

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Now it’s your turn, share this post on how to make money posting ads on Social Media and follow @earthvessle for a free shoutout on my Instagram page.

Take action!

  • Starting posting ads on Facebook for free and start to make $200 per day posting ads on social media.
  • Apply the 7-steps that I recommend you so that you could get traffic coming to your website.

After this post, I hope you already know how you can make money posting ads on Facebook for free.

If you haven’t, definitely take your time, and read this post.

I shared with you all the ultimate method that you can make money with Facebook by posting ads without any cost.

So now it’s your turn…

Checkout my #1 recommended method to make money.

With that said, have a great day and crush your goals this year!

FAQs – Make Money Posting Ads on Facebook.

Can you really make money posting ads on social media?

Yes you can make money posting ads on social media, but you have to know what you’re doing to avoid mistakes that will not make you any money, you can find out how to do it in this post.

How do I start a Facebook Ad Post?

Facebook ad post costs money, if you don’t have money I’d recommend you to start on this post. 

How can I make money from advertising?

You should be able to find out a method I shared in this post that you can make money from advertising for free.

Is link posting a legitimate business?

Yes, link posting is a legitimate business, but you just have to know what you do by reading this post.

How many views do you need to make money on Facebook?

You don’t need views to make money on Facebook, you can make money by reading this post instead.

Where can I post ads for free?

You’re already reading up to here, you should be able to know the method that you can post ads for free already, if you haven’t read this post.

Do you need $10,000 to Paid for Posting Ads on Facebook?

Nope, in fact with $5,000 is definitely enough give your business a boost and an advantage for faster growth.

When you’re using paid Facebook ads for your business it’s very important that you know what you’re doing.

It could be generating traffic, leads, sales, etc.

Have an end goal in mind so you know what you’re getting instead of keep paying Facebook your hard earn money.

What is the difference between a boosted post and an ad on Facebook?

Boost post and an ad on Facebook, they are the same, you have to paid to play. It is recommend to you free method shared in this post.

What’s the difference between Facebook ads and boosting a post?

Facebook ads and boosting a post, they are the same. However you can have an option to click boosting a post at your fan page or another option is create a fb ads by not boosting a post.

Are FB Ads Free?

FB ads is not free, but as I already shared how you can use post ads on Facebook for free.

Are paid Facebook ads worth it?

Yes it’s definitely worth it, when you have a budget to leverage Facebook ads, it’s a good option that you should use Facebook ads. It brings faster results, you can scale, make money very quickly. However, a more sustainable way would again come back to the organic building such make money with your Facebook profile for free.