Best 7 Why You Lose Instagram Followers Suddenly Hard

Lose Instagram followers is hard. As you and I both know, gaining followers is hard and when comes to followers dropped suddenly is even harder.

After gaining over 100k of followers on Instagram, when I has a small following on Instagram, I definitely feel the pain…

…when suddenly and keep seeing followers dropping.

Let go over a few keynotes why and how you can recover your Instagram followers.

Are you ready?

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Lose Instagram Followers: Is Losing Instagram Followers Normal?

Losing Instagram followers depends on each person and personally, it is hard to keep seeing the numbers of following dropping.

The numbers dropped depends on different reasons, their Instagram account might be banned or due to some person issues that they have to deactivate their account, etc.

Most often, I see the numbers is dropping when I stop postings and engaging with my followers.

That takes us to the next point, we need a tracker!

Track Instagram Followers Dropped

At the moment after trying my best to keep gaining followers and see them dropping, I know I have to do some with my followers.

What I do was…

I started using Instagram followers analytics tools – this tool allows me to track all Instagram page and even their engagement,

…and more important to be tracking the number of followers dropping and it’s simple to use.

Then, I came across more ways to see why exactly my Instagram followers dropped…

7 Reasons You’re Losing Instagram Followers Dropped

Take a look at this list to find out why your followers suddenly dropped:

  • Instagram glitch
  • Instagram is Removing Fake Followers
  • Posting Frequency on Instagram
  • Instagram Profile Setup Enhancement
  • Instagram Post Quality – don’t post!.

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Now, let dive into more in-depth to each of the reasons why Instagram followers dropped suddenly.

Lose Instagram Followers Reason #1: Instagram Glitch

With over billions of monthly active users, Instagram will experience some breakdown due to the number of users.

This is completely not your fault if your followers dropped,

while the glitch happens only for a few hours to 24-hour…

…what you didn’t know is they’re still following you!

So don’t panic if you see the number of followers dropped as it will increase the next day.

Lose Instagram Followers Reason #2: Instagram is Removing Fake Followers

Like I mentioned Instagram now has over billion users and they’re working towards the quality part now and if you have fake followers.

Again… it’s not your fault, fake followers has different meaning one of them is in-active,

  • if the person has been following you for one month and stop using the app for a whole year…
  • …with no photo and even profile photo, Instagram could remove them and categorize them as fake followers.

Now you might not be buying fake Instagram followers, is that mean there won’t be fake followers?

You’ll find a few of them every now and then as well if you see your followers dropped suddenly, that’s ok!

In this post Best Instagram Automation Tools – Do They Work? – I shared all the best automation tools that still work and some that don’t work and you need to avoid to get permanent ban on Instagram.

Lose Instagram Followers Reason #3: Posting Frequency on Instagram

Nowadays you don’t have to post a lot on Instagram as I mentioned they’re focusing more towards quality, the max you should be posting is 2 times a day.

Posting on Instagram any less than that like once a week or month,

with that posting frequency, you’ll be seeing the number of followers dropped quite suddenly.

But if you’re actually busy, you can use an Instagram posting scheduler.

With this verified Instagram tools called tailwind hashtag finder, in that post I shared more how you can…

…use scheduling tool to setup your post for 365 days for once or twice a day posting…

that’d help with your Instagram followers dropped suddenly and even gain more Instagram followers.

Lose Instagram Followers Reason #4: Instagram Profile Setup Enhancement

Let put your Instagram profile as your home, and when friends coming over it has to be neat and tidy so as your Instagram profile…

…without the proper setup, most people would treat your page as spammy and manipulative and therefore, you’ll see your followers dropped.

I share a complete guide on setting your Instagram profile reading How To Make Money On Intagram With Clickbank?

…due to lots of people not just to want to waste time on Instagram but also can have a side income for themselves,

I wrote a more in-depth on not just setting up your profile…

…but also 2 ways you can make money off Instagram with 100 followers before you even see those Instagram followers dropped.

Lose Instagram Followers Reason #5: Instagram Post Quality – Don’t Post!

I mentioned Instagram, they focus more towards quality that means when you post photo on Instagram…

…they have to be high quality.

You don’t have to post it like this on Instagram,


you can simply keep your photos clean and no blurry at least for people can see the details so when followers visit your profile, they’ll like and love your page without unfollow you.

Lose Instagram Followers Reason #6: Posting Random Photos on Instagram.

You have to have an idea on which topic or niche that you want to post about to avoid followers dropped.

Posting from flowers today, to the sun, or dogs, cats, etc. won’t make your profile looks great.

In this post Instagram Niche Ideas: 8 Profitable Niches of All Time – I shared this exact method I’m using on daily basis to post the right photos my followers love…

…after you found what you should be posting about, you don’t have to experience with Instagram followers dropped any more.

Share this post on Facebook before moving into the most killing method if you keep doing it, you’ll experience with Instagram followers dropped more and more daily…

Lose Instagram Followers Reason #7: Self-Promoting Too Heavily on Instagram

If you were watching a YouTube video or Instagram video, I bet you don’t like a ton of advertising interrupting the video


So as your Instagram followers, when you ask your followers to buy anything and everyday…

…for sure you’ll be experiencing Instagram followers dropped.

If you’re posting all about yourself and your business, what you’re selling all the time, nobody will like to keep seeing what you post,

with that said, it’s easier to see your Instagram followers dropped.

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Lose Instagram Followers – Conclusions.

These are a few Instagram tips that leads followers dropped and if you stop doing these and doing less of them,

you’ll see results.

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