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What is IGTV and how to use Instagram TV will all be shared in this blog post to help get started.

It is one of the new Instagram features that help you get more followers fast.

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What is IGTV?

IGTV is one of new Instagram update that planning for a relaunch to control how quickly TikTok blow up.

Causing many Instagram influencers moving over to TikTok and raised a tremendous attention to TikTok VS Instagram, Who’s Winning in Social Media.

  • As of the first launch of Instagram TV app launched, they failed which only 1% of billions of Instagrammers download the app.

With the second time IGTV launched which inspired myself to share with you that they are going to share their advertising revenue with you, as a digital creator or content creator.

That is a big regain for influencers that moved to TikTok to come back to the Instagram app.

It is Instagram TV or IGTV for short.

Keep this in mind,

  • When something is new to Instagram, they will be going to reward you with more followers and likes or simply, more reach.

Next, I’ll share with you, why

Why IGTV is Important to Use IGTV for Business?

If you’re currently struggle to get more Instagram followers which you could read this blog at earthvessle.com/Instagram,


  • As mentioned IGTV is new and when you use it, Instagram would be rewarding you with more followers and likes fast.

But that doesn’t mean to post anything and everything on IGTV which start with a niche.

If you struggle to upload video to IGTV or failed to upload your Instagram TV, stay tune for the step-by-step below.

When Will IGTV Be Monetized & Will IGTV Be Monetized?

According to Later.com, IGTV will be launching their monetization.


  • Just Instagram hide likes, they’re not just to going to launch the IGTV monetization to all country at once but the United States seems to be the first country.

The rules are similar to YouTube monetization which the copyright issue place an important role.

Content has to be original and fresh.

What you should be doing is start uploading IGTV. As soon as Instagram TV monetization is officially released, all you have to is access the Instagram Partner Program to start to make money on Instagram.

How IGTV Works?

IGTV is a longer form of Instagram video.

  • Your Instagram videos can now be uploading with a minimum of 1 minute video to 60 minutes video as of 2020.

Which completely depends on what new TikTok update will be so Instagram couple counter attack with marketing strategy to regain traction of influencers.


Who Cannot Use IGTV?

  • Anybody can use IGTV and it’d becoming a more official Instagram feature that’s similar YouTube.

YouTube 2020 is harder and harder to work on to get subscribers where IGTV would be easier to get more followers.

Now, let’s get into the main part of IGTV to help you setup everything you need to get started with IGTV, today.

IGTV Guide: Step-by-Step How to Use IGTV.

First of all, where’s IGTV gone?

IGTV hasn’t been going anywhere but it’s a more difficult to access as this Instagram feature is not yet become popular just yet.

With the following steps below, you’d be able to create your first IGTV channel and start uploading your IGTV videos.

How to Get IGTV to Create Your Own IGTV Channel

As it’s hidden well, there are 2 places you can access IGTV.

Method 1. One is through original Instagram App:

  • Go to the Instagram explore page.
  • Click on the Plus icon
  • Upload video there (Before upload anything, check the guide below…)


Method 2. Download the IGTV App:

  • Click on the Plus icon
  • Start upload your first Instagram TV (Check the next step before uploading anything…)


Best IGTV Length to Increase Engagement.

As this is a new feature and Instagram users only got used to watch 15s and 60s videos like TikTok.

That means,

  • Uploading video like 60 minutes is the biggest mistake you can do to get more followers and likes.

Now you know what not to for IGTV, next is finding ideas…

Finding IGTV Video Ideas

Initially, you need to pick a niche on Instagram and decide what topic you’re going to talk to about as I shared earlier.

Here would be an example.

I’m going to show you how to kill 2 birds with one stone.

  • As you made a video on IGTV, you want to upload it to YouTube as well.

Let say you’re in the dating niche,

You’d need to make an Instagram video about dating advice.

Helpful Blog Post: Instagram Niche Ideas: 8 Profitable Niches of All Time.

IGTV Video Size

As Instagram TV is still new. It is acceptable that your IGTV can be landscaped.

But speaking of the branding route, it’s important to implement relevant IGTV video size,

And when comes to IGTV monetization, they might allow to only video with the correct to make money.

Here are the IGTV video size:

  • The best IGTV needs to be below 650MB file size limit.
  • Video dimensions are 1080×1920 pixels with the rate aspect of 9:16.


IGTV video size is the same as the Instagram story dimension.

IGTV and Hashtags: Forget Instagram Hashtags on IGTV

You can use Instagram hashtags on the Instagram feed and the Instagram story.

But you cannot use hashtags on IGTV but your IGTV would easily be featured on the Instagram explore page.

Here is an of example…


When I tried to use hashtags on IGTV, after a few minutes, the impression I received from hashtags would disappeared but only the discover page.

Do Not Upload IGTV without Preview

Never skip this part which most people do.

  • Do not upload IGTV without preview. Why?

An effective way to get more IGTV views, likes and followers are share a preview of your IGTV to your Instagram feed.

So that your followers would see.


IGTV without preview is like hiding your video.

Create an IGTV Cover & IGTV Thumbnail size

Next mistake you’re going to make is not create your own IGTV cover.

Why you need to create an Instagram TV cover?

  • To improve Click Through-Rate known as CTR, so you can get more views.

YouTubers got a ton of views by starting to design effect YouTube thumbnail cover.

So for IGTV,

you’d need to have an effective IGTV cover.

Here is the IGTV Thumbnail Size:

  • IGTV thumbnail size are 1080 x 1920 pixels with the rate aspect of 9:16.

Here’s a thing,

Your thumbnail need to feed well with your Instagram feed.


With your Instagram feed, it’s square format which means your thumbnail needs to fit well within.

Time your Instagram TV Video

If you’re already switch to the Instagram business account, you’d have access to the Instagram insights.

That’s where you can find your best time to post.


How many time you should be posting.

As always, the rule of thumb…

  • If you have less than 5k followers, posting more on Instagram is the lose Instagram followers.

Helpful Blog Post: How Often You Should Be Posting Your Instagram TV Video


I hope you like this blog post, by now you should know how to get started and upload your Instagram TV video.

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