Instagram Traffic to Website: #1 Best Guide.

Getting Instagram traffic to website is the number #1 current working method today, and it is one of my main traffic sources.

In this blog post, I’ll share a little bit about affiliate marketing, 3 level of traffic you should know, and step-by-step how you can drive Instagram traffic to your website or blog.

A method to correctly leverage Instagram traffic without lower your Instagram page reach.

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Instagram Traffic to Website: The Three Level of Website Traffic

Understand this would greatly impact your online business or website to develop a stronger fundamental to scale to level 2 and also level 3 of traffic.


Level 1: Fast Traffic

There are 5 different types of traffic in this level but Instagram is one of them which is the social media traffic.

As you already know, Instagram traffic to website is not the only traffic source.

With Instagram platform alone, they’d have Instagram influencer marketing and Instagram ads.

Or you can become an influencer yourself to plan for this fast traffic.

Level 2 & 3 Traffic: Executions

These traffic source collaborates greatly together when you have your Instagram traffic to website or level 1 traffic correctly setup.

An example would be, you need to be able to monitor every website click on Instagram to your website when implementing level 2 and level 3 traffic would improve lower your traffic cost to none.


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Drive Targeted Instagram Traffic to Website Method

Driving targeted Instagram traffic is key.

  • Never think that you need traffic just to have traffic.

Having targeted traffic is key.


If you’re currently posting anything and everything on Instagram and only want traffic to your website.

Learn how to pick a niche on Instagram.

As Instagram with over billions of monthly active users, posting random Instagram content would be the biggest mistake.

What better helps to even drive targeted Instagram traffic?


Hashtags for followers is key.

An example if you’re in the affiliate marketing or make money online niche.

  • It’s likely that you need to use hashtags that are built around #business or #marketing or #traffic.

Now one of the big mistake that triggers shadowbanned is using the same hashtags set over and over again.

The best way to avoid shadowbanned is to have several hashtags sets in rotation.

The next Instagram traffic part is important…

Leverage Lead Generation Tool

Lead generation is always key and your online business or brands need it.


  • Social media platforms often like to lowers social media pages reach and banned pages by violating some of their unknown terms of service.

Imagine you’re getting 3,000 website clicks to 5,000 website clicks or even 100 website clicks, and get banned after that.

You never know.

If not ban, you’d notice your page reach to be continuously lower.

Keep this in mind,

  • Every single social media platform wants to keep their users on their platform while we’re entrepreneurs or online business owners trying to get Instagram traffic to website.

Lead generation allows you have an extra traffic source to prevent if anything goes wrong like getting banned by Facebook.


When a person decides to subscribe to an email list.

  • We’re as marketer have the opportunity to send out information multiple times, unlike if Instagram traffic to website that isn’t happy with the current content that might like something else.

Use Multi-Shadow Instagram Link in Bio

Introducing TapLink,


with only 1 Instagram link in bio, now you can turn it into multi-shadow link.

Ignoring however Instagram limits your ability to get Instagram traffic to your website.


Integrates email marketing to capture these Instagram traffic so you can invite them to your website over and over again even if they banned you.

Aweber – #1 Instagram Marketing Tools.

Use Aweber for lead generation, simply leverage this email marketing tool with TapLink by copy and paste their HTML code form into it.


With Aweber, it’s an autoresponder when your website release any new content you could immediate message your subscribers without having to concern trying to get Instagram traffic again.

What’s more?

You can setup your messages auto-sequence, automatically get traffic to your website without having to re-write any email yourself.

It’s an endless traffic opportunity.

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3 Tips to More Lead from Instagram Traffic to Website

These are 3 of the approaches that you could get started right away to get Instagram traffic to your website.

Direct Message Invitations

Direct message on Instagram is key to establish a relationship with your followers.

  • It is the number #1 way to make money on Instagram traffic to website without having to wait for 10k Instagram followers to make money.


Simply, send a thanking message to your new followers automatically using Instagram automation tools like Ingramer.


Whenever you have new followers you would already initial the first message and the next time you message them again,

It’s time to ask for your contact information leverage lead generation.

Adding Link Instagram Story Swipe Up Link

Instagram story swipe is one of the best way to get your followers invite them to become your email subscribers.

  • Now, if you don’t have 10k followers yet, I’ll share an ultimate trick that you could access the swipe up.

With this Instagram feature, you’d need to become a little more creative without even thinking.


Download one of the best Instagram story app called Mojo on iTunes Apple Story App.


Feature Most Wanted using Instagram Highlight

With this IG feature, you could distract the Instagram stalker as your IG profile could be overwhelmed with too many stuff.

  • However, one of the most important page you should have is your swipe up link that allows the strangers to subscribe to your email list.

Also designs a great cover to make it look more creative which the size of Instagram story cover is 1980×1080.


You could have many things on your Instagram bio but as long as it’s organized and with some beautiful looking profile, you’re on point.

Leverage Instagram Captions

Instagram captions is key that you need to drive Instagram traffic to website as its doesn’t allow you to include any link.

The best thing you can do is just ask your followers to click that link in bio and check out your IG profile.

Instagram Mistakes: Too Long IG Caption.

That would be one of the biggest mistakes Instagram caption that doesn’t drive Instagram traffic to website.


  • An Instagram post that lasts only for 2 – 4 weeks and after that, you don’t even get any more likes or engagement.

That means you had to spend extra hour to write that long IG captions which you could spend that time to write an affiliate blog post that last for years and make money at the same time.

Implement Affiliate Marketing

Instagram affiliate marketing is the best thing you could if you haven’t had anything for sale on your website.

Instead of just having Instagram traffic to website, having an affiliate program works great.


  • Imagine you have a free affiliate program that allow you to product 1-product and get paid from multiple upwards 125+ companies?

With affiliate marketing, you don’t need to create your own product or heavily focus on customer service,

But all you need to take care of is just sharing your affiliate links.

Introducing FourPercent,


They’re currently giving away a free traffic blueprint that you can get quickly.

As of the programs, they have all the online courses you can think of within the digital marketing industry.

One of the best affiliate programs that current giving away the entire free traffic blueprint that you can download.

Look Out to New IG Update

IG Update is key to get more Instagram followers.


  • Instagram wants their users to use the new feature and therefore, they’d be rewarding users that willing to use it.

It’s unlikely Instagram can always release new feature all the time, but as soon as I see, I’ll keep you up-to-date in that post I linked for you.

That means,

When you’re using the new feature, you can get more Instagram traffic to website.

Now’s here the trick to access the IG swipe up…

Grant Access to IG Story Swipe Up

First of all, I wouldn’t recommend you to do this trick but it is one of the trick to get across Instagram story swipe up.


Here’s a thing,

You don’t want to buy followers over and over again if Instagram remove your fake followers.

This would raise a red flag to your IG account for future growth such as can’t reach too any of your followers.


This is one I found that has the cheapest service I found that you can buy.

  • They have a 2 years refill: Let’s say you bought 10k followers, and Instagram remove a few followers which you lose access to the swipe up.

That’s where the refill comes and to prevent keep losing access to swipe up…

…you can simply implement all the growth strategies inside that post I linked.

With this Instagram feature access, getting Instagram traffic to website is easy.

Grow Likes on your Instagram Post

In this blog post, how to get Instagram likes. – I shared exactly everything you need to get more Instagram likes for your Instagram traffic to website to work effectively.

Remember one of the tricks to get more Instagram traffic to website?

  • It was using direct message to invite your followers to your TapLink

When you have more Instagram likes.


  • Your Instagram DM doesn’t go into the Instagram request message which your followers might not check at all.

Encourage Comments on Instagram Post

This correlate to the previous tips on Instagram captions, adding a call-to-action is so key, when comes to writing IG captions.

These are 5+ examples that you can copy and paste right away to your Instagram post:

  • Ask a question in your caption: Do you believe that you get more traffic and double your website traffic?
  • Call-to-action: Tag a friend that would love to see this.
  • Double tap and save this piece of Instagram content.
  • Follow @earthvessle for Instagram content like this.
  • Share what you do: I help people grow their online business within the affiliate marketing industry, getting more traffic to their website and triple their Instagram followers.
  • Share your story: Story is key but avoid over share a long Instagram captions mistake.
  • Increase Instagram traffic to website: Check out the link in bio.

There would be a lot more hacks to encourage commenting on your post.

But keep in mind…

This would take time as people don’t like telling what to do.

If you keep sharing great Instagram content for business then you’re great as they’d appreciate your advice and thanks for sharing.

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Conclusions. – Instagram Traffic to Website.

I hope you like this blog post, if you’re currently have a website but haven’t had anything to create an income from.

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FAQs. – Instagram Traffic to Website.

How Do I Get Traffic On Instagram?

By simply apply the inviting method to the get traffic to your website. But I shared an important hack to leverage lead generation.

What Time Is The Most Traffic On Instagram?

You can simple look at your Instagram analytics which when you upgrade your IG account to the business account or content creator account, you’d see the data within 7-day.

When Should I Post On Instagram?

You can also refer to the data available at the Instagram insights to get Instagram traffic to website easily. But avoid listen to other people telling when to post on Instagram.

How Can I Increase My Followers In Instagram?

One of the best method I notice and provide fast traffic result is to leverage Instagram influencer.

How Do I Get Free Traffic On Instagram?

Getting free traffic on Instagram is by simple be present on the platform and using their app along with tips and tricks I shared at on how you can get free traffic on Instagram.