Instagram Theme Ideas: Best #1 Guide to More Followers.

Instagram theme ideas are great to have but…

…did you know you know whether you have a theme or not, you can still get more followers?

In this blog post, you’ll find all the fundamentals that bring you more followers and likes…

…the truth of having an Instagram theme.

A secret technique to get more followers fast without manipulating the IG app itself.

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Before Picking Instagram Theme Ideas.

Yes, before picking any Instagram theme for your page, picking your Instagram niche ideas is important.

Due to Instagram has over billions of actively month users that means millions daily users.

When posting anything and everything, simply don’t work.

What’s more?

  • Bigger pages are using smaller Instagram hashtags so they outrank you and so you don’t get any more followers.

The solution to these problems would be…

Pick an Instagram niche before you even trying to pick your Instagram theme ideas.

In this blog post Instagram Niche Ideas: 8 Profitable Niches of All Time – I shared everything you need.

Share this blog post before reading it.

Important of Having Your Instagram Theme Ideas.

It’s not important at all of having your Instagram theme ideas.


Strangers from hashtags want to see what you post and the whole purpose of you being on Instagram, it could either be 2 things…

  • Gain tractions on social media or drive traffic to your blog
  • Learn how to make money on Instagram.

By spending time finding your Instagram themes could be your #1 mistake that drives you away from your goals.

Have you heard of Gary Vaynerchuck?

He’s even mentioned forget about your Instagram theme in one of his YouTube Videos.

What’s more?

I gained over 100k followers, and I didn’t used any Instagram theme ideas.


If you still want theme ideas I do have them in this blog posts below.

Get More Followers without Instagram Theme Ideas.

Now that you know a little secret about Instagram theme.

Most people trying to manipulate the IG app itself to get more followers by applying these Instagram marketing secrets like myself and get action blocked on Instagram or shadowban.

What you didn’t know is…

  • by using any social media platforms, nobody knows what violations you might face and get banned waking up the next day.

After that,

I just focus on automation tools like TailwindApp to make my IG page on autopilot so I can help you with your Instagram page building this blog


Now let’s get to the main event of these blog post and these are the most popular Instagram theme ideas you can use to get more followers and likes.

Helpful Blog Posts:

8+ Popular Instagram Theme Ideas to Get More Followers

Bright White Instagram Theme Ideas


An example of bright whites is The Nest at Ruth Farms, all their photos are focus and centralized towards 1 color even they do using a little bit of black, red etc.

However, overall you’re seeing the white theme stands out very well. It is one of the modern color that majority likes.

How To Apply This Theme Idea: To prevent any source money spending on any photo presets or tools. The main focus you should have is collecting white color around yourself, home, accessories, etc…

And then use a photo filter from your phone to increase lightness of your photos.

Clean Background Instagram Theme Ideas


Regardless what niche you’re in, food niche, girl niche, money niche, blogging niche, etc. a clear background of photos you’re taking.

This clean background theme creates attention grabbing and help your followers quickly identify what your photo is about.

How To Apply This Theme Idea: The cheapest way to do this is by finding a clean background of the color of your choice, and take every photo only with that background which is similar to this food bloggers who growing her followers to over 100k+ – Emily Frisella.

Color Contrasts Instagram Theme Ideas


Color contrasts is another great method to get more followers and likes as this NYC bloggers taking her Instagram photos to the next level. – Courtney Quinn.

Although the color of her photos are very stands out and have multiple colors with a photo. A typical person would get confuse quickly but when pay close attention the color of the object in that photo is contrast against the entire color of that photo.

How To Apply This Theme Idea: This require a little more finding and time to apply, however if you’re going to use this theme idea, you can simply keep your background photo black or white have the object of a color that stands out likes green, yellow, blue, etc.

ColorSplash Instagram Theme Ideas


This theme idea is the hardest idea to use, color splash is simply put color on the object that you want to get attention while leaving your background black.

Travel at Peace does this well, I believe he live Japan and it is one of the most popular country to be but not during the pandemic.

How To Apply This Theme Idea: As this require some sort of software or photo editor to create. goal is always help you gain more followers by having complexity before publish a photo won’t help you get more followers and likes.

Drawings and Doodles Instagram Theme Ideas


This theme is great for designer or if you’re in the design industry or art, this works great. However, it is another complex theme idea that requires heavy editing.

@doodlesforthesea does an amazing job on this. I don’t think she would need to be any more creative as she always creative herself.

How To Apply This Theme Idea: You can simply a take a photo of yourself and Google images for aboriginal art works or similar art works to her as a PNG file and use Adobe Photoshop to copy that on top of your photo.

Flat Lays Instagram Theme Ideas


Flat lays theme is similar to the white background theme or clean background theme idea. However, the objects in your photo has to be very aligning similar to Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins.

It is complex and unless you have an online ecommerce store, then it’s worth the time to use this theme, otherwise with the Instagram niche ideas I shared in this blog post, you don’t need this theme.

How To Apply This Theme Idea: You can purposely aligning photo objective and take photo under a clean background with any colors of your choice.

Horizontal Lines Instagram Theme Ideas


I actually use this theme before and I didn’t even know it while Planet Blue does a great job on this.

Horizontal lines are simply aligning photos with the same color while your photo can be about anything.

However, it recommends to stick within your niche.

How To Apply This Theme Idea: You can simply use the Instagram niche ideas shared above and find photo that relevant to your niche and use the same color as every horizontal posts you make or every 3 posts.

Minimalism Instagram Theme


Minimalism theme idea works better for video content more than photo as you can see these photos are similar to the clean background or white theme above.

The idea of minimalism is to have the less materialistic as possible. It is one of the best idea to implement minimalism in every aspect of life due to the planet is polluted greatly.

How To Apply This Theme Idea: You can download the app called VSCO which they focus greatly towards minimalism. Simply keep as less material in your photo as possible to effectively use this theme idea to get more followers and likes but this only work with a personal branding niche.

Moody Black Instagram Theme


Moody black Instagram theme is complete opposite of the white or clean background theme. An example would be Black Color on IG.

Black theme doesn’t have to be black and white like that photo but you can create a page with the black objects within the photo and black theme doesn’t have to be only black.

How To Apply This Theme Idea: Simply take photo of the objects that has black color or the darker it is, the better, I have a only a few IG page with 100k+ followers using all black color.

Monotheme Instagram Theme


ROXY has a great example of this monotheme. A brand that has 4 letters Instagram username name ideas and it’s very unique to have.

Monotheme focuses on minimalism with object in the photo but not limit your photo to any colors.

How To Apply This Theme Idea: You can simply take any kind of photo using a consistent photo filter while keep your photos minimalistic of materialism.

4 Steps Prepare Instagram Theme Ideas for Your Instagram Feed.

Let’s do a quick recap and quick check list on what you need to get started right away and gain your Instagram followers fast.

  1. Pick your Instagram Niche Ideas and Instagram Theme ideas: Before picking any theme, pick a niche first, you can find all most profitable niches in the blog post I linked to you and pick an Instagram theme as listed above. However, this step is optional.
  2. Prepare a Powerful Photo Editor: It could either be Adobe Photoshop or Canva to start crafting your photos
  3. Shoot your Photos: When comes to shoot photos, this is the longest process of and you have to be sure they need to be seen by millions of people and the only way to do that is you keeps sharing them every day.
  4. Prepare for Automation for 365/24/7: You don’t to keep sharing them physically. You can use TailwindApp as your automation tools.
  5. Start Growing your Followers: Instead of using Instagram app itself with all the Instagram marketing secrets to get more followers, and since your works is already set on auto-pilot with TailwindApp, now it’s time to learn how to start a blog to share what you learned from

Helpful Blog Posts:


I hope you like this blog post on Instagram ideas, I shared all the tips and important IG tips you need to understand to get more followers and likes…

…as most people wants followers and money but they caught up with Instagram theme.

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FAQs – Instagram Theme Ideas.

What should my Instagram theme?

It’s important to not only focus on Instagram theme if your goal is to make money on Instagram and build an online business, setting everything on autopilot.

How do you make an Instagram theme?

An Instagram theme is easy make and create your own. You can simply using 1 photo filter type along with a simple photo skill such as keeping your photo as simple as possible and finally, constantly using that simple type of photo.

How do you get a good Instagram feed?

A good Instagram feed is a niche focused so strangers from hashtags would quickly become your followers.

Does Instagram have a dark theme?

Instagram dark theme is available on your phone you can simply turn it on/off in your phone or you can this blog post How to Get Instagram Dark Mode – without crashing.

How do you get a dark Instagram theme?

You can create this Instagram theme idea by take photo of black objects as I shared one of this theme above you can check it out.