Instagram Story Swipe Up: #1 Top Ultimate Guide

Instagram Story swipe up is a game changer since you only allow to make money with a link in bio.

When the swipe up is not there, link in bio is the only way.

If you don’t have the link icon on Instagram story while thinking about how to get swipe up on Instagram without 10k followers…

  • 10k followers is required by Instagram but I’ll show you 2 methods to grow your first 10k followers,

right now.

What’s better?

You don’t need to be verified.

If you’re ready…

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Now let’s get right in…


What is Instagram Story Swipe Up?

When you see no link button on Instagram story like other people talks about…

Instagram story swipe up is when your IG account reached 10k followers, it looks like this…


you’d have access to the add link option to your story.

  • But you can add link to Instagram story without being verified.

Although, you need 10k followers to access that features, but in this blog post…

…you’ll learn 2 ways you can get there easily.

The first way, you would need to take a little risk…

…if you’re ready to learn how to add link to Instagram story without 10k followers.

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Add Swipe Up Link to Instagram Story Without 10k Followers – First Method.

 Before diving in the first method, as mentioned, you need to take a little bit of risk,

What do I mean?

Buy Instagram Likes Cheap, Fast, Instant, Real: #1 Ultimate Guide. – In that post I shared the exact WHY you should buy followers over likes.

I was never a fan of buying engagements at all, but if you’re going to buy…

  • use SMMSumo as the cheapest service, go along with 2-year replacement without losing followers, likes.


Keep in mind when you buy engagement…

…Instagram will lower your account to reach to almost 0% if you choose this method but your goal is to make money on Instagram…

not to get more followers.

That means…

When you have access to the Instagram Story swipe up, you can make money faster – this is one of the IG secret tips I share only in the free updates,

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How you can make money faster?

Check out the benefits of the IG Story swipe up…

Instagram Story Swipe Up Benefits You in 2 Ways

When you know these 2 benefits, that’d give you a big reason to get access to IG story swipe up almost immediately.

As you already know, IG only allows you to have a link in bio which you can still learn How to Make Money on Instagram with Clickbank – I shared in that post.

But don’t let the only link in bio stop you.

Let begins with the first benefit to Instagram story swipe up link…

Blog Readers without SEO

If you want to get more Instagram followers, don’t just USE and manipulate the IG platform to get action blocked or shadowbanned.


  • Start a blog: I laid out all the step-by-step and easy-to-follow plan in this post how to start a blog.

How gain over 1k followers only using my blog by asking my readers to follow my page @earthvessle on Instagram,

in every single blog post.

That’s enough to confuse Ig and beat IG algorithm and make them wonder…

…how the hell this mtfk getting so many followers so fast without manipulating the IG platform like others do.

more importantly…

 You can leverage Instagram story swipe up to for crazy amount of readers without SEO.

  • Add your story to the Highlights section to keep your IG followers keep coming back to your blog.

Make Money on Instagram Story Swipe Up

Let’s say you’re not ready to start a blog yet.

Can you still make money on Instagram?


The more followers you have on IG the easier you can get paid to post.


 After you buy your first 10k Instagram followers on Instagram:

  • Have an affiliate program in mind to get paid: You can learn the step-by-step guide to make money on Facebook for Instagram using the information in this Facebook course while you can become an affiliate to get paid.
  • Get more followers and at least 100 likes to your page, first: Start growing your likes so people would trust you right off the bat – read this How to Get more Instagram Likes?
  • Leveraging Instagram story swipe up to share more about you with your followers: be sure to have likes coming in already.
  • Start posting on Instagram.

What to post on Instagram? – People wants to know about you, share some inspirations about you such as your work, family, your struggle, etc. you can repeat that over and over again.

The more you share via the feed along with the Instagram story swipe up, the better.

Get Real Instagram Followers – Bonus.

After you bought 10k IG followers to have access to the Instagram story swipe up…

You’d experience with IG followers suddenly drops, that’s why when you use the one I recommend you don’t have to buy again for the next 2 years, they’ll always refill your followers at 10k followers.

  • Your next task is to get a 1000 real Instagram followers and 100 likes.

Read this post on to learn more How to Get Followers on Instagram Fast? I share so many tips to get on followers by simply go to to learn more about all the IG tips to use to egt more followers.

I’m a big fan of getting real Instagram followers not buying any likes or followers.

With Story Swipe Up Is Available…

In this post How Many Hashtags Does Instagram Allow? – I shared that you can only use 30 hashtags but when you have access to the swipe up…

…did you know you can use an additional of 15 hashtags?

 IG might change how many hashtags you can use in the future but this is how you can find out yourself…

Have a look,


Simply type in like that in the story swipe up… anything with the underline is how many Instagram hashtags you use on the story swipe up.

Right now is 10 hashtags…

  • You can use a total of 40 hashtags to get more followers.

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Instagram Story Swipe Up – Conclusions.

I hope you like this post on the story swipe up and how you can make money with it.

The most important part is buying followers,

after you bought the followers, it’s important to grow your likes so you don’t have to look of having fake followers.

A better way to do that is share your first post how you can get 10k followers on Instagram disclaim the fact that IG only allow 10k to have access to the 10k.

With that said,

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