Instagram Shoutouts: The Definitive Guide 2021

Free Instagram shoutouts can now easily be acquired and not shoutouts from page with fake followers or fake Instagram page.


From pages that has over half-a-million number of followers which guarantee you’re going to double your sales overnight.

I’ll share exact how you can get the most when buy shoutout and avoid scammed as I experienced recently.

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What is Shoutout on Instagram?

Instagram shoutout meaning you are leveraging other pages to give you a shoutout to your IG page which also known as Insta shoutout or IG shoutout, or a of form of advertising using Instagram promotion.

  • Instagram shoutouts usually happens between Instagrammer A to feature Instagrammer B or vice versa.

A shoutout can consist of photo, video, carousel, etc. depends the purpose or your current marketing objective.

In many cases, shoutout fall under the category of influencer marketing – a massive trend that’s been continuously growing stronger and stronger.


If you’re not familiar with influencer marketing or what a “social media influencer” you need to know how you’re able utilize them to full potential which you’ll find out everything, here.

An Instagram shoutout can be used in 3 ways:

  • Buy shoutout: A more classic and easy acceptable way to acquire shoutouts for faster growth in terms of sales and brand awareness at the same time.
  • S4S (shoutout-for-shoutout): Another great method to do shoutout. However, an Instagram page with 1000 followers will not able to do a S4S with a page with only 10 followers.
  • Free shoutout: A further explanation is mentioned in the post below, but you can’t simply request a free shoutout from big pages but you’ll find out here or below this post.

2. Instagram Shoutout Examples

With the 2 shoutout Instagram examples below, you’ll be able to identify clearly which fits our marketing objective and have the ability to save your advertising budget or spend it wisely.

2.1 Shoutout Instagram Post for Income Activity

When spending your marketing budget, profit is key that keeps the business going and it’s what most people using it incorrectly.

What do I mean?

  • Most business owners only focus on getting more likes and followers instead of sales thinking they’d need more social proof in order to generate more sales.

An example of an Instagram post for income activity would be…


The Rock is doing an Instagram shoutout for Teremana.

Now, depends on the numbers of followers a page has and it’d be charge based on it and also engagement.

For The Rock, you could expect the post would cost $50k to $100k+ per shoutout.

This is just one type of Insta shoutout, next…

2.2 Shoutout Instagram Post for IG Growth

The second option to use Instagram shoutouts is for IG growth and raise your brand awareness.

  • As Instagram is the largest social media platform and it’s growing, using shoutout to grow a business page.

Before progress towards Instagram shoutouts, it’s important to find out all how you can avoid scam or maximize on the marketing budget spending on Instagram shoutout.

If you want learn more about shoutout and everything about Instagram, be sure to check out all the information here.

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8+ Tips to Get Instagram Shoutout Without Scammed

1. Don’t Use the Wrong Shoutout

Buy Instagram shoutouts incorrectly can be a costly mistake as you’d lose both money and time.

What do I mean by wrong?

  • When you’re selling a dog product and buy shoutout from a cat influencer page would definitely lower the sale conversion as only a limited number of cat lovers that like dog.

Same for people that want to grow their page, get shoutout from different is a costly mistake.

That means,

It’s important to know what your product category or what page niche is and be sure to access the free shoutout below.

2. DM a Direct Instagram Shoutout Price Requests

Make money with Instagram by sell shoutouts Instagram like influencers is the best.

As all influencers are busy, never just send a DM with “Hi”.

But to send a complete message on what you’re asking for and more importantly to ask them what the price for shoutouts are which looks something like this…

“[fire emoji] Shoutout Requests [fire emoji] please let me know your shoutout rate and it’d be great to be featuring.”

  • To effectively managing all your direct message, be sure to check out one of the best tool within Ingramer to manage all your direct messages.

They are the best tool as they have every growth tool in place.

3. Instagram Shoutout Prices Negotiation

Never accept the first offer from influencers when you do not know if you do not if they’re overcharging you.

  • In my recommended courses, there’s a section of how much should influencer be charging you so you save your marketing budget for more Instagram shoutouts.

One of the biggest mistakes most people do is undercut the price without knowing the correct price which might results for the influencer might raise their shoutout rate or might not event accept the price.

But checkout the biggest scam…

4. Avoid Fiverr Instagram Shoutout

One of the biggest scam you need to avoid is buying shoutout from fiver.


They will offer an extremely cheap shoutout and avoid falling for it.

For example, if you want to get a shoutout, and pages with small followers offer that they will organize the shoutout from from big pages with a cheap price…

…avoid falling for it.

5. Prepare Your Instagram Shoutout Template

For more effective shoutout, having a high converting Instagram shoutouts template give you a boost in sale conversion.

Depends on your marketing object by whether building your brand awareness i.e increase followers or getting more sales,

  • The shoutout template
  • The caption

…are the key element for having a strong boost conversion.

You can find out how you can effectively use shoutout here.

6. Use Instagram Shoutout Hashtag

Using the correct shoutout hashtags are important.

  • Depends on what page your shoutout with, a million followers page can rank for extremely competitive hashtags.

Usually, big pages should already which hashtags are best to use for their page and for more exposure and you shouldn’t be worry about using your own hashtags.

At the same time, if it’s necessary and you are also aware how the hashtags can help to increase sales, be sure to let them know as you paid for the shoutout.

ingramer-hashtags-generatorLeverage Ingramer for discovering relevant hashtags to your Instagram business page.

Buy Instagram Shoutouts: Should I Pay for an Instagram Shoutout?

Definitely, invest into Instagram shoutouts is definitely a plus as it’d help with raising brand awareness and allow you reach to a larger group of audience within a short period of time.


  • as Instagram getting more difficult and more people also want to be an influencer
  • Instagram is more likely to getting rid of page by banning them.

An example of over manipulating the algorithm by follow unfollow which will result to a ban.

Therefore, buy Instagram shoutouts cheap is the best option.

In order to acquire cheap shoutout, be sure to check out the next section…

How to Get Instagram Shoutouts For Free? – Free Instagram Shoutouts Strategy

Getting a free shoutout can never be easier, and this is the best free Instagram shoutouts strategy you need.

  • This isn’t just a free shoutout from a page like 10k followers, 100k followers, etc. I’m talking about a page that you can get a free shoutout from a page with a half a million followers and it is one of the best Instagram shoutout pages to use.

Imagine, how much you’re able to grow.

Not a just a free shoutout you get, you’d be able to understand every single tool you need to grow your page, and everything in and out of Instagram.

By knowing all the information required to grow your brand online, you’d be able to bypass all scams happening on Instagram.

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That’s all for Instagram shoutouts.

The important part is knowing how you can leverage shoutout effectively that works for your marketing object.

And ultimately getting a shoutout at a correct price without getting ripped off.

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How much is an Instagram shoutout?

This depends on the number of followers and engagement a page has. The higher the number, the cost of the shoutout increase.

How do you get a shoutout on Instagram?

You can simply direct message the influence to be feature in exchange for cash.

How do you shoutout someone on Instagram story?

You can simply mention their name on your story or you can share one of their Instagram feed post to your story.

What do I write in a shoutout on Instagram?

Depends if you want make money then you’d have to write a great copy that would into sales.

How can I promote my Instagram for free?

You can use the tool above to leverage their free features to support your Instagram.

How do you gain more followers on Instagram?

Buy shoutout is one of the best option to gain more followers.

Can I promote an Instagram post without Facebook?

Yes you can. However, you cannot click the Instagram link you shared on Facebook to open the Instagram app so people can follow you easily without having to login to the website version to follow you.

How many followers do you need to get paid?

You can get paid with 100 followers and forget about having 10k, 100k, etc. in order to get paid.

How much does Instagram pay for 1 million followers?

Instagram doesn’t paid for followers. It’s the influencer ability to make money on their own.

How much does an influencer cost?

An influencer is someone that has a large following on Instagram, it’s a person that provide shoutout service that you can use to grow business brand.

Can you sell shoutouts on Instagram?

As long as you have 10k to 100k+ followers, you can sell shoutouts on Instagram.