How to Increase Instagram Reach 2021

Good Instagram algorithm tips that avoid Instagram reach low for getting more followers and likes while also continue to profit and increase your sales revenue, leads, traffic.

You’ll find out all the actionable steps that you could be taken regarding why Instagram Reach Down.

If you’ve been asking yourself “why my Instagram reach has gone down or why has my Instagram reach dropped.

I’ll share all the tips on how you increase you’re your reach leveraging different strategies that you can implement right away.

If you’re getting less likes on Instagram, understand Instagram reaches starting from 0.50% to 8% and rarely I see a 10% engagement. If you have a page with less 5,000 Instagram followers you should be able to getting likes from 0.50% to 80% on Instagram.

Let me share how you can improve with getting less likes on Instagram.

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After this post on Instagram, you’ll take home with some tips to immediate raise likes on Instagram. If you have a big page with 20k to 100k followers, I’ll explain how you can getting more likes.

What is Reach on Instagram?

I’d assume your followers is ranging from 100 or 5k Instagram followers, and at this stage if you’re growing your page correctly, your page wouldn’t be getting less likes than 30% engagement of Instagram reach.

  • For Instagram pages that in the micro range types of influencer (10k+ followers), you might start seeing your page getting less likes ranging between 0.50% to 8%, or even 10% is little high.

The problem is, if you’re in the nano influencer range and you’re getting likes in the range of 0.50% to 5% and that, you’re getting less likes and need to improve on.

If you want the exactly engagement rate, I shared every about all the engagement ratio ranging from 100 to 1-million.

Now that you understand what the heck is going with Instagram.

8+ Instagram Algorithm Tips How to Increase Instagram Reach

As promised these are the 5 steps you can take to improve your Instagram from getting less likes to growing your likes and these are some of the exact IG tips I used to grow my page to over 100k followers on Instagram.

After these tips, I’ll with you a horror story about Instagram and other social media platforms.

1. Focus on Revenue Generating or Money Growth

I put this first for a reasons and I found extremely important.

  • If you’re currently on focus on growing your Instagram organic reach and more followers, what you didn’t know is that…

You don’t need 10k followers to proof to people and thinking, that is when you should start make money.


If you have 5k followers or less and your reach is 50% and when you get to 10k followers, Instagram push your page reach down.

That’s why, now. – when you can reach more people with 5k followers or less, why not focus on generate that income you needed?

  • Again, I remember all my post was getting 1k+ likes per post and I had only 2,000 followers and now with 10k+ followers, I only get 0.5% to 1.5% maxed.


But luckily, I didn’t waste time waiting for 10k followers and you shouldn’t be waiting as well so tap here now, don’t wait.

2. Buy Instagram Reach

This is one of the worst mistakes you can do to completely, ruin your IG page for future growth.

Another one would be using engagement group.

Have a look,

That’s right. – If you’re currently thinking of this trick, avoid wasting your money.

  • For the engagement group, it still works only when you’re using correctly and already have a large established 1M+ network on Instagram.

After cultivating such a long time, it’s all built up for you and if you decide to join my #1 recommended program shared above, it’d be a perfect moment.

I do shared an ultimate tool below, and stay tune to check it out.

3. Geotagging on Instagram

Most people missed out this Instagram feature due to privacy issue that they don’t want to share their current location that’s why they’re not getting more likes.

  • When I first started I never use it as well and I didn’t want to share where I am on Instagram just to get likes.
  • But I found something interesting is that, you don’t have to share the exact location of your Instagram post that means you can simply tag United states if you’re in Texas or New York to getting more likes on Instagram.

This only apply to pages with less than 500 Instagram followers or you’ll start seeing DMs or comments asking for the locations, or you see your IG followers will complaining why you’re not putting the location, etc.

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4. Instagram Tagging and Mentioned Mistake

What’s worst about this Instagram tagging and mentioned is most people manipulate this feature and that’s one of the reasons of getting less likes on Instagram.

Take a look at the photo below,


People tagging pages for attention and hoping they will get more likes their photo but look at the right photo…

Tagging like that is manipulative and being selfish not letting your followers see who you’re tagging on Instagram.

  • In this post How to get 100k followers guide – I shared the correct way to tag without getting banned, from getting less likes to more, and grow your followers.

5. Top Feature to Increase Reach

I usually follower geotagging with Instagram hashtags and this would sky-rock your followers in no time.

If you missed use this Instagram feature, you’ll might not be able to get likes at all due to Instagram shadow banned,

You’ll simply don’t receive followers or getting less likes on Instagram.

In this guide Instagram Hashtags For Followers And Likes: 100 Followers, 1000 Likes – I filtered all banned hashtags and a guide on how to find hashtags on Instagram that gets you to 1000 likes per post.

6. Increase Instagram Reach by Proof Your Page Growth

Engaging on Instagram is the best method you can improve with getting less likes on Instagram.

Why do you think people is still buy fake Instagram likes and followers? Engagement is important.

  • Fake likes are not real, if you’re dealing with getting less likes start engaging with your followers instead of buying them where you have to spend even more money.

If you do choose to engage, don’t fall into Instagram actions blocked, with that happened many times, your account is gone.

And btw… a lot of people manipulate this feature and that’s a big mistake on improving getting less likes.

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7. Utilize Automation

I never use a scheduler and that’s why my likes right now is only at 1000 within like 2 months building my page and I am getting less likes as I’m typing in the micro types of influencer.


With third-party app these days, you need to make sure it has a batch called partner with Instagram so you’re safe to use.

Almost any third-party app connects to Instagram without certified can get your page banned.

I personally use this Tailwind hashtags finder to schedule and also combine with my unique hashtags tool finder. – That reveals exactly how you can improve your reach, and improve on getting less likes.

These things they help with your Instagram:

  • Schedule your post at the right time for getting more likes
  • Hashtags selecting from 2 tools
  • Deep analytics than your Instagram analytics.
  • Getting more followers with Pinterest traffic.

These 2 tools not just improve with getting less likes but also grow your followers using Pinterest.

8. Content Scheduler Frequency

Keeping a consistent posting frequency is important that’s where the compounding effect is apply and what you are posting on a regular basis allow you to whether get more followers or less followers.

  • Timing is everything.

You can access the information right here inside your Instagram insights or Instagram analytics when you upgrade your Instagram account.


As you can clearly see, posting at 12AM is something you do not want to do but instead post it on the 12PM.


  • Posting more and more content on Instagram today is no longer recommended as you clearly see they have remove the time stats above.

The only stats that Instagram willing to share is daily performance of your page.

That means posting once a day is key and focus on into the right feature that works right now allows you to generate an income, increase your sales without getting action blocked.

Instagram Reach vs Impressions

Knowing which one is more important is key to get you more followers and engagement into your page.

  • These 2 elements allow you to get to the explore page and rank #1 on the hashtags and you can expect a huge number of followers growth quite quickly.

The only place to access these information is when you have access to your insights tab which you’d have to either upgrade your free account to a business account or a content creator account.

But again,

most people focus on these and wondering why they’re not getting followers even though they are getting a ton of reach and able to increase Instagram reach.

Here’s the next metric you need.

Instagram Reach vs Views

After you have a clearer idea about about reach on Instagram above.

  • Instagram view is important and to acquiring view is not that hard which you can through Instagram video, and Instagram TV (IGTV), but don’t confuse it with story views and reel views as they don’t mix.

Again, just like I remember…

When I was trying to get more views and yes, I was getting a ton of views and likes while wondering why I’m not getting followers.

Apart from followers and coming back to the first point of this guide on how to increase Instagram reach…

…generating your income or increase your company sale revenue, generating traffic, leads, sales are so key.

It is the #1 key you don’t want to miss.

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That’s all for this guide and apply the above tips to see tremendous result on improving getting less likes on Instagram and grow your Instagram reach.

They are the exact tips I shared to improve my Instagram page at the beginning.

That’s all I have for you today and be sure to join my free updates for more private Instagram tips.

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