11 Ways How To Promote Instagram For Followers

How to promote Instagram and Instagram promotion is worth it when using influencers to increase followers and sales. But it’s not worth it to get more followers using Instagram promotion via Facebook advertising, it’s only for generating sales, but it’s more controllable on how your money would be spending and yes there are 2 types of promotions to be using correctly.

Good to be seeing you here, I’ll be answering, is IG promotion worth it to increase followers?

Which types of promotion is the best for increase followers and which is for sales. And how

You could waste your money if you’re spending incorrectly using IG promotion, they’d take your money and there won’t be a refund.

Before we dive in,

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Let’s get it.

Is it Worth Paying for Instagram Promotions? – As a Whole.

Yes and no, depends if you know the correct one to use and more importantly, have a budget at least one thousand dollars to five thousand dollars or more.

To avoid your confusion on promotion methods

  • If you want fast results, more followers and sales, have a budget and knowing how to do it, then go with Instagram promotion.

Without knowing it, it’s very cost-ineffective.

There are 2 types of promotions:

  1. Facebook advertising via Instagram
  2. Influencers
  3. and more…

which I’ll be getting into.

One of the above method works best growing followers and the other is best for only making sales.

I’ve seen people confused between that and IG promotion cost just going to be higher and higher without followers gains or even sales.

There won’t be refunded as well, but it is the fastest way using promotion to grow an Instagram page overnight!

Next, let dive deeper into the mistakes…

11 Ways How To Promote Instagram For Free

1. Instagram Promotion via Facebook Advertising

Instagram is a part of Facebook. when you’re using promotion, you’ll be asked to use the advertising over in Facebook.

With IG promotions via Facebook, they take payments when you reached the payment threshold,

it could start as small as 0.05 cents upwards and the newer your account the faster you’ll be charged.

1.1 Grow Followers on Instagram

Now, if you’re thinking to use this promotion method to increase followers, this would not work.

Let along, all likes that you accumulated on promoted post will not be counted towards your actual Instagram post.

So why it’s not helping with increase followers?

  • Instagram and Facebook want more of your money and they know, you’re spending money on promotion to increase followers faster and eventually you don’t need to use advertising after you accumulated enough followers.

I have seen photo with 100k likes promoted and after 2 – 3 days seeing the performance, their followers have not been increased.

But, this is helping people who wants to generate sales only.

1.2 Increase Sales

With this method, you’re continuously funding Facebook advertising and it is effective on IG promotion as well due to they allow you to pick wherever you want to show ads to like Facebook feed, messenger, Instagram feed, stories, etc.

Big mistake Setting up Facebook Advertising via Instagram.

When setting up advertising via Instagram by clicking the boost post will waste the most of your money like,


  • You won’t be able to narrow your audience out of Facebook billions of monthly active users.

Just like if you grow your page organically, picking a niche it’s always important.

By clicking the boost post button, you won’t be able to go into a more specific interest like a group of people that only interested in to travel.

Keep in mind, even 1 million dollar will not reach the entire Facebook and Instagram.

The next Instagram promotion method is called Instagram influencers.

2. Increase followers fast using Promotion.

Unlike the above promotion via Facebook advertising, this helps your Instagram page in lots of ways:

  • Increase followers organically
  • Continuous growth without using Instagram promotions.
  • Help you make money off Instagram and generating sales.

This promotion method is officially known as Instagram influencers.

Influencers are pages with a big amount of following.

In this post How many followers do you need to be an influencer? – I share you can become an influencer there.

2.1 Maximize the money spend on Promotion

You can also be wasting money if you’re promoting via influencers that purchasing fake followers and likes, that’s why you need to see stuff that mentioning in this post: Best App For Instagram Likes: Get 1,000 Likes Without Banned where they use those apps, and you’re spending promotion money on those page, it’s not going to be worth it.

I share exactly How Can You Tell If Instagram Followers Are Real? in that post.

Another verification method to save your money on Instagram promotion is using third-part analytic tool.

HypeAuditor – you can get started for free and put the name of the Instagram influence you want run promotion with,


  • If you see influencer with followers dropping every day, don’t go with that promotion.
  • Consistent followers gain is important

For example 25 – 50 followers gain daily, yep then go ahead with promotion.

Most people influencer with fake followers knows about followers with consistent gain like that and so every day they trying to buy followers.

Here’s final trick, if you don’t see much result either followers or sales. It’s time to stop working with that influencer.

Now, before even using influencer of Instagram promotion…

2.2 Preparation Prior to IG Influencers

Now if you run a promotion campaign to a blank Instagram page or a page with random photos…

Getting the maximize exposure and followers are key.

So what you need to do max out the your promotion…

  • Have your currently Instagram page that post about a specific topic.
  • And consistently post about that topic.

Once you have pick a profile, it’s time to analyze the fake Instagram influencer using HypeAuditor and get started on promotion campaign.

3. Profile Cross Promote

Cross promotion is the best free promotion strategy to use as Instagram now has over billions of users.

Trying to grow your account with the follow unfollow method will get your account banned.

  • Crossed promote could be leveraging other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

As all social media content only last several weeks, cross promote your Instagram account via a blog is one of the best methods on how to promote your Instagram account.

You can get started your blog using BlueHost.


4. Apply Instagram Widget

This option works well when you have a WordPress website which hosted by BlueHost mentioned earlier.

What’s better?

As having your own website, you could expect long-term traffic coming from Google unlike an Instagram post that only last for 2 weeks.

5. Promote with Free Shout Out

Free shout out can easily be acquired.

In fact, when you become learn how you can grow your first 100k followers here, you’ll be able receive a free personal shout out of the 500k followers page (limited time offered).

  • There are different types of shout out you can get and primarily through Instagram story or Instagram feed.

Usually a shout out from a 100k+ followers page is worth 10k higher than the course itself which I do recommend you get one.

Otherwise, if you want completely free.

You can put together a group of people and schedule free shout out for each other and if you want an existing free group, be sure to subscribe to the email list.

6. Post at Your Best Moment

Alternatively, you can find out exactly the best time to post on Instagram of your account by upgrading your account to either a business or creator account using the IG analytics.


By looking at the image above, you can see exactly when you should be posting.

  • When posting at the right time gives you an initial push to your recent published post.

Otherwise, without posting at the right time, as you already know, the number of Instagram users are raising on a daily basis and it’s competitive to post randomly.

7. Correcting Hashtags

Depends on account size you’re current with.

  • Using the wrong hashtags won’t gain you any tractions or even rank #1 on the hashtags.

You can simply use Ingramer as they have all the tool you need in one place, even the hashtags generator that works well for your current account followers.


Not only that, one of the best way to manage or attracting new customers are through using one of the best direct message tool they have.

Additional, depends on what niche you’re in, using the right niche hashtags allows you prevent shadowban and give increase your post reach.

8. Utilized Misused IG Features

Misused IG feature is the biggest problem and this is the best way on how to promote your Instagram.

Most influencers do not use other best features.

  • By using all the new update from Instagram allows you to take advantage of wave and as the feature is not too popular, they will have to reward people that use them.

What are they?

If you look at all the Instagram post that do not use tagging, and location, you need to use them.

If you have a post that has nothing to do with any location, or tagging, you can simply use a specific country to find higher quality followers.

9. Story Shout Out

There are 2 types of shout out you need to know to promote your Instagram.

One is free, the other one is paid.

Let’s dive in the free method.

  • If you recently made a post, you can shout out your feed post to the story which allows you to reach out to more followers that Instagram might have limited your potential to reach out to more people.

Here’d be the pay method.

  • One of the best method to get paid on IG is leveraging others influencers story.

The best part of this method is also free, it is a free shout out, and most of the time, you’d have to paid for.

10. Optimize Your Bio

The bio is one of the top first impression for people to decide whether to follow or unfollow.

An example of a great bio would be…


As you can see the bio tells exactly what your page is all about.

  • Avoid excessive use of emoji.
  • Using multiple fonts that create distraction.

Additionally, by asking people to like and follow your profile in the bio is key to get more followers.


11. Know Where You Are

Without knowing this, and you can simply promote as much as you want, you’d still be only see a little to none results when you’re trying to promote your Instagram.

  • As mentioned Instagram has over billions of users.

By posting anything and everything in your bio creates a big mess to your profile which discouraging people to follow and why they want to follow you.

Know your own niche is everything.

In that post, I mentioned how you can find your own, and you’d be able to pick the best niche that you should be in.

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Definitely if you have the money and apply the method I shared with you in this post and understand the different between each Instagram promotion.

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How often should you promote on Instagram?

The more often you promote on Instagram, the more followers you can have. When you promote on Instagram, it is required a budget.

How can you find out who is looking at your Instagram?

You cannot see look at your Instagram but you can see who see your story. That shared in this articles Who View My Instagram Profile…

Can I get sponsored on Instagram with 1000 followers?

Due to competition, more and more people can acquire 1000 followers, getting sponsored on Instagram with 1000 followers is more difficult.

How long does it take for Instagram to approve a promotion?

If your account is brand, it could up to 24 hours. Lately due to competition, Facebook may never approve or even ban your Instagram promotion via Facebook advertising.

How can I promote my Instagram for free?

When speak to promoting on Instagram. There would be cost involved and you’d need to use free method.