How To Start a Blog on Instagram: Best 12 Steps to be an Instagram Personal Blog

Instagram personal blog has something to do with Instagram blogger, and how to start a blog on Instagram has everything to do with it.

They lead a huge amount of confusion to people and they don’t even know that mean.

Is that even an Instagram profile, is it starting a blog for your profile or is it even switching between a business account to other types of account?

Such a huge confusion…

You’ll learn everything in this blog post and it doesn’t matter what it is.

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Let’s get right in.

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Instagram Blogger: What is Personal Blog on Instagram?

Instagram blogger meaning you have a personal blog on Instagram which could also be another meaning of

  • changing your current Instagram business account to personal account.
  • and starting a blog to share on Instagram.

Yep, that’s all to it.

Although it’s only 2 things there, but it’ huge different when you dive deep into each one.

But here’s a mistake…

Never switch your Instagram account back to personal account which you’ll lose access to all the Instagram insights that can help you go viral on Instagram.

I’m going to a little more why you shouldn’t switch to a Instagram Personal blog.

How to Change my Instagram Account to an Instagram Personal Blog?

First, ask yourself if you want to change your current Instagram account back to personal profile.

I personally wouldn’t change it back to personal if you want to be an Instagram blogger and not recommended if you want to know about how to remove personal blog on Instagram.


  • One of the disadvantages is you’d lose Instagram personal blog insights. – Read this post on how Instagram Business Account Benefits You in 3 Ways. – one of the benefit is you can find out how to get more followers on Instagram using the Instagram insights tool.

Instagram personal profile doesn’t have it.

If you want to know how to switch your Instagram page from business to personal you can read that post as well.

But before getting into the steps how to start a blog on Instagram.

Never put your turn an Instagram Business account to a private personal blog on Instagram.

Check this out…

Never Use Instagram as Your Instagram Personal Blog.

If you’ve been following @earthvessle on Instagram or other pages, Instagram always try to limit the reach of your page and place action blocked or even shadowban you.

That doesn’t sound like you have much control at all, you’d have to obey the rules…

…and that means when you make a post, nobody really sees it,

It is one of the reasons people also asked Why Instagram Followers Dropped Suddenly?

Another example similar to Instagram personal blog is,

back then, when people always look for how to make money on Facebook with their Facebook fan pages,

but you know what,

Facebook fan pages can only reach out to about 0.1% of your fans.

That means,

If you have 1000 friends and you make a Facebook status, only 10 – 20 of your Facebook friends see what you shared.

  • As more people getting on Instagram, Instagram limit would also be like Facebook so they can increase their advertising revenue.

Since Instagram would be to that stage that’s why start your own actual self-hosted blog is important.


Helpful Blog Posts:

12 Steps How to Start a Blog on Instagram For Your Instagram Personal Blog

Yep, if you want to truly make money on Instagram and want to get more followers learn how to start a blog is the best way to get followers without manipulating the Instagram platform.

An actual blog that you’re reading on, right now.

Most people got permanently banned by using those third part app, automation tools on IG, and over use the feature,

That is where the blog comes in handy.

What’s better?

When you make a post on your blog, it last for years unlike IG post that only last for 2 weeks.

For example, you won’t be getting any likes and comments after the 2 weeks period whereas a blog post lasts for years.

Run with Automation Tools

Instagram bots are completely what I go against at earthvessle.

  • I never recommend people to Instagram bots to avoid multiple action blocks that leads to a permanent ban and also

Instagram shadowban.

But with this automation tool it is the best all-in-one best bot that you need from finding hashtags, download IGTV, download Instagram video, viral video, viral Instagram photo, etc.

It is the #1 bot that includes every Instagram features you need to grow your Instagram page.


However, there is a feature I want to keep in mind is the follow/unfollow feature with bot which might be similar to other Instagram bots.

As soon as you experience action blocked from using that tool,

Stop using.

But after all, apart from the follow/unfollow you need that helps you on how to start a blog on Instagram.

Make Money on Instagram Fast

Unlike a blog when come to make money on Instagram, you can only place one affiliate link in the bio but not even the Instagram caption.

  • Affiliate link is when you recommend a great service to your followers to buy from you.

Just like an affiliate I’m going to share with you combined with a trick to prevent the fact that…

…you a place 1-link in bio.

Duplicate that link from 1-link to 10+ affiliate links.


As you can see, not just one link in bio I’m using on Instagram.

I learn how to start a blog on Instagram by placing 10+ affiliate link to increase my sale revenue.


Let’s talk a little bit about that massive tool, I’m using…

Prepare Multi-Shadow Clones Link in Bio

Introducing TapLink.


Unlike LinkTree, it is good but has a few missing important features that you for you Instagram personal blog to quickly make money on Instagram.

One important key…

  • They DO NOT have an affiliate program about so that when your friends or followers ask you “what do you use for multi-shadow clones link in bio?”

You can share with…

I use free Taplink that you get started for free.

When you share your affiliate link of TapLink, you make money too and they can make money along with using these great shadow-clone links with important features to make money with their Instagram personal blog ideas.

Trick to Effective Instagram Captions

Having an effective Instagram captions in every single of your Instagram posts that drive you more Instagram followers, likes, story views, IGTV views, etc.


When comes to the ideas on how to start a blog on Instagram, it’s not a self-hosted blog like so when you do this…

Instagram Mistakes: Too Long IG Caption.

Here’s why…

A life-span of an Instagram post, it could be videos, photos, IG carousel, IG Story, etc. they only last between 2 weeks to 4 weeks maxed.

  • I’m talking about after you posted for 2 to 4 weeks, people are still like and comment and engage on your post.

Unlike this blog, when spend time writing that long Instagram bio,

Wasted your time that you could spend on to write a blog post.

  • A blog post last for years and when you have enough affiliate links in your blog post, your money from that blog post become like a river flow in you.

Next, important factor…

Start Your Own Social Media Collection

If you didn’t know, one of the disadvantages of social media is you being controlled by them.

An example of action blocked on Instagram, shadowban, or commonly, how many people you can reach on social media.

Not just Instagram itself, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Introducing Aweber.

Aweber – #1 Instagram Marketing Tools.

Simply email your Instagram followers about your new Instagram personal blog post.

Here’s why…

By implementing email marketing allows you to have an additional source of traffic to grow your next Instagram page, a new blog, quickly.

  • For example, you’d have a great like follower ratio when you have less than 5k followers on Instagram of 75% that means 75 followers out of 100 followers like and comment on your post.

But when you have more than 5k followers, your Instagram reach lowers to 1% to 5%.

That means,

When impalement email marketing while you have at least 100 followers, allow you grow your followers fast by email them every time you make a new Instagram post.

Take advantage of the Aweber Free usage.

Never Spam on Your Instagram Bio

A great personal blog Instagram bio examples would be not to add website link until you reach 10k followers.

Or second important hack is to keep your Instagram bio simple with using different types of font, symbol, logos, etc.

  • Never learn how to put just for fun on Instagram bio.

I shared an exact step-by-step how to setup your bio to get more followers below blog post.

Take Control Back as a Social Media Strategist

When you learn how to start a blog on Instagram, you are now an official social media strategist even if that is only Instagram personal blog.

Now that you know an important disadvantage of your Instagram personal blog.

Most people go ahead start a Twitter account, a TikTok account, a LinkedIn account, etc.

  • They are all social media platforms that are controlling you or even banned for violating their terms of service which you might or might not have done.

That biggest mistake that waste your time as a social media strategist.

Remember the previous mistake about long caption before, I mentioned earlier?


Implement Instagram Attraction Marketing

After using the Instagram bot I mentioned earlier, this is the follow-up trick to getting more Instagram followers.

  • Implement Instagram attraction marketing without manipulate them to get action blocked and shadowban.

That’s to start a blog like


Remember an Instagram post that only last for 2 weeks – 4 weeks or even 1 year!

People are still come to read your blog, share your blog post, use services that you recommend, and more important, it could potentially last for 5 years.

Invite People from Pinterest to Follow Your Instagram Personal Blog

I know you might not to start a blog yet, but it is a way to get more followers fast.

But Pinterest is another social media platform you need to be on.


  • It’s not selfish platform like other platforms that only allows you to put a single link in bio or like Facebook, when you put an affiliate link, you Facebook status not going to show up in Facebook feed.

But for Pinterest, they actually encourage to put a link into like your Instagram post link, blog post link – but you can’t put affiliate link as it’s a redirect link (their rule).

Image you take a photo and post it on Instagram and use TailwindApp to post on Pinterset automatically without you touching Pinterest…

…and gain more Pinterest followers and Instagram followers that comes from Pinterest.


Get Started with TailwindApp for Free (no Credit Card Required).

Be Aware of Current Instagram Features

Instagram wants their users to use their newest feature by rewarding them with more Instagram impression in the hashtags or on the explore page.

  • These new Instagram update are important that you need to keep out of to leverage the opportunity to get more followers fast.

As one of the problem they had was launching the IGTV app that only 1% of their user downloaded or you might not even know as I mentioned at

Not until they announced, IGTV monetization that allows your Instagram personal blog to make money on Instagram.

It blows up!

Avoid #1 Hashtag Mistake

After all, you need to use Instagram hashtags to effective getting more followers and likes.

Most people don’t want to use hashtags on Instagram because they look messy.

  • It’s clean when you don’t use hashtags which says your following is pretty clean and slow to grow too.

But if you use irrelevant hashtags or banned hashtags would be your biggest mistake.

Another Instagram mistakes is using free hashtags generator that since it’s free they don’t have enough employee to update their hashtags database which might contained a list banned hashtags.

But not until you use Ingramer.


IGTV is one of the current Instagram features that you need to take advantage of depends on when you read this blog post.


  • Even though you might be reading this late, but it is one of the feature that allows you to gain Instagram organic followers fast in the long term for your Instagram personal blog.

However, I doubt that would outlast a blog post.

It’s important stay within your niche as I share in the Step 1.

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Instagram Personal Blog – Conclusions.

So I hope you now have a clear idea on what exactly is an Instagram person blog and learning how to start a blog is important also how to start a blog on Instagram.

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