11 Steps How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically

How to grow Instagram organic followers is absolutely need to be organic although there are 2 methods to get followers for free and paid.

Most people trying to mix between paid and thinking paid will help you get followers organically.


In this blog post, you’ll find out everything about how to get organic followers on Instagram and avoid wasting your marketing budget…

…and get more followers, organically, FREE.

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What’s Organic Followers Means?

Organic followers means that you do not trying to manipulate the IG app or spend your marketing budget, your money trying to acquire followers.

Apart from organic followers, you can also gain organic likes as well.

By apply the methods shared at earthvessle.com/instagram, grow Instagram organically free is not a problem at all.

But check this first…

Instagram Organic Followers #1 Mistake.

After trying many different methods on how to get organic Instagram followers.

The #1 mistake I notice beginner trying to grow followers is by mixing between paid and free.


After spending 100k on Facebook ads, it’s not worth the money for example spending $23k for 3k Instagram followers.

If you don’t believe,

Track the promoted profile on Instagram, next time you see they’re running ads for a week and see if their followers increased.


Their page engagement, how many likes they get.

In this blog post Instagram influencer marketing, I further explained how to grow Instagram followers fast if you want to use the paid method.

But if you want free…

Continue reading this blog post…

Can You Buy Instagram Organic Followers?

Buy organic Instagram followers has different meaning…

If you mean to buy Instagram followers, in that blog post I explain one of the benefits to buy followers,

But you cannot buy Instagram organic followers.

Any company that sell fake followers, fake likes mentioned that you can buy organic followers…

…it’s a trap.

You know what?

Look at this image,


Do you know what happen to this image below?


  • Instagram is removing followers and when continue trying to buy Instagram organic followers put your account at risk to a permanent ban.

But, a different meaning of buying Instagram followers is either using Instagram influencer marketing – which I linked for you in the above blog post…

or leverage one of the best Instagram growth services below,

It’s called, human growth service.                                                                             

Best Instagram Organic Followers and Best Organic Instagram Growth Service.

 As you already know, never mix paid advertising and organic hacks.

When come to Instagram growth service, the one and only growth service left…

…it’s the human service.

What do I mean?

  • You’re hiring your manager to gain Instagram organic followers for your page.

For example,

You can hire myself to grow your page for you.

Before you spend any money on these managers…

  • Understand how it works: Your manager is a human and their skill and experience cannot be compared, some of them might even trying to buy some fake Instagram followers for your page.

The best way to do is hire a manager while keep tracking if you should continue hiring them…

  • Track your engagement on 100 followers gained: If after gaining 100 followers seeing not at least 50% likes increased, move on to a different manager.
  • Repeat the step until you find a good manager you trust.

Without wasting time and money, it’s all about doing proper due diligence.

I recommend InstaBoom.


InstaBoom established to multiple countries and originally based in Europe and you can buy organic Instagram growth with them.

To be safe, don’t trust any company at all.

  • Test with different managers in any company you decide to use with 100 followers rule above.

After all,

If you want completely FREE and gain followers on your own…

…and gaining Instagram free followers on autopilot using one of the best automation tools without touching your page,

check out Instaboom, the best Instagram organic growth service.

Organic Instagram Growth Free with Automation Technique.


I hope you understand more about Instagram organic followers.

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  • Imagine you can gain Instagram free followers on autopilot without touching your page?
  • What if you can grow multiple IG pages to 100k followers by itself?

Setting your page using automation tool that is certified with Instagram that don’t get you banned.

I’m talking about you can set your page on automation for 365/24/7 and become more productive…

…have time to work on different your marketing project such as a blog or if not, have more to spend with family.

Are you ready for this automation tool?

I’m talking about TailwindApp.


TailwindApp not just allow you to automate your page but it is also an Instagram hashtags generator that don’t give you banned hashtags on Instagram to use.

  • You can put your hashtags in the comment or in the caption

This Instagram automation tool is not just for Instagram.

You can get more free Instagram followers by sharing your Instagram post to Pinterest.

How much exposure you’re getting already?

How fast do you think you’re getting your 100k followers, right?

Before you use this method…

Learn how to prepare your IG page to get followers first, below…

7+ Steps to Grow Organic Instagram Followers

Combined the above tips and these are the steps and tips on how to grow organic followers on Instagram fast.

The next first step is to grow and gain Instagram followers organically which is a vital step.

Instagram Niche Ideas

Before using any types of Instagram marketing or tricks and hacks to double your brand followers or brand awareness…

Having a niche will solve everything.

When picking an Instagram niche, do not go too narrow.

What do I mean?

  • Let’s say you’re selling Japanese green tea, matcha.

You don’t have to only post about Japanese green tea, matcha. You can have a bigger Instagram niche which is the tea niche…

…and make Instagram posts about tea so you get more followers that interested in tea, not just Japanese green tea, matcha.

So you can reach out to more people.

  • #1 Mistake to gain organic Instagram followers: Being too laser target thinking you can break people mind and force them to drink matcha instead of a variety of tea.

But in this blog post Instagram Niche Ideas: 8 Profitable Niches of All Time – I share how you can find all the profitable niche using the hashtags search tool in the Instagram explore page.


Instagram Username Ideas

While growing Instagram followers organically,

another mistake people make when comes to pick their Instagram name ideas is to include some random name like this…

  • a.t.i.o.n.l.d,
  • he_hah.a
  • Stolen name like: Instagram1_fsad


Think of branding.

Pick a brand name that is available across all social media platforms.

If the name idea is not available don’t try to add random stuff to make it available…

…or trying to force inactive Instagram username available by contacting the Instagram help center.


If you’re in the Japanese green tea, matcha niche,

you don’t have to include any name that has to do with tea.

As long as you know how to get more followers on Instagram, you’re killing it!

Your Instagram Caption

I mentioned many times about Instagram captions and selfie quotes, it is the only place you can effectively communicate with your followers to grow your brand awareness…

Most people say direct message on Instagram works.

Even though Gary Vaynerchuck talks about this a lot… several years ago.

That means…

Your IG captions is the final option.

But don’t write along type of caption like this….


Big mistake.

An Instagram post can rank for 2 weeks to a month, this can change as their monthly active user increased to might be shorter like a Facebook status that lasts only 24-hour.

Keep your Instagram caption, short.

  • Long caption works well, but it’s wiser to invest that time and effort into a blog instead.

Learn how to start a blog.

Also one of IG tips to grow organic Instagram likes as well.

For example if you have a post about matcha, then your matcha Instagram captions can be like…

  • “Matcha or Coffee – let us know what you prefer most in the comment below”

Your Instagram Bio

Prepare your Instagram bio before knowing what to post on Instagram or using any sort hashtags generator.

  • You’d attract strangers from hashtags or the explore page to visit Instagram profile.

With an ineffective profile, it’s hard for you to get them to follow you.

Especially when you try to put a link in your bio.

Or mentioned these kinds of words that would limit your page reach such as

  • 50% Off
  • Free Shipping Nationally
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free.

Anything that leads people off the Instagram platform, basically.


You don’t have enough followers and engagement…

…putting those elements on, won’t get you more followers.

In this blog post Instagram Bio Ideas: 199+ Best Ideas to Get More Followers – I shared all the necessary steps, you can take to optimize your bio for more followers.

Hashtags For Likes

Hashtags is the #1 element to grow and most people want to know how to get more likes without hashtags.

Another mistake.

  • Avoid using free hashtags generator. But the tool that I mentioned earlier TailwindApp.

They also have a hashtags generator that deliver relevant hashtags for your Instagram niche.

Always prepare several set of hashtags instead of using one set over and over again.

Helpful Blog Post: Instagram Hashtags for Followers: 1000 Likes, Without Banned (BEST)

Posting Frequency

I’m sure you ask this question how often should you post on instagram to gain followers?

Keep this simple,

  • If you have small number of followers and low engagement rate, do not post more than once a day.

As they grow, slowly increase your posting frequency.

If you’re look @millionaire_mentor on Instagram.


With millions of followers, Jason Stone posts any time he wants to due to the number of engagement is massive.

  • But you need to upgrade your account to either business account or content creator and turn your Instagram private account into a public account.

After you upgraded you’d have access to one of the IG feature below…

Instagram Insights

This IG feature allows you to get more followers by simply looking at the Instagram insights.


  • If you have a new account, expect to wait for 7 to 14 days for Instagram to populate the number into your Instagram insights.

You can get your photo go viral or to the explore page again by using it.

Finding out the best time to post on Instagram without having to listen to other fake gurus.


If you plan to be an Instagram influencer, you can make a lot more money with your Instagram influencer marketing campaign by looking at your audience.


Optimize your Instagram Organic Followers Profile.

I’m going to summarize everything in this section of this blog post and how you could ultimate automation your IG account with Instagram automation tools…

…to actually gain Instagram organic followers.

  • Niche
  • Name Ideas
  • Captions
  • Bio – When is the best time to make money on Instagram with the link in bio.
  • Hashtags for likes.
  • How often you should post on Instagram?
  • Instagram insights that help you grow.

After you set everything up, leverage TailwindApp that I mentioned earlier to set automation to your account.

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Instagram Organic Followers – Conclusions.

I hope you enjoy this blog post about the best organic followers Instagram and understand more about it.

Also, the automation process that I’m been using for Instagram and Pinterest that now,

I have more time to work on earthvessle.com

With that said,

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FAQs. – Instagram Organic Followers.

How To Buy Organic Followers on Instagram?

Nope, you can only buy fake followers that people that sell followers like to say the word active and real to get you buy them.

How Do I Grow My Instagram Followers Organically?

Apply the correct Instagram marketing to gain followers organically or use free which shared in this blog post.

How Can I Get 1000 Followers on Instagram?

By using all IG features such as hashtags is one of them that give you followers. – continue reading…

What Happens When You Get 1000 Followers on Instagram?

You can simply leverage the direct message on Instagram to share with people what you’re selling and see your followers interested because they already trust you.

Is It Legal to Buy Followers on Instagram?

Yes, it is legal to buy followers on Instagram and it’s much better to buy Instagram likes as you could have access to the Instagram story swipe up.

How Can You Tell If Someone Bought Followers?

By using Instagram tools like SocialBlade and HypeAuditor.

Does Instagram Pay Money?

IGTV monetization is what users going to get pay – continue reading…