Instagram Niche Ideas: 8 Profitable Niches of All Time

Instagram niche ideas allow you to make money on Instagram easier.

In this guide, I’ll share everything from picking a niche, how to grow your page within that niche and whether you should be changing your niche on Instagram.

I’ll also give you the 8 profitable Instagram niche ideas that select based on proven tactics.

Due to competition these days,

picking a niche allows you to grow faster and avoid ruining your page by posting random photos on your Instagram page.

Guarantee you’ll be making money within the niche.

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Determine IG Monthly Active Users to Pick Your Instagram Niche Ideas!


Instagram monthly active users has reached one billion active users and at this time, I can’t make any new account with either Facebook or Instagram.

In my opinion, these platforms are focus on improve their quality and limit the number of new users, and users that use best Instagram automation tools to spam on their platform.

If you’re reading this, I guarantee you already have an account and to my experience, you can grow an Instagram account to 10,000 followers in 30-days with in any Instagram niches.

…even if Instagram has Instagram hide likes.

And any account standard… old or new.

It’s a plus to have an old account, but not too worry. Overall, you need an account.

You’ll find out how to find your Instagram niche, next…

What is Instagram Niche Ideas?

Instagram niche or Instagram niches is basically synonym to the topic.

Due to competition, it’s important select a profitable niche on Instagram. Posting random photos are not working anymore.

What you post has to be consistent.

…if you post about flowers on Instagram, then it’s important consistently post flowers on Instagram.

Not just on Instagram posting consistency, but also through the use of photo size, Instagram captions, Instagram hashtags, etc.

…which you’ll find out all the step you need to take below.


I’ll show you the best way for picking money-making Instagram niche.

then, steps on how to grow a niche Instagram…

In my opinion, it’s easier to make money on Facebook if you haven’t started on Instagram.

2 Proven Tactics for Findings Money-Making Instagram Niche Ideas

An important principle for findings money-making Instagram niche…

…by knowing the number of people available in that niche, the more people in that niche equals the more money you’ll make.

Instagram Explore Page for Viral Niches


Looking at the red part,

These are category that you can pick from, as you scrolling, you’ll find more and more categories.

After picking Instagram niche ideas, start looking around see which photos has a lot of likes and comments, then look into the page to check the number of followers.

Keep in mind… any category listed on Instagram has over millions of people that’s why Instagram listed there.

If you don’t see Instagram list what you want to post.

  • Don’t post.

I’ll show you how to post and grow your first 10,000 Instagram followers.

Never buy niche Instagram followers which might get you ban or if you plan to use any best Instagram automation tools… don’t use them.

Instagram Hashtags Popularity


Can you see the amount of posts on this Instagram hashtags in the health and fitness industry?

It has over 100,000,000 million posts.

Can you gain 1 million followers from this Instagram hashtags? It’s a yes for me.

So depends on what niche you want to be in…

…search for that ideas and find the hashtags that have the biggest volume of posts.

Pick that.

Without any further concerns,

I have prepared an Instagram niche list and Instagram niche ideas for you.

99% of people will be in one of these 8 Instagram niches.

After you select your niche, continue reading… you’ll be finding how to post and methods that help you grow your first 10,000 Instagram followers.

Btw… you don’t need any Instagram niche finder at all.

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Instagram Niche Ideas: 8 Best Instagram Niches to Make Money.

Knowing how to make money on Instagram is important let alone followers.

  • Like they says… you can’t deposit followers into your bank account, bank account only accepts currency, money, cash… followers.

Most people with a goal in mind to only grow a big number of followers on Instagram, not realizing Instagram just keep dropping their organic reach as they grow.

They’re not even sure, if they’d get ban while growing their page for no reasons.

That means it’s important to make money as you grow on Instagram.

I’ve written a post on how to make money on Instagram with Clickbank using the affiliate marketing model.

That you only need to share a link to make money.

But not too fast, let get back in those profitable niches.

These are evergreen Instagram niches that you make money over and over again.

Check out these best Instagram niche for money below and hope you enjoy my niche suggestions.

Health and Fitness Niche

Health and fitness is a category on Instagram.

Within the category, you can look into specific growing niches such as weight loss on Instagram, bodybuilding, yoga, healthy eating, etc.

  • don’t just pick health and fitness as one of your great niche ideas!

You’ll just end up posting anything and everything relate to health and fitness that makes a messy page look.

For example, let say you’re have narrowed down into the weight loss Instagram niche.

At the Instagram explore page, look for page that has millions of followers

…and have a look at their feed.

Most likely is all about weight loss.

  • If you haven’t followed our page on Instagram, follow @earthvessle on Instagram and be sure to join the free updates.

Deliciously Ella, her Instagram page is about plant-based living, and in the million followers range, thanks to her creative, consistent, engaging, and helpful content.



With Instagram beauty niche, I’m not so familiar with this, could be a category or niche by searching via the hashtags,

…it seems to be even more popular to the health category.

In the Instagram beauty niche, you could start a page around cosmetic tutorial, makeup tutorial, etc.

This niche could also be tight into the health and fitness or fashion niche, as people need all of them to mark their content into the beauty category.

Category or niche might be confusing right now, but all you have to do it’s follow pages that the most followers and work with them.

…and post content that’s similar to them.

Makeup Instagram niche By Tiffany D has mastered the beauty industry on Instagram. She shares content on makeup tutorials, and beauty hacks.



Travel Instagram niche is the niche that I am in while it is the best media niche ideas, you can click here to find out what post on daily basis and I only post 1 a day max.

As I check the Instagram travel hashtags, I notice it’s bigger than that above Instagram niches that I shared with you.

In the travel industry NationalGeography has the most number of followers and it’s definitely a channel to copy after.

I personally see @earthpix as my inspiration to grow my page…

…and I’ve learned a lot of the page and his Instagram course.

Along with a business page that I’ll be share with you next.



Business is not an Instagram niche, It’s a category which also has a large number of followers on the Instagram hashtags.

There are different niches within the business category…

…as mentioned one of the page that I found really inspired by and learn also has a course that I’m personally learned from.

It’s quote page by millionaire_mentor on Instagram,

He started with a small group of entrepreneur, now their pages are all in the millions followers range.

The course that I learn from is not created by millionaire_mentor by one of his partner which I’ve learned from.

If you want a Instagram book or learn more about the course on how to grow, click here.



Fashion is another viral niches, you don’t have to go narrower if you choose this Instagram niche ideas.

This is more towards women and men can definitely be in this niche.

What you basically need to post, is just yourself wearing different types of outfits daily…

…combine a basic photography skill,

you’re good to go.

Basic photography means the photo is clean that help your outfit stands out.

The more photo you take, the more you’ll train your visual skills to improve.

Just basically, take photo and post your outfit daily…

Don’t overthink.

Fashion is very well relevant to the lifestyle Instagram niche, as you take photo and change your outfit on daily basis.

You could choose to show face or not, but it’s easy to make money when showing yourself and let your followers know who you are.


Lifestyle Niche

Lifestyle Instagram niche has over 200 million people in it. It is closely related to the fashion niche.

As you’re taking photo of your lifestyle on a daily basis.

You’re showing your fashion sense on your Instagram posts to your Instagram followers.

But you don’t need to change your fashion or display a strong sense of fashion on a daily basis.

You can just wear your normal clothing.

In speaking of using Instagram viral photo, lifestyle Instagram niche ideas to me has very few number of viral post.

But you can simply post find more photo with a lot of likes and copy that.

Later down this post, I’ll share with you my top tool for finding viral photo with a click of a button

…along with hashtags that are relevant to your page.

Vodka for Dog People does lifestyle branding well. They post about almost anything on their page…

…from dog to their lifestyle and in my experience, it’s quite difficult to grow a big and fast following in this niche.



Animals Instagram niche ideas is a category, you can be in.

A niche that has many viral photos and people loves animals. Most people would narrow this category down into a niche such posting only about dog, cat, pug, duck, etc.

Although this Instagram category is a little smaller but it also has over 50 million people.

NationalGeography has an Instagram page that dedicated to only animals.

That means you can definitely follow that page and grow your own page…

…your first 10,000 followers on Instagram, it’s important to using any best app for Instagram likes.



Relationships is one of the best Instagram niche that you can be in.

You don’t have to specifically pick any photo but just relationship.

If you look at the photo below with over millions of followers and they post almost about anything from animals to lifestyle to cat to dog…

…but each photo has the same topic on relationships.

Due to this page has a big following that allows them post like that.

It’s a good move for small page to do that.

Whereas they do not have enough engagement on it.

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Helpful Blog Posts:

8 Easy-to-Follow Steps to Build a Make Money Niche

I’d assume that you now know all the profitable Instagram niche ideas…

…knowing which Instagram niche that you should be in.


It’s knowing how to grow your Instagram page to even 10,000 followers would be your first goal in mind to achieve.


The following 8 easy-to-follow steps make money on Instagram will not waste your time or never to only focus on building your Instagram followers.

If you experience with Instagram hide likes, you can grow even easier.

Instagram Profile Optimization

  • Your Instagram username – Aim for professional and not hyphens or dots. Keep it simple like Instagram @earthvessle.
  • Turn your personal profile into a business or Instagram creator account – I am personally using a creator account due to it gives great information on how to grow the page, I’m talking about the Instagram analytics.
  • Add a full business name to your page – most people encourage you to use keywords, but no. it’s not a big deal.
  • Instagram caption or Instagram bio – also aim profession and keep it clean, straight to the point what your Instagram page is about.


Consistently Posting and Engaging with Followers

Posting consistently on Instagram is important and when you starting out your page… you don’t have to post once a day until you reach like 300 – 500 followers.

Then, you start to post on a daily basis, also by looking at the analytics, find out the best time that you should be posting…

…post at that time.

Engaging with Instagram followers is what key to grow your page to the roof. It’s important to engage with people that you follow.

An important notice…

Don’t reply to all comments, just reply to a few to show that your page is caring for your audience.

Don’t like too many photo at once, or you’ll get Instagram action blocked from 1-day to 24-day!

Take it slow.

On the other side, Facebook is easier that you should read this post on make money using facebook.

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Instagram moving forwards is more towards quality, not quantity. If you want to post a lot, you can choose Pinterest traffic to drive to your Instagram page.

With that says, post once a day is enough.

Even if you have a page with 10,000 followers, you still don’t need to post more than once let alone pages with millions followers that only post once a day.

Instagram pages that has followers in the million range, they can posting many posts per day at the best time.

When to Make an Instagram Post

As you’re starting out, your new Instagram page will not have enough followers to determine when to make an Instagram post.

Once you grow all the way to 300 – 500 followers, Instagram will let you know when is the best time to post, you can post based on the time then.

Btw… your Instagram analytic will not have information after 7-day after you post.

Instagram Hashtags: Secret Growth hack.

Again, for new Instagram page,

…most people would debate on how many hashtags to use, I’d recommend use 30 Instagram hashtags as you don’t have enough followers to rank on any hashtags.

Even Instagram will not care if you 30 hashtags

As you grow to 5000+ followers, the best range is 20 – 25 Instagram hashtags.

Pick low competition Instagram hashtags

…so you can rank for it.

In the beginner, I mention finding big Instagram hashtags for Instagram niche selection only, not to use in post.

If you’re new pick hashtags range from 10k – 20k Instagram post volume

I mention more about hashtags in my previous post on Instagram hide likes that you should check out.

One of tool that I also recommend for finding hashtags and viral post to use check the Ingramer out – All-in-once tool.

Instagram Stories – How to Post?

For Instagram post on Instagram stories, this is the best place to get personal with your followers.

  • As Instagram stories only last for 24h, sharing and getting more personality allow you to build a stronger relationship with your Instagram followers, also, to make money on Instagram with Clickbank easier.

You can also use Instagram stories hashtags – you can actually use 15 hashtags, but I recommend 1 hashtag is enough as you already use 30 hashtags on your Instagram feed or post.

Instagram Captions

I mention writing a caption is very important that determine if you’re going to make money or not.

Instagram captions is for sharing with your followers and build a deeper relationship with you so they can trust you more.

Don’t use random emoji which I’m seeing so many people only use 1 to several Facebook emoji shortcuts to their Instagram caption.

That’s why I’ve written a guide and put together all the best family Instagram captions you can use to get started with and change it later on.

Build a Relationship with Influencers

People that has a big social influence on any social media platforms, has officially known as influencers.

In our case, on Instagram.

You’re an Instagram influencer.

Building a relationship with these people quite a hassle without knowing what it is they’re looking for.

  • They get thousands of likes and comments on their content on top of interacting with influencers content or compliment them via DM,

the best way I found to create a better connection between your business is to collaborate with them using their services.

It can be as basic as buying a shout-out from them.

What’s better?

Collaborate with these influencers with what they’re currently working on.

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Instagram Niche Ideas – Conclusions.

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FAQs – Instagram Niche Ideas.

How to Create a Niche on Instagram?

You do not want to create your own niche but simply using viral niches that already working and which shown above in this blog post.

Who is using Instagram The Most?

According to the HootSuite, the age group between 18 – 24 spends around 75% on Instagram. Follow by the age group of 25 – 29 spends around 59% on the platform and most of them are coming from the US. 

Who is the Highest Paid on Instagram?

Who acquired the most following would be the top earning on the platform. The company itself obviously earning the most followed by Cristiano Ronaldo who has the second biggest following on the platform.

What are The most Profitable Niches on Instagram?

I have listed all the profited niches ideas that you could find out. It is located in this post.

How many Instagram followers do I need to start making money?

You don’t need a big following to make money, you can make money while growing your Instagram followers page. I share an article how to make money here.

Is 1000 followers on Instagram a lot?

With 1,000 followers on Instagram is not a lot, it’s enough to make money on the platform. But you have to know how to do. I share a method that works on both platform Facebook as well. This is how to make money on faceobook.

What gender uses Instagram the most?

There appear to be more female then male gender on using the platform.

How many followers do you need on Instagram to get a blue tick?

I’ve seen pages with 16,000 followers, but rarely and also pages with 50,000 followers with a blue tick. To get a blue stick simply click on the verification settings and submit your information.

What are the disadvantages of Instagram?

The disadvantages of Instagram or any social media platform is that you don’t have control over. It means they can ban you any time they want to.

What are Benefits of Instagram Niche Ideas?

The benefits of Instagram is you can make money using them and have way to reach out to new people and stay connected with them.

Which is better FB or Instagram?

They both are great to make money. FB allows only 5,000 friends whereas Instagram is unlimited followers. On the other hands, you can make money on Facebook due to you can take a lot actions to the platform… like you don’t get block for like and comment on posts.