11+ Worst Instagram Mistakes That Not Getting You Followers.

Instagram mistakes are made by everyone, even I made tons of mistakes on Instagram to grow my first 100k followers.



In this blog post, these mistakes are made correlated to getting more followers and likes only.

Beginner tips to advanced that help you grow your page.

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11+ Worst Instagram Mistakes That Not Getting You Followers.

Not Picking an Instagram Niche as an Instagram Influencer.

That’s right.

Whether you’re an Instagram influencer or not,

If you want more followers and likes, you need to pick a niche.

Nobody likes to see you’re posting a anything and everything from girls, guys, flowers, travel, make money online, etc.

It creates a disorganizing Instagram feed, it is the first step step of Instagram attraction marketing,

Instagram Mistakes

Let’s say you’re a stranger from hashtags first time visits this page, would you follow and like it?

That means,

Start a with niche and you can find all your niche using the hashtags search tool at the Instagram explore page…

…which I even shared all most profitable tips in this blog post Instagram Niche Ideas: 8 Profitable Niches of All Time.

Waiting For 10k Followers.

Instead of waiting to reach to 10k followers so you can place more marketing links to your Instagram bio, don’t wait.

You and I know you can put 1-link in bio on Instagram

But when you use TapLink, you don’t have to wait for the Instagram stop swipe up any more.

It looks something like this…



With only 1-link, you can even collect build an email list using AWeber as well.

TapLink, it is the cheapest Instagram marketing tool you need for your online business and brands which also comes with an affiliate program.

  • I was using Linktree, but they don’t have an affiliate program and more expensive with no customer support.

Get started with Taplink, today to place 10+ link in bio with a single link.

Not Knowing What to Post on Instagram.

If you don’t have enough engagement on your page and after picked an Instagram niche,

  • It’s difficult to simply posting anything from photos to videos, IG Story, IG carousel, IG slideshow, IGTV, etc.


You don’t need your Instagram theme ideas for Instagram attraction marketing but the basic to attract more followers and likes is consistency of posting photos if you low engagement, video, IG story, etc.

That allows your Instagram feed looks and feels great.


Not Using Relevant Hashtags for Followers and Likes.

Let’s say you’re in a niche of Japanese green tea matcha.

When making Instagram posts about green tea while using hashtags for photography or fashion hashtags, – simply out of topic.

What’s worst?

In reality, they are just too popular to post anything into it.

Imagine 100 people posting in 1 second by checking the recent tab of hashtags,

Another Instagram Mistakes

Although they getting 0 likes and 0 comments, but your post would get push down, quickly.

Using Free Instagram Hashtags Generator.

Free hashtags generator is the most painful tool to use.

  • Instagram updates their hashtags database 10x faster than a free hashtags generator tool that can’t afford their marketing budget to hire employee to update their own hashtags database.

I hope you get it.

For example, the first moment I created my own hashtags #earthvessle immediately got shadowban Instagram the next few days.

Imagine free hashtags generator has those banned hashtags.

Manipulate with Instagram Bots.

Did you know as soon as you connect your Instagram page with any Instagram third party app, you’d get Instagram action blocked?

Instead of using Instagram bots, it’s time to switch our language. – use Instagram automation tool that are certified with Instagram,


  • You need TailwindApp – if you want to gain followers on autopilot for 365/24/7 without touching your page.

Lack in Instagram Posting Frequency.

The next Instagram mistake is posting frequency, how often you post or not posting at all…

Or posting 1AM today and posting another image at 9PM the next day.

  • Again, when you don’t have enough followers and likes on Instagram. Posting once a day is enough to avoid losing Instagram followers.

As soon as you’re getting more followers and likes, then slowly increase your posting frequency.

Apart from posting on Instagram…

In this blog post Best Time to Post on Instagram For Likes and Followers – I shared how you can use the Instagram insights find the best time to post without relying on anybody else.

Only Using Instagram.


Most social media bloggers do not share this part, but I’m going to be honest with you.

The reasons you want to get more followers on Instagram is to become famous on Instagram or make money on Instagram, right?

  • The most painful part of using social media is you’re getting banned ups and downs.
  • without a reason and which policy or terms of service you violated.

That doesn’t mean you don’t use social media.

The idea is to work on another marketing channel to grow your personal brand or online business there.

Not Using IG Story.

Instagram story is the key to grow and it is the best feature that you don’t annoy your IG followers.


Each IG story only lasts for 24-hour.


This also depends on how many followers and likes you have, that doesn’t mean you’d go ahead and keeping posting and manipulating the IG story by posting multiple times.

Post once a day if you don’t have enough followers and likes.

Using Low Quality Instagram Photo.

Important Instagram mistakes is using low quality Instagram photo.

  • Avoid anything blurry and always using an important Instagram image size which is 1200×1500.

Like this,


Another IG tips, that indicate you have a low-quality photo is when you post low quality, Instagram promotion won’t allow you to promote that photo like that button above.

Not Effectively Use IG Captions.

Did you know IG caption is the only place you can communicate with your followers?

Most people either using a too long IG captions or selfie quotes or not using at all.

Like this,

Instagram Mistakes: Too Long IG Caption.

If you want more followers by simple using IG caption, read this blog post: Instagram Captions & Selfie Quotes: BEST 699+ Ideas for Followers.

Spamming in Bio.


Biggest Instagram mistake that don’t give you more followers and likes.

When you look an Instagram profile with this messy Instagram bio.

Would you follow?

  • Strangers from hashtags has to take a few minutes to look careful what it is that you shared on the bio.

The key thing is…

…keep it simple for Instagram attraction marketing.

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FAQs. – Instagram Mistakes

How To Tell Instagram They Made a Mistake?

You can reach out to the Instagram help center but I doubt that would have the time to respond back to you.

What should you avoid on Instagram?

You should avoid posting too frequently if you have less engagement or inconsistency.

How do you know if someone made a mistake on Instagram?

You can look at their Instagram feed by comparing these Instagram mistakes in this blog post and direct message them to avoid these mistakes.

How can Instagram be misused?

Never try to be somebody that you’re not, never put plastic surgery then tell people you’re real or basically, avoid fake it til’ you make it.

How can I see all my mentions on Instagram?

You can simply tap on mentioned in your Instagram feed to see all your mentions.

Should you like your own posts on Instagram?

Yes, it doesn’t matter and it is one of the IG hack to give your Instagram posts more engagement and a chance to get on Instagram explore page.