Free Instagram University 3.0 Review by Niklas Pedde

Instagram university reviews by Niklas Pedde and all the Instagram marketing secrets which they are the exact step I use to grow 10,000 Instagram followers in 1-month.

This is not an Instagram marketing secrets podcast.

But I’ll be revealing with you, a free Instagram secrets IPF formula Instagram at the end.

Apart from this guide I’ve also written a complete step-by-step, easy-to-follow Instagram strategy that you can use…

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…to grow your first 10,000 Instagram followers by simply using 1-simple Instagram strategy as my personal bonus that you think it’s not going work,

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What is Instagram University?

Instagram University is a simple step-by-step course created by a 19-year old young man who have a well understanding on how to make money on IG…

…which the knowledge acquired over the past 3 years after many ups and downs.

Instagram university has 3 things different that you can need to know:

  • It’s not just another online course that you can login once and forget about it.
  • Not a get-rich-quick-scheme promises you to make millions overnight.
  • Also, not an online course.

It’s an online program that shares Niklas knowledge acquired over the 3 years of failures.

With the Instagram University, you’ll learn the following things:

  • Know exactly how the current Instagram algorithm is working for going viral on Instagram.
  • A simple step-by-step blueprint for generate an income on Instagram without a large following.
  • Strategic methods for growing your Instagram account engagement for likes, comments, followers and story views, etc.
  • Generating your first $1,000 on Instagram with your first 1,000 Instagram followers which can be acquired within 7-day.
  • Reveal the exact system, step-by-step Niklas’s using to generating his first $1,000,000 in sales with Instagram, only in 45-days.
  • And much more…

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As of now,

Over 9,000+ students have join the online program and total of 1,000,000 followers acquired


Over $4,000,000 in sales while over 10,000,000 likes generated.

instagram university 1

Simply, Check Out The University.

Who is Niklas Pedde?

Niklas Pedde is online entrepreneur leverage Instagram to grow his wealth and allows him to live his own lifestyle over in Dubai moving from the United States, at the age of 18!


Generating over $1,000,000 in sales with just 45-days.

  • He uses the exact strategy that all the big guys like Tai Lopez, Gary Vaynerchuck, Grant Cardone, etc. but they never talk about it except telling to read more books.


Niklas Pedde sums it up into his IPF formula and that is exactly what you’re going learn for getting your first $1000 online without a large following on Instagram.

3 years ago,

He literally has no money in his bank and just living a normal life like everybody else…

…going to school, playing computer games, and shy, etc.

Just like everybody else that has dream to live great:

  • Travel the world.
  • Be able to support his family, and friends.
  • Drive cool and fancy cars.

But there is one problem.

He got no money in his bank account.

After leaving his 9-to-5 job for a few days working. He soon to realize, there is one thing in common that all successful people has…

…a following.

Another failure happened which he got only 10,000 followers in 8 months.

Fast forwards,

  • He made anywhere from $10,000 a month, $100,000 a month to $1,000,000 dollars in sale revenue.
  • Build and sold his Instagram page which he acquired over 125k followers.
  • And multiple awards for sales breaking records.



All thanks to the…

Instagram University IPF Formula

In his online program, he revealed the entire formula you need to follow for generating the same results as Niklas.

He shared some of his bold claims…

  • Build a huge following
  • Highly profitable online business on Instagram
  • Your $1,000 without even 10k followers.
  • Even… making your $100k per month online within 6 months.

In fact, don’t be surprise about this result.

If he can do it, you can do it, and so do I…

…if you look at my about page, I shared how I was able to make my first $100k in 3-months with drop-shipping, not Instagram though – but forget about drop-shipping for now.

Take a look at some of his students…



Because of these results which keep inspire him to be launching his own online program which is the Instagram University for the cost of one coffee.

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Complete Instagram University Reviews

If you still have the concern of spending $7 to learn all the step.

I’ll be revealing the entire all the step-by-step inside and what it looks like inside the course for free and if you’re currently looking for Niklas Pedde – Instagram University 3.0 free download…

Since it only a small cost of coffee cup that you daily, it’s definitely worth to get,

and with the Instagram University 3.0 affiliate, you make back your investment within no time.

What’s better?

If you search anything on Google about Instagram with the word earthvessle in it…

…for example “make money on Instagram earthvessle” you’ll find all the strategy you need to work on right away, but I believe these steps are layout.


  • Instagram 101: The step-by-step how Instagram algorithm works and the exact Instagram beginner should be using to make money.
  • Branding Secrets: Without branding, the step above simply do not work and even if an Instagram page with a big following without branding… they’d still be struggle to generate an income on Instagram.
  • Golden Blueprint: A simple blueprint, you can use to get paid your $1,000 without a huge following implementing the above 2 strategies.
  • IG Blackbox: All prepared and done-for-you template to get started with PDF checklist, opy & paste, etc.
  • Instagram Secrets: Evergreen strategy for growing your Instagram account that works for any niche your IG page is in.
  • IPF Formula: The ultimate methods to be making reveal Niklas Pedde methods for earning his way to $1,000,000.

Along with these bonuses…

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Top 5 Instagram Secrets For I Learnt For My First 10k Followers

1. Instagram Strategy

Follow-4-Follow works for me.

If that doesn’t work for you then, you can do commenting to grow is the max activity on Instagram that you can use to grow your Instagram page.

  • Follow-4-follow on Instagram has different phrase, that you’ll be applying to grow your page, and you should stop doing follow-4-follow when you reached 5,000 followers.


When you have you 5,000 followers, the activity you took on Instagram will impact your followers.

If your followers see you follow/unfollow people, they will unfollow you for annoying their recent activity.

Check out the free Instagram marketing secrets book that I’ll be giving you away for free. However, it’s physical book, you’ll have to cover the shipping fee though.

2. Instagram Secret Rules

There will be no Instagram secret rules, but there are rules you need to avoid for action blocks.

  • Instagram is getting more and more serious on action blocks, when you follow-4-follow or simply taking too many actions on Instagram.

You’ll be prompt with an action block.

If you there too many action blocks happening, you’re risking your account.

3. Instagram Marketing Secrets Podcast

When I was growing my Instagram page on and at the beginning, I just mostly watch YouTube.

I’ve never listen to podcast that share Instagram marketing secrets.

But there might be in the future.

Thanks to YouTube that I’m able to learn a lot Instagram marketing secrets to grow my page,

…and that’s amazing.

I hope you’ll be ready for your free book.

4. Instagram Marketing Secrets Book

instagram university 2

This is the book that after research after research through YouTube video, I was able to organize the information that allow to me to really take off the ground.

It is a that will share with you everything from a to z, endorsed by one of the most popular page on Instagram Millionaire_Mentor with millions of followers.

It’s a complete live changing book that I even got a signature by the author inside my book.

You’ll love it.

5. Instagram Secrets Book Free

I’m sure you’ll like this book and the sad part is not free completely, because it’s physical, you’ll have to cover the handling fee.

But not only the book that you’ll get, you’ll also get a digital version to get started immediately while waiting for the book arrival.

I bought the Instagram secrets book free but it actually took a while to arrive.

The information is worth it, I recommend.

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Conclusions. – Instagram University by Niklas Pedde

I’ve have also written a guide on how you implement the follow-4-follow method that you can go deeper into do extra research on.

If you haven’t got your step-by-step blueprint or the IPF formula, definitely get yours today.

At the end of the day, I’d recommend you to get this Instagram secrets training.