Instagram Influencer Marketing: #1 Best Guide.

Instagram influencer marketing is the under rated as this marketing strategy is unlike Instagram advertising or Facebook advertising.

You’d have to physically negotiate a marketing campaign with an influencer directly.

Problem such as being scam by influencer is very easy.

In this blog post,

you’ll learn everything about these Instagram influencers.

How you can get most cha-chings out of your bucks by manipulate them…

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What is Instagram Influencer Marketing?

Instagram influencer marketing is also a part of Instagram promotions.

But instead of creating your own advertising campaign like you can do with Facebook ads,

  • you’d need to physically get in touch and applying some of the strategy below this blog post to collaborate with them.

Due to the complexity and most getting scammed by influencers,

Not many marketers, online business, brands, that willing to use this tactic as they completely have no control on what they spent.

  • It’s like put $1000 in an influencer campaign that you have zero metrics such as CTR, CPM, Link Click, CPC, etc…

What is that meaning to you?

Most people got scared…

That’s why Instagram influencer marketing is still cheap and under-utilized.

So answer the next question on…

If you don’t want to use Instagram influencers but you want to be one. – I’ll share everything with you later down this blog post.

Sound great?


Does Instagram Influencer Marketing Work?

This depends on what your marketing goal is, but if you want to hear more cha-chings and increase your sale revenue…

…while you have a budget available for IG influencers, it’s going to work.

More importantly,

  • Knowing how to negotiate,
  • Manipulate the influencer to get the cheapest price
  • What is the best marketing objective in your business that you should be using influencer for.
  • Avoid being scammed.
  • Finding the right Instagram niche page for your product or marketing objective.

Instagram influencer marketing does work wonders.

But if your experience is against the list above, it’s very likely that you could not maximize its campaign potential…

…i.e getting scammed by influencers.

What’s more?

Without a good advertising budget such as $200 to $500, it’s going to difficult to pull off a successful campaign.

  • $200 to $500 could be raising, as more and more people utilizing Instagram influencer in the future.

Before getting into these marketing strategies…

Instagram Influencer Marketing Alternative.

Don’t Have a Budget

If you’ve reading this blog post and up to this point that you decide that you don’t have a budget for IG influencer…

I recommend you read all these blog posts at

But the basic answer to be an Instagram influencer is to have massive number of Instagram followers.

  • A simple strategy that allow to reach over 100k followers is by simply setting my IG page on autopilot with this Instagram automation tool called TailwindApp.

Read: 4 Best Ways to Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes Fast

But if you…

Have a Marketing Budget

You never want to miss out to be using your own Instagram influencer marketing,

by killing two birds with one stone hack while using influencer as your marketing strategy.

What do I mean?

  • There are different ways to promote product and services on using Instagram influencer.

But to kill two birds with one stone to have the influencer mention your Instagram username in their bio…

…have your call to action into your bio to purchase your products, download app, affiliate links, etc.

like this…


Instead of asking people to click into the influencer bio to click the link in bio.

Ask the influencer to mention your Instagram handle and click the link in your bio.

I hope you get this.

5 Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy

These influencer marketing strategies are in order to avoid complete scam by fake influencer and help you get the most bang for the buck.

Instagram Influencer Marketing: Not For Followers

Remember the trick with killing two birds with one stone?

If you’re using Instagram influencer marketing for followers only,

It’s the biggest mistake.

Like they said,

You can’t deposit followers to the bank, the bank only want cash.

That means…

  • Always use influencers to double sale revenue.

How I Got Scammed?

In fact, I was thinking influencer is great to get followers and I got scammed by a page called @explore by Jean BS.instagram-influencer-marketing-93

It’s by broken promises that we agreed to did not deliver the promised.

  • Just like you and I know that $500 can’t get you to 5000 followers, but the influencer agreed to do it, he has to.
  • But he basically gave my page 2 shoutouts and not even bother responding to the direct message on Instagram.

That means,

  1. $500 do not give you 5000 followers, first.
  2. Second, $500 can double your sales revenue if you have a good marketing object.

An example my 6-figures drop shipping store started with $200 free+shipping method.

Identify Your Instagram Influencer Marketing Niche

Products and influencers match is key to double your sale revenue.

  • Imagine having a garden product related and using influencer that is in the car niche?

Instead if you pick an Instagram influencer that in the car niche, pick influencers that are in the garden niche.

To find influencer that are the garden niche can never be easier.

Simply type the word garden into the hashtag search tool at the Instagram explore page.


I was seeing in the hashtags garden first and click to see the account with 100k followers.

You either find more accounts in the garden niche from related hashtags on Instagram.

Next, this is optional, I’ll tell you why…

  • Determine which Types of Influencer they are: If you look at the image below, there are different types of influencer based on their followers. Are they nano influencer, micro influencer, mid-tier influencer, macro influencer, mega influencer.


If it’s optional, why do I share it in this blog post?

Most people wasting time and over spent it on determine the types of influencer and even share a whole blog post about it.

Why This is Optional?

  • Different IG account has different engagement rate.

Some influencers can have a page with 100k followers, or even 1million followers but their engagement rate is low which an influencer with 10k followers can outperform them.


A great way to determine account engagement rate is comparing the number of likes and followers,

And more importantly…

…do not judge a page with 10k followers with a page 1million followers.


List Up your Instagram Influencer Marketing Hub

Before approaching any of these Instagram influencers you have to list them up into the Instagram influencer marketing hub,

so you can easily see it who you’re going to work with.


  1. The negotiation part is the part where the relationship can be broken very easily regardless how good your negotiating skill is.
  2. Not all influencer will get back to you quickly, at least 24-hour.


  • As you apply the method above to find your influencer that matches your niche product…
  • Separate what types of influencer they are
  • Write down the influencer cost only after you perform an absolute page audit of that influencer.

Check out next!

Identify Influencers Fake Instagram Followers

Identify influencer with fake Instagram followers can never be easier.

This is an important to step to work with before approaching influencer.

  • You don’t want spend your money and your marketing campaign to fake influencers.
  • You don’t want to approach the influencer to ask if they are fake influencers.

There are two Instagram tools you need, one is free tool called SocialBlade but you can only find a limited amount of information to determine if they are fake.


Simply put the Instagram influencer username into the SocialBlade and if you see their followers dropped or increased inconsistently just like the photo.

They are fake.

If you see their followers consistently dropped daily.


  • Avoid that influencer as well due to 2 reasons: They’re not active or consistently making Instagram posts and have been buying Instagram followers…

…which Instagram is getting rid of fake followers.


Due to the lack of information as you can’t dig down even deeper to the influencer growth history using SocialBlade.

  • Fake influencers can manipulate the number displayed on SocialBlade and makes it look legitimate.

But check out this ultimate Instagram tool.


This is a great tool to dig down fake influencers and save your money on your marketing campaign.

  • What if you can look back 1 year ago of this influencer?
  • Determine audience demographic to determine if their followers fit your product.
  • What country their followers are from most.

Basically, what you can see from your Instagram insights, you can identify a more in-depth information about your influencer.


you won’t be able to ask your influencer to share their Instagram insights about their page.

  • They can easily take a fake screenshot or not even bother answering your direct message on Instagram.

This is where HypeAuditor save your marketing budget for greater marketing campaign objective.


Negotiate Your Instagram Influencer Marketing Costs

Now it’s time to approach Instagram influencers to find out the cost and to negotiate.

Approaching influencers is not easy either.

  • This depends on how good your product is and your company customers service but your product is key.
  • If you have a long shipping time or low product quality, unless the influencers don’t know what they do, they will accept the marketing campaign.

First knowing that you’re not the only person direct message the influencer…

Leverage emoji and specifically state in the first message what and how you’d like your marketing campaign to be and would like to know the price, like this…


Depends if you want to follow the strategy I mentioned, if you do you can simply copy and DM influencer using template below…

[Fire emoji] Shoutout Request [Fire emoji] Hi [brand name/personal name], I’m looking for shout out with a mention in the caption area, please let me know the price offering, Thank you.

the key here to let them see this part only: [Fire emoji] Shoutout Request [Fire emoji].

What’s next?

  • Continue direct message influencers you want to launch your marketing campaign and reply back within 1-day

To calm down their greed, you’re about to paying them money…

Avoid going too fast or sending too many direct messages on Instagram at one…

…as long as Instagram notice you’re trying to manipulate any IG features, they will give action blocked or shadowban Instagram.

Establish your Instagram Influencer Marketing Hub.

After you repeat the process from your influencers list to find out what works best and by this point…

…you should already be launched your first influencer marketing campaign.

  • Take note on which influencer that delivery the result that works well in your favor and continue to collaborating with influencer marketing hub you putted together.

Although influencer is sort of out of control and easy to get scam unlike Facebook Ads,

Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency

These agency are the middle man hosting the service so you can have access to influencer quickly but I doubt that you need this (I’ll update this part later…)

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