Instagram Hide Likes: Grow 10k Followers, Without Likes.

Instagram hide likes: Should you even be concerned about?

I’ll be removed your concern and share with you the number #1 old school technique I use to grow my Instagram page to 10,000 followers in 30-days or 60-days most!

Should you even be concerned then?

Or would you rather grow your first 10,000 followers on Instagram?

But first, I’ll be covering why is Instagram hiding likes to help you understand better.

Are you are ready for this?

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Why is Instagram Hiding likes?

According to all youtube videos and Instagram apps, likes and comments create a social pressure and anxiety to Instagram users, as both normal user and as content creator.


If you’re reading this post, the title is applying the technique to grow followers on their platform and leverage social media to make a living without letting social media wasting our time as either a consumer or a content creator perspective.


Whether Instagram hides likes or not, as a content creator, we have the feature to access on the statistic…

…to see how our Instagram page is performing.

Instagram hide likes only to consumers but as a content creator, you have access to it.

Although, that lower the page value many times…

…as an Instagram user, you should understand Instagram can ban and block your page at any time they want.

my old Instagram page with over 70,000 followers where it’s my fault to lost my phone number, but I have no way to reach out to Instagram support.

That gives you a clue, whether to care about Instagram or what they do.

That’s why there will always be a new platform to work on – learn to make money on Tiktok.


That doesn’t mean you don’t use Instagram.

But let get right into how you can grow your 10,000 followers on Instagram and take the advantage and grow your own empire – read how to make money on Instagram with Clickbank.

Instagram Hide Likes: Grow 10K Followers, Without Likes.

Instagram hide likes has nothing to do with people want to grow a following on Instagram as long as you can see the performance of your page.

One of the biggest money-making methods on Instagram is selling shout-out on Instagram…

…that means without seeing likes, you might need to send more screenshots of your page performance to acquire the most money.

Before you even think about selling shout-out…

…let get your page to 10,000 followers first!

Btw… I mentioned some of the best Instagram automation tools that will get you ban which you should read.

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One important note, I need to share with you…

The biggest optical you will face while growing your Instagram followings is action blocks…

…if you take too many action at once, or take too many actions in a day,

you can expect an action blocked from Instagram and it will just be going to get heavier or even ban your page if you keep getting action blocked.

Instagram Profile Setup Mastery

Today, creating a new Instagram or facebook account is not easy. I tried to create a new account on these… but can’t (I’m currently looking for a way).

You can use any existing Instagram account to getting started to setup your Instagram account.

  • Instagram Niche: at the explore page, you will find some category at the top and pick on any photos and select page that within that category and finalize to whether should you get started on that Instagram niche – any niches you select from the category is the biggest niche on Instagram that you can make money from.
  • Instagram Username: think professional, don’t user hyphens or numbers or dot… just like this @earthvessle.
  • Profile picture: create a logo or use your personal photo – as long as you keep posting relevant content, people doesn’t care about what you’re using. But avoid losing followers for changing your profile picture, just use one photo for 1-year.
  • Your Instagram bio: you can copy my bio or use these family Instagram captions – keep it short!
  • Instagram website link: Don’t put a website link if you want to get more followers. When you reach 10,000 followers, put a link there.
  • Switch your Personal Profile: Start switching your account to business/creator, most people debating on which to switch over, keep it simple by a switch with the mindset of having some stats to look at and knowing where to grow.

Instagram Posting Mastery Routine

  • What to post on Instagram? Depends on what niche you’re in, you should be posting photo that are relevant to your niche and using photo that has the most likes on it by using my paid tool for find viral photo & hashtags.
  • Use 30 Instagram Hashtags: With a new page, it’s okay to use 30 hashtags and as you grow, I’d recommend 20 – 25 Instagram hashtags are fine then, picking relevant and less competitive hashtags are important that’s why I recommend my top Instagram tool.
  • How many times to post? Moving forwards Instagram focuses towards quality, unlike before you could post up to 6 times a day, but right now, I only 1-time a day and 2-time max.
  • When to make an Instagram post? If you haven’t reached your 500 – 1000 Instagram followers, you can post any time you want to. As you grow you can post, your analytics stats will show you’re the best time to post on.

Instagram Growth Hack Mastery

Most people wouldn’t believe the I used the good old growth hack strategy to grow my Instagram page.

But I’d…

without that strategy, there’s no other ways to grow even if Instagram hide likes.

You can either grow fast or slow depends on which method and knowing how to do it.

Are you ready for mystery?

That most people do not find success on or even get blocked from doing it.

Especially Instagram, when coming to follow and unfollow, they’ll never recommend it moving forwards…

…and even will even take action blocks to a more extreme level that you’ll get blocks very often.

I started out with a group of people and they implementing the same method as I do which this method… everyone knows how to do it.

They either get a lot of followers or only followers without engagement

Or even worst, most would already give up growing their Instagram page.

It is a harder to grow now on Instagram and without knowing what to do, it’d be even harder.

If you’re using Instagram, you’re like to use Facebook as well…

…facebook is easier to make money with and I actually, wrote the entire post on make money using facebook.

Or you could be a part of my travel community, I’ll personally guide you on the journey on turn your facebook profile into a cash machine.

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Instagram Hide Likes – Conclusions.

By now, you should be aware that whether Instagram hide link or not…

…have no concern to us as a content creator.

When you have access to your profile analytics, you’ll be able to identify the best performing posts and leverage those to continue growing your Instagram page.

With that said,

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