10 Reasons Your Instagram Hashtags Not Working – Best

Instagram hashtags not working is everybody and even myself experiences after accumulated over 100k followers.

You’ll will love these ultimate reasons why your hashtags are not work today, and all info from Reddit, Quora, etc. to share the amazing method I use on how to fix it.

If you’re Instagram posts not showing up in hashtags, that’s totally fine – btw… hashtags do not work on Facebook.

It is important to fix and knowing how to fix, most people say hashtags don’t work, but thanks to hashtags I accumulated over thousands of followers until today and instead of reaching 5 people, I was able to double the amount of reach with hashtags.

You’ll will love these ultimate reasons why your hashtags are not work today, and I’ll share the amazing method I use on how to fix it.

If you’re Instagram posts not showing up in hashtags, that’s totally fine. If you’re ready…

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Let’s dive right into it and check out two of the reasons within this post contribute the biggest factor why hashtags not working…

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10 Reasons Why Your Hashtags Not Working on Instagram

1. Your Instagram Account Settings

Why are my hashtags not working? Just like you, I didn’t even bother looking into Instagram account settings when I was buying IG accounts.

What do I mean by Instagram account settings and what is it got to do with Instagram hashtags not working?

I wanted to get more Instagram followers using hashtags, but they’re not showing, have a look…

Hashtags Not Working Instagram #1 Trick

When your account settings on private, it tells Instagram you don’t want to followers and that is one of the reasons your hashtags are not showing.

This is one of the strategy top influencers on Instagram use only.

If you have a small account, setting your IG account to private will not grow with hashtags since you have not accumulated enough followers.

This is top common mistake most people make not only you. So if you want to get more exposure from Instagram hashtags and turn your IG account settings to public.

  • When you’re setting the account to public, you’re telling IG you want to be famous and you’ll be getting more and more DMs… another big mistake…
  • Don’t put No DMs in your BIO, that turns people off to even give you a follow that means people from Instagram hashtags see that, you’re not going to get more Instagram followers.

It’s like telling your hashtags buddy, don’t talk.

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2. Confusing the Hashtags Algorithm

Another reasons if you’ve been complaining about why my hashtags are not working on Instagram!

At the time, I was to expand my reach and get more followers but I didn’t realize I’m confusing the hashtags algorithm and wondering Instagram hashtags not working.

What do I mean?

If you’re posting about traveling photos while using these 150 travel captions… you don’t want to post them using the hashtags #makemoneyonline.

Use #earthvessle to be Featured on Instagram

The photos in the green box is Instagram travel photos, right? It doesn’t blend in or nobody want to see travel photos if they used to see money.

But how is the red box in the #money hashtags then?

When you’re a model or positioning your page in the personal brand, they you can use any hashtags you like.

What you need to do if your Instagram hashtags not working?

I’ll share one of my personal hashtags generator tool in here that will analyze based on your account current status. Next!

3. Instagram Hashtags Not Working: Hashtags Limitations

When I was able to solved why Instagram hashtags not working, I was excited saying I’m going to get so much followers moving forwards getting out of this Instagram shadow ban.

So I was posting 7 times a day as well, every time I post I always use all and max out the hashtags in my post, not 5, 6, 10 or 11…

I used all of them hashtags and in every single post!

  • In this blog post, I shared how many hashtags does Instagram allow? not 5, 6, 10 or 11 to avoid getting banned from Instagram.
  • After you know how many hashtags you should use, you’ll be able to gain more exposure from Instagram let alone followers.


This mistake leads to the next one, at the time I was making quite a few numbers of mistake and I got away from it all which from 0 followers to hashtags to over 100k followers.

Don’t manipulate IG.

4. Manipulating Hashtags

Remember what I told you previously, another reason why my Instagram post not showing on hashtags.

What I did after getting out of shadow ban was next manipulating the hashtags features.

After posting many times, I notice Instagram doesn’t like you to post 7 times a day and always be using all the hashtags.

  • If you do, Instagram will ban as manipulating the feature.

So I stopped as quickly as I could seeing all my buddy still doing them, they just keeping post 7 times a day using all hashtags.

Now, I’m glad to experience more rewards from Instagram and I was able to getting a great amount of reach on Instagram using hashtags.

This is what you need to do if you’re Instagram hashtags not working:

  • Don’t post 7 times a day and use all the hashtags in every single post.

That sounds quite manipulative after all.

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5. Not Diversify When Instagram Hashtags Not Working

When I decided to increase Instagram followers by using hashtags, I use all of them random hashtags generator and spit them all on all my post.

These are the hashtags tools I’m talking about…they’re free to use!


When they’re don’t update their apps on which hashtags have been banned and if you happen to use them.

It will be your reason on why Instagram hashtags not working.

What do I mean by not diversify Instagram hashtags when your post not showing up in hashtags Instagram?

  • Have a mixture of small and big hashtags.

If you only use big hashtags, your photo immediate get push down at the recent tab inside those hashtags, as 100 people posting a photo and using that, your photo just pushed down to the bottom.

My personal best hashtags generator tool of all time and which I’ve been mentioning is Ingramer.


They’re analyze your account current performance based on your account grade and niche then to generate relevant hashtags for your account.

Next the ultimate reasons off all is shadow ban and also stay tune for the second easiest reasons that cause shadow ban in this post.

6. Using Banned Hashtags

If you been using these forbidden hashtags that’s why your Instagram hashtags don’t work.

After knowing your account settings, confusing the hashtags algorithm and limitation I didn’t get into this problem before I was research why I got Instagram shadow ban then realized there a list of banned hashtags which I mentioned in this post Instagram hashtags for followers.

This is an extend list of banned hashtags you do not want to use if you use they could become a reason of your Instagram hashtags not working.

Alphabetical OrdersList of Instagram Banned Hashtags
Aadultlife, abc7ny, alone, always, americangirl, armparty, adulting, asia,

attractive, assday, ass, abcess, abdl, assworship, addmysc, africanexpeditions, agariogaming, akiralane, asiangirl, allbreasts, amearalavey, animenoobs, afourchamberedheart, audaciousprayer

Bbeautyblogger, beautydirectory, brain, babe, boho, bbc, besties, bikinibody, beyonce
Ccostumes, curvygirls
Ddate, dating, desk, dm, dating, direct
Eelevator, easter, eggplant, edm
Ffitnessgirls, fishnets
Ggirlsonly, gloves, graffitiigers
Hhappythanksgiving, hardworkpaysoff, hawks, hotweather, humpday, hustler
Iig, ilovemyinstagram, instababy, instasport, iphonegraphy, italiano
Kkillingit, kansas, kissing, kickoff
Lleaves, like, loseweight, lulu, lean, lingerie,
Mmaster, milf, mileycyrus, mirrorphoto, models, mustfollow
Nnasty, newyears, newyearsday
Oovernight, orderweedonline
Pparties, petite, pornfood, pushups, prettygirl,
Rrate, ravens
Ssamelove, selfharm, skateboarding, skype. snap, snapchat, single, singlelife, stranger, saltwater, shower, shit, sallyhansen, sopretty, sunbathing, streetphoto, stud, swole, snowstorm
Ttanlines, tgif, todayimwearing, treasurethesemoments, teens, teen, thought, tag4like, tagsforlikes, thighs
Wworkflow, wtf


Don’t get overwhelm.

You’ll never have to touch them if you read the first reason on why your hashtags not working, I share an article there you on picking a profitable Instagram niche.

On top of that, I’ll one of my person hashtags generator tool that you can use.

7. Instagram Shadow Ban

Shadow ban is what you need to know most, majority of the reasons might not be why Instagram hashtags not working.

But it’s all because of shadow ban.

Shadow banned on Instagram is simply none of your post showing on any hashtags, that’s it.

  • Be mindful on what experts shares about shadow ban.

I’ll share a separate ultimate guide on shadow ban under Instagram Shadow Ban: Ultimate Guide by earthvessle.

You’ll find everything you need to know about that ban and how exactly you can solve it so you can increase followers using hashtags.

but let me share a snippet on why people called it Instagram shadow ban…

…since hashtags are the fastest way to increase followers.

Experts would give it a name so it’s easier for you to search on Google what is happening and why my Instagram post is not showing on hashtags.

8. Killing Instagram User Experience

I’m sure the previous reason would give you the most pressure and let lighten it up with this easy about your hashtags not working…

Killing Instagram user experience… what do I mean?

This was shared a by a YouTuber called Biheza I believe… on preventing spamming the Instagram platform, but after using it doesn’t look right and most of time these hashtags confusing followers and the algorithm as well.

Take a look,

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As you can see this #hashtags group being use and it looks #annoying just like this one.

After people experienced with Instagram shadow ban and all kinds of reasons being asked why Instagram hashtags not working and that was one of the strategies shared…

Yes, it’s definitely look spammy as of now looking at it and I’ve never this hashtags on Instagram before.

Hashtags can either be place in the caption or comments but come back to this post when you need a more in-depth to where you should be using Instagram Hashtags Not Working in Comments or Post Caption to Get more Followers? – updating. But check this for the time being – Affiliate Marketing Traffic Made Simple: Best Guide to 1 Million Visitors

9. Not Leverage Hashtags Mixer

Have you seen found the second easiest reasons that you could get ban form hashtags?

It is a common use that most people like you and I want to have that hashtag.

But let start this… not leverage hashtags mixer!

What do I mean…

Do you have remember not diversifying your hashtags and use all hashtags in every single post?

 A part from using all hashtags, here is what I mean:

  • Using relevant hashtags
  • Have diversify those
  • Then… have multiple relevant hashtags groups.


 To avoid manipulating Instagram and getting actions blocked or shadow ban…

Have multiple relevant groups of hashtags to show Instagram that you’re not spamming the platform.

To find relevant hashtags, I found Ingramer as one of the best tool that analyze your Instagram account performance then to prepare multiple sets of hashtags for you to use.

Next, let go down to easiest reasons that answered why my Instagram hashtags aren’t working.

10. Creating Your Own Instagram Hashtags

While I was eager to continue growing my IG page, I found other influencers have their own hashtags and I wanted one as well.

As Instagram has over billions of users, they’re start taking care of hashtags and that’s why you notice there are banned hashtags you can’t use.

For that reason, if you create your own hashtags you’d get Instagram shadow ban right then and there.

That’s right!

Previously why my Instagram hashtags not working due to

  • #earthvessle was banned before and I just couldn’t find the hashtags anywhere on the platform.
  • Extra tip on Instagram Hashtags Not Working: To find more banned hashtags, you won’t be able to find it on the app. Now everything came back to normal and remember to the hashtags #earthvessle on Instagram to be featured on @earthvessle.

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How do you know if you are shadow banned on Instagram?

To find out you can find out if you can still have the same engagement and if not then check if you can still rank in the hashtags.

What is shadow ban on Instagram?

Instagram shadow ban on Instagram is they’re lowering your reach, and you won’t be seeing your post in the hashtags.

How long does Instagram Shadowban last?

Depends on how many times you experience with shadowban, if you have it second time or more, it’d be longer… or if you continue, you could result to a permanent ban.

Does Shadowban exist on Instagram?

Yes, it means you’re seeing your engagement drops significantly, and your Instagram post won’t post shown in the recent tab of the hashtag.

Why do you get Shadowbanned?

People get this by manipulate the platform and using banned hashtags or even creating their own hashtag.

How do you lift a shadow ban on Instagram?

To lift a shadow ban on Instagram is to don’t delete your account and consistently posting.

Why is Instagram blocking my actions?

Instagram action blocking you due to manipulative actions taking and the more action blocked you receive, the longer it’d get and could even lead to permanent ban.