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Using free Instagram hashtags generator is the easiest way to get banned on Instagram.

Before you start using those free automation tool, you should find what I’m going to share in this blog post after growing over 100k followers.

You’ll know why you shouldn’t use those free automation tools to avoid ban.

I’ll also share how you can get your first 1000 followers without touching your IG page while growing your online capital, money fast online.

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Why Stop using Free Instagram Hashtags Generator?

Stop using random hashtag generator is important.

I explained quite often in all my IG tips at that free hashtags generators do not have the funds to continuously update their hashtags database.

  • As Instagram has their own employees to monitor each segment of their IG features.
  • Their active monthly user base is also growing.

That means those Instagram tags generator will randomly trying to manipulate the platform coming with random hashtags, they could either be in the banned list due to policy violations.

That these free hashtags generators couldn’t keep themselves up-to-date.

Another mistake you should realize is these tools are good at spit out a ton of most popular hashtags and trending Instagram hashtags that you cannot compete against.

That means trying to get more followers and likes are one step more difficult. Check out next…

Before Using Any Instagram Hashtags Generators

The first to be using any Instagram hashtags generator is picking your Instagram niche ideas.

In this blog post Instagram Niche Ideas: 8 Profitable Niches of All Time, I shared 8 most common niches that you can be in.

As you already know Instagram now has billions of monthly active users, and when you’re trying to get more Instagram followers and likes…

  • By posting anything and everything won’t help you gain traction.

After you got your niche it’s time to find out how to effectively use those hashtags generators to gain more followers and likes.


An Effective Hack for Instagram Hashtags Generator

In this blog post Trending Instagram Hashtags: #1 Best Guide to More Followers – I shared all most popular hashtags by niche to find out and for more niche you can check out Instagram hashtags for followers.

After you found a list of popular hashtags, start to shuffle a few of them into your hashtags sets.


Most bigger pages for some reason that they don’t want you to grow.

  • Suppose, you can rank easily with smaller hashtags post volumes, but instead big pages are in there.

That means you can’t rank in there.


That’s why you need a quick engagement boost from the trending Instagram hashtags that gives you more likes.


You’d be able to increase your ranking when using smaller hashtags.

To get your first 1000 followers is not hard…

Get 1000 Followers, Externally.

If you currently only using the Instagram app itself to get more followers by using those Instagram marketing secrets such as follow-for-follow, like for like, engagement groups, powerlikes, etc.

Then you have never heard Instagram purge – when using any social media platforms, your property can get banned surprisingly due to some violations reasons.

Instead of just using IG app to get followers so to make money…

Learn how to start a blog and make money blogging which is way faster than trying to build an IG page.

Now let’s get into these hashtags generator that you need.

Helpful Blog Posts:

5 Instagram Hashtags Generators to Get More Followers and Likes.

These are the best Instagram hashtags generators you need right now and which I’m using it gain over 100k followers.

These are just not hashtags generators, but they multiple IG tools combined as well that would also make sure you won’t be using only the most popular hashtags or trending hashtags.



Ingramer hashtag generator is another great IG tools, to use and I’d rank this above HashtagsForLikes as they have a more user-friendly website design that means more trust worthy.

Apart from the Instagram hashtags generator, it is an all-in-one tool such as Instagram video downloader, photo downloader, etc…

But according this blog post Instagram Automation: The BEST Definitive Guide, Ingramer is an Instagram bot, not an automation tool. They’d have follow/unfollow bot, story viewer, etc. that will get your IG page, banned.

But apart from that…

They have all the tools you need to grow your first 1,000 followers or 100,000 followers.

Check it out, here.



Imagine you don’t have to touch your IG page and seeing your followers grow on it owns and that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything.

TailwindApp allows you to automate your Instagram posts for the future 365/24/7 so you could become more productive to focus on your blog.

Apart from that, you can also find one of the best Instagram hashtags generator that I’m using right now along with Pinterest as well.

  • Killing two birds with one stone.

After you picked a niche, for example if you’re in the travel niche, you can repost other people content and schedule it for the next whole year.

While growing more followers on Tailwind, you can also schedule them over to the Pinterest.

More traffic from Pinterest would check your Instagram page.

Do you see the power now?

Click here to check TailwindApp for free (No Credit Card Required.)



Social Info is designed for only hashtags focused as they have the biggest hashtags database.

Regardless whatever niche you’re in, this hashtags generator put together a list of hashtags that works for your page by

  1. Analyze your page number of followers.
  2. Determine which hashtags you could rank for.
  3. Niche focused.
  4. And generate at least 10 hashtags sets for rotations

Unlike TailwindApp and all Instagram hashtags generators below, SocialInfo only focuses into hashtags.



HashtagsForLikes is also another hashtags generator but I’d rank this tool below SocialInfo, as they would still spit out a lot of competitive hashtags, but what’s good is that, they keep updating their hashtags database to avoid banned hashtags.

Not a bad hashtags tool to begin with.

I personally have moved away from this hashtags but if you’re going to use I’d still recommend TailwindApp which you can get started for free.

check out the final tool to get more followers…


After you have all your hashtags generated and having at least 5 – 10 hashtags group so you could rotate without using the same hashtags over and over again.

The number #1 tip to get more likes and followers is learn  how you can engage on people posts with Combin.


You can track each hashtag and engage with it to get big pages attention. My favorite before engaging on their content is…

  • Filter all posts within the last 2 weeks

That’s when they don’t get any more followers and likes for their post and when you likes and leave a long form comment to gain traction.

That’s a unique feature of Combin, they’d also have an Instagram post scheduler.

But Ingramer would the one of best Instagram hashtags generator to get started with.

Conclusions (Bonus)

I hope you like this this how to correctly using hashtags before using these hashtags generator to get the most likes and followers.

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