Best 30 Instagram Hashtags for Followers and Likes

Instagram Hashtags for Followers and Likes are important to grow your Instagram account.

You’ll not just find all the Instagram hashtags for followers to copy and paste,

…but also a method that you might already know to find the best hashtags for your Instagram account,

which Instagram hashtags to use, and not to use,

…to grow your followers effectively.

…and I personally use some of these cool Instagram hashtags for 1000 likes on daily.

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100 Instagram Hashtags for Followers to Copy and Paste

Most Popular Hashtags for Likes

#photooftheday #igdaily #igers #picoftheday #instapic #instamood #instagood #bestoftheday #instadaily #photo #love #smile #happy #instalike #tbt


#food #yummy #foodie #delicious #foodoftheday #foodporn #nomnom #cleaneating #vegan #breakfast #lunch #dinner #dessert #foodgasm #organic #vegetarian #Italian #pizza #chinese #sushi


#instafitness #beastmode #gym #instafit #lifestyle #diet #wellness #getmoving


If want to make money, this is a great set of Instagram hashtags for followers: #social #branding #socialmedia #sale #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #marketing #branding #tech #business #giveaway #discount #smallbiz #success #businesswoman #businessOwner #businessTrip #businessCard #launch #digital #career #goals


#truth #reality #quoteoftheday #quotes #quote #quotesdaily #reminder #instaquote #positive #staystrong


#fashion #style #nofilter #swag #fashionista #beauty #ootd #outfitoftheday #shopping #dress


#travel #life #sun #beach #summer #vacation #vscocam #sunset #sky #nature #amazing #fun #travelGram #loveToTravel #travelDiary

Best Instagram Hashtags For Photography

#photography #photooftheday #photo #photographer #love #nature #instagood #instagram #art #travel #like #picoftheday #photoshoot #naturephotography #fashion #canon #beautiful #model #travelphotography #portrait #ig #landscape #fotografia #style #beauty #bhfyp #nikon #bhfyp

Instagram Hashtags For Followers to Gain 100 Followers

Most entrepreneurs that I work with on Instagram, keep asking for these

…hashtags for 100 followers,

is not existed.

Anyone that tell you to use or paid for it for the max 30 Instagram hashtags that you can use to get 100 followers.

It’s a scam.

After growing pages to 10k Instagram followers while people experienced with Instagram hide likes…

…and hundreds of times using hashtags, I have never find anytime that I could grow 100 followers when my page was smaller.

  • To grow 1000+ followers using hashtags only if you have an account with at least 5k to 10k Instagram followers while you’re lucky to pick a photo that will go viral or to Instagram explore page.

Remember, at least 5k to 10k follower minimum.

Another trick on Instagram hashtags for followers? Follow Instagram @earthvessle.

Instagram Hashtags for Followers: 2 IG Tips.

Let’s talk about how to use it first, Instagram account with 10,000 followers and account with 1,000 followers

…they’re using completely different set of hashtags.

  • The wrong way to use it when small and big Instagram account is using them completely the opposite way.

Small Instagram hashtags incorrectly using too competitive hashtags.

Big Instagram hashtags incorrectly using too less competitive hashtags.

That’s why, if you’re a small account,

First check out next…

Hashtags to use for Instagram account 100 – 1000 Followers.

If your Instagram account with 100 – 1000 followers check out how many followers you need to make money on Instagram?

…and you don’t want to use big competitive Instagram hashtags with lots of people in it.

More specifically, you need to use hashtags within 10k post volume to 100k.

Account with 10,000 Instagram Followers.

With 100 Instagram followers check out – how to make money on Instagram on Clickbank?

Most people only wait until they reach 10,000 followers to make money, but in fact they can make money with at least 100 – 1000 followers which I mentioned in that blog post via affiliate marketing.

Speaking of hashtags…

  • Bigger Instagram accounts shouldn’t be using the small hashtags to allow smaller Instagram to grow and don’t worry, Instagram is huge, they have a ton of Instagram hashtags for followers for you to use.

Even the big accounts, can’t take over all of them. In fact, if big IG account with millions of followers using hashtags, they would be negative impacted through their page engagement rate.


I’ll show you how to find the best Instagram hashtags…

Instagram Hashtags For Followers – Research Method.

After you know which hashtags to use and not to use, it’s time to find those. Regardless, what your Instagram page is about, the following method will show you how to find your hashtags…

Instagram Explore Page

An obvious method that most people missed, take a look at the photo below,


Instagram explore page that to look into daily:

  1. If your page is about make money online – type it in the search bar and tap in the tags section.
  2. Tap into the hashtags and you’ll see Instagram suggested related hashtags
  3. That’s what you want to use.
  4. Collect 30 Instagram hashtags and have at least 5 sets of them
  5. Rotate hashtags set to avoid trigger Instagram spam filter.

Next, you want to find Instagram hashtags for followers and likes, not too general hashtags.

Avoid General Instagram Hashtags for Followers on Explore Page.

Instagram explore page give you tons of hashtags and you don’t want to use hashtags that are too board like #money.

As a smaller account, you simply cannot compete.

So what should I use then?

Narrow it down, from money down to make money online.

…and also depends on how your account react to hashtags that you chose to use as well.

Without picking the right hashtags, you’re risking your account into using hashtags that you don’t allow to use and may result you into banned.

Instagram Hashtags Generator – Avoid Banned…

Hashtags that banned is something that you don’t want to use, with all the Instagram hashtags for followers I shared above has been filter and you’re good to use them.

I personally use one of the tool that hasn’t been publicly announce to the public that help me finding those best Instagram hashtags.

  • All you need is put a username into the tool and you’ll share 10 sets of Instagram hashtags that are relevant to your account
  • relevant competitive level for your Instagram post to rank in the top spot every time you make an Instagram post.


This is an all-in-one free Instagram tools you need.


If you want to find your best hashtags that relevant to your Instagram niche and able to rank on the #1 hashtags page.


want to repost IGTV video, or download any kind of Instagram video, you can do that easily within a single tool.

I remember when I had to use so many Instagram tools and it’s all over the place.

  • Especially for those paid Instagram tools where I had to remember to cancel the subscription but there were so many tools I use which I forgot to cancel the subscription and got charged even though I didn’t need to use.

What’s even worst?

Let’s forget about cancelling the subscription.

  • If you need to download and repost video from different software company.
  • Finding hashtags from different software.
  • Using different schedulers.
  • Automate the messaging process.
  • Analyze your Instagram followers.
  • Target relevant group of people to grow your page.
  • Profile analyzing.
  • and much more…

Instead of using different each and individual feature of the above mentioned, I personally found it, it’s extremely easier to have this all-in-one tool and have them all in one place.

That means,

nobody has to forget about which tool I still need and don’t need, if not…

…cancellation is going to be easier.

Click here to give Ingramer a try.


There are many hashtags tool you can use which I share my resources page, but if you can’t afford a too expensive, then I’d recommend a tool called HashtagsForLikes.


It is one of the cheap Instagram tool that you can get started quickly as they could the fund that they charged you with, they’d have the most recent updated hashtags database that filter all banned hashtags.

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Instagram Hashtags for Followers – Conclusions.

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FAQs – Instagram Hashtags for Followers.

Do hashtags get you more followers?

Yes, with the correct use of Instagram hashtags, you will get more followers. Most people don’t use it like the scenario I mentioned which hashtags Instagram with 100 – 1000 followers, then end up saying Instagram hashtags is not helping them grow followers. With the correct of hashtag, make money on Instagram is also harder.

What hashtags get more followers on Instagram?

All Instagram hashtags will give you the same number of followers, along with the correct of hashtags. If you have a small account trying to use highly competitive hashtags, getting more Instagram followers is just one step further away.

How do you get 1000 followers on Instagram fast?

To get 1000 followers on Instagram fast, one of the best methods is to avoid best app for Instagram likes which also get you banned, as Instagram focuses more towards quality.

How do you get more likes on Instagram hashtags?

To get more likes on Instagram hashtags is to consistently use relevant hashtags that is allow by Instagram, and along with the relevancy that matches your Instagram account. If you follow this post from you’ll understand this.

How do I get Instagram followers fast?

To get Instagram followers fast, you need to stay on the platform more. Post more along with using the correct hashtags. Without using the correct hashtags, you won’t be getting Instagram follower fast, due to you might not know how to correctly compete in the hashtags arena.

What hashtags are trending right now?

Hashtags are trending right now is those hashtags that has only 1-word like #money. Instagram now has over billions active monthly users, most of the Instagram hashtags are trending that you can use.

What hashtags should I use?

Hashtags you should use is those hashtags that I share with you in the strategy above. Hashtags that has several words in it such as from money down to make money online. As a beginner, using the hashtags money will not get you followers.

How do hashtags gain followers?

Hashtags gain followers by ranking your Instagram in the top 9 spots, the longer you rank on it, more people will see it and potentially follow your account.

Who most Instagram followers?

Instagram with the most followers is Instagram then follow by Cristiano Ronaldo which I mention on this article how many followers to make money on Instagram?

How do you get seen on Instagram?

To get seen on Instagram, you need to use more hashtags that are relevant to your Instagram post, then to rank on the top 9 spots… the longer you rank the more Instagram followers you will be getting.