Best Instagram Growth Service For 10k Followers 3 Months

Instagram growth service is a must if you’re too busy getting to your first 10k Instagram followers in 3 months, fast.

You’ll find the biggest misconception and between how you can triple your followers fast without buying any kind of followers or buying likes.

I’ll even share with you the #1 all-in-one tool that’d save you a ton of time without having to be jumping from one growth service to another service or this Instagram tool to another Instagram tool.

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What is Instagram Growth Service? – The Misconceptions

Instagram growth service no password is different to all these buying followers tip and buying likes as you have been confused.

In fact,

  • buying likes and buying followers will ruin your Instagram account grow or even your money-making opportunity with brands and other Instagram influencers.

These growth service leveraging a human or dedicate a growth manager to your Instagram account.

This is the easiest option you can use to grow your Instagram followers on autopilot without touching your page.

But here’s a disadvantage,

Even though your manager is growing your Instagram account…

…but you’re not going to know if they will fake and buy Instagram followers and buy likes to proof to you that your account is growing.

That’s why,

in this post, I’ll share how you can leverage the best manager and making sure they do not ruin your Instagram account by doing those prohibited activities.

Be sure to stick until the end of this post to find out the trick which I’ll be mentioning in the tools below.

Disclaimer: The following content contained affiliate links which when you decide to use any Instagram growth service below, I might be affiliated with them which means I’ll be receiving a small commission in exchange provide you with this free information, be sure to check out my top recommended automation tool.

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Top  Instagram Growth Service For 100k Followers

These Instagram growth service are in order whichever I shared first would be my most recommended IG growth service on autopilot.


Upleap is one of the best Instagram growth service you need to be checking it out.


However, you need to know how Upleap works is important.

And making sure your dedicated account manager is not buying fake followers for your account is important.

When you read this post on followers growth strategies, your manager basically could be implementing these or they personally have different methods they might be using to grow your Instagram account for you.

Keep this in mind…

  • When anybody over-busing the Instagram platform they will experience with action blocked and shadowbanned which I’ve seen customer complaints due to their account experienced with action blocked resulting they can’t make a post on Instagram and immediate write a bad review for the company which it’s not right thing to do.

As long as you track your followers and engagement to see whether if they’re great correlate to each other.

For example, when you got 100 new followers, you should be expecting to have more Instagram likes when you make a new Instagram post.

If for some reasons your engagement is not on point, for example you have 10k followers and only 100 likes per post, or 3000 followers and only 10 to 15 likes per post then it’s time to switch to a new company which I’ll be sharing below.


Almost all manual Instagram growth service will be using all the followers growth strategies to grow your account so you don’t have to do and have time to work on something else you’d like.

When you experience unsatisfying result, you could simply move onto other Instagram growth service listed below.

It is one of the Instagram growth service free.


Instaboom is another best Instagram growth service, and an Instagram growth agency that you can use to get started to grow your page to 10k followers right away.


  • Instaboom is a Europe company which established to a larger region and in compare to all other growth service.

They have a complete package promising the exact number of followers you’ll be getting for 10,000 Instagram followers in 3 months.

This works exactly the same as the above growth service which they dedicated an account manager to grow your account to 10k followers.


If you don’t want to grow your own account and have bad experience with your growth manager from other Instagram growth service.

InstaBoom is one of the fast way to get to your 10,000 followers.


AmpFluence is a complete human growth service and they’ll have a dedicated manager for your Instagram account.


There are 3 simple steps to these:

  • Consultation: They’ll simply consulting how you would like your brand to be growing, and identify exactly how you would like to grow your account.
  • Target: Based on the information provided from your previous consultation with this Instagram growth service, they will use your account to engage with the relevant group of people so you can get target people that’d be more willing to buy your product and services.
  • Growth: They mention that you should expect to see real Instagram growth and treating your Instagram a brand and ultimate turn your Instagram page into a lead generating machine.

What’s better about Ampfluence is they also share a brief overview, how they’ll be growing your account.

Unlike other Instagram growth service mentioning big promises but not sure how you would receive the service.

The 4 methods they use to grow your account is…

  • Targeted approach: They’ll even engage with individual who are relevant to your brand via targeted Instagram hashtags, focus on followers from larger to target for better increase your sale revenue.
  • Grab attention: They begin to implement the hard-work after they have identified your account needed.
  • Profile or brand exposure: As they grow your account, you should be seeing Instagram traffic slowly checking your profile which could be a potential leads opportunity that you could turn into sales.
  • Grow your reach and influence: They continue to optimize your account.

If you’d like to check out Ampfluence [Updating…] – definitely do.



HypePlanner is another Instagram growth service which you could be using if the above IG grow service didn’t work out for you.

All you have to do…

  • Tell them what your target audience is on Instagram, and they will find them for you.
  • They will dedicate a whole team to grow your account, but remember there are other accounts as well.
  • Get your brand notice by 1000’s each month.
  • They’re also promise you to get your Instagram account grow by 500 to 1500 followers per month.

Out of the above company, HypePlanner would be your alternative option that you can switch too if you’re not experiencing good service at the company.

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Instagram Growth Service: Top 5+ Instagram Growth Tool for Self-Growth


Before diving deeper into other growth service, this Instagram growth service is an Instagram growth tool.

A grow service but it’s an automation tool if you choose to grow your own Instagram page which save you a lot more money.

  • The best way to grow your Instagram page is you grow yourself by applying the grow strategies above while utilizing this all-in-one Ingramer tool.


  • If you read the complete reviews on Ingramer, I shared everything you need to know but if you want a faster way to grow your Instagram is simply avoid the automation follow, unfollow, auto like on Ingramer to avoid Instagram banned.

In fact, all automation tools have completely stop working but Ingramer is different.

Even though, you might not be able to use automation tool available in Ingramer mentioned, but when you’re trying to grow your own Instagram account, you’d still need all other tools if you’d like speed growth.

Check Ingramer out for free.

Stellation Media

Stellation Media is a not an Instagram growth service but it’s an Instagram growth tool similar to Ingramer.

  • For the time being, Ingramer would the best tool and all-in-one free tool that you can use, analyzing your account for completely free and based on those data, then you could grow your account easily.


Stellation Media has all the automation tools available you can use but majority of these features are banned by Instagram and when you’re using it, you might be risking your page for banned.

One of the features that StellaitionMedia has is the direct message which Ingramer also has as well.


One of the big misconception is…

…do not use MASS direct message or trying send 100 Instagram to people at once which your Instagram account might be liable to a ban.

If you’d still like to check it out, be sure to click here to see more.


Combin is a great scheduler and also have the automation feature you need which similar to other Instagram growth tool. – you can check out all the nitty gritty in the post I linked for you.


There are 2 main features to Combin:

  • Growth.
  • Scheduler.

Unfortunately, the growth is an automation tool of doing follow and unfollow which might get your account ban if you’re using it regardless how slow action you might take.


If you haven’t utilizing the scheduler to work for you and help you gain 10,000 followers on autopilot.

It’s definitely still available that you can use right away.

If Combin is a scheduler, so as Ingramer and its also all-in-one place as well.


Kicksta is a professional looking Instagram growth tool that you need.


Out of all of the Instagram growth service above, I found Kicksta to be the most professional looking growth service.


  • It’s all come down to how you could leverage the company service to get your first 10,000 Instagram followers without getting banned by Instagram.

Kicksta is also another growth tool which seems to be a human growth service.

Whether if it’s a human growth service, your manager can also be using an automation tool or buy followers, or buy likes to grow your account which they can claim they don’t and you have no ideas.


I’d still recommend that you leverage these follower strategies to grow your own Instagram account without getting banned.

Or if you’re still interested in Kicksta, definitely check it out.

Social Captain

Social Captain is another automation tool which completely focus on follow, unfollow, autolike, mass messaging people, etc. these are the easiest way to get ban by Instagram.


In fact,

  • These are not the only option you can use to grow your Instagram account.

But keep in mind,

Instagram is getting harder but as the automated scheduling is still working, it is one of the best opportunity you can use to grow your account leveraging viral content and hashtags that you can rank for.

What’s better?

You don’t have to have 10k Instagram followers to make money and you can make money without Instagram followers.

Helpful Blog Posts:


If you’re able to grow your Instagram followers on autopilot definitely do that or if you want to grow your own account by yourself which also works.

By far, outsourcing is important which is the key to grow any online business you want to.

With that said,

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Do Instagram growth services work?

Definitely, all you have to do is request for different account manager if you notice your currect account manager is not helping your Instagram account grow via buying fake followers and fake likes.

How do I grow my Instagram?

You can either apply the followers strategies I shared above and grow your Instagram page by your own effort, or you could leverage Instagram growth service to help you grow your page on autopilot which you can easily achieve 10k in 3 months.

What is good Instagram growth?

Good Instagram growth is when they don’t iniate any fake followers, fake likes into your account to avoid ban by Instagram.

How do you get organic growth on Instagram?

You apply all the organic follower strategies shared in the above this blog post or you can utilize Instagram growth service by getting your Instagram account grow on autopilot.

Can I pay someone to grow my Instagram?

Definitely, if you’d like at least 10,000 followers in 3 months, you can hire Instaboom which they will help you with.