Instagram Explore Page: Best Guide (2021)

Instagram explore page algorithm is still easy to be on and your business, your brand, your Instagram content need to be on to get more followers and likes.

Due to fluff around the web, I decide to stand up for this.

You’ll find the #1 component you need,

to get on the explore page without wasting time tweaking small thing like…

…reset the explore page or some sort of tricks like using with influencers, etc.

then you can get on the discovery page, but actually not.

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Instagram Explore Page: Why Your Brand Needs it?

There are 2 strong components of the Instagram discovery that you need to leverage to get more followers if not more likes on Instagram.

That are,

  • Instagram discovery
  • Hashtags on Instagram.

In fact, these bring you more likes.

How do I know?

As you upgrade your IG account to business account or the content creator account, you’ll have access to the Instagram insights.


That’s where you see your likes and followers but of course…

By looking at the image, you could either getting lots of Instagram impressions from hashtags or the explore page.

  • Instagram won’t be rewarding you with both hashtags and explore page equally.

that comes down to 1-question,

Would you rather be on the hashtags or the Instagram explore page?

Read this to make your decision…

…you could see the exact number of post volumes when using hashtags but Instagram explore page represents the entire hashtags system.

And yes, hashtags came up by the Instagram community.

With that said, your brand, your business, need the Instagram discovery, need the Instagram explore page.

Instagram Explore Page Changed…

Yes, as Instagram monthly active users increase on a daily basis,

the game would always change, and there would be more tricks you need to get on the explore page.

But in this blog post, you’ll find an ultimate trick that you can keep manipulating Instagram without action blocked and shadowban to always get on the explore page…

…regardless how often they make any future changes and eventually beat the Instagram algorithm.

The Previous Instagram Explore Page Algorithm

Previously you can just simply use powerlikes like my old IG account @locationtovisit to get on the explore,

without even bother to use hashtags.

  • But they already banned powerlikes or any Instagram bots but except automation tools like I’ll share with you later down this blog post. – It’s essential to use so your IG page can grow on auot-pilot.

Now let’s see what works right now.

The Current Instagram Explore Page

These are just some examples how the discovery page work right now, but they will change quarterly, monthly, yearly, etc…

Depends on how much they grow their user base and competition like TikTok is trying to anti-instagram

…and how well Instagram masters manipulate the platform to be the fastest growing page.

  • An example… powerlikes was invented and got banned.

In this blog post New Instagram Update: #1 Guide to For More Followers, No Banned – you’ll find all the latest Instagram features.

The current explore page is using all of that feature to rewards their users.

But stay until the end of this blog post to find out the #1 component you need to get on the discover page.

Avoid this #1 time-waster…

Instagram Explore Reset

Most businesses and brands are trying to find an option for Instagram explore reset to organize the content.

What they didn’t know is…

  • Instagram algorithm is smart and they know what you like and watched while also track every single move you make.

Then tailor the discovery page for you.

Unlike the TikTok for you page is still very basic to help businesses gain followers.

If you think about it,

reset the explore page and start using the Instagram app more are the same thing which help Instagram tailor the explore feed for you as you engage on people posts.

But here are the steps for Instagram explore settings you need to reset and erase the search history:

  1. Go to Profile, then Settings to Clear Search History. Then your Instagram account should be cleaned.
  2. Once step further, simply go to your phone’s Settings -> Applications -> Instagram -> Clear Cache and Data.
  3. Lastly, if you feel a not enough, you can simply delete the app and reinstall.

Let’s get into the main event of this blog post but join the free updates first…

Check out the first step next, prior to taking your online business and brand on the discovery page.

Instagram Explore Tab

Most people come on Instagram just want to get more followers and all of certain want to get on the explore page…

…without knowing the fundamental.

  • With over billions of monthly active users, by posting anything and everything or some fun business ideas of the day, etc. don’t help Instagram organize information
  • Or a niche source of information that Instagram would be willing to reward your page that called the viral effect.

When looking at the Instagram explore tab, you’d see these Instagram explore categories,


If your business ideas haven’t had a niche idea, read: Instagram Niche Ideas: 8 Profitable Niches of All Time.

After you picked your niche, is knowing what to post on Instagram before jumping into the next part of this blog post.


Instagram Explore Page Hashtags

Let’s Get My First 1000 Followers Using These Explorepage Hashtags

These are 2 samples of trending Instagram hashtags that you could select a few to add to your own niche hashtags (avoid using the entire set, for more hashtags you can read that blog post).

To avoid manually hashtags for your niche and save time, you can use TailwindApp automation tool to gain followers on auto-pilot.

  • Instagram explore page hashtags set 1: #explorepage #instagram #omgpage #tiktok #explore #viral #likeforlikes #memes #comedy #beautiful #model #trending #life #love #like #blackgirlmagic #edits #dubsmash #follow #music #edit #mood #artist #hair #rapper #likeforlike #photooftheday
  • Instagram explore page hashtags set 2: #fashion #views #meme #bhfyp #art #dankmemes #worldstar #beauty #cute #makeup #followme #repost #likes #instagood #youtube #share #rap #viralvideos #followforfollowback #comment #atlanta #funny #funnymemes #videostar #photography #hiphop #dance
Top Explore Page HashtagsPost Volumes

In fact, if you’ve been using the most popular hashtags to get followers and likes read the blog post below to find the why you shouldn’t be using free Instagram hashtags generators.

Helpful Blog Posts:

3 Hacks to Get on the Instagram Explore Page

If you like this blog post so far consider to join the free updates as these informations are in order from a to z to ensure you’re following.

After you got your niche and relevant hashtags is now knowing what to post.

What to Post on Instagram

In this blog post What to Post on Instagram for Likes, Followers, Money? #1 Best Guide. – instead of sharing ideas on what you should be posting or some sort of Instagram content templates…

…I break down which types of photos, carousel, videos, IG story, etc. that are relevant depends on how many followers you have so to post the correct types of Instagram content to gain followers.


Find Best Time to Post on Instagram

Another simple and obvious IG tip but most people failed to follow so to get the most followers and likes in the first 3-hours.

Instead of looking on Google about when is the best time to post on Instagram – I shared in this blog post: Best Time to Post on Instagram For Likes.


Leverage Instagram Automation.

Without Instagram automation, you simply over investing your effort into a single social media platform which the risk is getting banned waking up the next morning.

The different between Instagram bots and automation tools

  • Bots get you banned on IG by doing task like follow/unfollow, like/unlike, story viewer bot, etc.
  • Automation tools are designed that are partnered with Instagram.

With automation, you can simply gain new followers on auto-pilot without even touching your page…

…while you can be more productive working on other

income generating activity for your online business or your brands.

Click here to get TailwindApp for free.


#1 Component to Be on the Instagram Explore Page.

After you prepared all the steps above, understand the #1 component to be on the Instagram explore page is using their new Instagram update while having an existing audience i.e. followers.

Specifically, 5k followers+ but this number could change in the future as Instagram monthly active users are increasing and it’s just going to be harder and harder.

I’m talking real followers, not just fake followers that don’t engage.

If you have been buy Instagram followers and IG likes for your online business or brand, consider stop doing it.

The fastest way to get more followers these days to build an audience on top of Instagram app itself,

I mean having a blog…

…but not another social media platform, as you can freely ask your readers to follow you on Instagram.

  • All social media platforms these days rewards users that encourage their users to stay on their platform but not taking them away.

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Instagram Explore Page – Conclusions.

Check out the FAQs section below that might answer some of your questions regarding the explore page.

However, as I tried share as much information as I could, they could be quite overwhelming.

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Where is explore Instagram?

Explore Instagram is similar to hashtags but explore is created by Instagram unlike hashtags are create by the users as the potential of going viral using hashtags are quite incomparable to the explore page.

How does Instagram explore feed work?

By knowing what to post on Instagram and having a niche selected that help Instagram organize the information, and overtime with 5k followers+, they’d feature your Instagram posts to the explore feed.

Why is my Instagram explore page different?

All explore page are the same, unless if you’ve been liking Instagram images and video that in a different niche then they’d show you different video.

Can you turn off Instagram explore page?

You cannot disable explore on Instagram, it is a part of Instagram feature that help you get more followers and likes.

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

You have to at least upgrade to the business account or content creator while waiting at least 7 day to see data accumulate in your Instagram insights that’s where you can find your best time to post on Instagram – continue reading…

How can you tell who is looking at your Instagram?

You cannot see who viewed your Instagram profile even any Instagram third-party apps that solve that question for you – Read: Who Viewed My Instagram Profile?

How do you know if you’re on Instagram explore page?

You use the Instagram insights to see if you’re receiving Instagram impressions from the Instagram explore page, if you do that mean your Instagram posts are showing on the discovery page.

How does Instagram decide what to show you?

They track you by what you like, comments, or any move on the app, they know your intent and they decide what to show you.

How do I fix explore feed on Instagram?

Instead of trying to disable or reset the Instagram explore page, it’s better to focus on getting more followers or simple like and comment on what see to fix explore feed on Instagram.