Best Guide to Use Instagram Pods & Engagement Groups

Instagram engagement groups still work for how to have more followers and likes?

I’ll share everything with you in this post.

If you been looking for engagement groups on Reddit,

…or joining those Instagram groups on Whatsapp and Telegram,

stop and give this post chance to share everything with you.

Some people say is not good and not good to use an engagement group…

…but it’s all about if they know how to use.

One of my best personal Instagram growth hacks is using those engagement pods, without these groups… I don’t know where my page would be today.

Are you ready?

Let get into first…

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What is an Instagram Engagement Groups or Instagram Pods?

An engagement group or DM groups is a group of people would engage with you when you post on Instagram.

They also called DM groups or Instagram engagement groups… they’re available on Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp.

It is the best way of growing IG engagement just like as some bodybuilder using steroid to grow muscle…

If you look at competitive bodybuilders, they are secretly used not like I’m sharing with you the fact that I’m using these engagement groups,

also, Instagram is not a human body…

  • Knowing how to use it, it’s the key to grow your Instagram page.

Most of my clients don’t know how to use it and that’s why they ask…

Are Instagram Engagement Groups Bad?

Engagement groups are not bad, but it is going against Instagram privacy policy… take a look,


They state not to collecting likes or Instagram engagement purposely on IG platform and this,


Here is my question…

Is that mean you don’t use Instagram engagement groups?


As Instagram is not a human body, it’s safe to inject steroid into it and btw… if you haven’t heard of Instagram dropping pages reach, they drop your reach like nothing happening… even though you might spend several years building a page.

Competitive bodybuilders don’t just use steroid to grow, but just a little bit… very similar to us, decide to whether using engagement groups or not!

Let get right into it!

As I told you I’m using it… but doing it correctly by leveraging those engagement pods to grow over 2k likes per Instagram post daily.

Do Instagram Engagement Groups Work?

Yes, definitely, they’re still working like a champ.

Every day I just keep getting invite to new engagement groups.


It’s whether if you’re willing to use it.

As I mentioned Instagram is like bot itself, it’s not harmful in anyways as inject steroid to the body.

If you’re brand new, keep using engagement groups.

And later down this post, I’ll share with you when to stop using them,

then to leave and grow without those DM groups.

So it’s your choice to give a try and knowing what kind of group works and what doesn’t…

That’s next!

Free Groups That Don’t Work.

As you might already know, you get what you pay for, that’s a different between a free group and paid engagement groups.

Especially Instagram groups that don’t know what they do.

I’m actually talking about groups that on Telegram or Whatsapp which I’ll get into more in-depth later.

Let me share with you a story…

Growing my first Instagram page was horrible, I heard of engagement groups as another tips to grow and I got in…

…the biggest mistake I made was joining those group that say 0 to 10k followers, 10k – 20k followers, etc. they don’t tell you the mistake they entire is making… but they tell you,

to qualify for that group, you have to be at that follower range to be in an engagement group.

After growing my page to over 100k followers…

I corrected my mistake in the the next point for you…

Define Relevant Instagram Niches

Before even go into an engagement group, a niche is a topic or theme that you’re select for your Instagram page,

and that you’re going to post about it daily… then, join that engagement pods.

In this post Instagram Niche Ideas: 8 Profitable Niches of All Time – I shared the exact step-by-step, easy-to-follow on pick a niche before joining an Instagram engagement groups.

Without picking a niche, when people in group likes and comments, it will just confuse the Instagram algorithm.

  • As you confusing Instagram, it will just quickly be intriguing Instagram about what you’re using on their platform.
  • That mean got caught using an Instagram engagement groups which they will lower your page reach.

Next, it’s time to hunt…

Finding Best Instagram Engagement Groups

Before even finding it, you need at least 100 followers to 1000 followers for people to reach out and invite you to those engagement groups…

I mentioned the exact method I use to make money off Instagram with 100 followers to read without having to until you reach 1000 followers to start joining engagement groups.

So getting back,

I personally got invited to engagements group when I reached my first 500 followers or you can start your own Instagram engagement group – if you send me a DM, I’ll invite you to my groups as it’s currently only accepting paying member.

Now… where to find those community?

Where to Find?

If you were purchasing Instagram course, the course owner should have those groups for you to join.

To a point where you can’t find them anymore, it’s time to create your own…

…and that’s the only way as engagement is now known on Instagram that… they’re dropping.

  • Instagram engagements group can be hosted on Facebook groups as well, and you can find these groups on Reddit.

as they’d openly leave those Instagram group links invite you to join.

Joining an Instagram Engagement Pods.

These groups are hosted either on WhatsApp or Telegram, they’re just an app.

It is a separated platform…

…most people use those app to avoid Instagram figuring out they’re using engagement groups.

These groups can be hosted on via Facebook groups as well.

If you didn’t know

 All of my engagement groups are hosted right on the Instagram app.

What To Do.

Each engagement group has their own rules and it is monitor by a bot, especially groups that are on Telegram.

  • For example, when group member post on the group… you have to likes and comments, then reply done.

If you missed, you’ll get several warnings before you’re banned from the group…

…as the bot is tracking really well.

the next part is important to avoid Instagram banned from using engagement group…

Use Instagram Engagement Groups Without Banned.

When manipulating the platform, it’s easy to get banned.

What I did was, I join over 40, 50 engagement pods, since my page was already 70k followers, I receive tons of invitation to those groups…

…and at the beginning, it was nothing and it’s fine to use,

I’ve grew to a point where I don’t have to return engagement to other pages and every day I just keep posting my recent photo into the group… then,

after months, I notice even if I use Instagram hashtags, I just couldn’t bring the engagement up.

While also stop using all the DMs groups as well.

Then I had to relaunch @earthvessle, and limit the amount of group I’m in.

What you could do for your page:

  • Joining a max of 10 groups
  • Only return engagement to group you posted on
  • And slowly returning them as well.

The keyword is slowly, you don’t want to get Instagram action blocked as you’re already using engagement groups.

It’s like getting fined two times at once.

When to Stop.

Stop using engagement groups when you reached 4,000 to 5,000 followers and getting at least 500 likes on your account.

At the point is where Instagram will be implementing on how much your account should be reaching max…

I explained in this post why you’re getting less like on Instagram? All about Instagram reach and at when you’ll be experience Instagram reach that only allows you to go from 0.50% to 10%.

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Most people would find DMs groups doesn’t work anymore, but when you follow this guide, and it was working for me, and it’s also going to work for you.

I even share when you should be completely stop using it and at that point your Instagram is already taken up.

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Take it easy.