Instagram Business Account Benefits You in 3 Best Ways


Instagram Business Account Benefits you and myself in many ways to get more followers.

 You’ll learn the price as well.

A personal account is not designed for followers if you’re using right now, it could be the time to switch…

…and you’ll learn how to switch between business and personal account as well.

If you’re ready.

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Instagram Business Account Benefits: Get More Instagram Followers

The number one way to effective get more followers is using an Instagram business account…

Business account has a unique tool allows you to see what’s happening with your account right now.

  • Yep, this tool indicates how you should get more followers.

Speaking of personal account, you only switch back when you experience IG shadowban in this post – Is Instagram Shadowban Permanent, and Can’t Increase Followers?

There’s another secret I’ve listed below in this post, be sure to read on… now is the first benefit, the insights tool…

Instagram Insights Tool or Analytics Tool

IG Insights tools is only available a business and creator account and it is the tool that indicates growing for your IG page.

In the top of your profile page who view my Instagram profile, you’ll see this…


1. Content Insights

This could be one of the most important Instagram business account benefits, when you post content first, then you gather information for the next part of the IG insights tool.

Based on this information available inside, they allow me to consistently gaining new followers every single day.


Here you can view your posts and stories sorted by reach, impressions, engagement, likes, followers, comments, saves, and profile visits.

  • Instagram Feed Post-performance: You can see how your post performing right in here within your own preferable time frame 7-day, 14-day, etc. and you can filter them engagement, likes, comments, followers gained, etc.
  • IG Story Views: You will be able to see the number of people who viewed your story and which story has the most views. And you can also set your stats based on your preferable time frame 7-day, 14-day, etc.

More in-depth information to get more followers…

2. Activity Insights

Now, this is where the magic happens, growing your followers based on these information is just getting easier.

After a consistent posting and on the content insights, Instagram will share the activity insights with you… just tap in the next part.


In here you can see exactly what day your post-performing best on which day works best for your own.

How many people visit you profile? But you cannot see who viewed your profile.

  • The green box you can filter by 7-day, 14-day, etc.

The next section is interest part of the Instagram business account.

3. Audience Insights

After you posted, you’ll get your activity of your audience and now is the who that viewed your Instagram profile.

It looks like this on Instagram,


This is different to Facebook audience insights.

Even if you buy likes and followers using these best app Instagram likes, it’d also be recording in here as well.

  • Age Range: As you can see, 18-24 age group and 25-34 is the audience age of the page.
  • Gender: With about 95% of women is interacting with this page.
  • Top Locations: They’re the United States and more specifically is Chicago, Houston, New York and Los Angelas.
  • Followers: The hours and days that my Instagram followers react to my post best.

A tip to get more followers based on the time-performing, most people ask what is your best time to post to get more engagement…

Posting at 9AM.

Now the next benefit of an Instagram business account is make money based on information provided.

Make Money on Instagram, Faster.

You might be wonder how you can you make money faster with an Instagram business account?

 With the business account, you can have an…

Instagram Action Button


This is where you can choose to select a way for people to contact you, that’s the email option…

…it is the biggest important of the Instagram business account benefits.

When you have the email in place and Instagram bio setup correctly in your business account,

  • You’ll just be receiving email on business enquiry.

Not just email option, you can also share your location of your business.

If you want to learn more about how you can get paid, you can read Get Paid for Instagram Posts: Best #1 Complete Guide.

Access Instagram Promotion Under Business Account

With a personal account, you simply cannot promote your profile,

that’s another big Instagram business account benefits.

Although Instagram promotion is not worth the money to be investing…

…however, switching over to the business account allow you to access the Instagram insights,

  • only that can allow you see how exactly you can get more IG followers.

In fact, I’ve written a post on is instagram promotion worth it to increase followers?

You’ll know exactly.

Instagram Business and Personal Account – Switching Method.

 Switching between a business and personal account is not hard you can just go in to your profile page settings.

  • Be sure your account is a public, and never ever set your account to private If you want to get more followers.

It is biggest mistake when people want to grow their IG page, and additional IG tips are shared in this post – How To Get Followers on Instagram Fast?

Then at the setting page,


That’s it!

Just keep clicking next and it’s done.

Keep in mind,

When you’re switching from personal account to Instagram business account, you’ll not see any information in the Instagram insights…

…you’ll have to wait for at least 7-day to see it.

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After these two Instagram business account benefits, you should be able to understand which is better…

…should you be keeping your personal account,

or switch over to the business account to get more Instagram followers.

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