How To Make Money on Instagram with Clickbank

How to promote ClickBank products on Instagram is easy. These Instagram affiliate marketing steps on how to make money on Instagram with ClickBank affiliate marketing step-by-step and easy-to-follow plan revealed below.

You’re also at the right place. Thanks to this guide while building your following on Instagram. Now that I’m at 10,000 followers, I was able to generate an income online ranging from $300 – $500 per month, I even hit $1000 per day when I put in the work.

I’m sure you’ll want to be an Instagram affiliate as well, but you don’t need a huge following to make money.

First of all, knowing you can make money money on IG while you’re building a following on Instagram.

This guide reveals everything from a to z on how to use Instagram for affiliate marketing and pay attention to how to put affiliate links on Instagram and earn money from CB, so you can get all your questions, answered.

Most people focus on making $1, quick money and they end their careers as affiliate marketer as quick as their money too.

I’ll share with you a plan to $1000 per day, using the compounding effect that works without you having to worry whether you’re going to make the money by tomorrow.

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What is ClickBank Affiliate Marketing and Is ClickBank Free?

Doing Instagram affiliate marketing on ClickBank is the best opportunity right now as it is the number one growing social media platform.

ClickBank affiliate marketing is global ecosystem that allow their user to make money online completely free.

How does ClickBank work? – All you have to do, unlike any other businesses, you just send people the link and that’s it, you’re going to make money on Instagram easily.

  • It’s the world most well-known, by this time you’re reading this, they have already paid out billions to their affiliate marketer.

Most affiliate marketers failed without using Instagram, or they make money on IG with CB just focusing on that quick money, fast.

That’s why they never see the money coming the next day applying the wrong affiliate marketing Instagram strategies.

But as you’re reading on, you’re going find hidden golds that’s none affiliate marketers hide from you.


ClickBank builds around the affiliate marketing industry and they are selling e-products on their website.

E-products also called “affiliate programs”.

When you sign-up to make money on ClickBank without a website, you can just simply make money using Facebook $100+ a day is not hard by sharing those affiliate links.

  • When you are in the affiliate marketing industry, then you join the ClickBank affiliate marketing programs, you’ll be receiving a links for your personal use and that link is called affiliate link.

I hope you get it.

But don’t do anything… it’s important that you take note first.

Before you even think of any crazy idea to make money online with ClickBank affiliate marketing using Instagram, and you have to get started with one thing. – Check out the completely method to generate an income with Instagram.

Instagram Affiliate Marketing: Make Money on ClickBank Without a Website

With Instagram, you can make money on ClickBank without a website.

You don’t need a website to make money I’m talking about short-term money investments and when it’s free, everything is free.

  • Most people would encourage you to have a website and that is the long-term method
  • that method won’t bring you money as fast as the short-term money investments.

Before getting into the long-term/short-term, keep in mind you need traffic to get paid.

1. Long-Term Investments Doing Affiliate Marketing on Instagram Examples

When trying to make money on ClickBank without a website,

the wrong thing people would fail right out of the gate is they only leverage long-term, don’t completely ignore short-term money.


Long-term money doesn’t bring you money immediately as the short-term that Ill sharing with you down this blog post.

They have no idea what’s going to happen, if they put in the work now, when they’d be rewarded.

2. Short Term Money Investments

Speaking of short term money investments when you’re trying on how to make money with ClickBank fast, it doesn’t mean you don’t need at least 1-month to build up momentum.

The expectation to make money in 1-day, that’s only happen through paid advertising, paid traffic.

In fact,

  • I used to make money on Facebook and CB by posting links for free.

Let’s get in the disadvantage of the free traffic.

How to Get Free Traffic for ClickBank Free Traffic – Warnings!


Just a warning before you dive into how to actually make money on ClickBank for free without a website…

You’d either have to spend money or you need to spend your time if you want free traffic.

As mentioned, with free traffic and also without a website, you need to wait at least a month to get started to get paid.

What’s more?

If it’s your first time doing this, you might need a course to help you.

Here’s one of the problem, social media doesn’t like anybody to post affiliate links to their platforms.

Instagram Affiliate Marketing: 7-Steps Make Money with ClickBank Marketing Strategy

CB affiliate marketing via Instagram or how to make money with ClickBank for free can never be easier than ever before.

Most people say that make money without a website is not for the long term, but when you’re starting out you need to make money online in both ways.

Manipulate short-terms tactics while building your long-term money as well.

As you make some quick money without a website, that money will help you make even more and more passive income and money on a recurring basis without having you to touch anything.

If you’re ready…

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Let’s get right in these steps for how to make 100 dollars a day with ClickBank using Instagram for affiliate marketing.

Btw… thinking to buy ClickBank websites? earthvessle is ClickBank ready websites for sale you need. – Send me an Instagram DM.

Step #1: Sign-Up

Sign-up a FREE CB account, without doing that you’re not going to make money. I’ve laid out the simple step-by-step that you can follow:

  1. Sign-up a free CB account.
  2. Enter your personal information.
  3. Enter your bank account to get paid, or use different payment methods.
  4. Complete your CB affiliate marketing and confirm your email in your inbox.

Step #2: Select a Profitable Niche

Yes one of the most important ClickBank affiliate tips.

Have a niche first before you implement other ClickBank affiliate tips to make money online like using ClickFunnels or build a landing page, opt-in page, squeeze page etc.

Most people don’t pick a niche first and what they ended up is jumping from niche to niche, don’t do it.

Due to competition and this is not year 2000, more and more people like you are trying to make money online as well.

  • That mistake alone took me about 3 years to recover my journey.

The numbers above is done through paid traffic.

But this blog post about free traffic and your money won’t be as consistent like $100 a day, $700 a day, etc.

Let’s get deeper into ClickBank money, right?

Have a look,


Nowadays you can almost pick any niche you like to promote, since Instagram has over 1 billion month active users, you can go into any niche you like.

Having said that, there 3 niches that you can get in to make money on Instagram right away:

  1. Health and Fitness: the biggest site niche within Instagram that you make money fast.
  2. Wealth: A second largest niche on Instagram to get started.
  3. Relationship: Also a big category as well.

I’ve picked up 3 most common niche that almost anybody will be interested in that area so it’s easier for you then to make money.

It’s a big topic for you to work on. When you say…

I’m going to focus on all of them.

That’d be a big mistake that you must avoid.

Targeting everyone makes your job 10x harder and, you’re not going to make money on Instagram at all.

Let’s focus on a health and wellness for example, you’ll find a lot of big pages, on either bodybuilding or weightloss.

Then you go ahead to create content for that.

If you don’t know how to create content, I’ll show you how… at the end.

But right now check out my $1k per day method.

Step #3: Find a Profitable Product on ClickBank Affiliate Program

After finding a profitable niche, it’s time to look for a profitable CB products that makes you money and I’m even going to show you how to sell ClickBank products without a website that you can start later and make money faster on Instagram.

  1. Sign-up a free CB account.
  2. Click on the Affiliate Marketplace (This is where the money will come to you)
  3. Click on the Search icon on search box (Don’t type anything in)
  4. You’ll find the best products then…
  5. Look at these 4 metrics that determines whether you’re going to make money or not.

Average %/Sale: How much money you’ll receive as in commission.

Initial $/Sale: The average money you’ll make as a digital marketer per sale.

Average Rebill Total: Recurring income, does it have re-bill monthly or how much?

Average %/Rebill: How many digital marketer is getting recurring incomes, even 1% is great.


Pay close attention to Gravity and Commission Sale: Without knowing this, it could be hard for you to make money because if one of these numbers is not on point, it might mean the product is not selling. If it’s not selling, you can’t make money on IG with CB.

  • ClickBank gravity explained: Gravity score on ClickBank means how many affiliate marketers are already making money. The more people make money means that more money you’ll make. If the gravity score is low, it means nobody is making money, when you try to jump in be the first one to sale, 2 things would happen…
  • You either make a lot of money when the ClickBank product is selling.
  • Not making money because nobody wants that products.

It’s really a personal choice that you could work with.

The best gravity range that you could work starting lowest from 3050+ gravity score.

Commission per sale on ClickBank products is also important that you should check out, because knowing your numbers is important.

Is it giving you big money or small money?

When you focus on small money, you’ll have to deal with a lot of customers spending them same amount of energy plus could be low quality product that will get you a lot of refunds.

Focus on big money, it might take you a little longer to sale but, you’re dealing with less customer, product quality is always high that’s why product creator charge high price for their products.

Final Steps of Instagram Affiliate Marketing: Does it have affiliate marketing material for you?

If you see CB product without the marketing material for ready for you, it means the product creator doesn’t want you to make money or unwilling to put in the work.

Once you find a money-making product machine (based on the above steps analysis)

then walk through the product by see their sales page, putting yourself as a customer….

Ask yourself these questions to finalize your product selection:

  • Do you understand what they say?
  • Is the copywriting on point, does it have videos and extreme effect?
  • Does it have all the privacy policy, refund pages?
  • Would you buy that?

Next, as I mentioned earlier, you don’t want to be the guy that focus on making quick money.

But you want to position yourself, as a victorious warrior standing for years or decade!

That’s why…

The next step is important.

Instagram Affiliate Marketing (BONUS) – How to Add ClickBank Link to Instagram

Before we’re getting into the most important, this is also what you need to know. Instagram doesn’t allow you to put affiliate link in Instagram bio.

Maybe you can now.

But what I’m seeing is Facebook doesn’t allow you to put affiliate link, you can either get ban or link blocked.

Instagram might allow for now, but you never know when they change your rules!

Here’s the important part,

  • If you notice a drop in your page engagement, remove the affiliate links for Instagram

You can experience this when you wake up in the morning and check your page and got ban.

That’ll be heart breaking.

And that’s why this is where the next step will come in…

Posting ClickBank Links on Social Media – Preparation.

Let’s prepare, before you try to post any ClickBank affiliate link to any social media platforms not just with Instagram affiliate marketing, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. too.

  • You can’t grow your IG page: if Instagram spam filter increased, that means you’re trying to send people off Instagram – they don’t like it.
  • Posting ClickBank links on Facebook? Your Facebook status won’t get seem by anyone.
  • Make money on Pinterest with ClickBank: Your account would get suspended if you keep redirect people off to a different URL.

It’s hard right? Not really…

Unless you use one of the money-making strategies below…

Step #4: How to Promote ClickBank Products on Instagram

Yes for doing Instagram affiliate marketing. 1-page is enough for you to make the money that you want to make.

You’ll hear people call these 1-page as landing page, capture page, sales page, lander, etc.

Don’t worry about it.

This is a capture page where you’d start make money on Instagram with ClickBank by sending Instagram traffic to this page.

  • You’re not going to make money if you don’t use this capture page since only a small % of people will buy, it’s important for incorporate ClickBank and Instagram.

That means you lost 90% of the money if you don’t follow-up with them by capture their email address.

That’s what I mean when I mentioned most affiliate marketers not making money.

If you’re seriously want to know how to make money using ClickBank, use ClickFunnels to build this 1-page for your business.

All you have to do is, use an exist capture page and provided free-training in ClickFunnels to getting started and for using this link you’ll get a 14-day free trial as well.

  • A final tool that you need is called an Email auto-responder, AWeber for a ClickBank email list.
  • This initially already have within ClickFunnels,  but AWeber specialized in email marketing that will not send your email into the spam folder which’s important for ClickBank email marketing.

If your email is sending into the spam folder, you’re not going to make money when nobody sees it.

After you’re getting that 1-page done, it’s time to make money on Instagram.

I’ll show you everything about building a following on Instagram and yep, you don’t need a huge following to make money on Instagram.

Are you ready?

Let get it.

Checkout my #1 recommended Instagram training.

ClickFunnels Alternatives: Instagram Page/Facebook Profile/Google Doc.

This Google Doc, Facebook, Instagram represent your website or a tool called ClickFunnels charges you $100 to $400 a month.

With those tools, you can just write a pre-sell page or a blog post…

…or simply put an invitation message before people click into your ClickBank affiliate links in the button below,


When you put your ClickBank affiliate link in a Google Doc and share your Google Doc, it would get accepted by all social media.

  • Or if you have an Instagram page, or Facebook profile, that is your profile and you can directly send your ClickBank affiliate links to people – but never put it in your Instagram bio or Facebook status.


How to Get free Traffic For ClickBank Free Traffic and Make Money on ClickBank Without a Website

Now with the affiliate links in place and know how to share your affiliate links allow you to make so much more money.

Without traffic…

…it could either be free traffic or paid traffic.

For free traffic, the best place to get would Instagram, but not Facebook and Pinterest.


I’ll share with you, next.

Instagram vs Facebook


I personally, recommend Instagram due to I have tons of IG tips, right here

What’s worst?

Make money on Instagram unlike Facebook, they limit your Facebook friends to only 5000 and when you want to make money…

…you need to delete friends,

why not keep them as your Instagram followers?

That’s one of the long-term money tips!

Pinterest and ClickBank


Most people think they can make money using Pinterest because they allow you to put a link in every Pin.

What’s sad, if you don’t know how to Pin correctly, your account won’t be getting clicks and visitor to your affiliate links.

  • Pinterest works best, if you have a blog. Learning how to build a ClickBank website is key.

After going through a Pinterest course which I’ll share with you in my resources page – but stay focus to this blog post and share if you haven’t done it.

Step #5: Make Money with ClickBank and Instagram

Welcome to the final stage of this ultimate guide.

By following the above steps, you are ready for to getting traffic to your ultimate system setup.


Before getting into this area,

Make sure you have gotten 2 things sign-up:

  1. Learn the steps from ClickBankUniversity
  2. Sign-up A free Clickbank
  3. Product selected based on your niche.
  4. Funnel software to use for creating a 1-page business
  5. Email marketing software for avoid sending email into the spam folder, AWeber.

That’s it.

Now you are ready for the Instagram traffic.

Keep in mind, it’s essential to have your system setup before even getting onto Instagram. Since you do not want to miss people attention.

When they look at your Instagram page, if you have a website link, it creates more curiosity.

Now, let’s get right into

Tip 1. Setup your Instagram fundamental

  • Username that is short, no underscore, numbers, or dots in between (professional).
  • A simple Instagram bio let people knows what your page is about.
  • Include a keyword in your name, for example: Justin | Singer & Song Writers
  • Upload high quality photos of yourself and the keywords high quality.

That’s all for the fundamental.

Now, most people will buy likes and followers, avoid those if you don’t want get banned, and I wrote a post here “Best Instagram Automation Tools

They are bots service, don’t likes which I share all the best app for Instagram likes that you shouldn’t use.

Tip 2. Instagram Hashtags: Use 30 Hashtags

To get more followers is to use 30 hashtags, most expert would be arguing whether to use all 30 hashtags,

For you, don’t worry.

Just use 30 Instagram hashtags, and you’ll notice the growth.

  • Hashtags research: Spend time finding relevant hashtags to your niche and let say you’re in the weight loss, you could include hashtags weight loss. The best way to do hashtags is through Instagram search bar.
  • Engage with Instagram Hashtags: This is a new feature to Instagram, they’d like you to follow the hashtags and engage on them so you could get more exposure to your page and more followers.

If you’re serious on how to make money on Instagram with ClickBank, this is the book that I read, allows me to grow from 0 to 10,000 followers in 30-days.

Tip 3. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories is the best tool to use for getting extra exposure to your Instagram page.

Remember you only allow to use 30 hashtags per Instagram posts?

You can use an additional 15 hashtags on your stories, these number can be varied in the future though.

Instagram is pushing more towards story and allow stories to hit to the explore page more often and if you want to know more…

Simply get your free IG book.

Tip 4. Paid Ads on Instagram

when coming to paid ads on Instagram, it’s best to advertise your business towards the product that you’re selling and not for Instagram followers.

One of the golden tips is I have seen pages run advertise just for followers, although they get lots of likes on photo that is use for advertising,

…after a few days, I still don’t see any followers increased.

If you want to learn more.

You can either check if Instagram would help with advertising on IG or you can get the free book that I recommend that also teaches how to run Instagram ads, click here.

Tip 5. Promote a Free Gift

The purpose of the landing page is to capture a person’s email address, collecting email address is easier than asking your friend first time coming to your house and spend $100.

It’s easier to collect email address, the best way to do is to give away something for free in exchange for their email address,

…if just simply asking for an email address will also be hard.

What can you-giveaway for free?

  • A free book or PDF: Just like I’m giveaway my free book on how to you can grow 10,000 Instagram followers in 1-month.
  • Free training or webinar: I’m not just giving away a free book but I also share how people can make money with Facebook without Instagram.
  • 7-day email course: Creating a short email series that deliver what you would teach daily for people that subscribe to you.

By giveaway something for free is the best way to collect their email address, in oppose to just ask for… hey, what’s your email address?

…with nothing in return, why should I give you my email address?

I hope you get the idea.

In this post, I share the exact method I use on Facebook to grow my email list to 5,000 email subscribers.

Step #6: The Money is in the Follow-Up

At this point, you should be see traffic coming to your capture page if you’re serious on how to make money on Instagram with clickbank by setup your Instagram page correctly.

Next, you should be seeing sale coming already… if you’re lucky.

I say lucky because 99% of your new friends coming to your house not going to spend $100 right at the beginning.

That’s why, setting your follow-up series is important so the money would come in later.

That’s why previous I recommend you to build this simple 1-page business using ClickFunnels for free.

Then use an email marketing tool like AWeber so your email won’t be sending into the spam folder so you can make money on Instagram with ClickBank.

Important tips on how you can truly make money with ClickBank:

  • Do not just ask people to buy all the time.
  • Provide people with some sort of free trainings, I’m talking about a blog post like you’re reading right now.

Let’s say… I am an affiliate to ClickFunnels, Instead of me asking to buy ClickFunnels.

Instead I make a blog post that share how you can get more Instagram followers, how you can make money with your followers and tools that you need in order to do.

That’s how you ask people to buy.

Not just… here buy it.

I mention on this post on how you can make money with Facebook, I lay out how the 7-day email follow-up should look that you should check it out.

Step #7: How to Get Paid by ClickBank

Make money on ClickBank without a website is safe and fast.

They have 2 ClickBank payout methods:

  • Wire Transfer: You need to enter your bank account number here and this is the fastest way to get paid. Most people concern about being scammed when they put their bank account number. But when your bank account has less than 10,000,000 dollars – there’s no need to worry (The best advice: Create a brand-new bank account and use that).
  • PayPal: It’s a popular payment gateway. However, this company is popular and well known as, holding small businesses fund al so known as PayPal holds – they hold your money for no reasons and it’s legal as they state on their Privacy Policy or Terms of Services (read them!), then will ban you later on.

Your entire system at this point, is now, complete.

The more time you put into Instagram, the more money you’ll make with ClickBank.

Knowing how to grow your Instagram page is important so that you can get up to 10,000 followers in 30-day.

Most people have no idea what they do and give up very quickly.

That’s why I want to recommend you this free IG book so that you can get started the right way and set yourself up for success.

My 3-Fastest Way to Make Money with ClickBank Without a Website in Affiliate Marketing

Now you know all the important step-by-step and what’s the most important STEPS you need, in order to get paid without a website.


Let me do an ultimate summary and you know what?

  • ClickBank is not one of the company in the affiliate marketing industry and in fact,
  • They don’t offer FREE TRAINING for beginners, but they do have a paid training called ClickBankUniversity in my resource page – it is a course I recommend if you choose to move into the long-term strategy.

Let’s dive in the 3-fastest way to make money…

1. Pick a Niche ClickBank Product

When you sign-up to, then click Affiliate Marketplace – in the search bar, click the search icon without typing anything, you’d see this,


  • I don’t recommend any product relate to the health and fitness industry, you’d need more authority and time to make money.

Then let me explain in this photo below…

ClickBank Products
  • Initial $/sale: How much you can get paid first time which is $13.49.
  • Avg %/sale: You get paid at 50%.
  • Avg Rebill Total: Amount of passive recurring income you’d be making is $65.43.
  • Avg %/rebill: You get paid 50% on your passive recurring income.
  • ClickBank Gravity Score: How many affiliate marketer is making money with that clickbank product, right now.

If you don’t do the next step by simple sending your affiliate links, it is a complete failure business model so you need the next.

The next steps is how to get people to your affiliate links – remember to build a pre-sell page?

2. Select 1-Social Media Platform: Facebook or Instagram.

Instead of pick multiple social media platforms get ClickBank free traffic, focus into one and I prefer Instagram.

Facebook limits you 5,000 friends and but still there will be smart people that are able to build a company using Facebook, and he shared his entire method to make money in his Facebook course.

Make Money on Instagram and Facebook/Instagram – Click Here

I personally apply the method he taught into Instagram, instead of getting rid of friends to make more money. I prefer to get more Instagram followers while make money in affiliate marketing not just ClickBank.

  • When you learn from his course, you can also become an affiliate of his Facebook course and he has all the pre-sell page built in.

All you need is just sharing affiliate links or hoplinks to get paid.

Learn all these steps on how to use ClickBank from the ClickBankUniversity. – They will share with you the complete guide on how to make money with Clickbank step by step.

3. Build an Email List Without a Website

This is the first step towards your long-term strategies on the make money online things.

  • While you’re getting paid on social media, you also want to ask people for their email address or phone number as well.

Instead of trying to send them the link to make money, you don’t want to repeat the process for thousands of times.

As you’re using the method in the Facebook course, building up your email list and put into an auto-responder.

There is good or bad email auto-responder, make sure they don’t send your email into the Spam Folder.

So I recommend AWeber – this company has been around for over decades.

Helpful Blog Posts:

Conclusions – How to Make Money on ClickBank for Beginners.

I hope you learned a lot on this guide on how to become an affiliate marketer on Instagram.

By following the above CB Instagram methods on using affiliate marketing through Instagram, you’re well prepared to becoming the top ClickBank affiliates by setting up your ClickBank affiliate websites correctly.

Just 1-simple website to make money on Instagram.

So now it’s your turn…

After this ultimate ClickBank guide,

I’d you to bookmark this, share this, pin this to your Instagram board.

I know you can do this,

If you want to learn more on how to make money on FaceBook, click here!

That’s all for this blog post on how to make money on ClickBank without a website.

I hope you like what I explained and take action, the final step to make even more money is having a blog – learn how to start a blog.

If you want to know all the insider IG tips.

Join the free updates.

FAQs – Make Money with ClickBank.

Does ClickBank Really Work?

Does ClickBank work? Yes, it is the best affiliate marketing platform you can get started for free.

Is ClickBank Safe to Use?

Yes, it pay over billions to affiliate marketers worldwide and it’s definitely safe to make money.

Why Make Money with Instagram with ClickBank?

Instagram is Facebook brother, they both have 1 billion+ active monthly users and that makes the make money online game so much easier.

If you’re not using Instagram, you’ll missing out.

Building a following first is the key to make money on Instagram but don’t worry…

I’ll show you the exact steps that I took to get to 10,000 followers in 1-month on Instagram by simply reading what other Instagram influencers brains.

If you’ve been wondering who’s the top affiliate marketers on Instagram, it’s the one who can help you make money but obviously the person that know how to make money, but not having million of followers.

How To Use Instagram for Affiliate Marketing

You can forget about having a huge followings before you can make money and begin to implement all the steps above to get started to use Instagram for Affiliate Marketing.

Can You Make Money With ClickBank?

Absolutely, let me ask you, what does it take you to make money? You first need a product to sell and a traffic from Instagram. Not just Instagram, you can also do this with facebook which I’m also recommend.

By following the above steps, you’re well on prepare for winning the game and make money on Instagram easily. That important part is you make a decision.

How Many Instagram Followers Do you need to Make Money?

No, you don’t need 100,000 instagram followers to make money. You need to only true.

The way you can get true fan is to build like and trust with them.

I share this with my facebook strategy more than Instagram which I recommend you to also make money with facebook.

How can you promote affiliate with Instagram?

Yes, absolutely you can. If you’ve been reading this guide.

How can I make a $1000 fast?

One of the fastest way to make a $1000 fast is to actually use facebook, it is a shallow think but at least it give you momentum and because you’re limited to 5,000 friends. Not like Instagram you can get as many followers as you like! That you don’t have to remove friends on facebook add more friends.

What country can you use ClickBank?

You can do this anywhere in the world, it is an international free program that you could be part of.

You can be at any age, even if you don’t have money, you still can do this.

ClickBank was actually limited to a lot of country before it’s lucky now that they’re open internationally.

It is work with clickbank in india.