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Instagram action blocked and Instagram like block are the biggest issue which are stopping you to get more followers and likes on the platform, fast.

After growing 100k followers on Instagram, and experienced action blocked is quite common and it could harm your IG account in the future…

…the potential reach that your account will be impacted by.

If you’re reading this guide I’m sure you’re looking to remove

and want to know how long actioned blocked would last which I’m getting into right now.

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What is Action block in Instagram?

Action blocked on Instagram meaning you’re taking too many action such as following too many people at once or unfollowing too many people once or even liking too many people at once…

…and you’d get an action blocked which starting from 24-hour all the day to 24 days and this depends on how IG update their rules.

Consequences of Instagram Action Blocked.

There are consequences to this the first action blocked can be easy to fix and very controllable and it’s all start with.

Temporarily Instagram Actions Blocked – First Stage.


This temporarily IG action block is the most common block by Instagram and it’s first stage that IG would put your IG account in jail for the next 24-hours.

If you are in this phase, you can almost get rid of action blocked immediate by implementing the solution to fix Instagram action blocked below.

When you recover from the first block, if you continue to manipulate the IG platform by using automation tools or bot,

They’ll escalate your IG action blocked to the next stage which is…

Avoid Permanent Instagram Ban.

The first stage of blocking is just “temporarily block” without the date its last which for 24 hours.


By looking at the red box, it’s date given that Instagram would give you.

  • It could start from 3-day
  • 7-day
  • 24-day
  • to a potential permanent ban on Instagram.

Have a look… this is from a Reddit threat and yes, I personally haven’t experienced this and don’t want to be apart of the action blocked.


That 24-day action blocked happen when you keep making the mistakes below…

You know what worst?

Even if you have a 7-day blocked, it’s already killing your page engagement.

Why You’re Getting Instagram Action Blocked?

Depends what types of actions you’re manipulating the most, Instagram would give you different types of action blocked duration but it’s first of all, you have a…

Too New Instagram Account

Yes, you don’t enough trust from Instagram and the amount of action you can take limited and they’d give you Instagram action blocked quickly.

Instagram ranks your account based on how many followers you have most importantly the time of your account.

They released a new Instagram update that you can check in that blog post.

  • With the “About This Account” released.



Not Knowing your Instagram Action Limits

This is very simple.

If you’re starting a brand new account, you can expect to have a very few action available to your account.

  • When you’re trying to follow too many people at once you’ll be blocked or even if you’re trying to like too many people at once, you’ll even get Instagram like block as well.

The biggest issue people who trying to grow an IG page is using follow unfollow to eventually get action blocked, but what they should know is that…

…there are a ton of ways that can get your IG page go viral and getting your first few thousands followers per day.

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Posting Adult Content.

If you’re in a girl niche and fitness niche, most of your photos will easily be confused by Instagram and they’d take it down.

For fitness guys, which a page is posting about topless which is completely fine…

…but for fitness girls, if you’re new and posting bikini photos or nude photos, they’ll get taken down or immediate ban with action blocked, shadowbanned and ban on Instagram.


Violated New Instagram Rules

This is one of the new Instagram rules  to avoid Instagram action blocked and while I was growing my page @earthvessle I notice the action limits from 900 per day, go down to 600, 300 to 200…

Some people claims 200 – 300 but If you try to use any Instagram third part apps or automation tools and bots,

  • You’ll notice an instant action blocked.

Without using bot and automation tools, you should be fine to be spamming IG with 200 – 300 daily actions, but I recommend 50 per day is great.

If you got hit with the temporarily blocked or just recovered from any action blocked,

  • Your daily limit would also be lower, could be 25 actions daily limit.

Overused Instagram DM Limit

This is my biggest mistake due to I always share how to make money on Instagram with 100 followers in this blog post but,

I never mention overusing Instagram DM would put your account in jail and it is quickest way you can get blocked, if you’re sending too many DM too quickly.

What good is that…

If you get action blocked on Instagram DM, it doesn’t affect your daily limit at all.

  • You can still try to get more followers, more likes and money without having problems, but it’s important to keep daily limit low.

Instagram Activity Time Spent

I mention in the new Instagram update, they release a feature you can track your time spend and see how long you already stayed on app…


…and yes, IG can also track how active you are on the app.

That means

  • The more you stay on the app the more actions you can take.

That doesn’t mean you have to spam on IG you can just scroll around and enjoy the content shared on content creator.

Instagram Action Blocked: Automation Tools or Third Party Apps Manipulations

If you’re planning to use any automation tools and bots or Instagram third party apps, it’s important that they are partnered with Instagram.

If it’s not an authorized app…

  • as you connect your account to the any 3rd part apps, you’ll immediately get Instagram actioned follow by a shadowban.

VPN or Different IP Address

This is also a solution to fix Instagram action blocked which I’ll be getting in to later down this blog post… but only use this when you’re actually blocked, and never use it if you don’t have to.


Instagram spammer, apps developers used this a lot. and IG will take them seriously to maintain the platform quality.

User Complaints

This is important.

You have to know what to post in mind, and be consistent with it.

If you plan on to use other people photo, be sure to give credits.

One of the worst thing you can do is writing a bad Instagram bio such as “no sending DM, Sending DM = blocks”

Not a very welcome message and when you post photo, you won’t get much love.

Instagram Action Blocked – Solutions Fixed.

Here’s the solution to action blocked on Instagram.

Just a head up, if you’re experiencing with the temporary action blocked you simply apply one of these solutions to fix the blocked…

…and you’ll be able to get rid of the blocked in an instant.

Let’s get right in…

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1. Uninstall, Then Install Instagram App

Uninstall Instagram app is so they can treat you as a complete new account login.

Delete your Instagram app means cookie and data collected IG will be removed.

Especially if you’re a temporarily action blocked, you can almost immediately get rid of it.

Once you get rid of it…

…you don’t want to continue spamming the platform and wait for at least 24-hour then to post.

  • If you do continue spam right after you get rid of blocked, Instagram will pick up the pattern of your previous block and you’re getting into a longer blocked.

2. Report a Problem

With temporarily action blocked, you won’t be seeing the report a problem or the tell us button.

You only see these options when you experience with blocked that has date on it, like this…


By reporting a problem, you’re telling IG that you’re a human and you’re trying to get more followers and more likes on the platform.

On the other hands…

Avoid do that too many times, I recommend 5 times is a good.

Imagine, they would lift the block to a longer period if you’re keep manipulate the report a problem button.

3.Switch to Mobile Data 3G/4G/5G/Starlink

Switch your wifi to mobile data and it could any G like 3G, 4G, 5G, and Starlink and combine this method with the first method.

Instagram recognize your IP address and what to know more?

They recognize your device as well, when repetitively got blocked, all of the methods in this blog post won’t be helped.

4. Unauthorized Instagram Third Party Apps

If you’re previously connect your account to any Instagram third part apps, automation tools and bots…

…while they’re not partnered with Instagram, it’s time to removed them off your account and implement the method to proof to them that you are a human, not a bot.

As people like to use those best apps for likes bot that cause their IG accounts into problem.

5. Link your Instagram account to Facebook

Not just Facebook, have a look at this list,


Connect to all apps listed here Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Weibo, Ameba, VKontakte and

Instagram is partner with these social media sites and that’s the reason they listed them in the apps.

As you connected while also depend how many followers you have and how authorize you are, based on those number that IG will be judged.

6. Delete Recent Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags trigger Instagram the most as they bring in a lot of impression to your account and if you have a new account…

…or already in an action blocked, remove any recent Instagram hashtags will be beneficial for blocked removal or improvement your account engagement.

7. Change Password

Changing password is a quite dumb tip to be listed at first which Instagram might have already asked you to change your password right at the beginning.

After you change your password, you’ll notice the official Instagram action blocked announced and it depends on how many times you have action blocked…

…which you might also face a shadowbanned as well.

the very last thing you can do now….

8. Wait.

All of the above would help you.

But none of them would help you get rid of action blocked. You might want to being patience is the final option you can do.

This is the best solution for action blocked Instagram like fix and you only need wait for a minimum 24-hour maxed.

Instagram Action Blocked: Do and Don’t.

Instagram Action Blocked: Don’t

Don’t create another Instagram account and try to get more followers like I do.


They tracked your IP and if you have this account with action blocked, when you create another new account, it’d also pop the action blocked for that account as well…

But right now,

Instagram Action Blocked: Do.

Instead of making new account and start all over again…

…might as well start a blog which is better.

Read this guide on how to start a blog.

Your blog is your house, you don’t have to be under control by how much money you can make online.

  • For example, with IG only allow you with a link in bio and IG story swipe up if you only have 10k followers.

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