17+ Increase Blog Traffic Free Tricks to 10k Visitors

Increase blog traffic can never be easier than ever this year.

Especially when you’re going to boost blog traffic.

Follow by using social media traffic that would raise your brand value and generating blog traffic.

You’ll learn everything in this blog post about growing your blog traffic.

I’ll share a important hack and the ultimate tricks to increase blog traffic, before you should even trying to get them traffic.

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Correctly Focus on Blog Monetization First Before Increase Blog Traffic

Monetization in the first place is key.

As long you provide more value in your blog post, you’re fine.

Never wait to your 100 blog traffic or 10,000 blog visitors than monetize.

  • As your blog traffic comes and go while you never which violation you might came acrossed.

What to monetize on your blog?

You don’t want to do monetization and collaborate with company that do not want to pay you.

  • You don’t want to work with company that expect you to have 100k visitors per month, then to get approved.

These company come up with strict rules and ends up either paying too less or find an excuse not to send you the pay check.

But let’s get started with the good blog monetization method.

Grab Affiliate Program in Affiliate Marketing Prior to Increase Blog Traffic

Affiliate marketing is key and you don’t want to be an affiliate with low paying company either.


It takes the same amount of time to get traffic to a low paying affiliate program and a high paying affiliate program.

Especially if you recommend Amazon products that cost $200 to buy and you only get paid 3% commission of that product.

Imagine this power…

  • Become an affiliate program that pay you by promote 1 product and get paid from multiple companies upwards 125+ companies.

Introducing FourPercent,


Vick Strizheus the king of traffic teaches you internet marketing in affiliate marketing.

How can you get paid from multiple company while promote only 1 company?

FourPercent has an ecosystem and teach you how to start a business that you’d eventually need all the marketing tools like Aweber, ClickFunnels, GetResponds, 125+ more.

That means,

  • Unlike typical MLM network company rip off your friends’ money, this system allows you and your friends to get paid from the affiliated company

They’re currently a free traffic blueprint, let’s get it.

Get your free traffic blueprint.

Publishing Ads on your Blog

This is one of the worst method, blog monetization I ever experiencer as a beginner affiliate blogger.

You simply put other people adverting on your blog and get paid based on CPM and CPC.


  • There are a handful of selected ad network like Adsense, Adthrive, Mediavine, etc.

These are the company that required you with a specific amount of website visitors upwards 25k visitors per month within the United states to 100k blog traffic to join.

Let’s get to the main part of this blog post.

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17+ Tips to Increase Blog Traffic WordPress

I’d assumed you’ve picked one of your main blog monetization methods to generate an income

while generate generating blog traffic…

…and know why you should start monetization right away, not waiting for any amount of traffic


Focus on Social Media Traffic

The biggest mistake most people do is focusing on too many social media channels to increase blog traffic.

Most people recommend using Pinterest to increase blog.

But I found how to increase blog traffic with Pinterest is way harder than Instagram as I shared all the Instagram tips for free in there.

That’s it.

Pick one social media platform to work on and never distract yourself with too many social media platforms.

Increase Blog Traffic by Capture Your Blog Traffic

Aweber – #1 Instagram Marketing Tools.

This is another key point you need before even trying to get blog traffic.


As I mentioned, traffic comes and go while you never which violation you might be making that fluff your traffic.

That is why you need to capture your blog traffic.

Imagine getting 100k visitors per month and for no reasons you violate some rules on this earth.

Create Evergreen Content to Increase Blog Traffic


When comes to blog, you need evergreen content so you can constantly get traffic throughout the years.

Not 100k visitors this July, then only 10k blog traffic 3 months later.

How to find evergreen content?

This depends on what niche you’re in…

Let’s say you’re in the internet marketing niche,

  • Helping people growing their Instagram page or getting more blog traffic is evergreen on demand.

Not like winter clothing that you don’t need in summer season.

Craft a Perfect Blog Post Headlines

Your blog post headlines triggers people to read your blog post, that’s why is important.


you want to make money online as an affiliate blogger that you need people to read through your blog post.

It all starts with the headlines that intrigue people to go in and read it.

A good blog post headline to boost blog traffic consist of:

  • Numbers: 13+ tricks to more increase blog traffic.
  • Personality: 69 ways to grow your blog.
  • Have a negative word or a positive word: Smart traffic hacks to get out of the road.

After that would be your blog post introduction that you need after headlines.

Check out the blog post I linked for detailed information.

You Don’t Have to Read to Increase Blog Traffic


Get your Free Traffic Blueprint.

SEO for Blogger: Focus on Long-Tail Keywords

SEO is another great way to increase blog traffic.

Here’s a thing,

This becomes quite competitive and you’d need to wait at least 6 months to see tractions.

A trick to prepare and focus on long-tail keywords.

Let’s say you’re in the Japanese green tea, matcha blog niche.

increase-blog-traffic copy

  • When you write a blog post, you want to focus on long tail keywords like
  • Japanese green tea benefits for skin

If you only focus on Japan.

That become too competitive for a new blogger to rank for this unless you’re been in this blog niche for 10 – 20 years.

Here’s an additional trick to finding these money-making terms…

Simple Trick Finding Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords has to have a buying intent as well, you don’t want to focus on keywords that doesn’t have no commercial intent in it.

You can find these commercial intent keyword by going to…

The FourPercent’s Programs


They have these programs on sales that means that market needs it, select your own programs.

Go to Udemy and perform a search,


People who comes to Udemy wants to buy learn something and you cannot learn anything for free at Udemy.

SEO WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

These SEO WordPress plugins for bloggers help you optimize your blog post so you can get traffic doing SEO.

You can simple search for the SEO in your WordPress plugins page you’d see a whole list plugin, and you want to use the one with the highest rating.

WordPressPlugins-increase-blog-traffic copy

These are the top plugins that you can use right now for more traffic to your WordPress blog:

  • Yoast SEO: This is what I used to have but currently not using anymore.
  • All-in-One SEO Pack: Another great SEO WordPress plugins.
  • RankMath: A more visualize SEO tool to use.

Here’s a thing,

You need to stick with one SEO plugin and avoid switching as your they these plugins will generate a Google XML site maps that you don’t want to change all the time.

They are not important, just pick one.

Encourage Social Sharing to Increase Blog Traffic

While you’re getting more and more blog traffic, you want to leverage social media to help your blog post go viral.

Only social media can raise the attention of your blog post.

That doesn’t you spam your social sharing buttons all over your blog.

In fact,

  • Have 1 – 4 social sharing buttons in your blog post is my preferable trick to encourage social sharing.


Having too many social sharing buttons slow down your website speed which Google doesn’t like.

Discover your Audience Locations

Your audience locations are important such as country.

  • Apart from finding commercial intent keyword mentioned earlier, you’d also want to find high quality country to increase blog traffic.


This helps save your hosting server space.

For example, I’m currently using SiteGround as a self-host blog platform and my hosting plan is limited to only 100k visitors per month.


Another reason you only want top tier or high-quality blog traffic is to allow you to make more affiliate sales.

If you’re writing an affiliate blog post that attracts people that can’t afford your affiliate products…

…over here you have to pay for your hosting plan, then it’d be hard.

Blow Them Up

This blog traffic needs social media to collaborate with your blog.

When your blog traffic shares your blog post, you’d immediately look into who is sharing it as you could also add some viral juice to it.

For example if you were tweet this blog post,

[ss_click_to_tweet tweet=”17+ Increase Blog Traffic Free Tricks” content=”” style=”2″]

I’d looks through who is tweeting this blog post and immediately reply back to that tweet.

Hit the Twitter like button,

As well as retweet that specific Twitter tweet.

By doing this,

You’re basically thanking your blog traffic for tweeting your blog post and also give back a quick shout out to whoever tweeted.

Use Giveaways to Increase Blog Traffic

This trick is powerful.

However it’d required social media site like Instagram, Twitter, etc. and you have to create something to giveaway.

You simply include all giveaway details and instructions in your blog post.

  • Giveaways item has to be attractive like iPhone X or something big trending in the technology to gain big tractions on social media.


If not a free traffic blueprint like what I’m giving away is also work but it’s not as hot as the iPhone or technology gadget.

Blog PageSpeed Does Matter

Yes, this is important.

If you haven’t installed AMP plugin to your blog, it’s time to implement it.

This is a new release called the core updates


I remember when Google first released this back in May, I had around 8,000 visitors per day and I just continue to see the drop-in traffic.

Until the point when I had only 500 blog traffic per day, as soon as I implement AMP WordPress plugins.

My blog traffic is back on track.

Dominate the Comments All Over

Dominating the comments is key to keep an active community surround your brands.

Apart from capturing your blog traffic.

  • While waiting for blog traffic to come to your blog, you’ll help them remember and appreciate your every single thing you do for them.

You’d want to reply to every single comment, not just in your blog but on social media as well.

As soon as you’re getting too many comments, you’d need to narrow your focus and answer your traffic that have questions you haven’t covered on the blog….

…by doing that, it saves your time.


When there are tons of question, you’re definitely look for a person to help you reply to relevant questions asked by your traffic.

Share Long-Form Blog Content

Having thick content now is preferable than having thin content.

The longer your content, the better.

Google likes this type of content and you’d be reward it.

Even if you don’t like Google.

Your blog traffic would be more appreciated when you a longer form of blog content.


Here’s a thing,

Long form content should be straight to the point without fluff.

Let say you’re planning to share some blog tips.

  • Instead of sharing 5 blog tips for 8,000 words.
  • Write 5+ blog tips for 8,000 words.

That is key on how to get traffic to a new blog

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Increase Blog Traffic – Conclusions.

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