Instagram For Beginners: How To Use Instagram #1 Best Guide.

Instagram for Beginners: This Instagram walkthrough on how to use Instagram is what you’re going to find in this blog post.

If you’re advanced, I have a bonus hack for you.

In this blog post, you’ll learn all the step-by-step and easy-to-follow plan that you get started correctly.

What to do, what not do…

…That triggers Instagram bans.

To avoid Instagram addict and spending time in sufficiently on social media, the goal is always to make money on Instagram.

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What is Instagram and How is It Used?

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms that help you create an income online and establish your brand awareness.

It’s owned by Facebook, all marketers are moving to social media platform that could help their business grow nowadays.

An example when make a Facebook status and you only allow to have 5000 friends but only 0.1% of your friends would see your post.

  • But Instagram allows you to have unlimited friends or followers and 75% of your friends would see your post – 75% Instagram limit reach when you have less than 1000 followers.

If you’ve been wondering what is the point of getting an Instagram that should answered your question.

But let dive a little deeper…

What’s the Point of Getting an Instagram?

If you ever want to become famous on Instagram or make money on Instagram, it is one of the best platform and if not…

You can just simply apply the Instagram walkthrough below to get started make Instagram post for fun and transition in to business whenever you ready to.


Just like Facebook, the sooner you get on a new social media platform, the more money you can make before they limit your post reach.



Whether you want to make Instagram as a hobby and transitioning in the future, follow the Instagram walkthrough below if you’re new to Instagram.

Sign Up For Instagram

It seems obvious on how to use Instagram is first to Sign up for Instagram is getting harder as the platform is growing with billions of users. If you can’t sign-up, you might want to consider buy Instagram accounts instead.

However, you might be seeing this,

Instruction for sign-up to Instagram:

  1. Go to if you want to sign up via desktop, or download the Instagram app if you’re an iPhone user at the iTunes IOS App Store, or Andriod Google Play Store.
  2. For desktop, use Log in with Facebook, or fill in the form with mobile number or email, name, username, and password. Then click “Sign up”.
  3. On iPhone users, select “Create New Account”, and for Android users, click “Sign Up with Email or Phone Number”.
  4. Fill out username and password, then click Done.

You have a higher chance to sign up for Instagram if you register with Facebook.

Instagram For Beginner: 11+ Tips on How to Use Instagram.

Enjoy this guide how to use Instagram, this is the first part for beginner guide,

I organized everything you need to know to get started to get more followers on Instagram…

…right away.

Prevent Instagram Addict

An important section on how to use Instagram, it is important most people want to know how to quite Instagram addiction, in this blog post Instagram Addict: Best #1 Definitive Guide. – I shared everything and how you must not quit in the social media date and age…

…and how people are making a living out of social media. Also if you choose not to quit and decide to continue, you’ll see several signs I mentioned you’d experience along the way to getting more followers on Instagram.

Have an Instagram Niche in Mind

This is also important on how to use Instagram secondly is to know what to post on Instagram, you’d first need to pick a niche.

Posting anything and everything today is no longer working.


IG platform has over billions of monthly active users nowadays and continue growing.

In the large ocean of Atlantic, sharks are everywhere. Let pick a profitable niche right now.

Pick a Global Instagram Username

Important on how to use Instagram: Whether you’re new to Instagram you’d want a proper name that do not includes any hyphens or numbers or trying to copy other people names.

Let’s say I’m a fan of earthpix


I don’t go and create a copy of that name like earthpix1 or earth_pix…


…to avoid getting sued or banned by Instagram.

Simply use the free tool I shared in this guide on how to start a blog to find your Instagram name or business name as a whole.

Prepare 9 Instagram Posts


Once you got your niche, it’s time to make Instagram post about that niche.

  • Niche is the same as a topic. If you love Lamborghini, just post about Lamborghini.

Before you’re trying to get more followers and your first 1000 likes, you need to prepare 9 Instagram posts.

  1. Implement relevant hashtags, geotagging, mentioned, tagging on Instagram into all of that posts.
  2. Don’t publish 9 posts at once to trigger action blocked.
  3. Have a time interval, post every 6 hours.

Before we get into any hashtags or use any technical hashtags search tool and any Instagram post scheduler.

Find out what you’re Instagram posts going to be about… next!

Instagram Uploads: Images, Videos, IGTV, & Stories.

Is image or video you’re to use? Or IGTV or IG Stories that you’re going to use.

  • Don’t trying to be fancy, trying to look for how to post on Instagram from laptop, pc, mac, online, etc.

Simply use your iPhone or Android to make your first 9 Instagram posts.

  • Images: Photo is the best option, if you’re getting started.
  • Videos: This would be last if you don’t have at least 5k followers.
  • IGTV: Same as video and Instagram is consider paying content creator towards the future with IGTV.
  • IG Stories: story won’t be too annoying when you use this option as a way to get more followers on Instagram.

What to Post on Instagram to Get Likes

After the 4 points above you should be able to identify what is the best option to use for your Instagram posts.

To get more followers and your first 1,000 likes is too avoid over posting or annoy your strangers from hashtags or the explore page to they’d follow you.

I personally recommend images and IG stories…

…they need to be relevant to your niche or topic chosen as well.

Instagram Image Size

Know that you decided on what to post, the key important part is knowing what photo size is best to get more followers and likes.

To keep things simpler, you want to post high quality photo without blurry and use

  • either square (1200×1200)
  • or rectangular (1200×1500).

Use Actionable IG Caption

It’s so important to have caption on your Instagram post.

Most people make the #1 mistake how to effectively use Instagram captions for followers by posting an extremely long caption like this,

Instagram Mistakes: Too Long IG Caption.

big mistake.



  • An Instagram post is not a like a blog post which’d last for over years that also means for business revenue to be continuously flow in.

Helpful Blog Posts:

How To Use Instagram: Advanced Guide.

Great that you made it up to here from the beginner guide, now it’s time to focus on the important task which make money.

Since you’re already doing what you do daily on Instagram, instead of just spending time on scrolling and posting…

Check out the first part.

Leverage Automation Tools

Automation tool is key to grow on Instagram when you don’t have enough time or feel frustrated to do the same task over and over again.

With Ingramer, you’d have your hashtags finder available, automatic posting and more important follow/unfollow bot (If you receive action blocked on Instagram from the follow/unfollow feature – you need to stop using to avoid Instagram ban).

#1 in How to Use Instagram

But overall, it is an all-in-one tool that you can download your set your Instagram post on autopilot for 365/24/7.

Get started for free.

Make Money on Instagram

Important on how to use Instagram: There are a ton of way to make money. Most people think they need 10k followers, 50k followers or 100k followers than to make money…

But what they didn’t realized is having 100 followers can make money too, and that’s thanks to affiliate marketing.

  • First you need an affiliate program that teach people how to make money online that’s the Facebook course I studied from – you can study the course which also allow you to become an affiliate marketer.

Optional: You can also become an affiliate with the automation tool above, it might be closed for entry, if

That’s a Facebook course and teaches you about Facebook, since they only allow 5000 max Facebook friends, it’s better to use that method over to Instagram to keep gaining followers.

Now let’s get into the features of Instagram to get more followers…

Make Money on Instagram and Facebook – Click Here

Helpful Blog Posts: How to Make Money on Instagram Without Followers: #1 Best Guide.

Instagram Bio Link Hack: How to Use Instagram

Now after make money on Instagram is about smart work.

Instagram only allows 1-link in bio and is that mean that is the only choice you have?


You can treat Instagram as a personal blog by using a link that contains multiple links inside.

How to Use Instagram: Instagram for Beginner.

when people click a link on bio you’d see more affiliate link within it.


This tool is called TapLink.

Geotagging and Tagging on Instagram

  • Geotagging is important: don’t ignore it because you don’t want people to know about your locations. Use it get to get more impression for your photo and also use geotagging on Instagram story. Let’s say you are in a City and you can tag your country or a busy road that’s not close to you.
  • Tagging on Instagram: Tagging correctly without getting banned is important. Most people manipulate this new Instagram update by stacking all username on top of each other, big mistaken if you try to gain traction on social media.

Always Use Instagram Hashtags for Followers

People know to use Instagram hashtags for likes and followers, but they did so many hashtags mistaken with a such big unrealistic expectation from it…

…thinking, they’d get at 10k followers right away when they use it.

  • Another mistake is use free hashtags generator.

Did you know always update their banned hashtags due to violating their terms of services such as using #f4f, #L4L, etc.

Due to its free, their team wouldn’t have enough funds to hire people to update their entire system and it’d better off to use something that at least have a small cost too it.

I recommend a tool called TailwindApp – join the free updates to find out.

Instagram Marketing Tips: Page Automation.

Know your Best Time to Post on Instagram

In this blog post best time to post on Instagram for likes, I shared exactly what you need to and when to discover your best time to post using the Instagram insights tool,

and you don’t need the calculator to do that.

Posting at the best time allow you to get more likes regardless whatever niche you are in from photographer, luxury, girls, money,etc.

Check the a blog post above.

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Diversification Instagram for Beginner

Important part on how to use Instagram.

What do I really mean?

Most people learning how to use Instagram and they overdo it by manipulating IG features.

Apart from having fun learning IG which is a social media,


Most people got their page banned for no reasons and that doesn’t what don’t anti Instagram either…

…learn how to start a blog instead.

Instagram For Beginner: Ultimatum Growth Hack.


I’m going to summaries this entire blog post simply in a simple bullet format that don’t confuse you:

  • Set up your Instagram profile using the Instagram for beginners or when you’re new to Instagram
  • Leverage a tool for your Instagram link in bio so you can have multiple links within
  • Set up your automation tool and start using relevant hashtags for your niche.
  • While growing your Instagram page on autopilot, start a blog to avoid being banned by Instagram.

With this setup, you’re guarantee to setup yourself up correctly on Instagram whether you want to treat it as a hobby and transition it into it later on.

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How To Use Instagram. – Conclusions.

I hope you learn this blog post and it is one of the best guide you should ever use.

If you want to learn about the insider Instagram secrets tips,

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