How To Repost Instagram: #1 Fast, Easy Tricks

How to repost Instagram is not hard and there are a ton of best repost app on Instagram will do the job when you want to know how to repost something on Instagram.

You can repost, so do I… so do your friends.

But knowing how to repost to get more followers is what you will learn in this blog post.

Then… you’ll learn how to repost, videos, images, IG carousel, and safe way on how to repost someone else’s Instagram story… who doesn’t know how to post their own IG story, right?

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Let’s get right into this blog post. – Check out my #1 recommended Instagram University.

Repost Instagram Post and Video

1. How to Repost Instagram Post

Now that you know several ways to repost on Instagram to get more followers and make money.

It’s not difficult to repost an Instagram post and be sure that you’ll be getting likes after you post it which I’ll show you as well.

First you need to download one of best repost apps for Instagram…


  • Download Repost For Instagram and Open it: There are a tons of best repost apps on Instagram which listed at that you can check out. Each has its own instruction how you can repost and you can find it right with in the app.
  • Open Instagram App.
  • Find a photo that’s in your niche.
  • Copy the URL of the photo: Sometimes due to technical issues or slow internet connection, you might need to delete, and copy the URL image several times, so the post will show up on the Repost app.
  • Come back to the Repost app.
  • Share it on your Instagram page: It’s important to give back credits by mentioning who post belongs to.

2. How to Repost Instagram Video

Posting video on Instagram is the best way to get more likes and followers. Pages are getting tons of followers by just posting videos while completely ignoring photo post.

That’s why is essential to use this Instagram video.

When comes to video, you don’t need to create your own, you can repost Instagram video as well.

First, I have more repost apps to share with you later but let’s stick with the original app I recommend.


  • Download Repost For Instagram and Open it.
  • Open the Instagram app
  • Click on the 3 dots
  • Copy Link
  • Come back to Repost for Instagram app.
  • Share it on IG: Remember to give back credits for video that you use.

Now that was with app but if you want to download without app, check it out next…

3. How To Repost a Video on Instagram Without App

Repost on Instagram without app can be never easier than before, there are a ton of software out there will help you on how to repost Instagram.

For example I’ll share one of the recommended bots which I always use and also one of the best Instagram bot as well…

Just a head up if this tool doesn’t work, you can always find a new video downloader easily at Google.


  • Find a video you want to download: It could either be from your phone then send the post URL to yourself.
  • Download the video here: I strongly recommend this tool as they have so many functions as you could see.
  • Use one of your messaging apps to transfer the video over.
  • Then repost the video back on Instagram.

Repost Instagram Story Methods

1. How To Repost an Instagram Post To Your Story

This is completely different to how to repost someone else’s Instagram story, to do that I’ll share with you down this blog post.

But to repost an Instagram post to your story is easy and it is one of the best question you asked which help with how to get more followers on Instagram.

By looking at this photo you should have a clearer idea on how to repost Instagram,


  • Click on the airplane icon
  • Add post to your story
  • Send to.

Most people don’t know how to repost Instagram story and let get into it at this blog post. But let get to reposting video…

2. How To Repost a Video on Instagram Story

Share a post on Instagram story is not hard and it’s the same as you repost your posts to the IG story.

It looks like this…


  • Simply click on the airplane.
  • Add post to your story
  • Click send to.

That’s how you can share a video on Instagram story one of the worst part on how to repost Instagram as people confused enough to be sharing with use which everybody already know how to do.

3. How to Repost Instagram Story – Other People Photo, Video, IGTV, Story, etc.

Recently I want to repost someone else’s Instagram story but all I find is experts that share about repost your own Instagram photo to the story not someone else’s.

It’s important to know how to do so you can avoid Instagram bans.

  • If you search for the any repost apps that required you to login to repost someone else’s Instagram story, don’t use it.

That’d be it for the mobile app option.

Now you need a computer or laptop to repost Instagram story.

In this post best Instagram bots – I shared everything about bots that are working.

  1. Go to my recommended bot, Ingramer gives you the best way to repost on Instagram.
  2. Enter the person username to download someone else’s Instagram story.
  3. Upload it back to your phone using one of messaging apps like Messenger.
  4. Repost it on to your IG story.

As IG story only last for 24h, you don’t need to give back credits as it’d disappear after 24hour.

How To Repost on Instagram on Computer

Repost on Instagram on computer is the best way to repost on Instagram as you can almost repost everything.

Yes, everything.

With your phone, you can only Instagram feed.

With computer, you can repost story, feed, IGTV, etc.

You know what’s the best part? It’s absolutely free.

Check out this all-in-one app to get started for free, and don’t forget to check out my #1 recommended unique Instagram method.

4-Quick Tips on How to Repost Instagram to Get More Followers.

Repost App – Setup!

Before you use any repost apps for Instagram, it’s important to setup your photo correctly before reposting to get more likes.

One of the important tips is to setup in any reposts apps that you’re going to is to remove the contribution mark, But mention your post credits in the bio instead, take a look at the photo below.


To get the maximum exposure of an image or video, you need to keep it clean and not editing the original version.

1. Pick a Niche

In this post Instagram Niche Ideas: 8 Profitable Niches of All Time, I shared everything you need.

Instead of reposting everything and anything, you need a niche, a topic that you’re going to consistently sharing about so you can get more followers and more likes.

2. Know Best Time to Post on Instagram.

After you decided your niche and before every repost on Instagram, the next thing you need is knowing the best time to post on Instagram.

This IG tips is to help you get more likes when posting at the right time, another tip to get even more likes is have an Instagram post scheduler which you can look into my resources page.

3. Repost to Make Money on Instagram.

Apart from how to repost Instagram, make money on the platform is key to avoid wasting your time just to repost on work on IG app.

If you think you need millions or thousands of followers to make money, you can make money with 100 followers.

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That’s all for how to repost and I’m sure to shared everything you need to know even posting on Instagram story.

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