How to Hide Hashtags on Instagram: Best 1k Likes Methods.

How to hide hashtags on Instagram is important so you could prepare when you hit with an action blocked on Instagram or shawdowban, hashtags will be your priority then.

You’ll learn 4 crazy methods hiding it and how you can get more followers and likes without losing engagement when you implement any of these tactics,

and how to use it, also when to stick with one method.

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Let’s get into it.


How To Hide Hashtags on Instagram In the Caption.

This is some basic stuff that everybody knows and what we all do.

If you don’t have 5k followers or 10k followers, leaving your hashtags in the caption is fine but there’s method called The Dot that you should use to get more followers and likes.

An Instagram post with all kind of hashtags will not help you get lots of likes on Instagram and you want it to look like this!


  • You can just simply put the dots like this for as long as you want to and paste your hashtags there.

Instagram shorten your caption when it exceeds 3 lines, so all your hashtags will be at the bottom.

Let’s check the next hashtags trick…

Speaking Hashtags in Instagram Captions.

This isn’t the best method on how to hide hashtags on Instagram and in fact, it’s not a good practice to get more followers in the long run.

It looks something like this in your Instagram captions,

  • “I want to #get 10,000 followers in 30 days and #while make money #on Instagram #with just 100 followers.”

Like that in the GIF – but then add the rest of the hashtags using The Dot method or put it in the first comment.

Again, you need to do it quickly as soon as you publish your Instagram post.

This is where Instagram post scheduler tool comes in handy, take a look at the GIF…

Click here to use TailwindApp – An Instagram post scheduler that is Partner with Instagram, that means you don’t get banned from using third part app.

The Second Comment.

My Instagram page @earthvessle recently strike with some hashtags issues and how to hide hashtags in the second comment is when I came across this method that you can use.

Most people will likely have never seen this hide hashtags method before except the PRO that’s good at growing 100k followers in 24-hour.

It is a lot of work using this method and none Instagram post scheduler out there on the market can automate this process as well.

Today, I’m sharing with you…

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Take a look at this Instagram post,


This is the first video I post when I experienced with some sort hashtags problem, not really a shadowban nor action blocked.

After a day, I receive about 12,000 Instagram video views which is amazing.

  • First leave a comment,
  • Then reply to that comment with your set of hashtags group.
  • As people comment on your post, you’ll see the hide or unhide reply.

One of clients asked how to unhide hashtags on Instagram that’d probably it…

…with these next following methods, you won’t be able to unhide hashtags except deleting it. 

The First Comment.

How to hide hashtags on Instagram in the second comment is a little tricky unlike hiding it in the first comment which everybody knows how to do it.

By hiding your hashtags in the first comment is the second cleanest method to use that attract more Instagram followers and likes.

  • In fact, I got my first 1000 likes by simply using this method by hiding Instagram hashtags in the first comment.

As soon as your Instagram post published, immediate leave a comment with your own sets of hashtags groups… like this,


You need to be fast with this first method or you’d missed out a lot of engagement, and check out the Instagram post scheduler that automate this process for you.

Instagram Post Scheduler: How To Hide Instagram Hashtags with It.

If you want to make money on Instagram you need a post scheduler that help you hide hashtags on Instagram…

…by having a post scheduler you can get more followers on automation with less work involved.

  • Imagine schedule your Instagram posts for 365 days and all of your post are using this most effective Instagram hide hashtags in the first comment…

…getting your first 1000 likes can never be easier, have a look how TailwindApp help you do that.

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Should You Hide Instagram Hashtags?

After the above methods on how to hide hashtags on Instagram, I’d say yes, since you never know when Instagram would give you an action blocked on IG for not engaging on the app for too long or…

…when they give you Instagram shadowban,

It could be you got report by a stranger or friends which I shared all the reasons in the above posts.

  • When you know four methods to improve your Instagram hashtags game, you’re going to get in front of a ton of people.

How To Hide Hashtags on Instagram Stories – Bonus!

This is one of my secret Instagram hacks that should join the free updates to see more tips and tricks to grow your Instagram page.

  • Copy and paste a sample sets of hashtags to your Instagram stories
  • You’ll find out how many hashtags does Instargam allow?
  • Then, zoom the hashtags set to a point where you can’t see it any more.

Likes this,


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How To Hide Hashtags on Instagram – Conclusions.

I hope you like this blog post and get your hashtags skills prepare ahead for action blocked or shadowban occur in the future.

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